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Naturist Holidays


Euronat - 2003

Euronat - entrance at N45.4162° W1.1299° - is a vast ste of about 830 acres set in pine forest. It is divided into several ‘villages’ each named after one of the continents, a large caravanning area and a large camping area. The villages are full of chalets and the camping area is laid out along several winding roads. The main road through the centre of the site is about 1.3 miles long.


There is a large Market Place with many shops around it, but it lacked a well-stocked supermarket. We particularly liked the bakery, where a young man in his late twenties produced the most wonderful bread, croissants, cakes and pastries. We had a different loaf each day and didn't sample his entire range! One of the shopkeepers had a swallows’ nest in the roof of his porch and he took great delight in showing us his babies.

On one of our beach strolls we were fascinated to find layers of peat within the dunes behind the beach. They were very wet and weeping water onto the beach.

Euronat has a large thalassotherapy centre offering various spa treatments, massages, hydromassages, seaweed wraps, anti-ageing treatments, facial treatments and others.

Arnaoutchot- 2004

Arnaoutchot, usually known as Arna, is a large site of 110 acres, containing permanent chalets, pre-pitched tents and caravan/camping pitches. The location of the entrance is at N43.9073° W1.3614°.


We spent twelve nights there in July. When we arrived and signed in at reception we were then directed to wait for someone who would site us and connect the electricity. Presumably they don't want just anyone connecting to their power supply.

There is a large supermarket and a small bakery together with other small shops selling newspapers and magazines, toys, beach equipment etc and a hairdresser. There are also five bars and restaurants.

While there we visited the market at Leon - N43.8754° W1.3025°; the Etang de Leon - N43.8874° W1.3155°; and San Sebastián in Spain. On the way to Arna, there is a water tower that has been beautifully decorated - N43.9152° W1.3042°.

We didn't like Arna as much as we had liked Euronat the year before. The pitches seemed smaller and the whole place seemed more cramped.

However we particularly liked the large supermarket which sold a wide variety of fresh meat and fresh fruit and vegetables as well as general groceries - but we did miss the Euronat baker!

Like Euronat, Arna has direct access to a large sandy beach, and like Euronat there are no indications of where the naturist area begins and ends


One day we walked three and a half miles south along the beach to the mouth of the Courant d'Houchet. We remained dressed for the journey down, but as there were so few people about we stripped off for the journey back and the few people that we passed didn't seem to mind.

On one of our explorations of the site we found some strangely twisted trees and returned the following day to take some photographs.

Chateau Guiton - 2004

Château Guiton is a small private site of about ten acres about twenty-five miles eastish of Bordeaux just outside the town of Frontenac. There are thirty pitches for touring caravans and motorhomes as well as two tents, a chalet, a static caravan and a gîte to rent. The entrance is at N44.7264° W0.1545°. Go up the 300 yard gravel drive to the château.

Behind the château is a heated swimming pool and the site also has a snack-bar, a small shop, and the usual showers and lavatories. In the grounds are many walnut trees and, in season, walnuts may be purchased.

We stayed here for just three nights and spent part of one day visiting St Emilion about twelve miles to the north and a whole day visiting the huge bird reserve at Teich on the Arcachon Baisin. Each morning started with a few blasts of a car horn as the local baker came up the drive with a car full of fresh bread.

At the start of 2018 we heard that the site had closed. However in May 2019 we noticed that the website was still active and had a new email address. We contacted the site and were told that it was still open, but under new ownership.

Free Wi-Fi included

Naturist Holidays

Naturist Holidays

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

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