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Naturist Holidays

Alabama - the Cotton State

Gymno-Vita Park - 2019

Gymno-Vita Park is a rural campsite sitting in 110 acres of Alabama forest about twenty miles east of Birmingham. Access is through a gate that is normally open during the day, but closed at around 1700. Visitors are set up with a temporary four-digit code of their choice to enable them to come and go when the gate is closed.

The site has several caravans owned by members and a lodge which has five rooms for visitors upstairs. The lodge also houses a large kitchen, which is available to visitors; two function rooms, one of which is air-conditioned and can be used for visitors’ meals; and the usual showers and lavatories. Visitors may keep their food in a large refrigerator on the verandah of the lodge. While we were there an extension to the lodge had been built and was being finished off inside. One room contained the hot tub which was working.

There is a small swimming pool with adjacent showers and lavatories. A gate from the pool enclosure leads to the mile long nature trail through the woods. Near the lodge are an outdoor kitchen and a children's play area.

During our four night stay in one of the rooms, there were only two other couples on site besides the manager and his wife. We met one couple during our introductory tour and met another chap during a walk around the site. All were very friendly and welcoming. The park is open from April 1st until the third weekend of October.

Free Wi-Fi included

From here we visited DeSoto Caverns, now renamed as Majestic Caverns, about thirty miles southeastish.

We also visited Oak Mountain State Park Lake near Birmingham, about thirty miles southwest, where we were able to have a discreet nude swim in a secluded area of one of the lakes.


Unlike most American naturist sites, Gymno-Vita does not have a No Cameras policy.

You may take photographs of the site and your own party,

but you are asked not to include anyone else.

Naturist Holidays

Naturist Holidays

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

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