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Ottoman census archives of 1879  page 2

Ottoman census archives of 1879 page 2
The documents on this page have been translated by expert Ottoman translators on a private basis.

This page begins with the documents relating to the Suleyman 'Zabuni' family tree Doc No : 158-a-1 (315) and the family of Hasan Yusuf Arap' (The Şilioni's ). Document No; 158-a-2 (315)

Doc No; 160-a-4 (319) is the record of Mehmet Ismail Kavaz and Yusuf Ismail 'Kaçari' all belonging to the Mehmet Katri family tree. Mehmet Kavaz was in fact the grandson of Mehmet Katri and his wife Ayşe Yusuf 'Şilioni' was the sister of Hasan Yusuf 'Arap'.

An important thing to bear in mind is that these are documents of individuals living in a particular house and is not a family tree. Like today, certain members of a family lived at different homes. It does however give the readers a chance to check the family tree pages and learn when their ancestors were born, married, their profession etc. Where possible the family tree page is given between the original Ottoman archive and the translations, this will hopefully make it easier for readers to locate their family details in greater depth. Inevitably there may be some small differences as an example some names like Gondozi were registered in their original form "Godozi". (Doc; 160-a-3 319) or 'Uskufdi' in the census forms is what we call 'Skufidi'.

These records have been painstakingly translated and organised in a manner that will hopefully make it easier for readers to understand. Glossary of words and meanings are given on page 1.

I hope everyone enjoys searching for their roots as much as I have had in their preparation

Ismail Mehmet Veli 'Kirlapo'

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