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Delavoyas Beach - 1997

We spent two weeks with our daughter in an apartment overlooking the town beach at Batsi - N37.8580° E24.7857. We had two twin-bedded rooms with a little kitchenette and a dining table and chairs in the larger of the two rooms.

There is no airport on Andros and so the route there includes flying to Athens, coach to Rafina, ferry to Gavrion - about forty-five miles as the gull flies - and then coach to Batsi.

At the welcome meeting we asked about the naturist beach and were told that it was called Delavoyas Beach - N37.8482° E24.7907° - and was near the Aneroussa Hotel. As we strolled the mile or so from our apartment to the beach we noticed that almost halfway was a very attractive restaurant, Stivari, set in among trees - N37.8522° E24.7890°. We decided that we would stop there for a toasted sandwich on the way back. On the second visit we got talking to the lady behind the counter and discovered that her name was Sally and that she was from Wales. She had married Yianni, a Greek, and together they ran the restaurant and some holiday apartments. Our visits to Sally's became something of a ritual and we noticed that when she saw us coming back from the beach, she would reach out and switch on the sandwich toaster in readiness.

On the way back to the airport we were offered the chance of some time in Athens. We were taken to a hill from where we could see the Parthenon and then to the Panathenaic Stadium, the site of the first Modern Olympic Games in 1896, where we had time to marvel at it. We were then taken to the Plaka, a network of narrow streets full of shops and bars. There we were able to buy souvenirs and have a meal before returning to the coach for the journey to the airport.

As it is now over twenty-five years since our holiday on Andros we would welcome any feedback from other holidaymakers to this lovely island, particularly whether the beach is still used by naturists and whether Sally's restaurant is still there.

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We have received the following update on Delavoyas Beach from one of our readers, Ed, to whom many thanks.

We have just been to Andros and thought that you would appreciate an update. We stayed in a villa near Gavrio in October and were blessed with amazing sunny weather. We visited Delavoyas Beach twice. The first day it was hot and humid and deserted. Swimming was fine once you had walked a few yards across submerged underwater flat rocks. The second time there were a few (textile) people on the beach immediately below the hotel (closed as end of season). So we walked round the rocks to the next section of the beach which is known to be naturist friendly. Then a boat arrived with children and clothed parents and moored right opposite us! Generally speaking, out of season, the beaches are largely deserted and some are naturist friendly. But I would not describe Andros as primarily a naturist destination. However it is a beautiful unspoilt island worth the effort of getting there.


November 2019

Cap'n Barefoot

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Naturist Holidays

Naturist Holidays

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

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