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Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) : a patient's guide

including Functional/Dissociative (non-epileptic) Seizures,  Functional Movement Disorder and other functional symptoms


Sites run by Health Professionals

All the links in the website and all the downloadable information in one place

FND Fact Sheets

Psychological Symptom Booklets

With grateful thanks to Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust for permission


If you would like to print a poster advertising the website for your clinic room, waiting room or ward area then you can download an A4 poster here

Forums and Blogs


As a doctor I cannot unfortunately be responsible for a chat room on this website.

There are however separate facebook pages about functional and dissociative neurological symptoms which have been started by patients with these symptoms. You can find them at the websites above


I am not part of these groups and am therefore not responsible for their content. Indeed it is is possible that some of the information may be contradictory to the advice on this site, misleading or even harmful to you.


Prof Jon Stone

Health Improvement Scotland (part of NHS Scotland) published an important document on functional neurological symptoms in 2012.


THis is one of the first (possibly the first) document from a governmental agency which recognises the nature and extent of functional neurological symptoms and their associated disability and distress

HIS Stepped Care

Click on the document picture to access the page on the Health Improvement Scotland Website and download the document.


This document builds on NHS Scotland Neurology Standards which also specificed the importance of patients having access to correct diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment is a website launched in February 2011 all about non-epileptic attacks. Its written by a clinical team in Sheffield UK and has lots of useful information













Non-Epileptic Attacks

Information about non-epileptic attacks

Podcasts and Radio Shows

Readers of might be interested in the following podcasts and radio shows that I took part in. Thats not me in the picture!


BBC Radio 4

Inside Health

Item on Functional



October 2012






'Neurology' podcasts for the American Academy of Neurology

that I recorded in October 2013


Episode 1: Aetiology and Definitions

Episode 2: Diagnosis

Episode 3: Explaining the Diagnosis

Episode 4: Further Treatment




Prof Jon Stone


The charities for FND provide a vital and unique voice for patients, run by patients and volunteers. Health professionals and FND groups are working together to advocate for the condition



FND Hope  ( was the first patient support organisation for patients with functional neurological disorders. It has a large and growing amount of material for patients with functional neurological disorders, espeically symptoms like movement disorder and weakness. There are separate FND Hope organisations in UK, Netherlands, and Canada

Sites run by Patient Organisations


Launched in 2016. FND Action is a charity linked to the NEAD site above. The organisation provides information about FND with a particular focus on the UK. It is linked to


UK charity for FND focused on setting up patient-led support groups run by Steve Webster

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Dorp attacks leafley
Functional  Dystonia information sheet pic
Functional Myoclonus Information sheet
CODES Neurology Leaflet shadow compressed
Functional Tremor information sheet pic
PPPD factsheet v 2
Unrinary Retention Fact Sheet
factsheet face

Chronic Urinary Retention



This US site, is run by health professionals for patients with dissociative (non-epileptic) seizures and was started by Lorna Myers, an experienced clinical psychologist in New York

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