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Naturist Holidays

About us

We are a retired couple who have taken naturist holidays for nearly forty years. We first discovered public nudity on Studland beach in the summer of 1984. One of us had gone for a walk with our young daughter and as they walked along the beach they strayed in to the naturist area where they found families sunbathing, building sand castles, swimming, picnicking and doing all the things that families on holiday do, but without clothes.

"Oh look, Daddy," said our daughter, "Those people haven't got any clothes on."

The following day we walked those extra couple of hundred yards...

...and the rest, as they say, is history.

Towards the end of 2008 we took a long overdue step and joined Western Sunfolk for 2009. We had visited the club several times over six or seven years and had found it to be the friendliest club of the six in different parts of the country that we had visited. We had been completely put off one club, now defunct, by being handed a sheet of rules as we arrived! Each year we had said that we would join Western Sunfolk for the following year, but had never got round to it. In 2012 we were allocated a permanent pitch and so we now keep the caravan there all year round except for when we tow it out to go touring.

We are very pleased that the Severn Bridge is now toll-free. We're enjoying being able to drive to the caravan without having to pay to cross the River Severn.

Supper in Illinois, 2019

We were inspired to write this website following a conversation with another member at Western Sunfolk. He and his wife had visited New Zealand and asked us if we knew anywhere nearer for winter sun. We suggested the Canary Islands and, on our return home, began writing this website.

We will continue to add to this website as we take more holidays at naturist locations

or visit locations suitable for nude leisure.

Do come back again...

Latest update: May 2024.

Naturist Holidays

Naturist Holidays

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

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