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Naturist Holidays

Welcome to the website that gives you some personal views of various naturist locations
in the UK, Europe and the USA and some places of interest near them.

The information on the places featured is based on naturist holidays taken over a period of more than thirty-five years. Each location has a date by the title. This is the year in which we spent a holiday at the beach, resort or campsite or visited it. Some dates are followed by arrows, e.g. 2003>>>. This shows that we continue to visit the place.

The map below shows the areas in the world that we cover in this website.

We will add new areas as we visit them...

Off for a paddle
Relaxing on the verandah
On the beach
The twisted trees
A quiet spot

When we are travelling around we use a Garmin sat-nav that allows places to be located by latitude and longitude as well as by address. On this website, when giving the locations of places of interest, the information will be in the form: N51.5081° W0.1281°, which is, to save you looking, Trafalgar Square in London, and nothing to do with naturism - unless you know something that we don't...

We did consider including the rates for each camp site and entrance fees for the various places that we feature, but decided that as these are likely to change on an annual basis, we wouldn't. We suggest that when you've made up your mind where you want to go you make your own enquiries.

All descriptions are accompanied by a location map or Google Earth image. These images are always orientated with north at the top, unless otherwise indicated.

New for 2023

New accommodation and new beaches
in Fuerteventura have been added.

Updates on a couple of Welsh sites
are planned.

Page on wild swimming added.

Beaches in Poland & Menorca
added to Europe map.

We award a



to places that we have

particularly enjoyed

and we hope that you

will enjoy them too.

Some pages include links to other websites about places that we feature and to other websites about places to visit nearby.

Please be aware that we have no control over these third-party websites and we offer them as suggestions only.

All the information about naturist locations on this website is given in good faith and was correct at the time of each visit.


No responsibility can be taken for changes in naturist access that may have occurred since the dates of each visit.

If you would like to contribute to this website by adding places that you have visited,

please go to our Contact Us page.

Naturist Holidays

Naturist Holidays

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

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