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Dr Ashley Reece  •  Children's Doctor

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General Paediatrics problems

Dr Reece is a General Paediatrician and has a specialism in many common problems of babies, children and adolescents.


Common problems seen in clinic include:

• abdominal pain

• allergies including food allergies*

• constipation

• headaches and migraine

• recurrent cough or wheeze

• urinary tract infection

• wetting including bed wetting


* A note about allergy and this private clinic. Dr Reece works in the allergy clinic in his NHS practice in which it is possible to have an allergy test on the day. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do allergy tests (for example, skin prick tests) in his private clinic due to governance and practical reasons. Sometimes a blood test can be done to assess for immediate allergy and that is available privately. Supervised feeds and food challenges are important in the assessment and monitoring of immediate allergies and these are also unavailable to Dr Reece in his private clinic. It may be seeing a paediatric allergist with access to these tests privately would be better for your child. Some presentations might look like allergies but are not and there is a whole group of allergies that cannot be tested for on blood or skin pricks (these are called non-IgE or delayed allergy, such as most milk allergy in young babies). Dr Reece's secretary can advise and discuss with him when the clinic is prepared before an appointment. If you wish to discuss before then, please email

Clinic Times


Spire Bushey Hospital

Thursday afternoon 2-4.30pm


Healthbourne Road



WD23 1RD


Appointments telephone:

020 8901 5555



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What Dr Reece does NOT see in his private clinic...

The following problems are not the sort of problems that Dr Reece can assess in his Private clinic:


acute illness - children with high fever or who are acutely unwell; it is best to see your Primary Care doctor (GP),


• known psychiatric, behavioural or emotional issues - including hyperactivity and assessments for possible autism, especially if you are already known to a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service or Child & Family Clinic,


educational difficulties including problems with learning, keeping up at school, and educational needs.


developmental delay including speech delay, delay in attaining normal childhood milestones and dyspraxia.


• any safeguarding issue or child protection concern. The person or people with the concern have a duty to contact the local Social Care team and arrangements for an appropriate medical assessment will normally be made. Such assessments are not done privately.


Sometimes, for a specific problem, a specialist for the part of the body or for that particular problem would be best to assess your child. Dr Reece will make such referrals after he has seen them if that is appropriate.


If you want to check whether the problem is one that Dr Reece can help with, please discuss your referral with his secretary or e-mail.

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