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Naturist Holidays


Savernake Forest - 1989>>>

Savernake Forest is a large area of woodland and farmland to the south-east of Marlborough.  Most of it lies between the A4 and the A346 which radiate out from Marlborough to the east and the southeast, although it does extend to the north of the A4.


The forest is a popular leisure area with several roads and many paths running through it, but is so large that quiet spots can easily be found, especially mid-week.

The only problem with nude leisure in Savernake is the many deer ticks that live there.  These are known to carry Lyme disease. For more information see our Lyme disease page.

Salisbury Plain - 1995>>>

Salisbury Plain is a huge area of grassland occupying a large part of the southern half of Wiltshire. Much of the plain is used by the army for training but there are quiet spots that can be used for nude sunbathing.

The Ridgeway Path (not to be confused with the Ridgeway National Trail) runs from Gore Cross - N51.2580 W1.9882 - to near Upavon at N51.2823 W1.8403 and marks the northern edge of the largest part of the plain. The path can be driven along its whole length although it is rough in places.

When the army is firing live ammunition there are red flags flying around the edges of the plain, but at other times much of the area is available for leisure. Some areas are always out of bounds due to the possibility of live ammunition on the ground, but these areas are well signposted. Please heed all the warning signs. Some years ago a teenage boy picked up a metal object, took it to his school workshop and tried to file it open. When he woke up he was in hospital with only one eye.

We have spent many days on Salisbury Plain, in several different areas, and have often felt that we were the only people on Earth.

Cranborne Chase - 2021

Cranborne Chase is an area of outstanding beauty - ANOB - that covers the southwest corner of Wiltshire, northeast Dorset and northwest Hampshire. There are many paths criss-crossing the area and many of them are well away from villages and hamlets, which make the Chase an ideal place for some nude rambling.

The Naturist Ramblers Club organises annual walks across the Chase, one of them starting at Bishopstone, a few miles southwest of Salisbury. One of us joined the walk in August. About three-quarters of a mile from the start we were able to strip off and we then spent the rest of the day nude, walking around nine miles until approaching the outskirts of the village where we had to dress again.

During the walk we passed a young woman walking her dog, two older women with their dogs and a man. None of them seemed in the least bit bothered about our state of dress. Indeed, the three women all greeted us pleasantly, as we did them, and the man, as he overtook us, said, "Nice day for it."


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Naturist Ramblers

Naturist Holidays

Naturist Holidays

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

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