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Naturist Holidays


Aghia Galini - 1989

This was a one week holiday staying on the edge of Aghia Galini - N35.0978° E24.6879° - on the south coast of Crete, on a room-only basis. This was our first holiday without our children, as part of the convalescence following a serious illness, and as such it holds special memories for us.

The house where we stayed had the family living on the ground floor and a few rooms on the first floor. Above that was a flat roof. One morning the lady of the house delivered a small saucepan and a single burner gas stove, so we were able - after buying some teabags - to make early morning cuppas which we would take up onto the flat roof to enjoy the scent of flowers and wild thyme - and the views.

Later we'd stroll down through the village stopping at the bakery to buy a couple of rolls and at the grocer to buy some cheese and tomatoes or other salad vegetables for a beach picnic. At one of the restaurants overlooking the harbour we'd have a breakfast of yoghurt with fruits and honey while overlooking the harbour.


We'd then wander along and cross the bridge over the stream and then continue along the beach to the naturist area, which is to the left of the village as you face the sea. We were often the only people there.

In the late afternoon we'd stroll back to our room, sometimes stopping off for an ice cream or a snack, and sleep off the day's exertions: sunbathing, paddling and snorkelling. Then we'd shower and stroll down to the village for supper at one of the many restaurants in Agora Street, often called Taverna Street.

In one of the many gift shops, we found a row of glass jars with small taps set into them, each containing a different perfume.  We were amused to see that one of them was labelled "Canal No 5".

As it is now over thirty years since our holiday

in this delightful little town,

we would welcome updates from other visitors,

particularly about whether the beach

is still used by naturists.


Cap'n Barefoot's website has an update

on Aghia Galini beach.

Click on the Cap'n to see it.

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Naturist Holidays

Naturist Holidays

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

A collection of resorts, beaches and other locations for nude leisure

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