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Mehmet Said, Part 2

The Musurda, Yakula, Küçüki, Gitirimi, Yusuflar, Kelleci, & Koloka, Gaşaoli, Sistilli, and Bakayi
are part of this family group.


'Babutsaro 'RAMADAN MEHMET 'Musurda' was the 2nd son of MEHMET SAİD. This family group has retained the 'Yakula' lakab right down to the present. RAMADAN'S brother MUSTAFA is the father of Mehmet Gatsura who was the first person to be named Gatsura. (In the Ottoman census he was registered as 'Yallura; [1] this particular nickname/Lakab is often given to individuals who have very fair hair and complexions

The Musurda, Yakula, Küçüki, Gitirimi, Yusuflar, Kelleci, & Koloka, Gaşaoli, Sistilli, and Bakayi

are part of this family group.

MEHMET SAİD is reputed to be from Silifke, Turkey. [2]

their children

1 Mustafa Mehmet 'Kazmalevri' born 1813-1885 married Dudu Bayram born 1798? They married in 1829. It's possible the original census records may have mixed up the year of birth. It's unlikely that Dudu would have been 15 years older than Mustafa. There is a better chance that Dudu was 16 when she married. See footnote 1 on page 1 of this family tree (This family tree is on page1)

2 Ramadan Mehmet 'Musurda'

3 İbrahim Mehmet 'Paça' born 1819 married Ayşe Hasan born 1825 they married in 1839 (His family tree is on page 3)



I believe the original Ottoman record on the births of Mustafa & Dudu may have written the date of births in the wrong order as it is extremely unlikely that Dudu would have given birth to Ali/Salih at the age of 57. I will not change the records however. Please refer to Doc number 151-a-1 (301) on the Ottoman archives page 1 Doc No; 151-a-1 (301)


RAMADAN MEHMET 'Musurda' (Boşnak) born 1791 married Şerife Yusuf ’Şiliono'. (3) 

their children (4)

1 Mehmet Ramadan 'Musurda' born 1835

2 Yusuf Ramadan 'Musurda' born 1840 married 'Koloka'

3 Dudu Ramadan 'Musurda' married İsmail 'Stuppomadi'

4 Rahme Ramadan 'Musurda' born 1846 married Yusuf 'Bindi'?

5 Emine Ramadan 'Gofterina/Musurda’ ' born 1848 married Hasan 'Goftiros'?

6 Dudu Ramadan ‘Musurda’ married İbrahim 'Balavos'

MEHMET RAMADAN 'Yakula' born 1835 1st marriage EMİNE MUSTAFA ’Paça’ born 1839. 2nd marriage RAZİYE HÜSEYİN ’Zavlina/Kulaklı’ born 1846

children from 1st marriage

1 Ramadan Mehmet 'Yakula' born 1865

2 Mustafa Mehmet 'Yakula' born 1869

3 Yusuf Mehmet 'Yakula' born 1882-1922

4 Arzu Mehmet 'Yakula' married Mehmet 'Bedi'

children from 2nd marriage

5 Rahme-Melek Mehmet ’Tangudina/Yakula’

RAMADAN MEHMET 'Yakula' 1865 married ŞERİFE ARİF ’Tsuro’ 

their children

1 Mehmet Ramadan Gaşaoli /Yakula' 1896-1976 married Hacer Yusuf  ’Gaşaolena/Muya’

2 Arif Ramadan 'Gocagaro/Yakula born 1898-1978 married Emete Yusuf ’Guşi’ 1911-1980

3 Hüseyin Ramadan Guççuki/Yakula' born 30.12.1901 married Emine İbrahim ’Babutsaro’

4 Mustafa Ramadan Özboşnak 'Muzafferi/Yakula' 1905-1995 married Hacer Arif ’Arifo’ 1914-1990

5 Yusuf Ramadan 'Yakula' 1910-1985 married Dudu Osman ’Osman Avcı’

6 Emine Ramadan 'Yakula' married Arif 'Muslu'

7 Ayşe Ramadan 'CilinaYakula' married Yusuf Mehmet ’Cili’

8 Fatma Ramadan 'Lalina/Yakula' married Yusuf Osman 'Lala'

9 İbrahim Ramadan 'Yakula' born 1905  

MEHMET RAMADAN 'Gaşaoli/Yakula' 1896-1976 married HACER YUSUF ’Gaşaolena/Muya’

their children

1 Arif Mehmet Ramadan 'Yakula' married Dimitra from Greece

2 Yusuf Mehmet Ramadan 'Sistill/Gaşaoli’ married Şöhret Mehmet ’Mehmetça’

3 Ali Mehmet Ramadan 'Gaşaoli’ Emine Yusuf ’Yusufcuki’

4 Ramadan Mehmet Ramadan 'Bigoli’ married Zehra İbrahim ’İskit’

5 İbrahim Mehmet Ramadan 'Başi/Yakula' married Nejla from Limnidis

6 Fatma Mehmet Ramadan  ’Gaşaoli’ married Ramadan Arif 'Hostra'

7 Şerife Mehmet Ramadan  ’Gaşaoli’ married Şefik Ramadan from Köfünye village

8 Ayşe Mehmet Ramadan ' ’Gaşaoli’

ARİF MEHMET 'Gaşaoli’ married DİMİTRA from Greece

their children

1 Roni Arif ’Gasaoli’. In Australia

2 George Arif ’Gaşaoli’. In Australia

3 Suzana Arif Gaşaoli’. In Australia

YUSUF MEHMET 'Gaşaoli/Sistilli' born in 1935 married ŞÖHRET MEHMET 'Mehmetça' born in 1940. They married in Cyprus and migrated to the UK in 1963.

Their children:

1 Mehmet Yusuf  'Gaşaoli/Sistilli'  in the UK

2 Hayal Yusuf  'Gaşaoli/Sistilli' in the UK married Ahmet

3 Rengin Yusuf  'Gaşaoli/Sistilli' in the UK married  İsmail

HAYAL YUSUF  'Gaşaoli/Sistilli' married AHMET 

their children

1 Yeliz Ahmet

2  Yusuf Ahmet

RENGİN YUSUF 'Gaşaoli/Sistilli' married İSMAİL

their children

1 Ceylan İsmail

2 Leyla İsmail

ALİ MEHMET 'Gaşaoli married EMİNE YUSUF ’Yusufcuki’

their children

1 Mehmet Ali  'Gaşaoli  in the UK

2 Hacer Ali  'Gaşaoli married Süleyman Halil ’Munduko’. In the UK

3 Ayşe Ali 'Gaşaoli  in the UK

HACER ALİ ’Gaşaoli’ married SÜLEYMAN HALİL ÖZMINDIK ’Munduko’. They live in the UK

their children

1 Emine Süleyman Özmındik ’Munduko’

2 Hilmiye Süleyman Özmındık ’Munduko’

AYŞE ALİ ’Gaşaoli’ 1st marriage? 2nd marriage BERNARD JACKSON from the UK

children from 1st marriage

1 İmran

2 Emine

children from 2nd marriage

3 Cosh Jackson

4 Ben Jackson


their children

1 Hacer Ramadan ’Bigoli’ in Australia

2 İbrahim Ramadan ’Bigoli’ in Australia

İBRAHIM MEHMET 'Başi’ married NEJLA from Limnidis

their children

1 Mehmet İbrahim ’Başi’ in Australia

2 Cengiz İbrahim ’Başi’ in Australia

FATMA MEHMET ’Gaşaoli’ married RAMADAN ARİF ’Hostra’

their children

1 Arif Ramadan ’Hostra’

2 Huseyin Ramadan ’Hostra’

ŞERİFE MEHMET ’Gaşaoli’ married ŞEFİK RAMADAN ’Tsuro’

their children

1 İlker Şefik ’Tsuro’

2 Mehmet  Şefik ’Tsuro’

3  Songül Şefik ’Tsuro’

AYŞE MEHMET ’Gaşaoli’ married surname SMITH from Australia

their children

1 Hazel Smith

ARİF RAMADAN 'Gocagaro’ born 1898-1976 married Emete Yusuf ’Guşi’ 1911-1980

their children

1 Ramadan-Kemal Arif Yakula 'Gocagaro’ married Ayniye Cevdet from Limassol

2 Armağan Arif Yakula 'Gocagaro’ married Duyal İbrahim ’Aspri’. 1948-2016

3 Güler Arif Yakula 'Gocagaro’ married Angela from the UK

4 Yusuf Arif Yakula 'Gocagaro’ disabled. 1943-2006

5 Şerife Arif Yakula 'Gocagaro’ married Erol Aşçıoğulları from Larnaca

RAMADAN-KEMAL ARİF  YAKULA ’Gocagaro’ married AYNİYE CEVDET from Limassol

their children

1 Meltem Ramadan-Kemal Yakula ’Gocagaro’ married Ramiz Kurtman from Limassol. in Canada

2 Vecihe Ramadan-Kemal Yakula ’Gocagaro’ married Sonay Arif Aşçıoğulları. in Canada

3 Korsan Ramadan-Kemal Yakula ’Gocagaro’ married Mehtap Nidai. in Canada

MELTEM RAMADAN YAKULA ’Gocagaro’ married RAMİZ KURTMAN from Limassol

their children 

1 Levent Ramiz Kurtman

2 Havva Ramiz Kurtman

3 İlhan Ramiz Kurtman


their children

1 Kemal Sonay Aşçıoğulları.

2 Aslı Sonay Aşçıoğulları.


their children

1 Emre Korsan Yakula ’Gocagaro’

2 Ayniye Korsan Yakula ’Gocagaro’

ARMAĞAN ARİF YAKULA ’Gocagaro’ married DUYAL İBRAHİM ’Aspri’ 1948-2016

their children

1 Emete Armağan Yakula ’Gocagaro’ married İsmail Mehmet Şarman ’Şarmatta’

2 İbrahim Armağan Yakula ’Gocagaro’ married Pembe Gürçağlar from Vadili

3 Hare Armağan Yakula ’Gocagaro’ 


their children

1 Armağan İsmail Şarman ’Şarmatta’

2 Ege İsmail Şarman ’Şarmatta’


their children

1 Yağmur İbrahim Yakula ’Gocagaro’ 

2 Nehir  İbrahim Yakula ’Gocagaro’ 

GÜLER ARİF YAKULA ’Gocagaro’ married ANGELA from the UK

their children

1 Kenan Güler Yakula ’Gocagaro’


their children

1. Rasiha Erol Aşçıoğulları

2. Emete Erol Aşçıoğulları


their children

1 Eda Su Ahmet Maslakçı


their children

1 Gonce Kerem Toros

2 Aslı Kerem Toros

HÜSEYİN RAMADAN ’Guççuki’  born 30.12.1901 married EMİNE İBRAHİM 'Babutsaro'

their children

1 Ramadan Hüseyin Küçük ’Guççuki’ (migrated to the UK) married Rahme Mustafa ’Gayi’

2 İbrahim Hüseyin Küçük ’Guççuki’ married Atiye Yusuf ’Nafi’

3 Yusuf Hüseyin Küçük ’Guççuki’ married Zeren Sultan ’Sultano’

4 Hatem Hüseyin ’Guççuki’  married married Hasan 'Zabidi'

5 Şermin Hüseyin ’Guççuki’ married married Ahmet 'Habi'

6 Pembe Hüseyin ’Guççuki’ married


their children

1 Mustafa Ramadan Küçük ’Guççuki’ 

2 Emine Ramadan  Küçük ’Guççuki’ 


their children

1 Nafi İbrahim Küçük ’Guççuki’  in the UK

2 Şermin İbrahim Küçük ’Guççuki’  in the UK

3 Emine İbrahim Küçük ’Guççuki’ in the UK

YUSUF HÜSEYİN KÜÇÜK ’Guççuki’ married ZEREN SULTAN ’Sultano’

their children

1 Hüseyin Yusuf  Küçük ’Guççuki’ in the UK

2 Derya Yusuf  Küçük ’Guççuki’ in the UK


their children

1 Zeren Küçük ’Guççuki’ 

DERYA YUSUF KÜÇÜK ’Guççuki’ 1st marriage SADİ from Turkey. 2nd marriage BRYAN AMON from the UK

children from 1st marriage

1 Tolga Sadi

2 Timur Sadi

children from 2nd marriage

3 Bailey Amon

HATEM HÜSEYİN ’Guççuki’ married HASAN MEHMET ’Zabidi’

their children

1 Onay Hasan ’Zabidi’

2 Şermin Hasan ’Zabidi’ 

3 Pembe Hasan ’Zabidi’

ŞERMİN HÜSEYİN ’Guççuki’ married AHMET HUBEYLİ ’Hubi’ from Bodamya

their children

1 Beliz Ahmet Hubeyli ’Hubi’ married Mehmet Mustafa ’Bitirim’

PEMBE HÜSEYİN ’Guççuki’ married HASAN AHMET ’Gazmalevri’

no children

MUSTAFA RAMADAN (Özboşnak ) ’Muzafferi’ 1905-1995 married HACER ARİF ’Arifo’ 1914-1990

their children

1 Tuncer Mustafa Özboşnak ’Muzafferi’ ’married Hayriye Yusuf ’Darbukacı’

2 Sevilay Mustafa Özboşnak ’Muzafferi’ 1945-2017 married Osman Mehmet Pehlivan ’Balligari’ 1944-2013

3 Özel Mustafa Özboşnak ’Muzafferi’ 1947-2010 married Yusuf Hasan Yeniçeri ’İbo/Yannitsaro’

4 Emine Mustafa Özboşnak ’Muzafferi’ married Ali Kodalak from Turkey


their children

1 Açelya Tuncer Özboşnak ’Muzafferi’ (adopted)

SEVİLAY MUSTAFA ÖZBOŞNAK ’Muzafferi’ 1945-2017 married OSMAN MEHMET PEHLİVAN ’Balligari’ 1944-2013

their children

1 Mehmet Osman Pehlivan ’Balligari’

2 Hacer Osman Pehlivan ’Balligari’

3 Emine Osman Pehlivan ’Balligari’

ÖZEL MUSTAFA ÖZBOŞNAK ’Muzafferi’ 1947-2010 married YUSUF HASAN YENİÇERİ ’İbo/Yannitsaro’

their children

1 Polat Yusuf Yeniçeri ’Ibo’

2 Tarık Yusuf Yeniçeri ’Ibo’

EMİNE MUSTAFA ÖZBOŞNAK ’Muzafferi’ married ALİ KODALAK from Turkey

their children

1 Kıymet Ali Kodalak 

2 Mustafa Ali Kodalak 

3 Yusuf Ali Kodalak 

4 İbrahim Ali Kodalak 

YUSUF RAMADAN 'Yakula' 1910-1985 married DUDU OSMAN ’Osman Avcı’

their children

1 Necmiye Yusuf ’Yakula’ married Kemal Veli Esendağlı from Petrofan village

2 Şerife Yusuf ’Yakula’ married Münür Bıçakcı from Limnidi

3 Osman Yusuf ’Yakula’ married Emine Kemal ’Gondozi’

4 Ramadan Yusuf ’Yakula’ married Leman Ahmet Esendağlı

5 Seran Yusuf ’Yakula’ married Veli Yusuf ’Theora’

NECMİYE YUSUF ’Yakula’ married KEMAL VELİ ESENDAĞLI from Petrofan

their children

1 Veli Kemal Esendağlı

2 Esin Kemal Esendağlı

3 Osman Kemal Esendağlı

ŞERİFE YUSUF ’Yakula’ married MÜNÜR BIÇAKCI from Limnidi

their children

1 Deniz Münür Bıçakcı

2 Dilek  Münür Bıçakcı

3 Cem  Münür Bıçakcı


their children

1 Cema Yusuf ’Lala’

2 Zat Yusuf ’Lala’

OSMAN  YUSUF ’Yakula’ married EMİNE KEMAL ’Gondozi’

their children

1. Canan Osman Yakula 

2 Kemal Osman Yakula


their children

1. Filiz Ramadan ’Yakula’

2 Yasemin Ramadan ’Yakula’

3. Yusuf Ramadan ’Yakula’

SERAN YUSUF ’Yakula’ married’ VELİ YUSUF ’Theora’

their children

1 Yusuf Veli ’Theora’

2 Kerin Yusuf ’Theora’

3 Eriz Yusuf ’Theora’

EMİNE RAMADAN 'Yakula' married ARİF MUSLU  born 1890

their children

1  Muslu Arif 'Muslu'  married  Hatice Bekir 'Gaççari'

2  Hasan Arif  'Astronomo/Muslu' married born 1917/18 ? Fatma İbrahim 'Karpazidi' born 1931

3  Hüseyin Arif 'Zambelli/Muslu' married Vasfiye

4  Ramadan Arif  'Muslu' married Nazemin Yusuf  'Englezo'

5  Mehmet  Arif  'Şemmedo/Muslu' 1925-1996 married Rabiya Raif 'Muraçi'

6  Hatem Arif 'İsmaileda/Muslu' 1914-1990 married İsmail Hasan ' İsmaiylo'

7 Fatma Arif ’Muslu’

AYŞE RAMADAN 'Yakula' married YUSUF  MAHMUT 'Cili/Cannuri' 1898-1979

their children

1  Mahmut Yusuf Cannur ’Cili’ 1938-1997

2  Ramadan Yusuf Cannur ’Cili’

3  Razge Yusuf ’Cili/Cannuri’  married Bekir Y Efe

4  Şükran Yusuf ’Cili/Cannuri’ 1935-2013 married  Ramadan M Mustafari

5  Emine Yusuf ’Cili/Cannuri’  married Mustafa Bekir Veli

6  Gönül Yusuf ’Cili/Cannuri’ 

7  Netice Yusuf ’Cili/Cannuri’ married  Süleyman M Ağdaş 'Küsler'

FATMA RAMADAN YAKULA ’Lalina’ married YUSUF OSMAN 'Lala' married 

their children

1 Ramadan Yusuf 'Lala' married Fetile Mehmet Şaman ’Şarmatta’ born 1951 (migrated to the UK)

2 Osman Yusuf 'Lala' Hülya Yusuf Çamuri’ (migrated to the UK)

3 Güner Yusuf 'Lala' born 25.01.1950 married Emel İsmail born on 28.08.1955 they live in the UK

4  Şerife Yusuf  'Lala' (migrated to the UK)  married İbrahim Mustafa Kaya ’Gayi’

5  Zeliha Yusuf 'Lala' (migrated to the UK)  married Kemal Süleyman 'Kelleci'


MUSTAFA MEHMET 'Yakula' born 1879 married SİDDİGA MURAT ’Murat Ağa’

their children

1 Mehmet Mustafa 'Galliga/Yakula' 1906-1982

2 Murat Mustafa 'Deliyo/Yakula '1907-1982 married Melek İsmail 'Melekka' (Muslu)

3 Süleyman Mustafa 'Kelleci/Yakula' 1912-1969

4 Emine Mustafa 'Gufina/Yakula' 1899-1985 married Yusuf Hüseyin 'Götsa'

5 Hanife Mustafa 'Yakula' died as a child

6 Hanife Mustafa 'Yakula' married İbrahim Paşa 1904-1996

MEHMET MUSTAFA ’Galliga’ 1906-1982 married HACER ŞEMSETTİN ÇERKEZ ’Lefa’

their children

1 Mustafa Mehmet 'Bitirim/Galliga

2 Murat Mehmet ’Hafta/Galliga’ married Patricia Florans Tailor from the UK

3 Recep Mehmet ’Galliga’ married Necla Ramadan ‘Veci’

4 Emsal Mehmet ’Galliga’ 1926-1998

5 Gülsün Mehmet ’Galliga’ did not marry

6 Sittiga Mehmet ’Galliga’

7 Emine Mehmet ’Galliga’


their children

1 Mehmet Mustafa 'Bitirim' - 2 kids :Aynel Mustafa & Ahmet Mustafa.

2 Gönül Mustafa 'Bitirim’- 2 kids : Mustafa Salih & Lütfiye Salih. [5]

MURAT MEHMET ‘Hafta’/Galliga’ 1st marriage PATRICIA FLORANS TAILOR from the UK. 2nd marriage FİKRİYE YUSUF ’Killo’

all children from marriage to PatriciaTailor

1 Hacer Murat ’Hafta/Galliga’ married Abdullah Karabuba 

2 Yasemin Murat ’Hafta/Galliga’ married Tuğrul Desem from Nicosia

3 Mehmet Murat ’Hafta/Galliga’ 

4 Yusuf Murat ’Hafta/Galliga’  married Jackie 1 son: Harvey Mehmet?

5 Polat Murat ’Hafta/Galliga’  - 2 sons :Kay Mehmet from 1st wife, & Kenan Mehmet with 2nd wife named Zoe

HACER MURAT  ’Hafta/Galliga’ married ABDULLAH KARABUBA (6)

their children

1 Fikriye Karabuba married to, 1st name ? surname Hoyt they have a child name ?

2 Kadir Karabuba 

3 Asya Karabuba 

YASEMIN MURAT  ’Hafta/Galliga’ married TUĞRUL DESEM from Nicosia

their children

1 Arif Tuğrul Desem

2 Selin Tuğrul Desem

YUSUF  MURAT  ’Hafta/Galliga’ married JACKIE 

their children

1 Harvey Mehmet?? Yusuf  ’Hafta/Galliga’ 

POLAT MURAT  ’Hafta/Galliga’ 1st marriage ? 2nd marriage ZOE

one child with Zoe

1 Kenan

2 Kay


their children

1 Mehmet Recep Özulu ’Galliga’ married Dilek Hastunç from Nicosia

2 Ramadan Recep Yakula 1st marriage Gizem from Arçoz. 2nd marriage Süreyya from Turkey

3 Hacer Recep Özulu ’Galliga’ married Mustafa Kayra from Türkmenköy

4 Duyal Recep  Özulu ’Galliga’  married Kemal Sağır from Pergama

MEHMET RECEP ÖZULU ’Galliga’ married DİLEK HASTUNÇ from Nicosia

their children

1 Taşkent Mehmet Özulu

2 Cemal  Mehmet Özulu

RAMADAN RECEP ÖZULU ’Galliga’ 1st marriage GİZEM from Arçoz. 2nd marriage SÜREYYA from Turkey


1 Recep Ramadan Özulu ’Galliga’  (from 1st marriage)

2 Arda  Ramadan Özulu ’Galliga’ (from 2nd marriage)

HACER RECEP ÖZULU ’Galliga’ married MUSTAFA KAYRA from Türkmenköy

no information on children

DUYAL RECEP ÖZULU ’Galliga’ married KEMAL SAĞIR from Pergama

their children 

1 Hasan Kemal Sağır

2 Recepo Kemal Sağır

EMSAL MEHMET 'Yakula' married İBRAHIM ŞERİF ALİ ’Ayannidi/Babutsaci’

their children

1 Hamide İbrahim Şerif Ali ’Ayannidi/Babutsaci’ married Yusuf Ahmet from Bodamya village

2 Hacer İbrahim Şerif Ali’ Ayannidi/Babutsaci’ married Raşit Özsağlam from Arçoz village

3 Fatma İbrahim Şerif Ali’ Ayannidi/Babutsaci’ married Ertan İbrahım Osman Özerginli ’Gato’ born in 1955

4 Gülsün  İbrahim Şerif Ali’ Ayannidi/Babutsaci’ maried Osman Özlüoğlu from Stavrogonno

5 Emine İbrahim Şerif Ali ’Ayannidi/Babutsaci’ married Yusuf Veziroğlu from Turkey 

6 Şerife İbrahim Şerif Ali ’Ayannidi/Babutsaci’ married Redif Haşim  from Omorfo/Güzelyurt

HAMİDE İBRAHIM ŞERİF ALİ ’Ayannidi/Babutsaci’ married YUSUF AHMET from Bodamya

their children

1 Ahmet Yusuf Ahmet

2 İbrahim Yusuf Ahmet

3 Gülsün Yusuf Ahmet

HACER İBRAHIM ŞERİF ALİ ’Ayannidi/Babutsaci’ married RAŞİT ÖZSAĞLAM from Arcoz

their children

1 Muhittin Raşit Özsağlam 

2 Emsal Raşit Özsağlam 

3 Meseret Raşit Özsağlam 

FATMA İBRAHIM ŞERİF ALİ ’Ayannidi/Babutsaci’ married ERTAN OSMAN ÖZERGİNLİ ’Gato’ born in 1955

their children

1 İbrahim Ertan Özerginli ’Gato’ 

2 Uğur Ertan Özerginli ’Gato’ 

3 Gözde  Ertan Özerginli ’Gato’ 

GÜLSÜN İBRAHIM ŞERİF ALİ ’Ayannidi/Babutsaci’ married OSMAN ÖZLÜOĞLU from Stavrogonno

their children

1 Raif Osman Özlüoğlu 

2 İbrahim Osman Özlüoğlu 

EMİNE İBRAHIM ŞERİF ALİ ’Ayannidi/Babutsaci’ married YUSUF VEZIROĞLU from Turkey

their children

1 Kader Yusuf Veziroğlu 

2 Kadir Yusuf Veziroğlu 

3 Müjde Yusuf Veziroğlu 

ŞERİFE İBRAHİM ŞERİF ALİ ’Ayannidi/Babutsaci’ married REDİF HAŞİM from Omorfo/Güzelyurt

their children

1 Haşim Redif Haşim

2 Pınar Redif Haşim

SİDİKA MEHMET ’Galliga’ married MEHMET ARİF ÖZLEVENT ’Levendi/Böyle’n 1929-2012

their children

1 Arif Mehmet Özlevent.  Children; Naside Özlevent, Mehmet Özlevent & Sıdıka Özlevent. [7]

2 Semsettin Mehmet Özlevent. Children; Dudu Özlevent & Gülsün Özlevent.

3 Gülgün  Mehmet Özlevent. Children; Sidika & Hatem

4 Gülsen Mehmet Özlevent married Ali Yusuf Avezer born 1956 their Children. Değer Avezer, Eser Avezer & Ender Avezer.


their children

1 Osman Emirali  Özkılıç. Children; Emirali Özkılıç, Ahmet Özkılıç & Gülsün Özkılıç.

2 Mustafa Emirali  Özkılıç. Children Emine Özkılıç and Salime Özkılıç.

3 Hacer Emirali  Özkılıç. Children Dervis Erbolay, Emirali Erbolay & Emine Erbolay

4 Özlem Emirali  Özkılıç. Children: Didem Çaylar & Osman Çaylar.

MURAT MUSTAFA Deliyo/Yakula 1907-1982 married RAHME-MELEK İSMAIL 'Melekka/Psafya' 1913-1996

their children

1 Kemal Murat Akınlı ’Deliyo’ married Ayşe Osman ’Halil Aza’

2 Katriye Murat ’Deliyo’ married Yusuf Hüdaverdi

KEMAL MURAT AKINLI ’Deliyo’ married AYŞE OSMAN ’Halil Aza’

their children

1 Murat Kemal Akınlı ’Deliyo’ married Peral İbrahim Parıldak ’Yallitsi’

2 Arif Kemal Akınlı ’Deliyo’ married  Pembe Kemal Lord ’lordo’

3 Arzu Kemal Akınlı ’Deliyo’ married Veli İbrahim Çuffoğlu 'Çuffo'

4 Rahme Kemal Akınlı ’Deliyo’ married Yusuf Özturna Durno


their children

1 Kemal Murat Akınlı ’Deliyo’ 

2 Razen Murat Akınlı ’Deliyo’ married Onay Misli from Güzelyurt/Omorfo

3 Ayşegül Murat Akınlı ’Deliyo married Hüseyin Arif ’İbrahim Dilsiz’

RAZEN MURAT AKINLI ’Deliyo’ married ONAY MİSLİ from Güzelyurt/Omorfo

their children

1 Demir Onay Misli

AYŞEGÜL  MURAT AKINLI ’Deliyo’ married HÜSEYİN ARİF ’İbrahim Dilsiz’

their children

1 Nehir Huseyin Arif  ’İbrahim Dilsiz’

2 Nahide Hüseyin Arif  ’İbrahim Dilsiz’


their children

1 Şerife Arif Akınlı ’Deliyo’

2 Ayşe Arif Akınlı ’Deliyo’

ARZU  KEMAL AKINLI ’Deliyo’ born 12.11.1960 married VELİ İBRAHIM 'Çuffoğlu' born 29.03.1956 [8]

their children

1  Ayşe Veli  'Çuffoğlu' 05.04.1982

2  Fatma Veli  'Çuffoğlu' 'Fatoş' 18.11.1984

3  İsmail Veli  'Çuffoğlu'  (twins/ikiz) 26.02.1994

4  Kemal Veli  'Çuffoğlu'  (twins/ikiz) 26.02.1994

RAHME KEMAL AKINLI ’Deliyo’ married YUSUF İBRAHİM ÖZTURNA ’Durno/Verde’ born 1961

their children

1  İbrahım Yusuf Özturna ’Durno’

2  Kemal Murat Özturna ’Durno’

3  Duygu Nur Özturna ’Durno’

KADRİYE MURAT 'Deliyo/Yakula' married YUSUF HÜDAVERDİ ‘Burundi’

their children

1 Özcan Yusuf Hüdaverdi migrated to the UK has a child named Kelly

2 Rengin Yusuf Hüdaverdi migrated to the UK

3 Hüda Yusuf Hüdaverdi married Suzan migrated to the UK

SÜLEYMAN MUSTAFA 'Yakula' 'Kelleci' born 1910-12-1967 married ŞERİFE MURAT ’Tari/Kellecina’  born 1919 

their children

1 Mustafa (Kemal) Süleyman 'Kelleci' married Ziliha  in the UK

2 Murat Süleyman 'Kelleci' born 28.08.1943 - 19.02.2001 married Hatik Ali Kali born 03.03.1945 in the UK. (9)

3 Osman Süleyman 'Kelleci' married Aysel  in the UK

4 Mehmet Süleyman 'Kelleci' married Emine  in the UK

5 Hasan Süleyman 'Kelleci' married Zalihe in the UK

6 Sittiga Süleyman 'Kelleci' married Mehmet from Ay Nikola

7 Fatma Süleyman 'Kelleci' married Mustafa Bakayi from Kaleburnu

MUSTAFA KEMAL SÜLEYMAN 'Kelleci' married married ZELİHA YUSUF ’Lala’

their children

1 Topel Kemal in the UK not married at last update

2 Ersoy Kemal in the UK married no children at last update

3 Şerife Kemal in the UK her children Kemal & Jeyda

4 Fatma Kemal in the UK married Murat their children Zelis & Arkın

MURAT SÜLEYMAN 'Kelleci' born 28.08.1943-19.02.2001 married HATIK ALİ KALİ ’Çarpi’ born 03.03.1945

their children

1 Şeniz Murat ’Kelleci’ married Salih Mullali.  

2 Aynur Murat ’Kelleci’ in the UK married Özkan Ömercik

3 Süleyman ’Kelleci’ Murat in the UK

this family lives in the UK


their children

1 Gizem Salih Mullali married Kenan Veli

2 Murat Salih Mullali

3 Eliz Salih Mullali

this family lives in the UK


their children

1 Murat Özkan Ömercik

2 Zehra Özkan Ömercik

3 Mehmet Özkan Ömercik

this family lives in the UK


their children

1 Seher Süleyman Murat

2 Murat Süleyman Murat

3 Yıldız Süleyman Murat

OSMAN SÜLEYMAN 'Kelleci' married

their children

1 Süleyman Osman in the UK

2 Sibel Osman in the UK


their children

1 Şenel Mehmet in the UK

2 Betül Mehmet in the UK

3 Jeyda Mehmet in the UK


no children

this family lives in Cyprus

SİTTİGA SÜLEYMAN 'Kelleci' married MEHMET from Ay Nikola

their children

1 Nilgün married Özdeş

2 Hakan married?

3 Uğur married Nihal In Cyprus

OSMAN SÜLEYMAN 'Kelleci' married AYSEL OSMAN ’Gugo’

their children

1 Süleyman Osman ’Kelleci’

2 Sibel Osman ’Kelleci’

This family lives in the UK

MEHMET SÜLEYMAN 'Kelleci' married EMİNE from Çatoz

their children

1 Şenel Mehmet ’Kelleci’

2 Betül Mehmet ’Kelleci’

3 Jeyda Mehmet ’Kelleci’

This family lives in the UK

HASAN SÜLEYMAN 'Kelleci' married ZALİHE from Aksilou/Aksu

no children

this family lives in Cyprus

SİTTİGA SÜLEYMAN 'Kelleci' married MEHMET FARUK from Aya Nikola

their children

1 Nilgün Mehmet Faruk married Özdeş

2 Hakan Mehmet Faruk 

3 Uğur Mehmet Faruk married Nihal. They live In Cyprus


their children

1 Sittika Hakan Faruk

2 Mehmet Hakan Faruk

UĞUR MEHMET FARUK married NİHAL they live in Cyprus

their children

1 a female name?

NİLGÜN married ÖZDEŞ from Aya Nikola

their children

1 Simge Özdeş married Salih

2 Nihal Özdeş


their children

1 Simge married Salih

2 Nihal

FATMA SÜLEYMAN 'Kelleci' married MUSTAFA BAKAYİ from Kaleburnu

their children

1 Bülent Mustafa Bakayi married Jan

2 Hilal Mustafa Bakayi married Hilmi.

3 Şeref Mustafa Bakayi married ?

4 Süleyman Mustafa Bakayi


their children

1 Fatma Mustafa Bakayi

2 Jeyda Mustafa Bakayi


their children

1 Mustafa Hilmi

2 Çiğdem Hilmi


their children

1 Pelin

2 Pinar

SÜLEYMAN MUSTAFA BAKAYİ no children at last update


EMİNE MUSTAFA ’Gufina/Yakula’ 1899-1985 married YUSUF HÜSEYİN ’Gufo/Götsa’ 1891-1985

their children

1  Mehmet Yusuf  'Galliga/Gufo/Götsa' (had no children)   migrated to Australia

2  Hüseyin  Yusuf  'Onbeş/Gufo/Götsa'  migrated to Australia

3  Cemaliye  Yusuf  'Gufo/Götsa' 1922-1997 married İbrahim Yusuf 'İngiliz' (Ağdıran)

HANİFE MUSTAFA ’Yakula’ 1904-1996 married İBRAHİM HÜSEYİN ’Paşa/ Mulla Hüseyin’ 1894-1983

their children 

1 Hüseyin İbrahim 'Çavuş/Paşa' 

2 Süleyman İbrahim 'Paşa/Yorgancı 

3 Sittiga İbrahim 'Paşa' born 1927 married Yusuf Yusuf

4 Hatice İbrahim 'Paşa' married Rifat Cemal from Meluşa village

5 Mühterem İbrahım 'Paşa' married Tahir 'Fesa/Mudaho' born 1929

6 Meliha İbrahim 'Paşa' Married Ali Önder

YUSUF MEHMET YAKULA born 1885 -1922 1st marriage MELEK TAHİR ’Kulea’. 2nd marriage AYSE ALİ ’Gutuba/Tahuredi’ 

their children

1 Mehmet Yusuf ’Yakula/Sistilli’ had no children

2 İbrahim Yusuf ’Yakula/Sistilli’  had no children

3 Faik Yusuf ’Yakula/Sistilli’  1912-1987

4 Emine Yusuf ’Yakula/Sistilli’ married Süleyman İsmail 'Badado'

5 Yusuf Yusuf ’Ku/Yakula/Sistilli’ 1920-1998 from Yusuf's 2nd wife Ayşe Ali  'Gutuba/Tahuredi’

FAİK YUSUF ’Yakula/Sistilli’ 1912-1987 married RAHME ARİF ’Habi’ 1914-1993

their children

1 Arif Faik ’Yakula/Sistilli’ married Vera from the UK

2 Yusuf Faik  ’Yakula/Sistilli’ married Fatma Ali Kadıoğlu from Kırklare

3 Mehmet Faik  ’Yakula/Sistilli’  Kathy from the UK

4 Hatem Faik ’Yakula/Sistilli’ 1st marriage to Arif Hasan from Goşi village. 2nd marriage Baba Gurdayer.  (lives in the UK)

5 Halide Faik ’Yakula/Sistilli’ married Mustafa Fehim 'Kaptan' from Limassol

6 Gülen Faik  ’Yakula/Sistilli’ married Velettin Mustafa Şubi

ARİF FAİK YAKULA ’Sistilli’ married VERA from the UK

their children

1 Yusuf Arif ’Yakula/Sistilli’ in the UK

2 Lisa Arif ’Yakula/Sisistilli’ in the UK

3 İlayn Arif  ’Yakula/Sisistilli’ 


their children

1 Deniz Yusuf Yakula ’Sistilli’ 

2 Şeniz Yusuf Yakula  ’Sistilli’ 

MEHMET FAİK YAKULA  ’Sistilli’ married Kathy from the UK

Their children

1 Gülen Mehmet Yakula ’Sistilli’ 

2 Ceylan Mehmet Yakula ’Sistilli’ 

HATEM MEHMET FAİK YAKULA  ’Sistilli’ 1st marriage ARİF HASAN from Goşi. 2nd marriage BABA GURDAYER from Mauritius

children from 1st marriage

1 Hasan Arif Hasan

2 Faik Arif Hasan 

children from 2nd marriage

1 Previn Gurdayer


their children

1 Cem Faik Gurdayer

2 Louis Gurdayer 


their children

1 Ayşe Mustafa Reisoğlu

2 Oya  Mustafa Reisoğlu


their children

1  Mustafa Veleddin Tuna 'Şubi' has one child Gülen

2  Faik Veleddin Tuna 'Şubi' 1972-2012 married Gülsen from Duzova village. their children Veli, Kemal &  Defne

3  Emine Veleddin  Tuna 'Şubi' married Mustafa Halil 'Bili' (Öztem) their children İzel & İzbel

 EMİNE YUSUF YAKULA ’Sistilli/Gusbu’ married SÜLEYMAN İSMAİL 'Kidioli/Badado' ’Gusbu/Sistilli/Yakula’

their children

1 İsmail Süleyman 'Kidioli/Badado' born 1939 married Ayten Mustafa 

2 Yusuf Süleyman 'Kidioli/Badado' born 1943 married Nilüfer Mahmut

3 Mehmet Süleyman 'Kidioli/Badado' born 1950 married Ann Jones from the UK

4 Keziban Süleyman 'Kidioli/Badado' 1933-2016. 1st marriage to Hasan Mehmet.2nd marriage to Çağlar Necip from Alaminyo village.

5 Fatma Süleyman 'Kidioli/Badado' born 1940 married Erol Hasan from Dilekkaya

6 Tülin Süleyman 'Kidioli/Badado' born 1945 Hasan Numan from Evdimli

7 Türkan Süleyman 'Kidioli/Badado' born 1947 Tuncel Nalbantoğlu from Mağusa/ Famagusta 

8 Aysel Süleyman 'Kidioli Badado' born 1952 married Ünal Ziya from İpsillat (Sütlüce)

YUSUF YUSUF YAKULA YUSUFLAR ‘Ku’/Sistilli’ 1920-1998 [10] married SİDDİGA İBRAHİM ’Pasa’ born 1927


1 Ali Ersan Yusuflar ’Yakula/Ku’  born 1955 married sezgin Özay from Pafos

2 Ertan Yusuflar  ’Yakula/Ku’  born 1960 Therese from Australia

3 İbrahim Yusuflar  ’Yakula/Ku’  born 1963 

4 Aysan Yusuf ’Yakula/Ku’ born 1948 married Turhan Ahmet 'Sassetti' (Özakıncı)

5 Emine/ Aygün Yusuf ’Yakula/Ku’  born 1950 married Sabri İsmail from Anoyra

6 Aydın Yusuf  ’Yakula/Ku’ born 1953-2007 married  Mahmut Güzel from Turkey

7 Ayşe Yusuf ’Yakula/Ku’  born 1968 married  Cavit Mehmet 'İspirto' from Limniti village

ALİ ERSAN YUSUFLAR ’Yakula/Ku’  born 1955 married SEZGİN ÖZAY from Pafos

their children

1 Ceyhan Ali Yusuflar ’Yakula/Ku’

2 Ebru Ali Yusuflar ’Yakula/Ku’

3 Çiğdem Ali Yusuflar ’Yakula/Ku’

ERTAN YUSUFLAR ’Yakula/Ku’  born 1960 THERESE from Australia


1 Emma Siddiga Yusuflar ’Yakula/Ku’

İBRAHIM YUSUFLAR  ’Yakula/Ku’  born 1963

No information on his relationships or children

AYSAN YUSUF ’Yakula/Ku’  born 1948 married TURHAN SASETTİ ÖZAKINCI ’Sasetti’ born 1947 married 

their children

1  Tibet Turhan Özakıncı ’Sasetti’ born 1969 1st marriage Şebnem Kasapoğlu from Bergama. 2nd marriage Şebnem Kumbur. 3rd marriage Pembe Dereci

2 Günhan Turhan Özakıncı ’Sasetti’ born 1972 married Cem Kaba from Gönyeli

3  Fırat Turhan Özakıncı ’Sasetti’ born 1973 married Kezban Akıncıoğlu from Stavrogonno

EMİNE AYGÜN YUSUF ’Yakula/Ku’  born 1950 married SABRİ İSMAİL

their children

1 Kozan Sabri İsmail

2 Sayhan Sabri İsmail

AYDIN YUSUF ’Yakula/Ku’ born 1953-2007 married MAHMUT GÜZEL from Turkey

their children

1 Senem Mahmut Güzel

2 Nesim Mahmut Güzel

3 Sevan Mahmut Güzel

AYŞE YUSUF ’Yakula/Ku’ born 1968 married CAVİT MEHMET İSPİRTO from Limnidi

their children

1 Ceyda Cavit İspirto

2 Ceren Cavit İspirto


ARZU MEHMET ’Yakula’ married MEHMED SÜLEYMAN  'Bedi/Truko' born 1864

his children

1  Süleyman Mehmed  'Baturi/Bedi'  born 1896-1983

2  Arif  Mehmed   'Sarta/Bedi' born around 1896- 1898

3  Ramadan  Mehmed  'Gullubi/Bedi' 1901-1988

4  Hacer Mehmed  'Bedi'  married Mehmed Mustafuri's (1st wife)

RAHME MELEK ’Yakula/Tangudina’ married OSMAN MEHMET 'Otangudi' born 1872 

their children

1  Mehmet Osman 'Balligari' 27.12.1911-1963, [11] married Emine Süleyman (Gato)

2  Dudu Osman 'Salihu/Balligari' 1901-1994 wife of Bekir Osman 'İkiz' (twin)

3  Emine Osman 'Balligari'   married İsmail 'Şufta'

4  Seniha Osman 'Balligari' 1918-1996 married Yusuf Nafi  

YUSUF RAMADAN 'Gologa' ’Musurda-Boşnak’ born 1840 married married DUDU İBRAHİM ’Girios’ born 1845

their children

1 İbrahim Yusuf 'Gologa’ ’Kırmızı İbrahim Bambulos' born 1872 moved to Limassol

2 Şerife Yusuf 'Gologa' married İsmail 'Karayi'

3 Ayşeli Yusuf 'Gologa' born 1866 married 'Çerkezo'

4 Ramadan Yusuf ’Gologa’ born 1870

moved to Limassol his son Mehmet Nazif had a son Mustafa Akinci (President of the TRNC)

İBRAHIM YUSUF 'Kırmızı İbrahim Bambulos' ’Gologa’ born 1872 married AYŞE OSMAN ’Yankeş’ 

their children 

1 Yusuf İbrahim ’Bambulos’ 1899-1959

2 Osman İbrahim ’Bambulos’

3 Mehmet Nazif İbrahim ’Bambulos’

4 Arife İbrahim ’Bambulos’

5 Emine İbrahim ’Bambulos’

6 Kerime İbrahim ’Bambulos’ 


their children

1 Mustafa Akıncı ’Bambulos’ born 28,12.1947 married Meral born 1949

2 Yılşen Akıncı ’Bambulos’  married İlker Argen from Polemidya

MUSTAFA MEHMET NASİF AKINCI 'Bambulos’  born 28,12.1947 married MERAL born 1949

their children

1 Doğa Akıncı ’Bambulos’ born 1975

2 Çınla Akıncı ’Bambulos’ born 1981

3 Zerrin Akıncı ’Bambulos’ born 1982

Mustafa Akıncı was the President of the KKTC from 30 April 2015  until 23 October 2020

YILŞEN MEHMET NASİF AKINCI 'Bambulos’  married İLKER ARGEN from Polemidya

their children

1 Emrah İlker Argen

2 Burak İlker Argen

ARİFE İBRAHİM ’Bambulos’  married YUSUF İSMAİL ’Karaye’ born 1904

their children

1 Seval Yusuf İsmail ’Karaye’ born 1937

2 Doğan Yusuf İsmail Delman ’Karaye’

3 İbrahim Önel Yusuf İsmail ’Karaye’

EMİNE İBRAHİM ’Bambulos’ married MEHMET KÂNİ from Episkopi

no children

KERİME İBRAHİM ’Bambulos’ married SITKI NALBANT NALDÖVEN from Limassol

their children

1 Filiz Sıtkı Naldöven 

ŞERİFE YUSUF ’Gologa’ married İSMAIL HÜSEYİN 'Karayi' born 1865 

their children

1 Osman İsmail 'Karayi' born 1892, murdered Zaptieh (policeman) İbrahım in 1915 on his release in 1928 he migrated to Antalya Turkey. He  married in Turkey but had no children. [12]

2 Hüseyin İsmail 'Ginezzo/Karayi'

3 Yusuf İsmaıl 'Karayi' born 1904 

4 Emine İsmaıl 'Karayi' married Mehmet 'Kelle'

AYŞELİ YUSUF ’Gologa’ born 1866 married ÇERKEZ YUSUF ’Çerkezo/Kutsi-Topal’ they moved to Anglisides

their children

1 İbrahim Çerkez Yusuf ’Çerkezo’ born 1893

RAZİYE RAMADAN ’Musurda/Boşnak born 1844 married İSMAİL MURAT ’Stuppomadis/Cidari’ born 1841 they married in 1862

their children

1 Mehmet İsmail ’Stuppommadis ’1864-1890 was murdered

2 Yusuf İsmail 'Paşo/’Stuppommadis’ born 1866

3 Ramadan İsmail ’Stuppommadis’ moved to Limassol. born 1872 

4 Kamil İsmail ’Stuppommadis’ born in 1885 moved to Limassol

5 Murat İsmail ’Stuppommadis ’1875-1890

RAHME RAMADAN ’Musurda/Boşnak’  born 1846 married YUSUF ALİ OSMAN 'Bindi/Kuri' born 1844. They married in 1867

his children

1  Osman Yusuf  'Bindi' 1878-1883

2  Ayşe Yusuf  'Bindi'  went  to Anglisides village

3  Sittiga Yusuf  'Bindi'  married to Tahir 'Buzi'

4  Emine Yusuf  'Bindi'  married Murat  Bitli 'Ftiri'

5  Fatma Yusuf  'Bindi'  married   Hüseyin 'Zavli'

EMİNE RAMADAN ’Kofterina’ ’Musurda/Boşnak’ born 1848 married HASAN 'Koftiros'. 

their children

1  Dudu Hasan 'Koftiros/Şamdudu’ married Mustafa İbrahim ’Mataga/Braimulli’

2  Fatma  Hasan  'Koftiros/Cuvena’  married Mehmet 'Jufa' (Cuva)

3  Ayşe  Hasan  'Koftiros'  1st wife of Murat Mehmet 'Ftiri' 1870-1895

DUDU RAMADAN ’’Musurda/Boşnak’ married İBRAHİM MUSTAFA ’Balavos/Şiliono’

no children

[1] Ottoman census, 1879 Doc No; 154-a-2 page 307

[2] Hasan Yücelen  " Mudaho" Akıncılar ( Luricina) Türkleri'nin Yüzyıllık Varoluş Mücadelesi. pages 27-28

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[4] Records of Ibrahım Tahsildar. Mehmet Said family pages 135-158. The name of the female is not listed, only her husband.

[5] Details of this family provided by Gonul Mustafa 'Bitirimi'

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[7] Details provided by Veli  & Arzu Cufoğlu

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[9] Details of the Kelleci & Mualli families added by Şeniz Mullali via face-book correspondence

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