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Hasan Hüseyin Çoban

Çoban Hasan Hüseyin ’Topal’.

The Riala, Vosko, Kilinciri, Sguri & Sguluga formed part of this family group

  Hasan Hüseyin Çoban

The Riala, Vosko, Kilinciri, Sguri & Sguluga formed part of this family group


their children

1 Hüseyin Hasan Çoban 'Vosko' born 1790-91 Sipahi. [2]

2 İbrahım Hasan Çoban 'Kudozi' 1791-2

3 Ramadan Hasan Çoban 'Silahcı' born 1820 married Naile Hasan born 1829. They married in 1842 

(The 1831 census lists him as being 23 years old. Person No'' 82. This would mean he was actually born in 1808. It's possible he was 13 years old and the translator typed it wrong which would bring him closer to the 1878-9 census records.On the other hand the 1878-79 census made many mistakes as it relied on individuals giving their age, whereas the 1831 census was closer to the period in question. These however are speculative and knowing the facts are difficult.

4 Yusuf Hasan Çoban 'Skuluga' born 1806

5 A female name unknown died unmarried

6 Mustafa Hasan Çoban 'Batsalos', [3] born 1798 married Dudu Hasan born 1798. They married in 1819. had no children

HÜSEYİN ÇOBAN HASAN born 1791 Sipahi married FATİ

their children

1 Said Ali Hüseyin Çoban 'Fauda' born 1832 had no children

2 Mehmet Hüseyin Çoban 'Bedinuri' migrated to Turkey

3 İbrahim Hüseyin Çoban 'Makarunya' migrated to Turkey

4 Hasan Hüseyin Çoban 'Riala' born 1828 or 1835,[4] married Ayşe Osman born 1837. They married in 1854.

5 Razgeli Hüseyin Çoban born 1848 married Bekir Mehmet 'Onbaşı'

6 Mustafa Hüseyin Çoban 1839-1891

7 Dudu Hüseyin Çoban born 1844 

8 Ali Hüseyin Çoban born 1830

SAİD ALİ HÜSEYİN ÇOBAN 'Fauda' born 1832 had no children

MEHMET HÜSEYİN ÇOBAN 'Bedinari' migrated to Turkey

İBRAHIM HÜSEYİN ÇOBAN 'Makarunya' migrated to Turkey

HASAN HÜSEYİN ÇOBAN 'Riala' born 1828 or 1835. [5] married AYŞE OSMAN ’Kuri’ born 1837

their children

1 Osman Hasan 'Macida' 'Riala' born 1865-1993 had no children

2 Hüseyin Hasan 'Riala' born 1875.

3 Rebgeli Hasan 'Riala' married Murat Bairam

4 Dudu Hasan 'Riala' married Gül Ali

5 Hacer Hasan Riala 'Birlappa' married Osman Bairam

6 Rahime Hüseyin 'Riala' born 1863. [6]

7 Raziye Hüseyin 'Riala' born 1866. [7]

OSMAN HASAN 'Riala' 'Macida' 1865-1893 had no children. died just after his release from prison in 1893. [8]

HÜSEYİN HASAN 'Riala' ' Gaşeyi' born 1873-75? married DUDU İBRAHİM ‘Buzzi/Furnaru’

their children

1 Hasan Hüseyin 'Riala' ' Gaşeyi' born 10.11.1900 ( now known as the Akıncı family)

2 Osman Hüseyin 'Riala' 'Mecidi' 'Makuda' had no children

3 Refide Hüseyin 'Riala' 1st wife of Yusuf Süleyman 'Gato'

4 Emine Hüseyin 'Riala' 1st wife of Veli Kerlo

HASAN HÜSEYİN 'Gaşeyi/Riala/Akıncı' born 10.11.1900 married AYŞE İBRAHİM from Yorgoz village

their children

1 İbrahim Hasan Akıncı ‘Gaşeyi’ moved to Yorgoz village

2 Hüseyin Hasan Akıncı ‘ Gaşeyi’ moved to Yorgoz village

İBRAHİM HASAN 'Riala' 'Gaşeyi ( now known as the Akıncı family) married PEMBE. [9]

their children

1 Hülya İbrahim Akıncı ‘Gaşeyi’ ( (Hülya Hızır) 2 daughters Rengin & Renan

2 Emel İbrahim Akıncı ‘Gaşeyi’ (Emel Şöföroğlu) deceased since 2.8.2002. daughters Gülem & Gizem

3 Hasan İbrahim Akıncı  ‘Gaşeyi’ born 10.4.1963 daughter Fatoş & a son Dercin.

4 Salahi İbrahim Akıncı  ‘Gaşeyi’ born 19.08.1964 married Mel Akıncı. 2 daughters. Alisa & Amber in the UK

5 Ece Ibrahım Akıncı ‘Gaşeyi’ (Ece Ersoy) son Kemal and a daughter Emel

6 Altuğ İbrahim Akıncı  ‘Gaşeyi’ born 7.01.1974 not married

OSMAN HÜSEYİN 'Riala' 'Mecidi' 'Makuda'.[10] Had no children

REFİDE (RAZGELİ) HÜSEYİN 'Riala' 1st marriage to YUSUF MEHMET ‘Bedasi’ born 1917. 2nd marriage to  YUSUF SÜLEYMAN 'Gato' born 1904

their children

1 Mehmet Yusuf ‘Bedasi’ (from 1st marriage)

2 no other children 

EMİNE HÜSEYİN 'Riala' married VELİ YUSUF 'Kerlo' 10.05.1910-01.12.2000

their children

1 Soner Veli Yusuf 'Kerlo'

2 Layka Veli Yusuf 'Kerlo'

3 Aycan Veli Yusuf 'Kerlo'

RAHME HASAN ‘Riala’ born 1863 married MURAT MUSTAFA ‘Muraçi/Badudi’ born 1860

their children

1 Hasan Murat ’Muraçi’ born 1889

2 Raif Murat ’Muraçi’ 1893-1974

3 Mehmet Murat ’Muraçi’

4 Emine Murat ’Muraçi’

5 Dudu Murat ’Muraçi/Vidinnena’ 1894-1984

6 Şerife Murat ’Muraçi’

Ahmet Murat ’Muraçi’ born 1902

DUDU HASAN ‘Riala’ married ALİ GÜL-ALİ 

their children

1 Razgeli Ali Gül-Ali

2 Ayşe Ali Gül-Ali

3 Hayriye Ali Gül-Ali died in 1981

4 Zalihe Ali Gül-Ali died in 1945

RAZGELİ GÜL ALİ married OSMAN MEHMET 'Gatsura' born 1879-1952 

their children

1 Mehmet Osman 'Gatsura' (Ertuğ) 1904-1982 married Rahme Süleyman 'Gingi'

2 Hüseyin Osman 'Gatsura'

3 Yusuf Osman 'Gatsura/Kırıcı’ 1918-1997

4 Ali Osman 'Gatsura'

5 Dudu Osman 'Gatsura' 1916-1988 married Mehmet İbrahim 'Yapıcı' (Misigigo)

6 Ayşe Osman 'Gatsura' married Mehmet İsmail 'Fesa'

7 Fati Osman 'Gatsura' 1915-2001 married Mustafa 'Dima'

8 Emine Osman 'Gatsura' 1924- 1979 married İmam Mehmet Songur

9 Kemal Osman 'Gatsura

10 Osman Osman 'Gatsura' born 1899 died young.

11 Muzaffer Osman 'Gatsura' born 1901 died young. (11)

AYŞE ALİ ’Gül-Ali’ married MEHMET ARİF ’Kaplan’ born 1877

their children

1 Arif Mehmet ’İmam/Kaplan’ 1910-2001

HAYRİYE ALİ ’Gül-Ali’ died in 1981 married MUSTAFA MEHMET  ’Kara-Bardak/Böyle’ born 1878

their children

1 Hasan Mustafa ’Hasana/Kara-Bardak’ (surname changed to Özgülali 1923-2011

2 Ali  Mustafa ’Kara-Bardak’

3 Emin-Dudu Mustafa ’Kara-Bardak

ZALİHE ALİ ’Gül-Ali’ birth year not known, Died in 1945 married ALİ ALİ ’Kali’ 1884-1967

their children

1 Mehmet Ali ’Kali’ 1924-2002

2 Ayşe Ali ’Kali’

3 Cihan Ali ’Kali’

4 Raziye Ali ’Kali’

5 Halit Ali ’Kali’

HACER HASAN ’Birleppa/Riala married OSMAN BAYRAM ’Yankeş/Cidari’ born 1856

their children

1 Ayşe Osman ’Yankeş’

2 Zalihe Osman ’Yankeş’

3 Osman Osman ’Yankeş’

Osman Bayram was killed by lightning while Hacer was pregnant, as a result Hacer named her son Osman after his father

RAZİYE HÜSEYİN ’Vosko/Çoban’ born 1848 married BEKİR YUSUF ’Yusuf Ağa ’Bekir/Onbaşı’ born 1844

their children

1 Mehmet Bekir  ’Şarmatta/Bekir/Onbaşı’  born 1872 married Keziban Mehmet  Gezzu/Gatsura’

2 Hüseyin  ’Bekir/Onbaşı’  born 1876 married Razgeli Muslu

3 Ayşe Bekir ’Bekir/Onbaşı’ 

4 Fati Bekir ’Bekir/Onbaşı’ 

5 Hasan Bekir ’Bekir/Onbaşı’ 

6 Yusuf Bekir ’Bekir/Onbaşı’ born 1875

DUDU HÜSEYİN ’Vosko/Çoban’ born 1844 married MUSTAFA HÜSEYİN ’Mudaho/Kulea’ born 1839. They married in 1958

their children

1 Veli Mustafa ’Şubi’ ’Mudaho/Kulea’ born 1863

2 Hasan Mustafa ’Turlumbi’ ’Mudaho/Kulea’ born 1865

3 Bilal Mustafa ’Mudaho/Kulea’ born 1868

4 Hüseyin Mustafa ’Gunetti’ ’Mudaho/Kulea’ born 1882 

5 Raziye Mustafa ’Razgua’ ’Mudaho/Kulea’ born 1864


İBRAHİM ÇOBAN HASAN 'Godosi' born 1791-92 was the 2nd son of ÇOBAN HASAN HÜSEYİN 'TOPAL HASAN'

İBRAHIM ÇOBAN HASAN 'Godozi' born 1792 married ZİLİHA HÜSEYİN  born 1800

their children

1 Hasan İbrahim 'Godozi' born 1825 married Ayşe Mustafa born 1835?

2 Seid-Ali İbrahim 'Kilinciri' born 1827-1879

3 Dudu İbrahim Kilinciri’ born 1829 married Hüseyin Süleyman ’Kulaklı/Zabuni’ 1824

4 Müştüre İbrahim

5 Mustafa İbrahim ’Batsalos’ 

HASAN İBRAHIM 'Godosi' 'Kuvaros' (Yumakcı) married AYŞE MUSTAFA born 1835?

their children

1 İbrahım Hasan ’Kuvaros’ (Yumakcı) 1852-1891, married Dudu Ömer born 1856. They had no children

2 Mustafa Hasan 'Uskuri'/Kuvaros (Yumakcı) born 1856 married Rebyeli Süleyman ’Truko’

3 Seid-Ali Hasan ’Kuvaros’ (Yumakcı) born 1862. Had a mental disability. Had no children

4 Zalihe Hasan  ’Kuvaros’ (Yumakcı) born 1855 married Osman Hasan Arap 'Gunduro'

İBRAHİM HASAN ’Kuvaros’ (Yumakcı) 1852-1891, married DUDU ÖMER ’Vrango’ born 1856

they had no children

MUSTAFA HASAN 'Sguri'’Kuvaros’ (Yumakcı) born 1856 1st marriage to REBYELİ SÜLEYMAN ’Truko’ had no children. 2nd marriage EMİNE İBRAHİM ’Skurina/Kazmalevri/İbraimulli

their children

1 Hasan Mustafa 'Sguri' 'Hasancık' born 1893 had no children

2 İbrahım Mustafa 'Sguri' 'Gaba' born 1896 had no children

3 Yusuf Mustafa 'Sguri' 'Arnaudi' 1909-1978 had no children

4 Kâzım Mustafa 'Sguri' 'Kazumi' had no children moved to Limassol

5 Hacer Mustafa 'Sguri' (1st wife of Veli Said-Ali 'Hamidi/Kâmilo 1911-1990)

6 Ayşe Mustafa 'Sguri' 1900-1982 (2nd wife of Veli Said-Ali 'Hamidi/Kâmilo 1911-1990)

7 Veli Ayşe Mustafa 'Sguri' born 1903.

SAİD ALİ HASAN 'Yumakcı' had a mental disability. Had no children

ZALİHE HASAN 'Kuvaros 'Yumakcı' married OSMAN HASAN 'Gunduro's du Hasan Arabi's'. [11]

their children

1 Hasan Osman 'Gunduro' (Gutsugudi / Karaböcek )

2 Mehmet Osman 'Gunduro' (Zabidi)

3 Şerife Osman 'Gunduro' 1st wife of Yusuf 'Muya'

4 Ayşe Osman 'Gunduro married Halil Aza

5 Dudu Osman 'Gunduro' married Yusuf Adem 'Ademos'


SEİD ALİ İBRAHIM 'Kilinciri' was the 2nd son of İBRAHIM ÇOBAN HASAN 'Kuduz'

SEİD ALİ İBRAHIM 'Kilinciri/Godosi 1828-1879 married RAHME HALİL ’Hali Ağa’ born 1839, they married in 1848

their children

1 Halil Seid-Ali 'Kilinciri' 'Psemedizmeno' born 1861 (converted to Christianity and changed his name to Steliano)

2 Dudu Seid-Ali 'Kilinciri' born 1856 married Yusuf Mehmet Çavuş born 1850.

3 Emine Seid-Ali 'Kilinciri'  born 1867 married Hüseyin Mustafa 'Gutsullo' born 1858

4 Ayşe Seid-Ali 'Kilinciri' moved to Şirovitya village

HALİL SEİD ALİ 'Kilinciri'/Psemedizmeno born 1861  after converting to Christianity he left Lurucina to an unknown destination

DUDU SEİD ALİ 'Kilinciri' born 1856 married YUSUF MEHMET 'Çavuş'born 1850 

their children

1 Mehmet Yusuf ’Tsali/Çavuş born 1876

EMİNE SEİD-ALİ 'Kilinciri' born 1867 married HÜSEYİN MUSTAFA 'Uşi/Gutsullo’ born 1858

their children

1 Fatma Hüseyin 'Gadina' (Giççu nene) 1890?-1976 married İsmail Ali 'Tahuredi' (Giçço dede) 1888?-1965. [12]


DUDU İBRAHİM ’Godosi/ Kilinciri’ born 1829 married HÜSEYİN SÜLEYMAN ’Kulaklı/Zabuni born 1824 they married in 1848

their children 

1  Süleyman Hüseyin   'Geleo' 1858

2  İbrahım  Hüseyin   'Kulaklı' 1862

3  Seid-Ali Hüseyin    'Kulaklı'   1864

4  Emine   Hüseyin   'Kulaklı'  1846  married Mustafa 'Çavuş'

5  Zalihe  Hüseyin   'Kulaklı'  born 1853  married Osman 'Mulla'

6  Fatma   Hüseyin   'Kulaklı'  (Sguluga) 1866-1931 married  Seid-Ali Mehmet Kavaz

MÜŞTÜRE İBRAHİM ’Godosi/ Kilinciri’ married YUSUF HASAN ’Turko’ born 1829

their children

1 Mehmet Yusuf ’Turko’ born 1862 

2 Elmaz Yusuf ’Turko’ born 1870 married Ayşe İbrahim from Dali

MEHMET YUSUF ’Turko’ married ?


1 Yusuf Mehmet ’Turko’

ELMAZ YUSUF ’Turko’ born 1870 married AYŞE İBRAHİM  from Dali

their children

1 İbrahim Elmaz ’Adem/Turko’ 1906-1985 (surname changed to Ören) married Emine Yusuf ’Guşi’ 1916-1978

2 Keziban elmaz ’Turko’

İBRAHİM ELMAZ ’Adem/ Turko’ born 1906-1985 married EMİNE YUSUF ’Guşi’ 1916-1978

their children

1 Yılmaz İbrahim Elmaz Ören 'Adem'

2 Süleyman İbrahim Elmaz Ören 'Adem'

3 Ayşe İbrahim Elmaz ’Adem’ 


their children

1 Mine Yılmaz  Ören ’Adem’ 

2 Buket Yılmaz  Ören ’Adem’ 


their children

1 Yılmaz Erdinç Ağdaç 'Buri'

BUKET YILMAZ ÖREN ’Adem’ married EROL from Gönyeli village

their children

1 Çişe Erol

2 Berke Erol


their children

1 Leyla Süleyman Ören ’Adem’ married Kevin from England

2 Emine Süleyman Ören ’Adem’ married Phillip from England

3 Deniz Süleyman Ören ’Adem’ Previn Gurdayer


their children

1 Yazmin

2 Amber

EMİNE SÜLEYMAN İBRAHİM ÖREN ’Adem’ married  Phillip from England

children not known


their children

1 Cem Gurdayer

2 Louis Gurdayer

AYŞE İBRAHİM ’Adem’ married HASAN ALİ ’Çarpi’

their children

1 Ali Hasan ’Çarpi’

2 Mine Hasan ’Çarpi’

KEZİBAN ELMAZ ’Turko’ married  MEHMET MUSTAFA ’KAVAZ’  from Dali

their children

1 Ayse Mehmet Kavaz

2 Enver Mehmet Kavaz

3 Ali Mehmet Kavaz

4 Kemal Mehmet Kavaz

5 Emine Mehmet Kavaz

6 Erdinç Mehmet Kavaz

MEHMET YUSUF ’Turko’ born 1862 wife’s name unknown


1 Yusuf Mehmet ’Turko’



RAMADAN ÇOBAN HASAN 'Silahcı' 1808-1881 (13) married NAİLE HASAN born 1819. They married in 1842

Their children

1 Hasan Ramadan 'Silahcı' 'Varkos' drowned at sea

2 Sultan Ramadan 'Silahcı' born 1846 married Hüseyin 'Hasano' 'Guseiri'

3 Dudu Ramadan 'Silahcı' married Mustafa Hasan 'Mudaho'

4 Hatice Ramadan 'Silahcı' born 1848 married Yusuf Ağa 'Bedasi'

5 Rahme Ramadan 'Silahcı' 'Rahmeli' married Mehmet 'Götsa'

6 Sidiga Ramadan 'Silahcı' born in 1863. (14) 

RAHME RAMADAN ’Rahmeli/Silahcı’ married MEHMET HÜSEYİN  ’Götsa/Tsuro’ born 1830

their children

1 Dudu Mehmet ’Götsa’ born 1863 

2 Hüseyin Mehmet ’Götsa’ born 1865

SULTAN RAMADAN ’Silahcı’ born 1846 married HÜSEYİN HASAN 'Hasano'/Guseiri’ born 1844. They married in 1866

their children

1 Hasan Hüseyin ’Guseiri’ born 1872

2 Ramadan Hüseyin ’Guseiri’ born 1885

3 Melek Hüseyin ’Guseiri’ 

4 Raziye Hüseyin ’Guseiri’ born 1868

5 İbrahim Hüseyin ’Guseiri’ 1884-1891

HATİCE RAMADAN ’Silahcı’ born 1848 married YUSUF YUSUF ’Bedasi’ ’Yusuf Ağa’ born 1844. they married in 1867

their children

1 Mahmut Yusuf ’Bedasi’

2 Arif Yusuf ’Bedasi’

3 Ayşe Yusuf ’Bedasi’


YUSUF HASAN ’Çoban’ 'Sguluga’topal Hasan born 1806 married ? went to Kalposidia village. [15]

their children

1 Hasan Yusuf 'Skuluga'

2 Hüseyin Yusuf 'Skuluga'

3 İbrahim Yusuf 'Skuluga' married Havva converted to Christianity 

4 Dudu Yusuf 'Skuluga' moved to Gaiduriya  converted to Christianity 

5 Razge Yusuf 'Skuluga' moved to Kalopsidia village converted to Christianity (changed her name to Maria)


5th son of (6th on the list, see start of page) ÇOBAN HASAN HÜSEYİN 'TOPAL HASAN'

MUSTAFA HASAN ’Batsalos/Topal Hasan’ born 1798 married DUDU HASAN born 1798

no other information on this family has been found.

(1) There seems to be a confusion as to the name of this family. İbrahım Tahsildar simply gives his name as Koca-yani Kutso Hasano, which is really a nickname. page 70. The Ottoman census documents however also have Mustafa Hasan Topal (Gutso) born in 1798 and married to Dudu Hasan born 1798. married in 1819. Doc No 161-a-2 page 321. Ref 5619 & 5620. It's unclear if this is the same person.

(2) The T.C Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri. Book TŞR.KB.d.00040. Pages 45 ve 46. Person No; 86. For description of Sipahi see the ''1831 census page'' .

(3) The T.C Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri. Book TŞR.KB.d.00040. Pages 45 ve 46. Person No; 89.

(4) The T.C Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri. Book TŞR.KB.d.00040. Pages 45 ve 46. Person No; 87 lists this person as 3 years old in 1831. This would mean he was born in 1828 and not 1835 as the 1879 census recorded him. See footnote No; 2.

(5) See footnote No; 3

(6) This female is not on İbrahım Tahsildar's records but was registered in the Ottoman census of 1879 Doc NO; 163-a-1 page 325, Ref ; 5681

(7) This female is not on İbrahım Tahsildar's records but was registered in the Ottoman census of 1879 Doc NO; 163-a-1 page 325, Ref 5682

(8) The Milli arşiv ve araştırma dairesinde 67 numarada kayıt. 1889,1890,1893,1897,1906 kayıtlar. page 165, family No; 89

(9) All the details on this family were added by Salahi İbrahım Akıncı via facebook message.

(10) not to be confused with Osman Hasan Macida. 

(11) Records of İbrahim Tahsildar. The Yusuf Mustafa Şiliono family page 91.

(12) Great grandparents of the researcher. İsmail Mehmet Veli

(13) Ramadan Coban Hasan. The 1879 census Ref; 163-a-2 page 325 person number 5689 lists him as born in 1820. The 1831 census. person number 82, however states he was 23 at the time. This would have meant he was born in 1808.

They also had a daughter named Sidiga (person No; 5691. Ref; 163-a-2 page 325 born 1863) but is not on the family tree. It's possible she may have died young.

(14) For Sidiga see footnote No;13

(15)Records of İbrahım Tahsildar. The Kutso Hasano family. Page 71

All the photos on this page are from the personal family photos of Ismail Veli 'Kirlapo'

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