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Mustafa Ömer 'Birini'

The Birini, Musko, Susi, Bodiri & Karayi form part of this family group.


The Birini, Musko, Susi, Bodiri & Karayi form part of this family group. Some of the information was hard to read so if any mistakes have been made they will hopefully be corrected by the family members of this tree.

The Ottoman archives register this family as Birinci. [1]


his children

1 Ömer Mustafa 'Vrango'.'Birini' born in 1815 married Ayşe Yusuf born 1829 they married in 1842

2 Hüseyin Mustafa 'Gidanno' born 1829 married Emine Hüseyin born 1845 they married in 1862

3 Osman Mustafa 'Mani' born 1835 married Şerife Yusuf ‘Gazi’ born 1839 they married in 1860

4 Dudu Mustafa 'Yasenu' married Mustafa 'Badado'

5 Emine Mustafa 'Birini' born 1846

6 Yusuf Mustafa 'Birini' born 1830 [2] died young .

ÖMER MUSTAFA 'Vrango' 'Birini' born in 1815 married AYŞE YUSUF born 1829 they married in 1842. [3]

their children

1 Mustafa Ömer 'Birini, Vrango' born 1845

2 Yusuf Ömer 'Birini' (Musko) born 1848

3 İbrahim Ömer 'Birini' (Bodiri) born 1850

4 Dudu Ömer 'Birini' born 1856 married İbrahım 'Kuvara'

5 Hanım Ömer (Hanumi) 'Birini' born 1861 2nd wife of Mustafa Yusuf  'Zavli'

6 Emine Ömer 'Birini' born 1844-5 1st marriage Ali İbrahim ‘Kel Ali/Paça’ born 1844, they married in 1860. 2nd Ramadan Hüseyin 'Sari/Tsuro'.born 1837

7 Hatem Ömer 'Birini' born 1863 2nd wife of İbrahim Mustafa 'Gukudi'

MUSTAFA ÖMER 'Birini' born 1845 married

their children

1 Adopted a child from Tuzla named Sittiga? then turned her over to Yusuf 'Kihhi'?? [4]

The writing on the above was difficult to read.

YUSUF ÖMER 'Musko' 'Birini' born 1848 married AYŞE OSMAN ’Buttari’

their children

1 Ömer Yusuf 'Musko'born 1874 married Emine Veli ’Kaseno’

2 Osman Yusuf 'Musko' born 1884

3 Mustafa (Muzaffer) Yusuf 'Musko' born 1897. [5]

4 İbrahim Yusuf 'Musko' born 27.01.1893.

5 Emine Yusuf 'Musko' married Süleyman 'Semani'

6 Hanım Yusuf 'Musko' married Anastasis and changed her name to Athanasiya, sadly she became a widower at aged 25 and never remarried.6]

the writing on Hanim was hard to read

7 Yusuf Yusuf ’Musko’ born 1904

ÖMER YUSUF 'Musko' born 1874 married EMİNE VELİ ’Kaseno’

their children

1 Yusuf Ömer (Saydut) 'Musko' born 15.09.1904-1995 married Dudu Hasan ’Guseuri’

2 İbrahım Ömer (Saydut)  'Aspri/Musko' 1915-2004 married married Sadiye Ömer ’Bodiri

YUSUF ÖMER 'Musko' born 15.04.1904-1995 married DUDU HASAN ’Guseuri’

their children

1 Cevat Yusuf 'Musko' in the UK (7)

2 Hasan Yusuf 'Musko' in the UK.

İBRAHIM ÖMER SAYDUT 'Aspri/Musko' 1st marriage SADİYE ÖMER ’Bodiri’. 2nd marriage HANIM YUSUF ’Guşi’ 1919-1978

their children

children from 1st marriage

1 Emine İbrahim ’Aspri’ married Ramadan İsmail ’Karaganna’

2 Beraet İbrahim 'Aspri/Musko' married Hasan Mustafa ’Tuna’

3 Sevgi İbrahim 'Aspri/Musko' married İsmail Rifat Rifatoğlu

4 Duyal İbrahim 'Aspri/Musko' 1948-2016 married Armağan Arif Yakula ’Gocagaro’

5 Jale İbrahim 'Aspri/Musko' married someone from Glavya

6 Aysel İbrahim 'Aspri/Musko' married Üstün

7 Örsan İbrahim 'Aspri/Musko' (Saydut)married children

EMİNE İBRAHİM ’Aspri’ married RAMADAN İSMAİL ’Karaganna’

their children

1 Raziye Ramadan ’Karaganna’

2 İsmail Ramadan ’Karaganna’


their children

1 Ayda Hasan ’Tuna’

2 Emine Hasan ’Tuna’

3 Mustafa Hasan ’Tuna’


their children

1 Sevtap İsmail Rıfatoğlu

2 Çiğdem İsmail Rifatoğlu

DUYAL İBRAHİM ’Aspri’ 1948-2016 married ARMAĞAN ARİF YAKULA ’Gocagaro’

their children

1 Emete Armağan Yakula ’Gocagaro’

2 İbrahim Armağan Yakula ’Gocagaro’

3 Hare Armağan Yakula ’Gocagaro’


their children

1 Musa Özdemir Ergezmiş

2 Dilek Özdemir Ergezmiş

3 Hanem Özdemir Ergezmiş


their children

1 Salise Üstün Ülgener

2 İbrahim Üstün Ülgener

3 Orsan Üstün Ülgener

ÖRSAN İBRAHIM 'Aspri' 1st marriage to?. 2nd marriage to FEHİME from Pafos

his children

1 Bilkan Örsan Saydut, adopted 

OSMAN YUSUF born 1884-1969 'Musko' married ZALİHE İBRAHİM ’Yasumullo’ 1890-1972

their children

1 Yusuf Osman (Vural) 'Musko' 1921-2002

2 Ayşe Osman 'Musko' married Osman Bekir Kavaz

3 Hatem Osman 'Musko' married Cemil 'Kufi'

YUSUF OSMAN (VURAL)'Musko' 1921-2002 married ŞERİFE OSMAN ’buzzomani’ 1929-1992

their children

1 Osman Yusuf Vural ’Musko’ 1945-1997 married Şengül İbrahim ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1953

2 Önder Yusuf Vural ’Musko’ married Emine Kocabaş from Meluşa

3 Önel Yusuf Vural ’Musko’ married Eşgül Mehmet ’Botsi'

4 Seyan/Jale Vural  ’Musko’ born 1947 married Bayram Cemal Alp 

5 Fatma Yusuf Vural ’Musko’ born 1953 married Sezan Veli Artun ‘Veli Dilsiz’

6 Serap Yusuf Vural ’Musko’ married Yılmaz from Yorgoz

7 Özel Yusuf Vural ’Musko’ 1950-1958

OSMAN YUSUF (Vural). 'Musko'  1947-1997 married ŞENGÜL İBRAHİM born 1953

their children

1 Yusuf Osman Vural 'Musko'born 1945 married LARRİSA PALLİ from Moldova

2 Kemal Osman 'Musko'

YUSUF OSMAN VURAL ’Musko’ born 1945 married LARRİSA PALLİ from Moldova

their children

1 Osman Yusuf Vural ’Musko’

ÖNDER YUSUF (Vural) married EMİNE KOCABAŞ from Meluşa

his children

1 Şerife Önder Vural 'Musko'

2 Çağla Önder Vural 'Musko'

ÖNEL YUSUF (Vural ) 'Musko' married EŞGÜL MEHMET ’Botsi’

their children

1 Şerife Önel Vural 'Musko'

2 Gülten Önel Vural 'Musko


their children 

1 Gülşah Bayram Alp

2 Gülhan Bayram Alp

FATMA YUSUF VURAL ’Musko’ born 1953 married SEZAN VELİ ARTUN ’Veli Dilsiz’

their children

1 Senem Sezan Artun ’Veli Dilsiz’

2 Serin Sezan Artun ’Veli Dilsiz’

SERAP YUSUF VURAL ’Musko’ born married YILMAZ from Yorgoz

no information on children

AYŞE OSMAN 'Musko' married OSMAN BEKİR KAVAZ ’Pemba’ 10.05.1907- 05.12.1968

their children

1  Jale Osman Kavaz ’Pemba’ married İsmail İbrahım 'Gaşaoli'

2  Ruhsan Osman Kavaz ’Pemba’  born 1935  married İsmail Yusuf 'Verde' born 1931'

3  Hayal  Osman Kavaz ’Pemba’ born 1946  married  Yunus Mehmet

HATEM OSMAN ’Musko/Cemilu’ married CEMİL YUSUF ’Küfi’

their children

1 Yusuf Cemil 'Küfi'

2 İzzet Cemil 'Küfi'

3 Osman Cemil 'Küfi'

4 Sevgi Cemil 'Küfi' married Murat Mehmet 'Muraçi'

MUSTAFA YUSUF 'Efendi/Musko’ born 1892 married FATMA MUSTAFA ’Guşunu/Mustaga/Bata’

their children

1 İzzet Mustafa 'Efendi/Musko' born 1914

2 Rebia Mustafa 'Efendi/Musko' married Halil 'Mustafuri'

3 Şevket Mustafa 'Efendi/Musko'

İZZET MUSTAFA 'Efendi/Musko' born 1914 married EMİNE OSMAN BAYRAM 'Mineku/Burundi'. [8]

their children

1 Mustafa İzzet ’Efendi/Musko’ married to Bridget Mary from Ireland. and Jale Nur Mustafa 'Çakır' from Gazi köy village. Not certain in which order.

2 Osman İzzet Efendi/Musko’ married Fatma Yusuf Şükrü

3 Fatma İzzet ’Efendi/Musko’ married Ejvet and moved to Nicosia

4 Şermin İzzet Efendi/Musko’ married Şükrü Hasan Şükrü

5 Özgül İzzet  Efendi/Musko’ married Mehmet Ali Kara İsmail 'Tikiri'

MUSTAFA İZZET 'Efendi/Musko' married BRIDGET MARY from Ireland and JALE NUR MUSTAFA  ’Çakır’ not sure which order the marriages were.

children with Jale Nur Mustafa ’Çakır’

1 Özlem Mustafa 

children with Bridget Mary

2 Mary Mustafa 

3 Şermin Mustafa

4 Sherry Mustafa

ÖZLEM Mustafa 'Efendi/Musko' married ERKAN MUSTAFA from Famagusta

no information on children

OSMAN İZZET 'Efendi/Musko' 1st marriage FATMA YUSUF ŞÜKRÜ. 2nd marriage DEMET ’Burundi’

children from 1st marriage

1 Emine Osman 'Efendi/Musko' 

2 Ayşe Osman 'Efendi/Musko' 

children from 2nd marriage

3 Barış Osman ’Efendi/Musko’

FATMA İZZET 'Efendi/Musko' married EJVET from Nicosia

their children

1 Hüseyin Ejvet

2 Nejdet Ejvet

3 Mustafa Ejvet

4 İzzet Ejvet


their children

1 Rezan Şükrü

2 Evren Şükrü

ÖZGÜL İZZET 'Efendi/Musko' married MEHMET ALİ HÜSEYİN ’Tikiri/Kara İsmail’

their children

1 Filiz Mehmet Ali Karaöz ’Tikiri’

2 Hüseyin Mehmet Ali Karaöz ’Tikiri’

3 İzzet Mehmet Ali Karaöz ’Tikiri’

ŞEVKET MUSTAFA 'Efendi/Musko' married FATMA from Celya

their children

1 Şinasi Şevket ’Efendi/Musko’ married Leyla Yusuf ’Zano’

2 Hüseyin Şevket ’Efendi/Musko’

3 Mustafa Şevket ’Efendi/Musko’

4 Şermin Şevket ’Efendi/Musko’

5 Sevim Şevket ’Efendi/Musko’

ŞİNASİ ŞEVKET 'Efendi/Musko' married LEYLA YUSUF ’Zano’

their children

1 Selmin 'Efendi/Musko' 

2 Selen 'Efendi/Musko' 

3 Sibel 'Efendi/Musko' 

REFİA MUSTAFA 'Efendi/Musko' married HALİL MUSTAFA 'Mustafuri' born 1895 

their children

1  Coşkun Halil 'Mustafuri'

2  Yusuf  Halil   'Mustafuri'      

3  Fatma   Halil  'Mustafuri' 1st wife of İbrahim 'Verde'

4  İbrahim  Halil  'Mustafuri'

5  Semra   Halil  'Mustafuri'

6  Şansel  Halil  'Mustafuri'

İBRAHIM YUSUF 'Musko' born 27.01,1893, 1st wife ARZU YUSUF Üçokka , 2nd wife  NAİLE İBRAHİM 'Şagalli/İbraimulli'. 3rd wife KEZİBAN,from Köfünye village.

children from 1st wife

1 Yusuf İbrahim (Kartal) ’Susi’  married Keziban İbrahim ’Susina/Mulli/Azgın’ 1923-2004

2 Ömer İbrahim (Güvensoylu) 1914-2005 married Rabia Hüseyin ’Vidinni’

3 Cemal İbrahim ’Cemali’

4 Kemal İbrahim ‘Musko’ married Faize Seyfettin from Softades

from 2nd wife

5 Ayşe İbrahim 1922-2003

from 3rd wife

6 Neşet İbrahim, 1928-1986 married Cemaliye İbrahim ‘Mulli/Azgin’ 1930-2009

YUSUF İBRAHİM KARTAL 'Susi/Musko' married KEZİBAN İBRAHİM ’Susina/Mulli/Azgın’ 1923-2004

their children

1 İbrahim Yusuf Kartal ’Susi’ married Ruth from the UK 

2 Soner Yusuf Kartal ’Susi’ born 1947 married Ümran Kaşif ’Mulli’

3 Ayten Yusuf Kartal ’Susi’ born 1940 married Mustafa Cemal a teacher from Arodez village

4 Sulh Yusuf Kartal ’Susi’ born 1945 married Sevgi from Limassol

5 Sunay Yusuf Kartal ’Susi’ born 1950 married Ali İsmail Serçin ’İsmailokko’ from Bodamya. children Sedef and Yusuf 

İBRAHIM YUSUF KARTAL 'Musko/Susi' married Ruth from the UK

his children

1 Polat İbrahim Kartal 'Susi/Musko'

SONER YUSUF KARTAL 'Musko/Susi' born 1947 married ÜMRAN KAŞİF ’Mulli’

his children

1 Keziban Soner Kartal ’Susi’

2 Savaş Soner Kartal ’Susi’

SULH YUSUF Kartal  'Musko/Susi' married SEVGİ from Limassol

1 Hasret Sulh Susi. in the UK

AYTEN YUSUF  'Musko/Susi' born 1940 married MUSTAFA CEMAL ALP

their children

1 Cemal Mustafa Alp born 1960 married Oya from Nicosia

2 Cengiz Mustafa Alp born 1962 married Derya Osman Ertuğ born 1963

3 Mete  Mustafa Alp born 1963 married Melek from Istanbul 

4 Oğuz Mustafa Alp born 1965 married Janet from the UK

5 Yusuf Sunalp Mustafa Alp born 1969 married Elizabeth from Poland

6 Naim Mustafa Alp born 1972 married Pınar from Famagusta

CEMAL MUSTAFA ALP born 1960 married OYA from Nicosia 

no information on children

CENGİZ MUSTAFA ALP born 1962 married DERYA OSMAN ERTUĞ ’Gatsura’ born 1963

their children

1 Doğa Cengiz Alp 

2 Şükran Cengiz Alp

METE MUSTAFA ALP born 1965 married MELEK from Istanbul

their children

1 Arzu Mete Alp

2  Keziban Ece Mete Alp

OĞUZ MUSTAFA ALP born 1965 married JANET from the UK

their children

1 Michael (from Janet’s previous husband)

2 Mustafa Oğuz Alp 

3 Özkan Oğuz Alp

4 Ayten Oğuz Alp 

YUSUF SUNALP MUSTAFA ALP born 1969 married ELİZABETH from Poland

their children

1 Feliz Sunalp Yusuf Alp

2 Cemal Sunalp Yusuf Alp 

NAİM MUSTAFA ALP born 1972 married PINAR from Famagusta

their children

1 Mustafa Naim Alp 

2 Gümüş Naim Alp

ÖMER İBRAHIM GÜVENSOYLU ’Usta/Musko' 1914-2005 married RABİA HÜSEYİN ’Vidinni’

their children

1 Hüseyin Ömer Güvensoylu 'Musko’' 1937-2011

2 İbrahım Ömer Güvensoylu ’Musko’ married Jean from the UK 

3 Özer Ömer Güvensoylu ’Musko’ married Çiler Süleyman ’Paşi’

HÜSEYİN ÖMER GÜVENSOYLU 1937-2011 married ŞENAY TAHİR 'Tahircik'

their children

1 Rengül Hüseyin Güvensoylu ’Musko’ born 1961 married Ramadan Murat Özdoğaç ’Mişaro’

2 Tahir Hüseyin Güvensoylu ’Musko’ born 1963 married Emine Mehmet Altay ’Hostra’

3 Ömer Hüseyin Güvensoylu Musko’ born 1968 married Sinem Ertan Merter from Arçoz


their children

1 Hüseyin Ramadan Özdoğaç

2 Murat  Ramadan Özdoğaç


their children

1 Hüseyin Tahır Güvensoylu ’Musko’

2 Mehmet Tahir Güvensoylu ’Musko’

ÖMER HÜSEYİN GÜVENSOYLU ’Musko’ born 1968 married SİNEM ERTAN MERTER from Arçoz

their children

1 Asena Ömer Güvensoylu ’Musko’

2 Şenay Ömer Güvensoylu ’Musko’

İBRAHIM ÖMER GÜVENSOYLU ’Musko’ married JEAN from the UK

their children

1. Ömer İbrahım Güvensoylu ’Musko’ .In the UK

2. Özer İbrahım Güvensoylu ’Musko’ married Çiler Süleyman ’Paşi’.In the UK

3. Leyla İbrahım Güvensylu ’Musko’ Kadir Salih Saruhan. In the UK

4. Rebia İbrahım Güvensoylu ’Musko’ married Hasan Mehmet Muslu ’Şemmedo’. In the UK

5. Zeki İbrahım Güvensoylu ’Musko’. In the UK

6. Cengiz İbrahım Güvensoylu ’Musko’. In the UK


their children

1. Cin Özer Güvensoylu ’Musko’ in the UK

2. Meliha Özer Güvensoylu ’Musko’ in the UK


their children

1 Sami Kadir Saruhan 

2 Salih Kadir Saruhan 


their children

1 İbrahim Hasan Muslu ’Şemmedo’

2 Mehmet Hasan Muslu ’Şemmedo’

ZEKİ ÖMER GÜVENSOYLU ’Musko’ married ? in the UK

their children

1 İbrahim Zeki Güvensoylu ’Musko’

2 Kaan Zeki Güvensoylu ’Musko’

CEMAL İBRAHİM ’Cemali/Musko’ 1st wife DERVİŞE EMİR ALİ ’Cakkena/Azgın’. 2nd marriage DUDU YUSUF ’Ado’ born 1930’. 3rd marriage NAİLE HÜSEYİN ’Gunetti’

children from 1st marriage

1. Şermin Cemal Musko 

children from 2nd marriage

2 Emine Cemal Musko 

3 Yusuf Cemal Musko 

no children from 3rd marriage

ŞERMİN CEMAL ’Cemali’ married YUSUF HÜSEYİN KURT ’Sguluga’

their children

1 Canan Yusuf Kurt ’Sguluga’

2 Duysal Yusuf Kurt ’Sguluga’

3 Emel Yusuf Kurt ’Sguluga’

4 Cemal Yusuf Kurt ’Sguluga’

EMİNE CEMAL ’Cemali’ married ? ÇAKIR

their children

1 Hasan Çakır

KEMAL İBRAHİM ’Musko’ married FAİZE SEYFETTİN from Softades

their children

1. Seyfettin Kemal Musko in the UK

2. Arzu Kemal Musko in the UK

3. Şermin (or Şöhret) Kemal Musko in the UK

4. Hasan Kemal Musko in the UK

5. Günay (or Siddiga) Kemal Musko in the UK

NEŞET İBRAHİM 'Musko' 1928-1986 married CEMALİYE İBRAHİM ’Mulli/Azgın’ 1930-2009

their children

1 Hülya Neşet ’Musko’ born 1953  married Hüseyin Alibeyoğlu ’Turist’ from Pile

2 Hilal Neşet ’Musko’ born 1956 married Akay Dolmacı from Lapta

HÜLYA NEŞET ’Musko’ born 1953 married HÜSEYİN ALİBEYOĞLU ’Turist’ from Pile

their children

1 Umut Hüseyin Alibeyoğlu ’Turist’ 

2 Ayşe Hüseyin Alibeyoğlu ’Turist’ 

HİLAL NEŞET ’Musko’ born 1956 married AKAY DOLMACI from Lapta

their children

1 Neşe Akay Dolmacı married Cenan 

2 Eylem Akay Dolmacı 1st marriage Şaban Yahya from Çayönü. 2nd marriage Fuat Nesip Nalcıoğlu from Stavrogonno

3 İbrahim Akay Dolmacı married Arzu from Hatay, Turkey

NEŞE AKAY DOLMACI married CENAN KİBRİT from Stavrogonno

their children

1 Selçuk Cenan Kibrit

EYLEM AKAY DOLMACI 1st marriage ŞABAN YAHYA from Çayönü. 2nd marriage FUAT NESİP NALCIOĞLU

children from 1st marriage

1 Hilal Şaban Yahya

2 Mehmetali  Şaban Yahya

children from 2nd marriage

3 Nesip Fuat Nalcıoğlu

İBRAHİM AKAY DOLMACI married  ARZU from Hatay. Turkey

their children

1 Akay İbrahim Dolmacı


SÜLEYMAN MUSTAFA 'Semani' born 1873 married EMİNE YUSUF ‘Musko’

their children

1 Mustafa Süleyman 'Semani' (Gordonbihdi) born 19.02.1905-1969

2 İbrahım Süleyman 'Şago/Semani' 1902-1988

3 Yusuf Süleyman 'Semani/Mancali' 10.01.1900- 1994

4 Ayşe Süleyman 'Semani' 1910-1981 married Hasan Osman 'Yorgancı' (Mezo) 1903-1991 moved to Tuzla than migrated to Australia early 1950s

5 Fatma Süleyman 'Semani' married Enver moved to Tuzla

6 Zalihe Süleyman 'Semani/Hulu married Yusuf 'Babi' 1910-1992

7 Dudu Süleyman 'Semani/Kara Dudu married Derviş 'Mirmikko' 1915-1993

8 Mehmet Süleyman 'Semani' born 1905

İBRAHIM ÖMER 'Bodiri' born 1850 1st marriage AYŞE from Bodamya. 2nd marriage  SİDDİGA YUSUF ’Üçokka’

their children

1 Ömer İbrahım 'Bodiri' born 1887 tragically he fell from the 2nd floor stairs and died. [9] married Razgeli Yusuf ’gatto’ 

2 İsmail İbrahim 'Bodiri' born 05.05.1892 married Leyla Ahmet Hacaro

3 Yusuf İbrahim 'Bodiri' born 1895

4 Fatma İbrahim 'Bodiri' 2nd wife of Yusuf Mustafa 'İtelli'

5 Hanım İbrahim 'Bodiri' 1882-1977 married İbrahim Deniz?

6 Dudu İbrahim 'Bodiri' 2nd wife of Arifo

ÖMER İBRAHIM 'Bodiri' born 1887 married RAZGELİ YUSUF ’Gatto’

their children

1 Süleyman Ömer 'Paşi/Bodiri' 1925-1987. 1st marriage Razge Mustafa ’Monofilli’ 1928-2015. 2nd wife Meliha Osman ’Kaleburunyodi’. 1947-1986

2 Sadiye Ömer 'Bodiri' 1st marriage İbrahim Ömer Saydut ‘Aspri/Musko’ 1915-2004. 2nd marriage Ali Mustafa 'Manna'.

SÜLEYMAN ÖMER 'Paşi/Bodiri' 1st marriage RAZGE MUSTAFA ’Monofilli’ 1928-2015. 2nd marriage MELİHA OSMAN ’Kaleburunyodi’. 1947-1986

all the children from 2nd marriage

1. Ömer Süleyman ’Paşi/Bodiri’ married Şenel Ahmet Cemal. in the UK

2. Raziye Süleyman ’Paşi/Bodiri’ 1st marriage Vedat Tecimer from Arçoz. 2nd marriage Mustafa Emir from Arçoz 

3. Çinar Süleyman ’Paşi/Bodiri’ married Mehmet Ziya Aykol ’Muraçi’

4. Çiler Süleyman ’Paşi/Bodiri’ married Ömer İbrahim Güvensoylu

5. Ömür Süleyman ’Paşi/Bodiri’ married İbrahim from Iran. In the UK


their children

1 Emine Ömer ’Paşi’

2 Süleyman Ömer ’Paşi’

3 Ahmet Ömer ’Paşi’

4 Sezer Ömer ’Paşi’

RAZİYE SÜLEYMAN ’Paşi’ 1st marriage VEDAT TECİMER from Arçoz. 2nd marriage MUSTAFA EMİR from Arçoz

children from 1st marriage

1 Burcu Vedat Tecimer

2 Burçin Vedat Tecimer

children from 2nd marriage 

3 Cemaliye Mustafa Emir.


their children

1 Süleyman Mehmet Aykol ’Muraçi’

2 Ziya Mehmet Aykol ’Muraçi’

3 Meliha Mehmet Aykol ’Muraçi’


children from 1st marriage 

1 Cin Özer Güvensoylu

2 Meliha  Özer Güvensoylu

children from 2nd marriage

3 İbrahim Zeki Güvensoylu

4 Kaan  Zeki Güvensoylu   

ÖMÜR SÜLEYMAN ’Paşi’ married İBRAHİM from Iran

their children

1 İsmail İbrahim

SADİYE ÖMER ’Bodiri’ 1st marriage İBRAHİM ÖMER SAYDUT ’Aspri/Musko’ 1915-2004. “2nd marriage ALİ MUSTAFA ’Manna’

children from 1st marriage

1 Emine İbrahim ’Aspri’

children from 2nd marriage 

2 ÖmerAli ’Manna’

3 Memal Ali ’Manna’

4 Merih Ali ’Manna’

İSMAIL İBRAHIM Bodiri Born 05.05.1892. 1st marriage ŞERİFE YUSUF ’Sartanaka/Şufta’. 2nd wife ŞERİFE MAHMUT ’Cannuri’. 3rd marriage LEYLA AHMET ’Leyli/Ahmetçiko’ 1904-1983

children from 1st marriage

1  Ayşe İsmail ’Bodiri

2 Emine İsmail ’Bodiri’

children from 2nd marriage

3 İbrahim İsmail Bodurhan ’Bodiri’ 1927-2008

3rd marriage no children 

İBRAHİM İSMAIL Bodiri 'Bodurhan' 1927-2008 married RAZİYE HASAN ’Gaşano’

their children

1 İsmail İbrahim Bodurhan died as a baby

2 Şeref İbrahim Bodurhan married Aycan Mehmet Zorlu 'Gaşano

3. İsmail/İlter İbrahim Bodurhan married Günsel Boran from Dilekkaya

4. Ceylan İbrahim Bodurhan married Naciye Kızıl from Dilekkaya

5. Gökay İbrahim Bodurhan married Emine from Bostancı

6. Güldal İbrahim Bodurhan married Savaş Özgöçmen from Margi


their children 

1. Mehmet Şeref Bodurhan ’Bodiri’

2. Ayça Şeref Bodurhan ’Bodiri’


their children

1. Nahide İsmail Bodurhan ’Bodiri’

2. Leyla İsmail Bodurhan ’Bodiri’

3. Raziye İsmail Bodurhan

CEYLAN İBRAHİM BODURHAN ’Bodiri’ married NACİYE KIZIL from Dilekkaya

their children

1 Raziye Ceylan Bodurhan ’Bodiri’

2 Yasemin Ceylan Bodurhan ’Bodiri’

GÖKAY İBRAHİM BODURHAN ’Bodiri’ married EMİNE from Bostancı


1 İbrahim Gökay Bodurhan ’Bodiri’

2 ??


their children

1 Ali Savaş Özgöçmen

2 İbrahim Savaş Özgöçmen

3 Barış Savaş Özgöçmen

YUSUF İBRAHIM Bodiri born 1895 married DUDU RIZVAN ’Gangrello’

their children

1. İbrahim Yusuf Bodiri

2. Kemal Yusuf Bodiri

3. Emine Yusuf Bodiri married Mustafa S. Çarta

4. Fatma Yusuf Bodiri married Mustafa Osman ‘Mandayi’

İBRAHİM YUSUF 'Bodiri' married ŞERİFE YUSUF ’Yusufigo’ 1926-2016

their children

1 Duysal İbrahim ' Bodiri'  born 1949 married Osman Bekir Bayram 'Bihigo' (Burundi) born 17.12.1949 (divorced)

2 Hergül İbrahim 'Bodiri' married Osman Hüseyin.

3 Yusuf İbrahim 'Bodiri'

4 Orhan İbrahim 'Bodiri'

DUYSAL  İBRAHİM ’Bodiri’ born 1949 married OSMAN BAYRAM BEKİR ’Bihigo’ born 17.12.1949 (divorced) (10)

their children

1 İbrahim Osman ’Bihigo’


their children

1 Hasan Osman Hasan

2 Hüseyin Osman Hasan

3 Neşe Osman Hasan

4 Ersoy Osman  Hasan

KEMAL YUSUF 'Bodiri' married ŞERİFE OSMA KARABÖCEK ’Gutsugudi’

their children

1 Osman Kemal ’Bodiri’

2 Yusuf Kemal ’Bodiri’ married Ayten Kemal ‘Burundi’

YUSUF KEMAL ’Bodiri’ married AYTEN KEMAL ’Burundi’

their children

1 Deniz Yusuf ’Bodiri’

2 Atkın Yusuf ’bodiri’


Their children (11)

1 Şerife Mustafa Süleyman 'Çarta'  born 16.09.1953

2 Süleyman Mustafa Süleyman born 17.04.1955 children Emma born 1984

3 Yusuf Mustafa Süleyman 'Çarta' born 15.04.1957

4 Murat Mustafa Süleyman 'Çarta' born 03.09.1958

5 Dudu Mustafa Süleyman 'Çarta' born 12.05.1963 " Aydın 2004 & Aimee 2008

FATMA YUSUF ’Bodiri’ married MUSTAFA OSMAN ’Mandayi’

their children

1 Osman Mustafa ’Mandayi’

2 Yusuf Mustafa ’Mandayi’

3 İbrahim Mustafa ’Mandayi’

4 Şenol Mustafa ’Mandayi’

FATMA İBRAHİM ’Bodiri’ married YUSUF MUSTAFA ’Itelli/Munduko’

their children

1 İsmail Yusuf ’İtelli’ 1914-1979

2 emine Yusuf ’İtelli’

3 Razgeli Yusuf ’Gelona/İtelli’

HANIM İBRAHIM Bodiri/Dimina’ 1882-1977 married İBRAHİM ALİ  MUSTAFA ÖZER(Öküz/Dima) 1877  

their children

1  Mustafa İbrahim  Özer 'Bata/Dima' 1910-1991 married Naside Veli ‘Mandayi’

2  Yusuf İbrahim Özer 'Kile/Dima' married Vasfiye Mustafa ‘Kiduri’ born 1930

3  Mehmet İbrahim Mustafa Özer  'Dima' married İlkşen Hüseyin ’Karaganna’     

4  Ayşe İbrahim Özer  'Mandayina/Dima' 1909-1997  Osman Veli ‘Mandayi 1896-1958    

EMİNE İBRAHİM ’Bodiri’ married ARİF SÜLEYMAN 'Arifo/Truko')  born 1866 married 2 times.

his children

children No; 1 & 2 from Arif’s previous marriage

1  Süleyman Arif  'Arifo/Besleme'  from Arif's born 1896 

2  Ramadan Arif ‘Arifo’ born 1901. [12]

3  İbrahım  Arif   'Sağir/Arifo'  born 27,03,1906.

4  Veli  Arif. ‘Dilsiz Veli/Arifo’ born 1903-6? died in 1972

5  Ömer Arif 'Truko' ‘Arifo’ 1917-1986

6  Ayşe  Arif  ‘Arifo’ 1916-2002 married Süleyman 'Babui'.

7  Hacer Arif ‘Muzafferina/Arifo’ married  Mustafa Muzaffer.

8  Şerife  Arif ‘Arifo’  married  Yusuf  İbrahim 'Türk' ( Turko).


EMİNE ÖMER ’Vrango/Kelalina’ born 1845 married ALİ İBRAHİM ’Kel Ali/Paça’ born 1845, they married in 1860. “2nd marriage to RAMADAN HÜSEYİN ’Sarı/Tsuro’

children from 1st marriage

1 Yusuf Ali ’Kel Ali’ born 1866

2 Hatice Ali ’Kel Ali’

3 Fatma Ali ’Kel Ali’

children from 2nd marriage

4 İbrahim Ramadan ’Tsuro’ born 1869

5 Hanım Ramadan ’Tsuro’

DUDU ÖMER ’Vrango’ born 1856 married  İBRAHİM HASAN ’Kuvaros born 1852-1891

no children

HANIM ÖMER ’Vrango’  born in 1861 married MUSTAFA YUSUF ’Çavuş-Zavli/ Gazi’ 1843-1891

their children

1 Ömer Mustafa ’Çavuş-Zavli born 1884

2 Hanım Mustafa ’Çavuş-Zavli born 

HATEM ÖMER ’Vrango’ born in 1863 married İBRAHİM MUSTAFA ’Gukkudi/Paça’ born 1844

their children 

1 Mustafa İbrahim ’Gukkudi’ born

2 Razgeli İbrahim ’Gukkudi’ 


HÜSEYİN MUSTAFA 'Gidanno' was the 2nd son of MUSTAFA ÖMER  'Birini'

HÜSEYİN MUSTAFA 'Gidanno' born 1829 married EMİNE HÜSEYİN born 1845 they married in 1862. [13]

their children

1 Mustafa (Osman) Hüseyin 'Gidanno' born 1863 had no children

2 İsmail Hüseyin 'Karayi' born 1865

3 Osman Hüseyin born 1874, died young had no children

İSMAIL HÜSEYİN 'Karayi' born 1865 married ŞERİFE YUSUF ’Gologa’

their children

1 Osman İsmail 'Karayi' born 1892, murdered Zaptieh (policeman) İbrahım in 1915 on his release in 1928 he migrated to Antalya Turkey. He  married in Turkey but had no children. [14]

2 Hüseyin İsmail 'Ginezzo/Karayi'

3 Yusuf İsmaıl 'Karayi' born 1904 

4 Emine İsmaıl 'Karayi' married Mehmet 'Kelle'

HÜSEYİN İSMAIL 'Karayi' married ZELİHA MUSTAFA ’Ginezzu/Pekri’ 

their children

1 Mustafa Hüseyin 'Karayi' in the UK

2 Şerife Hüseyin 'Karayi' married İsmail Hasan 'Gunduro' in the UK

3 İsmail Hüseyin 'Karayi' in the UK

4 Emine Hüseyin 'Karayi' in the UK married Mesut Mustafa ‘’Tari’

5 Sabahat Hüseyin 'Karayi' 1st marriage Arife İbrahim ’ Bambulos’. 2nd marriage Nevber Hüseyin from Limassol

ŞERİFE HÜSEYİN ’Ginnezo’ married İSMAIL HASAN KARABÖCEK 'İsmailoko/Gutsugudi/Karaböcek’ 

their children

1 Zafer İsmail Karaböcek ’Gutsugudi’

2 Hasan İsmail  Karaböcek ’Gutsugudi’

3 Zerin İsmail  Karaböcek ’Gutsugudi’

EMİNE  HÜSEYİN ’Ginnezo’ married MESUT  MUSTAFA ’Tari’

their children

1 Sonya Mesut ’Tari’

2 Oben Mesut ’Tari’


their children 

1 Ömer Reşat Kasap

2 Hüseyin Reşat Kasap

3 Zeliha Reşat Kasap

YUSUF İSMAİL ’Karaye born 1904 1st marriage ARİFE İBRAHİM ’Bambulos’. “2nd NEVBER EMİR HÜSEYİN from Limassol

children from 1st marriage

1 Seval Yusuf ’Karaye’ born 1937 married Vedat Göçer from Dohni

2 Doğan Yusuf ’Karaye’ Delman married Aycan Mustafa ’Tari’

3 İbrahim-Önel Yusuf ’Karaye’ married Fatma Ali-Ağa from Turkey

children from 2nd marriage

4 Erpinal Yusuf Akındere ’Karaye’ married Şansel from Limassol

5 Ersenel Yusuf Akındere ’Karaye’ Şerife from Kırnı

6 Ünal Yusuf Akındere ’Karaye’ married Ahmet Karaca from Turkey

7 Ünvan Yusuf Akındere ’Karaye’ married Recep from Turkey

SEVAL YUSUF ’Karaye’ born 1937 married VEDAT GÖÇER from Dohni

their children

1 Ozan Göçer. Died at 23 years of age.

2 Kâni Göçer born 1959 married Ayşe from Polemitya

KÂNİ GÖÇER born 1859 married AYŞE from Polemitya

their children

1 Ozan Kâni Göçer


their children

1 Tarkan Doğan Delman ’Karaye’

2 Tozan Doğan Delman ’Karaye’

İBRAHİM-ÖNEL YUSUF ’Karaye’ married FATMA ALİ-AĞA from Turkey

their children

1 Arkut İbrahim-Önel ’Karaye’ 

2 Artunç İbrahim-Önel ’Karaye’ 

3 Pelin İbrahim-Önel ’Karaye’ 

ERPİNAL YUSUF AKINDERE ’Karaye’ married ŞANSEL from Limassol

their children

1 Erşen Erpinal Akındere ’Karaye’

2 Nevber Erpinal Akındere ’Karaye’ married Cengiz Çelik from Stavrogonno

3 Nilüfer Erpinal Akındere ’Karaye’

4 Yusuf Erpinal Akındere ’Karaye’

5 Ayşe Erpinal Akındere ’Karaye’

NEVBER ERPİNAL AKINDERE ’Karaye’  married CENGİZ ÇELİK from Stavrogonno

their children

1 Neriman  Cengiz Çelik

ERSENAL YUSUF AKINDERE ’Karaye’ married ŞERİFE from Kırnı

their children

1 Nevber Ersenal Akındere ’Karaye’

2 Filiz Ersenal Akındere ’Karaye’

3 Yusuf Ersenal Akındere ’Karaye’

ÜNAL YUSUF AKINDERE ’Karaye’ married AHMET KARACA from Turkey

their children

1 Hale Ahmet Karaca 

2 Hafize Ahmet Karaca 

ÜNVAN YUSUF AKINDERE ’Karaye’ married RECEP from Turkey

their children

1 Sena Recep 

EMİNE İSMAİL ’Karaye married MAHMUT VELİ ’Kelle’

their children

1  Veli Mahmut 'Kelle' had no children

2  İsmail Mahmut 'Kelle' migrated to the UK

3  Dilber Mahmut 'Kelle' 1922-1978 married Mustafa Murat 'Tari'

4  Şükran Mahmut 'Kelle' migrated to the UK


OSMAN MUSTAFA 'Mani' was the 3rd son of MUSTAFA 'Birini'

OSMAN MUSTAFA 'Mani/Birini' born 1835 married ŞERİFE YUSUF ‘Gazi’ born 1839 they married in 1860. [15]

their children

1 Yusuf Osman ’Mani’ born 1877-1948

2 Emine Osman ’Mani’ born 1862 1st wife of Süleyman 'Geleo'

3 Arif Osman ’Mani’ born 1870

4 Recep Osman ’Mani’ born 1872

YUSUF MANİ 'Şila/Birini' born 1877-1948 1st marriage FATMA MEHMET ’Kuşünü/Kihhi’. 2nd marriage GÜLSÜN from Tuzla

children from 1st marriage 

1 Osman Yusuf ’Buzzomani/'Şila’ born 25.05.1899-1990 married Fatma Veli ’Gutsoveli’

2 Mehmet Yusuf  'Şila born 1902, had no children

3 Şerife Yusuf 'Şila 1896-1972 married Hasan Murat  'Muraci' born 1889

4 Emine Yusuf  'Şila 1908-1981 married Hüseyin İsmail ‘Koca-İsmail’

children from 2nd marriage

5 Recep Yusuf  'Şila married Sultan from Pafos

6 Fatma Yusuf  'Şila married Veli Yusuf  'Usta' born 1902. They had no children

7 Rahme Yusuf  'Şila married Hüseyin Yusuf (Esmeroğlu) 'Mavri/Gatsura 1905-1985

8 Ayşe Yusuf 'Şila 1924-2008 married İbrahim Yusuf 'Tozi' 1913-2001

OSMAN YUSUF 'Buzzomani/Birini' 25.05.1899-1990 married FATMA VELİ ’Gutsovelo’

their children

1 Salahi Osman Birini ’Buzzomani’ married Remziye Emir Ali ‘Oloyelo’

2 Yusuf Osman Birini ‘Susuri/Buzzomani’ married Tekiye Yusuf ‘Mudra’

3 Şerife Osman ‘Buzzomani’ 1929-1992 married Yusuf Osman 'Musko' 1921-2002

SALAHİ OSMAN 'Buzzomani/Birini' married REMZİYE EMİR ALİ ’Oloyelo’

their children

1 Emir-Ali Salahi Birini 'Buzzomani’ married Raziye Hüseyin ’Birgo’

2 Fatma/Fatoş Salahi Birini ’Buzzomani’ married Osman İsmail 'Çuffoğlu'


their children

1 Sami Emir-Ali Birini 'Buzzomani’ 

2 Ceylan Emir-Ali Birini 'Buzzomani’ 

FATMA/FATOŞ SALAHİ BİRİNİ  ’Buzzomani’ married OSMAN İSMAİL ERENER 'İsmailcık/Çuffoğlu' born 1949

their children

1  İsmail Osman Erener ’İsmailcık’

2  Salahi Osman Erener ’İsmailcık’

3  Eren Osman Erener ’İsmailcık’


their children

1 Osman Yusuf Birini ’Susuri’

2 Onur Yusuf Birini ’Susuri’ married Kadriye Kemal Yapıcıoğlu ’Şago’

3 Oya Yusuf Birini ’Susuri’


his children

1 Devin Onur Birini ’Susuri’

MEHMET YUSUF ’Çakın/Şila’ born 1902 married RAZGE HASAN ’Guseuri’ 

no children 

ŞERİFE YUSUF ’Şila born 1896-1972 married HASAN MURAT ’Muraçi’ born 1889

their children

1 Yusuf Ziya Hasan Aykol ’Muraçi’ 1924-1982

EMİNE YUSUF ’Şila 1908-1981- married HÜSEYİN KOCA-İSMAIL  married

their children

1  İsmail Hüseyin Koca-İsmail married Melek Yusuf Gazi ’Mudra

2  Mehmet  Hüseyin 'Koca-İsmail

3  Necat  Hüseyin 'Koca-İsmail

4  Yusuf  Hüseyin  Öğretmenoğlu 'Koca-İsmail married Hamide İsmail Özyol

5  Cemaliye  Hüseyin 'Koca-İsmail    married Mehmet Seid-Ali  'Şarmatta'

6  Razge  Hüseyin  'Koca-İsmail      married İsmail 'Otan' moved to Dali

7  Şerife  Hüseyin  'Koca-İsmail      married Hikmet Mehmet 'Bedasi'

RECEB YUSUF 'Mani' married SULTAN from Paphos [16] moved to Nicosia, became a policeman.

his children

1 Güner Receb Çakın. married Eren Çakın

2 Yurdanur Receb Çakın married Turhan Öztürk

3 Ünsay Receb Cakın not married at time of research

4 Şenel Receb Çakın married Ersin Taşer

5 Özay Receb Çakın married Nurettin Alaçam


their children

1 Gürhan Çakın

2 Selhan Çakın

3 Didem Çakın


their children

1 Tijen Öztürk

2 Tümer Öztürk

3 Tümay Öztürk

ÜNSAY RECEB ÇAKIN not married at time of research


their children

1 Kaan Taşer

2 Şebnem Taşer


their children

1 Barkın Alaçam

2 Burak Alaçam

FATMA YUSUF ’Şila’ married VELİ YUSUF ’Veli Usta/Yusufo’

no children

RAHME YUSUF ’Şila’ married HÜSEYİN YUSUF ’Mavri/Gatsura’ born 1905 died 1985 

their children

1 Nevzat Hüseyin Esmeroğlu ’Mavri’ married Sidiga Enver from Pile village 

2 Yusuf Hüseyin Esmeroğlu ’Mavri’ married Gülsen İbrahim ’Tozzi’

3 Yücel Hüseyin Esmeroğlu ’Mavri’ married Nermin Kemal ’Gatsura’

4 Münüse Hüseyin Esmeroğlu/Mavri’ born 1934, died 2008 married Ramadan 'Gaşano'

5 Fatma Hüseyin Esmeroğlu ’Mavri’ married Tahir İsmail Fesa

AYŞE YUSUF ’Tozzena/Şila/Birini’ 1924-2008 married İBRAHİM YUSUF 'Tozzi' (İsmailo) 1913-2001 (17)

their children

1  Nezife  İbrahim ‘Tozzi’ married Halil Hüseyin 'Halilo'   Children  Hüseyin, Ayşen, Zuhal     

2  Şükran  İbrahim ‘Tozzi’ married   Sadi  Mustafa 'Bitordo' Children  Mustafa, Ayşe

3  Kemal  İbrahim ‘Tozzi’ married  Emine Gülferi. Children  İbrahim, Ediz, Tozer

4  Güner  İbrahim ‘Tozzi’ married   Emel  Kazım. children Hülya &  Ayça

5  Gülsen İbrahim ‘Tozzi’ married  Yusuf Hüseyin 'Gatsura' Children Ruhşen, Ayşen

6  Yusuf  İbrahim ‘Tozzi’ married   Seran Mehmet Veli 'Pekri'. children İbrahim  & Ayşegül

7  Feridun İbrahim (Fred) ‘Tozzi’ married  Gülşen Ali. children Ulviye &  İbrahim twins Ozan & Ali

8  İhsan İbrahim ‘Tozzi’ married Zeliha Süleyman Hüseyin 'Halilo'. children  Barış, twins Deniz & Doğa

EMİNE OSMAN ’Mani born 1962 married SÜLEYMAN HÜSEYİN 'Geleo/Kulaklı' born 1858

their children

1  Hüseyin Süleyman 'Geleo' born 1882-1969 from Süleyman's 1st wife

2  Osman  Süleyman   'Geleo' born 1885 from Süleyman's 1st wife

3 Şerife  Süleyman  'Geleo'  1st wife of Yusuf Emir-Ali  'Efe'

DUDU MUSTAFA ’Birini/Yasumu’ born 1846 married  MUSTAFA MUSTAFA 'Kidioli' (changed his name to Yorgi Kiriaki) born 1841 (3rd son of Mustafa Mehmet 'Kazmalevri').They married in 1867 [18]

their children

1 Emirzade Mustafa ’Kidioli/Badado’ born  between 1872-74 married Ayşe Veli ’Mirzadina/Kelle’

2 İsmail Mustafa 'Kidioli/Badado' born between 1879 -1881

3 Yusuf Mustafa 'Kidioli/Şufta' born between 1883-1885 had no children

4 Hatice Mustafa ’Kidioli/Tayatu’ married ikiz Osman 'Tayatti

5 Fatma Mustafa 'Kidioli/ Lauru' moved to Anglisiya village

6 Veli Mustafa  1868-1881 Kidioli/ Lauru'

[1] Ottoman census Doc 150-a-3 page 299. Ref No; 5241

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