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Welcome. Hoşgeldiniz.

When I initially started the research into my village history and roots around 2009, I never imagined that it would eventually lead to uncovering original historical and census archive documents dating from the 16th century to the 1950’s. 


I began to compile the information and in August of 2011 I finally opened the families of Lurucina website. This of course was simply one step forward in that I shared my findings up to that point. After 14 years of research the massive archive information recorded on our village family trees has now been consolidated. 


The success of this research would not have been possible without the sheer amount of help and information provided by hundreds of people. In order that I pay respect to all the people who helped, I knew it was my duty to back all the historic, cultural and family tree information with as much historic archive documents that could possibly be found, this could only be done by locating original Ottoman census information from the Istanbul and Kyrenia National archives. Though at times arduous, tiring and often frustrating, the final results were a massive success. Our genetic roots have links to the Balkans, Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, Northern Greece and even the Caucasus. Fortunately my DNA, taken 11 years into my research has provided me with the satisfaction that my research into the family trees of Lurucina was on the whole accurate. 


To reach this stage my special thanks to the original support, material information and personal support of people like Alper Mehmet, Hüseyin Kocaismail and Veli Çuffo who shared some old village records of İbrahim Tahsildar ’Horolo’ and Yusuf Yusuf ’Ku’. Yusuf Yusuf’s children Ibrahim Yakula and Aysan Özakıncı Sasetti have also done an amazing job in trying to complete where their father left off. This research has no doubt been a community effort second to none.


The following individuals in particular often wrote and helped me with immense family and village families to which I’m eternally grateful


Tina Kemran, Hayal Mehmet Kavaz, Şerife ’Şheri’ Çarta her husband Hasan Yusuf, Hüssein Selim, Celal Kavaz, Kemal and Behice ’Ado’Mehmet and Sevilay Çarman ’Çarta’. Leman and Bekir Mehmet ’Bekircik’, Zühtu and Füriye Ramadan ’Götsa,, Yusuf and Feridun Toz ’Tozzi’. Eren Nasip Senior, Ramadan İsmail ’Fesa’. Hasan Avezer, Deniz Hüssein, Lisa Sev Dawson, Osman Bekir ’Bihigo’ and his friend Ekrem Cavit Öztürkler, Soner Karagözlü ’Tay, Hüsseyin Koca-İsmail and his mother Raziye Koca-İsmail, Emine İbrahim Çuffo, Veli and Arzu Çufoğlu, Mehmet Kavaz, Mustafa İbrahim Denizer ’Culli’, Serpil Memet ’Gatsura’, Hicran Alaz ’Hijjy’, Feride and Hüseyin Paça, Gürsoy didem Savim, Gönül Salih, Mustafa Gelener, Martyn Ahmet ’Minnoş, Meltem Kemal Yakula, Barkın Alaçam, Ayshe Fadel ’Gondozi’, Seval & Münevver Osman ‘İsmaileda’ , Özkan Hasan 'Barbaros' , Osman Kara-Ali, Tüncay Tülün, Michael or Danelle Mustafa, Nevzat Hüseyin 'Gato', Mehmet Gazi, Hasan Yusuf Gazi, and many many more



A special thanks to the translators on Greek and Turkish plus internet technical assistance

Ertanç Hidayettin

Anthony Georgiou

Yiannis Komodromos

Fanis Patsalides

Ersu Ekrem

Ekrem Ersu

Artun Gökşan

Photis Loizou

Yusuf Toz

Feridun ’Fred’ Toz


Special thanks to my Parents Mehmet Veli ’Kirlapo’ and Fatma ’Phsillu’ who initially helped me with an immense number of names and nicknames which helped me lay the original foundation. Last but not least for my immensely wonderful and infinitely patient wife whose support made it all possible.

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