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La Graciosa

A visit to Lanzarote, especially if staying in the north of the island, is not complete without a visit to the island of La Graciosa, just off the northern tip of Lanzarote.  Ferries leave Orzola and return throughout the day.

The journey to La Graciosa takes around thirty minutes and ends at the harbour at Caleta del Sebo, the only town - more of a village really - on the island. Caleta del Sebo has several cafés - one of which sells some delicious ice cream - and some holiday rental properties.

There are several beaches on La Graciosa, most of which can be used nude, and even the walk to them can be done nude once away from the village - but see the update below. We have only visited one of the beaches, but hope to see the rest on future visits to the island.

Playa Francesa - 2017

Playa Francesa is a delightful trio of sandy beaches, separated by rocks, around a small cove about two miles from the southern end of Caleta del Sebo - to the left as the ferry enters the harbour. The path is sandy, as are all the roads and paths away from the harbour, and mostly level so the walk is not arduous. Indeed the walk can be made more pleasant by stripping off once clear of the town - but see the update below. The few people who saw us didn't seem bothered by our nudity.


We settled on the middle of the three little beaches. There were not many people there, but most of them were wearing some form of swimming costume: the only nudes were ourselves and a young couple, but nobody seemed to mind. We were amused by one elderly lady who stood up to strip off completely and then put on a one-piece swimming costume to lie in the sun.

The sea was calm and we were able to enjoy snorkelling, seeing ten different species of fish in a fairly small area - probably no bigger that a couple of tennis courts.

During the day one of us walked over the nearby headland to see what the adjacent Playa de la Cochina was like. That meant walking along the back of the beach where a catamaran had just disgorged its passengers. A few people looked and a few pointed, but no one seemed unduly upset at seeing a nude walker - they seemed rather amused. Playa de la Cochina was small and down a steep path, so we decided to stay where we were.

Photographs courtesy of various websites

Just to let you know, we took the ferry from Orzola to La Graciosa today and then headed for Playa de la Concha on foot. Once clear of Caleta de Sabo I stripped and walked naked for some time with many cyclists and taxis passing by. One of the taxi driver was waving his arms about and gesturing his disapproval at my nudity and then about ten minutes later the police turned up, blue flashing lights going and got out and questioned why I was naked. I said is it a problem and they went on to say it was. He started typing on his phone and showed me the translation which said nudity wasn't allowed and that there were no official beaches on the island. Nudity is only tolerated on the beach if you hide yourself away from others and especially children. I apologised and put my shorts on and they went on their way. I didn't even know they had police on the island and thought that all Spanish islands had a very good acceptance of nudity with the exception of places like Barcelona with bylaws to prevent it. Anyway, lesson learned and just thought I should let you know for future visits and to maybe update the website.


March 2024

We have received the following update on La Graciosa

from one of our readers, Barry, to whom many thanks.

Naturist Holidays

Naturist Holidays

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

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