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Naturist Holidays


Cefn Sidan - 2001, 2023

West of Burry Port is a seven to eight mile long beach - Cefn Sidan, in Welsh - which is backed by dunes and woodland. Most people seem to be unable to walk more than a couple of hundred yards from the car parks which means that about 90% of the people use about 10% of the beach!

In July 2001 we stayed at the Caravan Club site at Pembrey Country Park, near Burry Port, and walked down to the beach each day. From the far end of the westernmost carpark, entrance at N51.6771° W4.3138°, there is a wide track heading north-west and parallel to the beach. After about 500 yards the track swings right and a narrow path continues ahead. Take this path and after a further 1,000 yards or so, turn left and the beach is a couple of hundred yards over the dunes.

On more than one occasion we were able to strip off soon after entering the narrow path and continue our walk in comfort or to leave the beach nude and follow the path until dressing as we were getting near the car park. On one occasion, soon after leaving the beach, we noticed a clothed couple walking towards us. Thinking that this would be a good way of testing public opinion we continued walking. As we passed them we all greeted each other and continued. They didn't seem put out by our lack of attire but, we reflected later, they may have been naturists on their way to the beach.

The local council is against nudity on this beach, but it has been advised that public nudity is legal. Read the article on the BBC website.

During our 2023 visit to the area, the weather was not condusive to nude sunbathing, but on what was forecast to be the sunniest day we did walk almost the whole length of the beach with the wind in our faces, trying to find a sheltered spot, without success. However we were pleased to see one nude sunbather, so the beach is still in use by naturists.

Dolcoed - 2017, 2023

When we visited Dolcoed in July 2017 as part of a tour of the country, it was very new. The owners had purchased the site in November, worked hard all winter and opened at Easter. A huge amount of earthmoving and landscaping had been done to achieve what will, in a year or two’s time, be a very pleasant site. Already there are large areas of immaculately kept grass for sunbathing.

We were welcomed by the owner who gave us a tour of the facitlities and told us of the plans for improvements. While we were there he was always around the site and willing to give help and advice when needed.

There is space for fifteen tourers, each with sixteen amp electric hook-up. There is also one static caravan that is available for hire. As the site was so new, the pitches all looked a bit raw, but there are plans to improve this by laying turf between the pitches which will improve the general look. The electricity is provided by means of a prepaid card, obtainable at check-in, which is then loaded into the supply tower. Wi-fi is available only near the owners’ house, but there are plans to extend it.

One end of the large barn contains brand new showers and lavatories, built to a high standard with automatic lighting; a washing machine and tumble dryer; a refrigerator and freezer; and a microwave oven, kettle and toaster. The other end contains a full-sized billiard table, a table tennis table, a dart board and a large television with comfortable seating together with a small library of books and DVDs. There are plans to improve this area with a new floor, interior cladding and patio doors at the entrance.

We did enjoy our stay here, but didn’t like the fixed temperature, push-button showers. We do like to be able to vary the temperature and, if it is a particularly hot day, finish with some cold.

We hope to return in a year or two to see how the site has developed.

Free Wi-Fi included

In Lampeter there is a Co-op supermarket on the right just as you enter the town, N52.1094° W4.0742°, and a Sainsbury’s in the town, N52.1139° W4.0791°. There is also a good range of other shops, including an excellent ironmonger that seems to sell everything.

In July 2023 we visited again as part of our tour of Wales. We noticed that several improvements had been made since our previous visit. The swimming pool had been completed and the large barn had been transformed into a comfortable leisure area with a carpeted floor and modern double glazed doors from the camping area and from the swimming pool. The pitches, which had been bare gravel, had been grassed over and the whole area looked much more pleasant.

Unfortunately the wi-fi cover still did not extend to the camping area. Use of the wi-fi was still included in the site fees, but as before was only available when close to the owners' house.

While staying at Dolcoed we went for a walk in Brechfa Forest, about six miles south. There we enjoyed a walk of around five miles, with the last two back to the car being done nude as the day warmed up. The two young women on horseback that we met were not in the least perturbed by our lack of attire and greeted us pleasantly. Perhaps public nudity is becoming more acceptable - we certainly hope so.

We used the small parking area, enough for about three cars, at N51.9444° W4.2453°. Other access points into the forest can be found at N51.9971° W4.1923° and N51.9660° W4.1515°.

Naturist Holidays

Naturist Holidays

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

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