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Mehmet Katri. Part 5

The Gaçari, Barbaros, & Mustakka, form part of this family group.

                           Mehmet Katri Part 5. Continued from page 4

Bekir İsmail 'Gaççari' born in  1827 was the 4th son of İsmail  Mehmet ’Gaççari’ . This page continues from Part 3 of the Katri family and is mainly the record of Bekir’s family tree. To make it easier I have repeated the İsmail  Mehmet ’Gaççari’ family, and as can be seen Bekir is listed 4th on the list.

The Gaçari, Barbaros, Mandayi & Mustakka,  form part of this family group.

İSMAİL MEHMET KADRİ 'Gaççari' born 1791-2 (102)

his children

1  Mehmet  İsmail  'Kavaz'  born 1821  married Ayşe Yusuf  ’Şilioni'  born 1819 they married in 1839

2  Veli  İsmail  'Çuffo' born 1821 married Ayşe İbrahim 'Paça' born 1835 they married in 1858  

3 Süleyman İsmail 'Kavaz' born 1823

4 Bekir İsmail 'Gaççari' born 1827 married Hatice Mustafa Öküz born 1839 they married in 1854 (103) 

5  Yusuf  İsmail  'Dirimo'born 1837 married Dudu Osman born 1844 they married in 1854 (when Yusuf was 17 and Dudus was only 10 years old) (104)

6  Şerife İsmail 'Kavaz' born 1815 wife of İbrahim

BEKİR İSMAİL 'Gaççari' born 1827 married HATİCE MUSTAFA ÖKÜZ born 1839. [105] they married in 1854

their children

1  İsmail Bekir 'İsmaileda/Gaççari' born 1855 1st marriage Dudu Mehmet ’Götsa’. 2nd marriage Kakulla?

2  Mustafa  Bekir 'Mustaka/Gaççari'  born 1856 (Was disabled)

3  Mehmet Bekir 'Gaççari' born 1860

4  Veli  Bekir 'Gutsovelo/Gaççari' born 1866

5  Fatma Bekir 'Gaççari' born 1858

6  Dudu Bekir 'Gaççari' born 1868

İSMAIL BEKİR 'Gaççari' (İsmaileda)  born 1855 1st marriage DUDU MEHMET ’Götsa’. 2nd marriage Kakulla?

children from 1st marriage

1  Emine İsmail  'İsmaileda'  married Rizvan Mustafa ’Gangrello'

2  Fatma İsmail  'İsmaileda' 1886-1966 married Yusuf  Mehmet 'Surfi' (Gazi)

children from 2nd marriage

3  Bekir  İsmail 'Barbaros' born 1891-1985 married Sultan Hasan ‘Guseuri’

4  Mehmet  İsmail 'İsmaileda'   died young had no children

5  Veli Ismail ’İsmaileda’ born 11,08,1900 died as a child.

EMİNE İSMAİL 'İsmaileda'  married RIZVAN MUSTAFA ’Gangrello’ born 1876 

their children

2 İbrahim Rısvan  'Zimbriko/Gangrello' 1901-1979. 1st wife Rahmeli Osman ’Garmeli/Gatto’. 2nd wife Emine Mehmet ’Gannu’. 3rd wife Şerife Osman ’Varda’

2  Dudu  Rızvan ’Gangrello’  married Yusuf İbrahim 'Bodiri' born 1895

FATMA İSMAİL 'İsmaileda'  married YUSUF MEHMET ’Surfi/Babiro’ born 1874 

their children

1  Mehmet Yusuf  'Babiro' Gazi

2  Dudu Yusuf  'Babiro'  Gazi   married Yusuf İbrahım Mustafa

3  Zeynep  Yusuf  'Babiro'  Gazi  married Süleyman Seid-Ali

BEKİR  İSMAIL 'İsmaileda' 'Barbaros'. 1891-1985 married Sultan Hasan ’Guseuri’ 1900-1962 [106]

his children

1  Mehmet Bekir Barboros  'Uygyur/Barbaros' 1923-1997 1st marriage Zekiye 2nd marriage Fatma Hüseyin ’Halilo’ migrated to the UK. 

2  İsmail  Bekir Barbaros ’Barbaros’ 1928-2007 married Dudu Hasan ’Yannitsaro/Şiradi’ 1930-2011

3  Hasan Bekir  Barbaros 'Barbaros' born 28.01.1928 married to Münevver Osman 'İsmailo’   born 02.08.1936

4  Veli Bekir Barbaros  'Barbaros'  married Ayten

5  Mustafa  Bekir Barbaros  'Mustaka/Barbaros' married  Nezife

6  Emin-Dudu  Bekir 'Barbaros'   married Hüseyin 'Ado' (Kartal)

7  Ayşe  Bekir 'Barbaros'  1935-2015 married Hüseyin Ramadan 'Götsa'

8  Fikriye  Bekir  'Barbaros' 21/3/1937 ~ 8/9/1994  married Kemal Mustafa Osman Yusuf 'Gondozi/Üçokka’ 29/6/1928 ~ 10/3/2022 

9  Razge  Bekir  'Barbaros' 1st marriage Özay Tatlıcı from Larnaca. 2nd marriage Reşat Ömer Kasap from Köfünye, they migrated to the UK  

MEHMET BEKİR BARABAROS ’Uygur/Barbaros’ 1923-1997 1st marriage ZEKİYE. 2nd marriage FATMA HÜSEYİN ’Halilo’

no children in either marriage

İSMAIL BEKİR BARBAROS ’Barbaros’ 1928-2007 married DUDU HASAN ’Yannitsaro/Şiradi’ 1930-2011

their children

1  Bekir İsmail 'Barbaros' born 1950

2  Sultan  İsmail 'Barbaros' born 1952

3  Fatma İsmail 'Barbaros' born 1953 married Hasan Mehmet Gazi ’Surfi’ born 11.07.1950

4  Hasan İsmail 'Barbaros born 06.06.1961. married Emel Halil Kansel ’Şago’ born 1963 [107] 

5  Mehmet İsmail 'Barbaros' born 1963 married Rahme Mehmet Zümrüt ’Zimbrikko’

6 Ersoy İsmail 'Barbaros' born 1964 married Vediya tahir from Cihangır

7  Erkan İsmail 'Barbaros' born 10.02.1968 married Fatma Ali Yeniçeri ’Yannitsaro/Şiradi’

FATMA İSMAİL ’Barbaros’ born 1953 married HASAN MEHMET GAZİ ’Surfi’ born 11.07.1950

their children

1 Sirin Hasan Gazi ’Surfi’

2 Tutku Hasan Gazi ’Surfi’

3 Mehmet Hasan Gazi  ’Surfi’

HASAN İSMAİL BABAROS ’Barbaros’ born 06.06.1961. married EMEL HALİL KANSEL ’Şago’ born 1963

their children 

1 Burcu Hasan Barbaros ’Barbaros’

2 Rahme Hasan Barbaros ’Barbaros’

BURCU HASAN BARBAROS ’Barbaro’s married ENVER ENVEROĞLU from Bergama

no information on their children

MEHMET İSMAİL BABAROS ’Barbaros’ born 1963 born RAHME MEHMET ZÜMRÜT ’Zimbriko’

their children

1 Tutku  Mehmet Barbaros ’Barbaros’

2 Bekir Mehmet Barbaros ’Barbaros’

ERSOY İSMAİL BABAROS ’Barbaros’ born 1964  married VEDİA TAHİR from Cihangir

their children

1 Dudu Ersoy Barbaros ’Barbaros’

2 İsmail Ersoy Barbaros ’Barbaros’

ERKAN İSMAİL BABAROS ’Barbaros’ born 1968 married FATMA ALİ YENİÇERİ ’Yannitsaro/Şiradi

their children

1 İsmail Erkan Barbaros ’Barbaros’

2 Ali Erkan Barbaros ’Barbaros’

HASAN BEKİR 'Barbaros' 28.01.1928  married MÜNEVVER OSMAN 'İsmailo, Garaoli' 02.08.1936. [108]

their children

1  Bekir Hasan 'Barbaros' married Ayşe 

2  Özkan-Osman Hasan  'Barbaros' married Joanna. 

3  Özer Hasan 'Barbaros'  married Peri İbrahim Özer ’Dima/Bata’

4  Bülent Hasan 'Barbaros'  no children at time of research

5  Nilhan Hasan 'Barbaros' married Al

BEKİR  HASAN BARBAROS 'Barbaros' married AYŞE 

their children, 

1 Benez Bekir Barbaros

2 Sevcan  Bekir Barbaros

3 Taner  Bekir Barbaros

4 Tijen Bekir Barbaros


their children

1 Şenel Özkan Barbaros 

2 Candice  Özkan Barbaros 

3 Adem Özkan Barbaros 

4 Jo Özkan Barbaros 

5 Aaron Özkan Barbaros 


their children 

1 Meliz Özer Barbaros

NİLHAN HASAN BARBAROS 'Barbaros' married AL from the UK

their children 

1 Cameron 

2 Kerim

VELİ BEKİR BARBAROS 'Barbaros'  married AYTEN VELİ ’Gutsoveli’

their children

1  Bekir Veli  Barbaros ’Barbaros'

2  Şenel Veli  Barbaros 'Barbaros

3  Suna Veli Barbaros  'Barbaros'

MUSTAFA BEKİR BARBAROS ’Mustaga/Barbaros married NEZIFE 'Barbaros' 

their children

1 Sultan Mustafa Barbaros (adopted)

EMİN-DUDU BEKIR  'Barbaros' married HÜSEYİN  YUSUF 'Ado' (Kartal) D.O.B January 1924

their children

1  Yurtan Hüseyin Kartal 'Gargai' in the UK

2  Yusuf Hüseyin Kartal 'Gargai' in the UK

AYŞE  BEKİR 'Barbaros' 1935-2015 married  HÜSEYİN RAMADAN 'Berber/Zurnacı/Bada/Götsa' 1924-1992

their children

1  Bekir Hüseyin 'Berber/Zurnacı/Bada' born 1956 married  Reyhan Coşkun

3  Ramadan Hüseyin 'Berber/Zurnacı/Bada' born 1960 married

3  Mehmet  Hüseyin ''Berber/Zurnacı/Bada'  born 1961 married  Ali Yeniçeri's daughter

4  Emine  Hüseyin 'Berber/Zurnacı/Bada' born 1969 married Ergin from Mora village

FİKRİYE  BEKİR 'Barbaros'. 21/3/1937 ~ 8/9/1994 married KEMAL MUSTAFA OSMAN YUSUF ’Üçokka/Gondozi’ 29/6/1928 - 10/3/2022 , [109]

their children

1 Emine Kemal ’Üçokka/Gondozi’ born 18/08/1957  married Osman 'Yakula' 

2 Sultan Kemal ’Üçokka’ born 26/07/1958 married ?

3 Ayşe Kemal Üçokka/Gondozi’ (now Ayşe Fadel) born 18/7/1966 married Zeid Fadel from Lebanon, they married on 09,01,1993

4 Osman Kemal ’Üçokka/Gondozi’ 30/10/1972

EMİNE KEMAL ’Üçokka/Gondozi’ born  18/08/1957 married OSMAN YUSUF ’Yakula’

their children

1 Canan Osman ’Yakula’

2 Kemal Osman ’Yakula’

SULTAN KEMAL ’Üçokka’ born  26/07/1958 married ?

their children

1 Hatice

2 Kemal 

AYŞE KEMAL ’Üçokka/Gondozi’ born 18/7/1966   married ZAİD FADEL from Lebanon they married on 09,01,1993

their children 

1 Meyrem Fadel born 9/3/1986

2 Mustafa Fadel  27/8/1994

3 Fatma Fadel  9/10/1995

RAZGE BEKİR  'Barbaros' 1st marriage ÖZAY TATLICI from Larnaca. 2nd marriage REŞAT ÖMER KASAP from Köfünye. They live in the UK

one child from each marriage

their children 

1 Bekir Özay Tatlıcı

2 Ayşe Reşat Kasap 


MUSTAFA BEKİR 'Mustaga/Bata/Gaççari' (Topal Mustaka) born 1856 married EMİNE SAİD ALİ ’Mustagena/Batina’

their children

1  Bekir Mustafa  'Hoşezer born 1883 married Dudu Arif ’Tsuro’ migrated to Turkey

2  Mehmet  Mustafa Gonyelo/Mustaga/Bata’ born 1888-1967

3  Veli (Ahmet) Mustafa ’Veli Efendi’ Mustaga/Bata’ born 1890  moved to Nicosia  had no children

4  İsmail  Mustafa ’Aza/Mustaga/Bata’ 1895-1975  had no children

5  Hatice Mustafa Englezzu/Mustaga/Bata’ 1893-1973  married Yusuf 'İngiliz' (Englezo)

6  Fatma  Mustafa ’Guşunu/Mustaga/Bata’  married Mustafa 'Musko'

7  Hatem  Mustafa  ’Mustaga/Bata’ married Hüseyin 'Sguluga' (Kurt)

8  Dudu  Mustafa  ’Mustaga/Bata’ 1st wife of? Halil Mustafa 'Mustafuri'

9  İbrahim Mustafa ’Mustaga/Bata’ born 1895. [110]

BEKİR MUSTAFA HOŞEZER ’Mustaga/Bata’  born 1883 married DUDU ARİF ’Tsuro’  migrated to Turkey. [111]

their children

1  Derviş Bekir Hoşezer  ’Mustaga/Bata’  migrated to Turkey

2  Emine Bekir Hoşezer   ’Mustaga/Bata’  married Bekir Hüseyin Abatay ‘Bekir Onbaşı’

3  Remziye Bekir Hoşezer  ’Mustaga/Bata’  migrated to Turkey

4 Fatma Bekir Hoşezer  ’Mustaga/Bata’ married Hasan Bodur from Antroligu

5  Ayşe Bekir Hoşezer  ’Mustaga/Bata’  migrated to Turkey

EMİNE  BEKİR 'Mustaga/Bata’ 1st marriage BEKİR HÜSEYİN ABATAY ’Bekiro/Bekir Onbaşı’ 1904-1990. 2nd marriage HASAN MEHMET from Aynana

children from 1st marriage

1 Hüseyin Bekir Abatay ’Bekiro’

2 Mehmet Bekir Abatay ’Bekiro’

3 Julide Bekir Abatay ’Bekiro’

children from 2nd marriage

4 Bekir Hasan Mehmet ’Bekir Bekir’ married Cemaliye Ramadan ’Zardaganya’

5 Nevcivan Hasan Mehmet married  Celal Sipahi from Niğde

BEKİR HASAN MEHMET ’Bekir Bekir’ married CEMALİYE RAMADAN ’Zardaganya’

their children

1 Duysal Bekir ’Bekir Bekir’

2 Mine Bekir ’Bekir Bekir’ married Ergün Necmi Özyusufoğlu ’Arif Billahi’

MİNE BEKİR ’Bekir Bekir’ married ERGÜN NECMİ ÖZYUSUFOĞLU ’Arif Billahi’

no information on their children


their children

1 Meral Celal Sipahi

2 Nural  Celal Sipahi

3 Erdal Celal Sipahi

4 Nurcan Celal Sipahi

FATMA BEKİR 'Mustaga/Bata’ married HASAN BODUR  from Antroligu

their children

1 Kemal Hasan Bodur married Münevver from Turkey

2 Yaşar Hasan Bodur married Gülşen from Turkey

3 Önder Hasan Bodur married Nahide from Turkey

4 Meral Hasan Bodur married Hasan Yusuf Bendaşan ’Goluguseyi/Bendaşa’ born 1950


their children

1 Aykut Kemal Bodur

2 Erkut  Kemal Bodur

3 Ayfer Kemal Bodur

4 Ertan Kemal Bodur

YAŞAR HASAN BODUR married GÜLŞEN  from Turkey

their children

1 Tanju Hasan Yaşar Bodur

2 Mustafa Yaşar Bodur

3 Levent Mert Yaşar Bodur

4 Bülent Yaşar Bodur

ÖNDER HASAN BODUR married NAHİDE from Turkey

their children

1 Hasan Onur Önder Bodur

2 Bora Uğur Önder Bodur

MERAL HASAN BODUR married HASAN YUSUF BENDAŞAN ’Golugusei/Benadaşa’ born 1950

their children

1 Özlem Hasan Bendaşan ’Goluguseyi/Bendaşa’

MEHMET MUSTAFA 'Gonyelo/Mustakka' born 1888 - 1967 1st marriage EMİNE YUSUF ’Keli Ali’ 2nd marriage  EMİNE YUSUF ’Minella-Ebe Hanım/Kihhi’

children from 1st marriage

1  Mustafa Mehmet  'Gonyelo/Mustaka' married Leyla Hasan ’İbrahim Ağa’

children from 2nd marriage

2  Bekir  Mehmet  'Gonyelo/Mustaka' married Neriman Hasan ’Gaşano’ migrated to the USA

3  Veli  Mehmet  'Bandinelli/Mustaka'   migrated to the UK

4  Vehbiye  Mehmet  'Gonyelo/Mustaka'   married Hüseyin Arif Muslu migrated to Australia

5  Şerife  Mehmet  'Gonyelo/Mustaka'  married Nejat Y. 'İngiliz/Englezo' migrated to the UK

6  Meral   Mehmet  'Gonyelo/Mustaka'   married Yusuf İzzet

MUSTAFA MEHMET 'Gonyelo/Mustaka'  married

their children

1  Ali Mustafa Mehmet  'Gonyelo/Mustaka'

2  Emel Mustafa Mehmet  'Gonyelo/Mustaka'  migrated to the UK

3  Ergin Mustafa Mehmet  'Gonyelo/Mustaka'

BEKİR MEHMET 'Gonyelo/Mustaka'   married NERİMAN HASAN ’Gaşano’

their children

1  Emine Bekir ’Gonyelo/Mustaka     migrated to America

2  Mehmet Bekir  ’Gonyelo/Mustaka   migrated to America

3  Hasan Bekir  ’Gonyelo/Mustaka    migrated to America

VELİ MEHMET '’Bandinelli/Gonyelo’ married NURTEN İSMAİL ’İsmaileda’

their children

1  Ramadan Veli ’Bandinelli’

2  Emine Veli ’Bandinelli’  married İsmail Mehmet  Ağdıran ’Gabro’

RAMADAN VELİ ’Bandinelli’ married HATİCE OSMAN ’Gatsura’ 

their children

1 Ediz-Osman Ramadan Veli ’Bandinelli’

2 Meliz Göksen Nurten Ramadan Veli ’Bandinelli’

EMİNE VELİ ’Bandinelli’ married İSMAİL MEHMET AĞDIRAN ’Gabro’

their children

1 Veli İsmail Ağdıran ’Gabro’

VEHBİYE MEHMET ’Gonyelo’ married  HÜSEYIN ARİF 'Muslu' 

 their children

1  Emine Hüseyin  Muslu ’Zambelli’  in Australia married Mesat Huseyin 'Halilo'.

2  Aydın Hüseyin  Muslu ’Zambelli’  in Australia

3  Konce Hüseyin  Muslu ’Zambelli’   in Australia

4  Tülin Hüseyin  Muslu ’Zambelli’  in Australia

ŞERİFE MEHMET ’Gonyelo’ married NECAT  YUSUF  AĞDIRAN 'Englezzo’  

their children

1  Mehmet  Necat Ağdıran ’Englezzo’  in the UK

2  Yusuf  Necat  Ağdıran ’Englezzo’  in the UK

MERAL MEHMET ’Gonyelo’ married YUSUF İZZET 'Küfi' 

their children

1 İzzet Yusuf 'Küfi'

2 Çimen Yusuf 'Küfi' born 1963 married Hüseyin Ahmet Doğan ’Onbaşı’

3 Yeşim Yusuf 'Küfi' married Kasım Alamzai from Afghanistan

AHMET-VELİ (  MUSTAFA  born 1890 married NEYRE from Limassol. moved to Nicosia 

no children


İSMAIL MUSTAFA  ’İsmail Aza/Mustaga/Bata’ 1895-1975  1st marriage EMİNE İBRAHİM ’Siye’. 2nd marriage DUDU MUSTAFA ’Dudullu/Gatsura’

no children in either marriage

HATİCE MUSTAFA ’Englezzu/Mustaga-Bata’ 1893-1973 married YUSUF İBRAHİM 'Englezzo/Öksüz Hüseyin'  born 1879 

heir children

1  İbrahim Yusuf Ağdıran Mulla/Englezzo’ 1910-2006  married Kemaliye Yusuf  ’Gufo’ 1922-1997

2  Kemal  Yusuf  Ağdıran ’Englezzo’ married Müşerref from Istanbul

3  Mehmet Yusuf Ağdıran ’Gabro/Englezzo’ married Şerife Osman  ’Gabrena/Osman Avcı/Şiradi’ 1923-2010

4  Cemal  Yusuf Ağdıran  ’Englezzo’ married Fatma Sefer ’Lao’

5  Veli  Yusuf Ağdıran  ’Englezzo’ married Mediha Yusuf ’Yannitsaro/Şiradi’

6  Necat  Yusuf Ağdıran ’Englezzo’ married Şerife Mehmet ’Gonyelo

7  Nazemin Yusuf ’Englezzo’ married Ramadan Arif 'Muslu'

FATMA MUSTAFA ’Guşunu/Mustaga/Bata’ married MUSTAFA YUSUF 'Efendi/Musko’ born 1892 

their children

1 İzzet Mustafa 'Efendi/Musko' born 1914

2 Rebia Mustafa 'Efendi/Musko' married Halil 'Mustafuri'

3 Şevket Mustafa 'Efendi/Musko'

HATEM MUSTAFA ’Mustaga/Bata’ married  HÜSEYİN İBRAHİM ’Skuluga’ 1890-1977

their children

1 Ayşe  Hüseyin İbrahim ’Sguluga’

DUDU MUSTAFA ’Mustaga/Bata’ married  HALİL MUSTAFA ’Mustafuri’ born 1895 

their children

1 Fatma Halil ’Durnena/Mustafuri’


VELİ BEKİR  ’Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ born 1866 married DUDU OSMAN ’Yannitsaro’ born 1868 

their  children

1  Bekir Veli Bekir  'Gaççari'  born 10,06,1890-1982 married Hacer Said Ali ’Gafgari’

2  Osman   Veli Bekir  'Gaççari'  born  1894-1958 (112)

3  Mehmet  Veli Bekir  'Gaççari' 1907-1991

4  Emine  Veli Bekir  'Gaççari' 1892-1978 married Ahmet 'Zavli'

5  Fatma   Veli Bekir  'Gaççari'  married Osman Yusuf 'Birini'

6  Hatice   Veli Bekir  'Gaççari'  2nd wife of Hüseyin Tahir

MEHMET VELİ  BEKİR MERTOĞLU'Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ 1907-1991 married HACER SAİD ALİ 1908-1990

their children

1  Veli Mehmet Veli Mertoğlu' 'Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ married Joan from the UK

2  Seid Ali Mehmet Veli  Mertğolu  'Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ married Vedia Yusuf ’Yusufigo’

3  Bekir Mehmet Veli  Mertoğlu  'Kadela/Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ married Aysel Bekir ’Arkondi’

4  Ali Rifat Mehmet Veli Mertoğlu 'Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ married Emel Bekir ’Arkondi’

5  Burhan Mehmet Veli Mertoğlu  'Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ 1942-2012. Never married

6  Fati Mehmet Veli Mertoğlu 'Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ 1933-2005 married Kemal Veli Hüseyin ’Theora’

7  Vedia Mehmet Veli Mertoğlu 'Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ married Coşkun Halil ’Mustafuri’

VELİ MEHMET  MERTOĞLU 'Gutsovelo/Gaççari'   married JOAN from the UK

their children

1  Suzan Veli Mertoğlu ’Gutsovelo’

2  Kevin Veli  Mertoğlu ’Gutsovelo’

3  Kemal Veli  Mertoğlu ’Gutsovelo’

SAİD-ALİ  MEHMET VELİ 'Gutsovelo/Gaççari' married VEDİA YUSUF ’Yusufigo’ 

their children

1  Mehmet Sait-Ali Mehmet Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’

2  Ersin Sait-Ali Mehmet  'Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’

3  Ersoy Sait-Ali Mehmet  Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’

4  Yusuf Sait-Ali Mehmet 'Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’

5  Veli Sait-Ali Mehmet Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’

6  Erkan Sait-Ali Mehmet Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’

7  Soner Sait-Ali Mehmet Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’

BEKİR MEHMET VELİ MERTOĞLU Kadela/Mertoğlu' married AYSEL BEKİR  ’Arkondi’

their children

1  Hepşen Bekir Mertoğlu ’Kadela’

ALİ RİFAT MEHMET MERTOĞLU ’Gutsovelo’ married EMEL BEKİR ’Arkondi’

their children

1  Hacer Ali Rifat Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’ migrated to the UK

2  Bekir Ali Rifat Mertoğlu ’Gutsovelo’  migrated to the UK

3  Mehmet Ali Rifat Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’ migrated to the UK

FATİ MEHMET ’Gutsovelo’ 1933-2005 married MUSTAFA-KEMAL VELİ ’Theora’ 1926-2012 ’Gutsoveli/Gaççari’ 1933-2005

their children 

1  Safiye Kemal ’Theora’ born 1953 married Mustafa Yusuf ’Nafi’ born 1950

2  Veli Kemal ’Theora’ born 1963. 

3  Mehmet Kemal  ’Theora’ 

this family lives in the UK

VEDİA MEHMET ’Gutsovelo’ married COŞKUN HALİL  'Mustafuri'

their children

1  Halil Coşkun 'Mustafuri' born 1963 married Ayşe-Gurbet from Famagusta

2  Mehmet Coşkun 'Mustafuri' married Şerife Osman  from Aya/Dilekkaya

3  Reyhan Coşkun 'Mustafuri' married Bekir Hüseyin ’Zurnacı/Bada/Berber born 1956

OSMAN VELİ ’Mandayi’ 1896-1956-8? 1st marriage SİDDİGA HALİL  ’Halil Aza’ 1902-1988. 2nd AYŞE İBRAHIM ’Dima/Mandayina’ 1909-1997  

all the children were from the 2nd marriage 

1 Emin Dudu Osman ’Mandayi’ born 1928 married Hüseyin Hasan from Ayanana

2 Mustafa Osman ’Mandayi’ 1930 married Fatma Yusuf ’Bodiri’

3 Hatice Osman ’Mandayi’ 1933 married İbrahim Hüseyin  Kurt ’Başi/Skuluga’

4 Veli Osman ’Mandayi’ 1935 married Sencan Süleyman ’Gutrumbello 1942-2007

5 Hüriye Osman ’Mandayi’ 1937 married Ahmet Hasan Tamsari 'Gaşano’ 1930-2015

6 Fatma Osman ’Mandayi’ 1938-1952

7 Melek Osman ’Mandayi’ 1939 married Kemal Mehmet Şah ’Mehmetça’ 1933-2014

8 Beyhan Osman ’Mandayi’ 1941 married Mehmet Arif Altay ’Hostra’

9 Günay Osman ’Mandayi’ 1944

EMİN DUDU OSMAN ’Mandayi’ born 1928 married HÜSEYİN HASAN  from Ayanana

their children

1 Osman Hüseyin Hasan married Hergül İbrahim ’Bodiri’

2 Hasan Hüseyin Hasan 

3 Ümit Hüseyin Hasan Rebiye Mercan from Famagusta

4 Fatma Hüseyin Hasan married Mehmet İbrahim Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1951


their children

1 Hasan Osman Hasan 

2 Hüseyin Osman Hasan

3 Neşe Osman Hasan

4 Ersoy Osman Hasan 


their children

1 Semih Ümit Hasan

2 Hüseyin  Ümit Hasan

3 Yasemin  Ümit Hasan

4 Ege  Ümit Hasan

FATMA HÜSEYİN HASAN married MEHMET İBRAHİM AĞDIRAN ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1951 

their children

1  Evren  Mehmet Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’  in Australia

2  Eylem  Mehmet Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’  in Australia

3  Deniz  Mehmet  Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’  in Australia

MUSTAFA OSMAN VELİ  'Mandayi’ born 1930 married FATMA YUSUF ’Bodiri’

their children

1 Osman Mustafa ’Mandayi’

2 Yusuf Mustafa ’Mandayi’

3 İbrahim Mustafa ’Mandayi’

4 Şenol Mustafa ’Mandayi’

HATİCE  OSMAN VELİ  'Mandayi’ born 1933 married İBRAHİM HÜSEYİN KURT ’Başi/Skuluga’

their children

1  Ayşe İbrahim Kurt ’Başi’

2  Duyal İbrahim Kurt  ’Başi’

3  Yusuf İbrahim Kurt ’Başi’

4  Osman İbrahim Kurt ’Başi’

VELİ OSMAN VELİ  'Mandayi'  born 1935 married  SENCAN SÜLEYMAN Gutrumbello’ 1942-2007

their children

1  Keziban Veli 'Mandayi'  

2  Osman Veli  'Mandayi'  

3  Süleyman Veli  'Mandayi'  

4  Oğuz Veli  'Mandayi'  [113]

KEZİBAN VELİ ’Mandayi’ married RAİF MEHMET MUSLU ’Şemmedo’ 1958-2008

their children

1 Mehmet Raif Muslu ’Şemmedo’

2 Veli Raif Muslu ’Şemmedo’

OĞUZ VELİ ’Mandayi’ married RAHME HÜSEYİN ’Yallitsi/Parıldak’ 

their children

1 Selcan ’Oğuz ’Mandayi’

2 Hüseyin ’Oğuz ’Mandayi’

HÜRİYE OSMAN ’Mandayi’  born 1937 married AHMET HASAN RAMADAN TAMSARİ  'Gaşano' 1930-2015

his children

1  Hasan Ahmet Tamsari 'Gaşano' 

2  Osman Ahmet Tamsari 'Gaşano' 

3  Emine Ahmet Tamsari 'Gaşano' 

MELEK OSMAN ’Mandayi’ born 1939 married KEMAL MEHMET ’Mehmetça’  born 1933-2015 

their children

1 Osman Kemal Şah ’Mehmetça’  married İlkay Osman 'Gannari'

2 Mehmet Kemal Şah ’Mehmetça’ married Ulviye Derviş  

3 Orhun Kemal Şah  ’Mehmetça’ married Naile Osman

4 Rengül Kemal Şah  ’Mehmetça’ married İbrahım Ramadan ’Pars’

BEYHAN OSMAN 'Mandayi' 1941 married MEHMET ARİF ALTAY  'Hostra'  married 

their children

1 Emine Mehmet Arif Altay ’Hostra'  married Tahir Hüseyin Güvensoylu 'Ömer Usta'

2 Ayşe Mehmet Arif Altay ’Hostra'  born 29.03.1970 married Mehmet Abdullah Korutürk 'Arap'

3 Ramadan Mehmet Arif Altay  Hostra' not married

4 Neşe Mehmet Arif  Altay Hostra'  married Akiner Ramadan Akıncı 'Şarvutti'

BEKİR VELİ ’Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ 1887-1982 married  DUDU AHMET ’Damdelen’ 1897-1980 [114]  

their children

1 Veli Bekir ’Gutsovelo/Gaççari’1922-2008 married Ayşe Veli ’Çuffo’1929-1987 migrated to the UK

2  Ahmet Bekir ’Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ married Pembe Veli ’Gutsovelo’ migrated to the UK

3  Hasan Bekir ’Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ married Zeliha Mehmet ’Zabit’ migrated to the UK

4  İsmail Bekir  ’Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ married Emine Mehmet from Lefkoniko migrated to the UK

5  Mustafa Bekir ’Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ married Emine Yusuf ’Cili’ migrated to the UK

6  Hatice Bekir ’Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ born 1919  married Muslu Arif migrated to Australia

7  Emine Bekir ’Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ married  Mehmet Yusuf Muya migrated to Australia

8  Fatma Bekir ’Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ married  Zeki Hasan Gökşan

VELİ BEKİR ’Gutsovelo/Gaççari’ 1922-2008 married  AYŞE VELİ ’Çuffo’ 1929-1987 [115]

their children

1  Ramadan Veli  'Gutsovelo’ migrated to the UK

2  Bekir Veli  'Gutsovelo’  migrated to the UK

3  Ahmet Veli   'Gutsovelo’ migrated to the UK

4  Emel/ Ayşe? Veli  'Gutsovelo’ migrated to the UK

AHMET BEKİR ’Damdelen/Gutsovelo’ married PEMBE VELİ ’Gutsovelo’

their children

1  Bekir Ahmet 'Damdelen/Gutsovelo’   migrated to the UK

2  Veli Ahmet 'Damdelen/Gutsovelo'  migrated to the UK 

BEKİR AHMET ’Damdelen/Gutsovelo’ married MELEK BEKİR ’Bekircik’

their children

1 Sami Bekir Ahmet ’Damdelen’ born 1993

2 Adem Bekir Ahmet ’Damdelen’ born 1993

HASAN BEKİR  ’Gutsovelo’  married ZELİHA  MEHMET ’Zabidi’ 

their children

1  Bekir Hasan ’Gutsovelo’   migrated to the UK

2  Nilgün Hasan  ’Gutsovelo’  migrated to the UK

3  Gonce Hasan ’Gutsovelo’  migrated to the UK

İSMAİL BEKİR  '’Gutsovelo’  married EMİNE MEHMET from Lefkoniko [116]

their children

1  Bekir İsmail ’Gutsovelo’   migrated to the UK

2  Soner İsmail ’Gutsovelo’   migrated to the UK

3  Duygu İsmail ’Gutsovelo’  migrated to the UK

4  Ayşe İsmail ’Gutsovelo’   migrated to the UK

5  Songül İsmail ’Gutsovelo’  migrated to the UK

MUSTAFA BEKİR  ’Karameliofa’  married EMİNE YUSUF ’Cili’

their children

1  Bekir Mustafa ‘Karameliofa’ migrated to the UK

2  Yıldız  Mustafa ‘Karameliofa’  migrated to the UK

3  Yusuf Mustafa ’Karameliofa’  migrated to the UK

HATİCE BEKİR 'Gutsovelo’ married MUSLU ARİF 'Muslu'

their children

1    Arif   Muslu  Arif  Muslu ’Muslu’ married  Şansel Mustafa-Sami 'Mustafuri' In Australia

2    Bekir  Muslu  Arif Muslu ’Muslu’ married  Duygu Abdullah ’Aftulla’ In Australia

3    Veli  Muslu  Arif Muslu ’Muslu’ 1st marriage Julie from the UK. 2nd marriage Keziban from Alsancak. In Australia

4    İbrahim  Muslu  Arif Muslu ’Muslu’  married Alana an Australian. They live In Australia

5    Gülten  Muslu  Arif  ’Muslu’ married Huseyin Yusuf 'Onbeş/Gufo'. In Australia

6    Göksen  Muslu  Arif  ’Muslu’ married  Osman Hüseyin ’Gatsura’ born 1946 (Actor in the UK)

7    Duygu  Muslu  Arif ’Muslu’  married Yılmaz Uzal from Turkey In Australia

EMİNE BEKİR ’Gutsovelo married MEHMET YUSUF 'Bede/Muya'

his children

1  Yusuf Mehmet  'Bede/Muya'  in the UK

2  Bekir Mehmet  'Bede/Muya'  in the UK

3  Duygu Mehmet  'Bede/Muya' in the UK

4  Nilgün Mehmet  'Bede/ Muya' in the UK

AYTEN/FATMA BEKİR ’Gutsovelo’ ZEKİ HASAN GÖKŞAN 'Hasan Efendi/Götsa' 

his children

1   Artun Zeki Gökşan 'Hasan Efendi/Götsa' 12.12.1960 married to Cemile Bekiroğlu from Yalya village They live in the UK

2   Birtan Zeki Gökşan 'Hasan Efendi/Götsa' born 1963 married to Ersin Köycü from Limnidi village

3   Hasan Zeki Gökşan 'Hasan Efendi/Götsa' married Hayriye Çetiner from Mormenekşe

4   Cansen Zeki Gökşan 'Hasan Efendi/Götsa' born 1964 married Fazıl Taneri from Nicosia

5   Dilşen Zeki Gökşan 'Hasan Efendi/Götsa' 

EMİNE VELİ ’Gutsovelo’  1892-1978 married AHMET MUSTAFA 'Hacali/Çavuş Zavli' born 1890 

their children

1  Veli Ahmet Gazi  'Hacali/Çavuş Zavli' born 1918-1998 

2  İrfan  Ahmet Gazi  'Hacali/Çavuş Zavli' 1924-2015

3  Kemal  Ahmet Gazi  'Hacali/Çavuş Zavli'  married  Fatma Osman 'Gondozi'  

4  Yusuf  Ahmet  Gazi  'Hacali/Çavuş Zavli' 

5  Rahme  Ahmet   'Hacali/Çavuş Zavli' married Hüseyin 'Kulea'

6  Nafia  Ahmet  'Hacali/Çavuş Zavli'  married  Mehmet 'Abohorlu'

FATMA VELİ ’Gutsovelo’ married OSMAN YUSUF 'Buzzomani/Şila/Birini' 25.05.1899-1990 

their children

1 Salahi Osman Birini ’Buzzomani’ married Remziye Emir Ali ‘Oloyelo’

2 Yusuf Osman Birini ‘Susuri/Buzzomani’ married Tekiye Yusuf ‘Mudra’

3 Şerife Osman ‘Buzzomani’ 1929-1992 married Yusuf Osman 'Musko' 1921-2002

HATİCE VELİ ’Gutsovelo’ married  HÜSEYİN TAHİR ’Germendi/Kulea’

sadly Hatice died giving birth and the baby named Hatice also died very soon after



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Hasan Gazi
Seda Çamur

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