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Naturist Holidays


New Forest - 1989-1996, 2022

The New Forest was created by William the Conqueror around 1079 for the pursuit of the ‘beasts of the chase’ – red, roe and fallow deer and wild pig. Today it covers around 150 square miles of the 220 square mile New Forest National Park. Most of the park is in Hampshire but there is a small northern area in southern Wiltshire.

Such a vast area has plenty of oportunities for nude leisure - relaxing in the sun, picnicking, walking, birdwatching, wildlife watching etc.

Unfortunately the New Forest is infested with ticks, some of which are known to carry Lyme Disease. However, by taking sensible precautions - avoiding long grass and bushes, inspecting the body after a visit - a day in the forest can be most enjoyable.

There are far too many places suitable for nude leisure than can be listed here, but one area that we have used is about six miles northeast of Ringwood. From the Ocknell Pond car park - entrance at N50.9079° W1.6727° - walk south to the woodland where there are many paths criss-crossing the woods.

We have spent several days strolling and relaxing in this part of the forest and not seen anyone else.

Naturist Ramblers organise a nude walk each year in the Red Shoot area, a couple of miles or so northeast of Ringwood and in 2022 one of us joined them. We met at the Red Shoot Inn in Linwood and set off. Just half a mile after leaving the pub, the leader stopped and told us that we could get in to uniform. We then walked around eleven miles in a large loop until about half a mile from the pub where we dressed again.

In all that distance we saw only a handful of people, at distances from a couple of hundred yards to around half a mile, until we were getting to the end of the walk when a lone male jogger came down the path towards us.  We carried on walking and he carried on jogging.

During the walk we passed what had been the Ibsley DF Station. A network of these secret stations was spread across the country. They played a vital role in identifying the locations of Allied aircraft, helping direct them to intercept enemy aircraft. They also could transmit a homing bearing to help pilots navigate their way home. The stations saved countless lives during World War II.

Photographs courtesy of Naturist Ramblers

Later we passed the Ashley Walk Bombing Range where bombs were tested. Over 5,000 acres – around eight square miles – were requested by the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment (A&AEE) to use as a bombing range in 1940. Aircraft flew from RAF Boscombe Down, just north of Salisbury. They took aim at targets such as mock ships, aircraft pens, gun emplacements, nighttime illuminated targets and the Ministry of Home Security target, known locally as the ‘submarine pens’.

The largest bomb ever dropped on Britain, a ten-ton bomb known as Grand Slam, was dropped there, as part of a test.  It created a huge crater.

Dunbridge - 2023

Dunbridge is a small village around four miles northwest of Romsey.  It lies close to the Mottisfont and Lockerley estates both of which have many public footpaths crossing them.

Naturist Ramblers organise a nude walk each year starting at The Mill Arms pub in the village. In 2023 we joined them for an eight mile walk across parts of both estates. Unfortunately for a naturist walk, the route crossed a minor road twice and so we had to cover up twice.

During the walk we met three groups of people – a couple and two groups of three – but none seemed bothered by our state of dress. Indeed they all greeted us in a friendly manner.  Perhaps social nudity is becoming more acceptable to the general public – we can only hope...

Naturist Holidays

Naturist Holidays

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

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