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İbrahım Mustafa 'Garaoli' Part 1

The İsmailo, Mustafuri, Gakkindiri, Tozzi, Turko,
Gabro (Ağdıran), Mulli (Nafi) Depreli & Mattaga, form part of this family group.


Hasan Yücelen wrote that  this family's origins were from Köfünye. [1] Some family members  claim that the origins of this family are from  the Yörük's  from KARAMAN TURKEY. According to some family members the original GARAOLİ as they are now known served in the Ottoman army, based in Famagusta and then İBRAHİM  'Garaoli' moved to Lurucina. [2]

After the discovery of original Ottoman archive information however some of the family stories, though close in some respects turned out to be cloudy memories and slight distortions. In fact uncovering this family's history turned up some surprising facts as they turned out to be Ottoman feudal cavalrymen better known as Sipahi.

The İsmailo, Mustafuri, Yusufigo, Gargablumi, Gakkindiri, Tozzi, Turko, Gabro, Englezzo (Ağdıran), Mulli (Nafi) Depreli, Öksüz Hüseyin, Theora & Mattaga, form part of this family group.


İBRAHİM  MUSTAFA  'Garaoli' Sipahi. [3]

their children

1  Yusuf İbrahim  'Garaoli'

2  Mustafa  İbrahim  'Mattaga'  born 1801. [4] Sipahi


their children

1  İbrahim Yusuf born 1810 married  Şerife İsmail born 1815 they married in 1835

2  Hüseyin  Yusuf 'Öksüz Hüseyin/Garaoli' born 1822 

3  Emine Yusuf Garaoli born 1810 married Yusuf Mehmet ’Yusuf Ağa/Gazi’ born 1803 they married in 1829

4  Şerife Yusuf Garaoli married in 1839 Şerife died soon (1844-45) after giving birth to 2 boys. Treboyadi and Gunduro Hasan Yusuf 'Arap' 

5  Dudu Yusuf married  'Cufuro' from Varatsinya village?

6  Ayşe  Yusuf born 1813 married Yusuf Ağa’

İBRAHİM YUSUF 'Garaoli' born 1810 married ŞERİFE İSMAİL born 1815.They married in 1835. [5]

their children

1  Yusuf  İbrahim  'Turko/Garaoli'  born in 1840 married Fatma Mustafa ‘Turçena/Öküz Mustafa’

2  İsmail İbrahim  'İsmailo/Garaoli' born in  1843

3  Mustafa  İbrahim   'Mustafuri/Garaoli' born in 1845

4  Fatma  İbrahim Garaoli’  born in 1850   married Arif Hüseyin 'Sarı'

YUSUF İBRAHİM 'Turko' born 1840. [6]  married FATMA MUSTAFA ‘Turçena/Öküz Mustafa’

their children

1  İbrahim Yusuf 'Turko' born 1872. [7]

2  Şerife Yusuf  'Turko'  married İbrahım  'Sari'(Tsuro)

3  Hatice Yusuf  'Turko' married Yusuf 'Gebe'

4  Dudu  Yusuf 'Turko'  married Mustafa 'Yannitsaro'

İBRAHİM YUSUF 'Turko' born 1872 married MELEK MEHMET ‘Melukka/Karaca’

their children

1  Yusuf İbrahim Türk 'Yusufigo/Karamidi’ 1900-1992. 1st marriage Dudu Süleyman. 2nd marriage Şerife Arif 'Arifo'

2  Hasan-Özdemir Türk İbrahim  'Karamidi' 1911-1993 married Duysal Süleyman Gelener ’Geleo’

3  Dudu İbrahim  ‘Karamidi’ married Veli İbrahim Hüseyin

4  Emine  İbrahim  ‘Monofilena/Karamidi’ married Mustafa Mehmet 'Monofilli '

5  Fatma  İbrahim  ‘Karamidi’ 1904-1983 married Mehmet Osman  'Zabidi/Gunduro'

6  Şerife  İbrahim ‘Karamidi’ 1902-1982 married Süleyman Arif  'Besleme/Arifo'

YUSUF İBRAHİM 'Turko' 1900-1992 (Yusufigo) 1st marriage  DUDU SÜLEYMAN.  2nd wife  ŞERİFE ARİF ‘Arifo’

children from 1st wife 

1  İbrahim Yusuf Türk ‘Yusufigo’ 

2  Şerife  Yusuf  ‘Yusufigo’  married İbrahim Ramadan 'Sarı'

3  Vedia  Yusuf ‘Yusufigo’  married Veli Mehmet Bekir

4  Şenay Yusuf ‘Yusufigo’ 

children from 2nd wife

5   Netice  Yusuf ‘Yusufigo’

6   Özdemir Yusuf Türk ‘Yusufigo’ 1951-2013 married Duysal Süleyman Gelener ‘Geleo’ no children

7  Arif  Yusuf Türk ‘Yusufigo’

İBRAHİM YUSUF TÜRK 'Yusufigo’ married AYTEN from Aytotoro

their children

1  Yusuf İbrahim Türk 'Yusufigo'

2  Dudu İbrahim Türk 'Yusufigo'

3  Nazife İbrahim Türk 'Yusufigo'

ŞERİFE YUSUF ’Yusufigo’ 1926-2016 married İBRAHİM YUSUF ’Bodiri’

their children

1 Duysal İbrahim ' Bodiri'  born 1949 married Osman Bekir Bayram 'Bihigo' (Burundi) born 17.12.1949 (divorced) 

2 Hergül İbrahim 'Bodiri' married Osman Hüseyin.

3 Yusuf İbrahim 'Bodiri'

4 Orhan İbrahim 'Bodiri'

VEDİA YUSUF ’Yusufigo’ married SAİD-ALİ  MEHMET VELİ 'Gutsovelo/Gaççari' married

their children

1  Mehmet Sait-Ali Mehmet Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’

2  Ersin Sait-Ali Mehmet  'Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’

3  Ersoy Sait-Ali Mehmet  Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’

4  Yusuf Sait-Ali Mehmet 'Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’

5  Veli Sait-Ali Mehmet Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’

6  Erkan Sait-Ali Mehmet Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’

7  Soner Sait-Ali Mehmet Mertoğlu  ’Gutsovelo’

ŞENAY YUSUF ’Yusufigo’ married HÜSEYİN YUSUF  BENDAŞAN ’Kuduz/Bendaşa’ 1941-2011

their children

1 Simge Hüseyin Bendaşan ’Kuduz’ (adopted)

NETİCE YUSUF ’Yusufigo’ married  HÜSEYİN MEHMET ’Zabidi’

their children

1 Yusuf Hüseyin ’Zabidi’

2 Mehmet Hüseyin ’Zabidi’

ARİF YUSUF TÜRK ’Yusufigo’ married ŞERMİN ZİYA AYKOL ’Muraçi’ 

their children

1 Ece Arif Türk ’Yusufigo’

2 Aykut  Arif Türk ’Yusufigo’

3 Selin Arif Türk ’Yusufigo’

4 Vedia Arif Türk ’Yusufigo’


their children

1 Karen Mehmet Ertuğ ’Yaci’

ÖZDEMİR  YUSUF TÜRK ’Yusufigo’ 1951-2013 married DUYSAL SÜLEYMAN GELENER ’Geleo’

no children

DUDU İBRAHİM ’Karamidi’ married VELİ İBRAHİM ’Theora/Öksüz Hüseyin’ 1889-1972

their children

1  İbrahım Veli ’Turabi/’Theora’

2  Mustafa-Kemal  Veli ’Theora’

3  Yusuf   Veli  ’Theora’ 

4  Hüseyin  Veli ’Theora’   

5  Mehmet  Veli  ’Theora’  no children?  

6  Emine  Veli ’Theora’ married İbrahım 'Bada'

EMİNE  İBRAHİM ’Monofilena/Karamidi’ MUSTAFA MAHMUT Monofili/Cannuri’ 1892-1972

their children

1 Mahmut Mustafa  Cannur ’Monofili’ 

2 Razge Mustafa ’Monofili’ 1928-2015

FATMA  İBRAHİM ’Karamidi’ MEHMET OSMAN ’Zabidi/Gunduro’

their children

1 Hasan Mehmet Zabidi / Gunduro' married Hatem Hüseyin ’Guççuki’

2 Yusuf Mehmet Zabidi / Gunduro' married Jale Süleyman ’Mavromustago’

3 Hüseyin Mehmet Zabidi / Gunduro' married Netice Yusuf ’Zabidi’

4 Zeliha Mehmet Zabidi / Gunduro' married Hasan Bekir ’Gutsoveli’

5 Şerife/Şermin Mehmet Zabidi / Gunduro' 1944-2015 married Halil Mehmet Şanlıel 1938-2002

6 Nazime Mehmet Zabidi / Gunduro'

ŞERİFE  İBRAHİM ’Karamidi’ 1902-1982 married SÜLEYMAN ARİF ’Besleme/Arifo’ 

their children

1 Arif Süleyman ’Besleme’

HATİCE YUSUF ’Turko’ 1880-1978 married YUSUF ARİF 'Gebe' born 1880

his children

1  Arif Yusuf  'Gebe' 1902-1989 no children

2  Süleyman  Yusuf Yiğit 'Gebe'  1904-1985 migrated to the UK

3  Mehmet  Yusuf Songur 'Gebe' 1908-2001  migrated to the UK

4  Kemal  Yusuf  'Gebe' 'Lauttacı'  became an İmam ( religious person)

5  Fatma   Yusuf  'Gebe' 1912-2002  married Bekir 'Şarmatta'

6  Şerife  Yusuf  'Gebe' married Mehmet 'Surfi'

DUDU YUSUF ’Turko’ married MUSTAFA OSMAN 'Yannitsaro/YeniçeriŞiradi born 1873-1905 (8)

their children

1  Osman Mustafa  'Avcı/Yannitsaro' born 1896-1974 married 'Şekeru' (daughter of Kihhi)

2  Yusuf   Mustafa  'Yannitsaro/Yeniçeri'  born 1899-1977    

3  Hasan Mustafa 'Yannitsaro/Yeniçeri' born 1903-1989 married Fatma (sister of Muhtar Ali bey) 

ŞERİFE  YUSUF ’Turko’ married İBRAHIM RAMADAN SARI 'Yapici/Tsuro'  born 1869 

his children

1  Ramadan İbrahim 'Aza/Yapıcı' 1907-1977 married Dilber ’Kafa’

2  Yusuf  İbrahim Yapıcı born 1900 married Sittiga  Halil-Aza

3  Mehmet  İbrahim Yapıcı ’Misigigo’  1912-1981 married Dudu 'Gatsura'

4  Emine  İbrahim 'Çuffu/Yapıcı' 1898-1991   married Veli İsmail Çuffoğlu 'Çuffo'

5  Fatma  İbrahim 'Yapıcı' 1908-1985  married  Veli Bekir 'Gutsoveli'


İSMAİL İBRAHİM 'İsmailo' born 1843 married CEMALİYE HASAN ’Meli/Arabi’

their children

1  Hasan İsmail  'İsmailo'  'Karaoli' born 1873 married Zühre from Dali

2  İbrahım  İsmail  born  1880 died while young and engaged.

3  Yusuf  İsmail  'Tozzi' born 1887- 1931

4  female ?  

HASAN İSMAİL 'İsmailo'  born 1873 1st marriage RAZGELİ OSMAN  ’Yannitsaro’born 1868? 2nd marriage ZÜHRE BEŞİR ALİ from Dali

children from 1st marriage

1  İsmail Hasan   'İsmaileda'. 1901-1978 married Hatem Arif ’Ismailedena/Muslu’ 1914-1990

2  Osman Hasan   'İsmailo' . born 1906

children from 2nd marriage

3  İbrahim Hasan  'İsmailo'. 1918-1970 

4  Razgeli  Hasan 'İsmailo'. from 2nd wife, Razgeli married İsmail Kara-İsmail from 'Goşi'

5  Şerife  Hasan  'Recebu/İsmailo'   married Recep Osman 'Gudalaridi'

6  Cemaliye  Hasan   'Gaşanu/İsmailo'  1918-2001 married Hasan Süleyman 'Gaşano/Geleo’ 1908-1999

7  Emine  Hasan  'İsmailo' 1923-2011 married Hüseyin Ali Öksüz  'Aligunni'

İSMAİL HASAN  'İsmaileda'1901-1978 married  HATEM ARİF ’Ismailedena/Muslu’ 1914-1990

their children

1  Hasan İsmail  'İsmaileda' married Nermin Ramadan ’Vechi’;

2  Emine  İsmail   'İsmaileda'  married Yusuf Veli ’Theora’      

3  Nurten  İsmail  'İsmaileda' married Veli Mehmet  ’Bandinelli/Gonyelo’

4  Ramadan  İsmail  'İsmaileda'  1942 - 21.12.1963. [9]

5  Şerife   İsmail    'İsmaileda'

6  Fatma  İsmail    'İsmaileda'

HASAN İSMAİL  'İsmaileda' married NERMİN RAMADAN ’Vechi’

their children

1 İsmail Hasan ’Ismaileda’

EMİNE İSMAIL 'İsmaileda' married  YUSUF VELİ ’Theora’

their children

1  Veli Yusuf  Hüseyin. in the UK

2  Yeşim Yusuf  Hüseyin. in the UK

3  Sezgin Yusuf  Hüseyin.  in the UK

NURTEN  İSMAIL  'İsmaileda' married VELİ MEHMET ’Bandinelli/Gonyelo’

their children

1 Ramadan Veli ’Bandinelli’

2 Emine Veli ’Bandinelli’

OSMAN HASAN KARA-ALİ ' Chrisostomo'  (born 1906) 'İsmaileda' married  NAİLE SEİD-ALİ 'Laurganno'. [10]

their children

1 Münevver Osman 02.08.1936  married Hasan Bekir 'Barbaros' born 1928 

2  Hasan Osman 28.01. 1938   married Rengin Yusuf 'Culli' ( Denizer)  

3  Cumhuriyet  Osman 29.10.1939  married Baykan Arif 'Gitsi'  born 1946

4  Seval Osman 21.01.1942.  married Nazemin Mustafa from Goşi.

5  Gülten Osman Sept 1945  married Hasan Süleyman 'Yallitsi' (Parıldak)

6  Leyla Osman  16.01.1948  married Mustafa  Hasan Gül-Ali

7  Soner Osman 01.01.1950   married 1 Rosaline.  2 Canan from Nicosia

MÜNEVVER OSMAN 02.08.1936 & HASAN BEKİR 'Barbaros' born 1928 [11]

their children

1  Bekir Hasan 'Barbaros' married Ayşe their children, Benez, Sevcan, Taner, Tyjan.

2  Özkan (Osman) Hasan 'Barbaros' married Joanna. their children. Şenel, Candice, Adem, Jo, Aaron

3  Özer Hasan 'Barbaros'  married Peri their children Meliz.

4  Bülent Hasan 'Barbaros'  no children

5  Nilhan Hasan 'Barbaros' married Ali, their children, Cameron, Kerim

HASAN OSMAN 28.01.1938 & RENGİN YUSUF 'Culli'

their children

1  Osman Hasan born 1966

2  Yusuf Hasan 1967

CUMHURİYET  OSMAN born 29.10.1939 & BAYKAN ARİF 'Gitsi'

No children

SEVAL OSMAN 21.01.1942 & NAZEMİN MUSTAFA from Goşi

their children

1  Osman Osman (twin) 15.05.1966

2  Mustafa Osman (twin) 15.05.1966

3  Şenol Osman  13.05.1968

GÜLTEN OSMAN  born September 1945 & HASAN SÜLEYMAN 'Yallitsi'(Parıldak)

their children

1  Reyhan  Hasan Süleyman  1967

2  Süleyman Hasan Süleyman 28.12.1968

3  Osman Hasan Süleyman 1971. [12]


their children

1  Hasan Hasan Gül-Ali ’Hasana’

2  Osman Hasan Gül-Ali ’Hasana’

3  Ediz Hasan Gül-Ali  ’Hasana’

4  Naile Hasan Gül-Ali ’Hasana’

SONER OSMAN  01.01.1950 1st marriage ROSALINE  2nd marriage CANAN from Nicosia

their children ?


İBRAHİM HASAN  'İsmailo' 1918-1970 married DUDU MURAT ’Dudu Palu/Tari’

their children

1  Gülen  İbrahim  'İsmailo' married James Hayrettin Enver

2  Fatma  İbrahim  'İsmailo' married Hasan Çakarta

3  Hasan  İbrahim  'İsmailo' married Netice Hüseyin ’Gatsura’

4  Gülcan  İbrahim 'İsmailo' married John from the UK

5  Erkin  İbrahim  'İsmailo' married Gönül from Morfu/Güzelyurt


their children

1 Şenel Enver 

2 Selen Enver


their children

1 İbrahim Çakarta

2 Gülşen Çakarta

HASAN İBRAHİM  'İsmailo' married NETİCE HÜSEYİN ’Gatsura’

their children

1 Emine Hasan ’İsmailo’

2 Duygu Hasan ’İsmailo’

GÜLCAN İBRAHİM  'İsmailo' married JOHN from the UK

their children

1 Yasemin

2 Harry 

ERKİN İBRAHİM  'İsmailo' married GÖNÜL from Morfu/Güzelyurt

no information their children

RAZGELİ HASAN  'İsmailo' 1st marriage İSMAİL İSMAİL ’Kara-İsmail’ (İsmailoğlu) 1938-1964. 2nd marriage MUSTAFA MUSTAFA from Goşi

children from 1st marriage

1   İsmail İsmail Kara İsmail 1938-1964 married Dudu Yusuf ‘Nafi’

2   Fatma İsmail Kara İsmail  married Yusuf Süleyman Efe ‘Muhtar’

children from 2nd marriage

3 Hasan Mustafa

4 Sabiha Mustafa

5 Nazemin Mustafa married Seval Osman ’Ismailo’ born 21.01.1942 (this family is listed above)

6 Zühre Mustafa

7 Ahmet Mustafa (adopted)

ŞERİFE  HASAN  'Recebu/İsmailo' married ZEKİ RECEP ERNAZ ’Zeki Usta/Gudalaridi’ 1928-1992 

their children

1 Osman Zeki Recep  ’Zeki usta’ (Ernaz) 1928-1992 married Emine İbrahim

2 Yusuf Receb ’Bıyıklı’ (Ernaz)

3 İsmet Receb (Ernaz)

CEMALİYE HASAN  'İsmailo' 1918-2001 married HASAN  SÜLEYMAN 'Gaşano/Geleo’ 1908-1999

their children

1  Süleyman Hasan Geleo

2  Tekiye Hasan Geleo married  Necip Rüstem

3  Raziye Hasan Geleo married  İbrahım Bodiri

EMİNE HASAN  'İsmailo' 1923-2011 married HÜSEYİN ALİ  ÖKSÜZ ’Aligunni’ 

their children

1 Ali Hüseyin Öksüz ’Aligunni’

2 Hasan Hüseyin Öksüz ’Aligunni’

3 Pervin  Hüseyin Öksüz ’Aligunni’


YUSUF İSMAİL 'Tozzi' (İsmailo) was the 3rd son  İSMAIL İBRAHİM 'İsmailo'. [13]

YUSUF İSMAİL 'Tozzi' (İsmailo) married  NAZİRE YUSUF 'Gatsura'

their children

1  İsmail Yusuf  died young

2  İbrahim Yusuf 'İsmailo'  1912   married Ayşe Yusuf Osman 'Birini'

3  Razgeli Yusuf  married  1915  Süleyman Yusuf  'Gebe' (Yiğit)

4  Şerife Yusuf married  1922-1983 Süleyman Mehmet 'Kafa'

5  Hanım Yusuf married 1924-2002 Kemal İbrahim 'Yallitsi'

İBRAHİM YUSUF  'Tozzi' (İsmailo) married AYŞE YUSUF OSMAN 'Birini'

their children

1  Nezife  İbrahim married  Halil Hüseyin Gürşan ’Halilo’ born 1963       

2  Şükran İbrahim married  Sadi  Mustafa 'Bitordo' 

3  Kemal  İbrahim born 22.04.1949 married  Emine Gülferi ’Kâmilo’  born 18.10.1956

4  Güner  İbrahim  married  Emel  Kazım. 

5  Gülsen İbrahim  married Yusuf Hüseyin Esmeroğlu 'Gatsura'

6  Yusuf  İbrahim  married  Seran Mehmet Veli 'Pekri'. 

7  Feridun İbrahim (Fred) married  Gülşen Ali. 

8  İhsan İbrahim married  Zeliha Süleyman Hüseyin 'Halilo'. 

NEZİFE İBRAHİM ’Tozzi’  married HALİL HÜSEYİN GÜRŞAN ’Halilo’ died 2017

their children

1 Hüseyin Halil Gürşan ’Halilo’ born 1963

2 Ayşen Halil Gürşan ’Halilo’

3 Zühal Halil  Gürşan ’Halilo

ŞÜKRAN  İBRAHİM ’Tozzi’  married SADİ MUSTAFA ’Bitordo’

their children

1  Mustafa Sadi Çağataylı ’Bitordo’

2  Ayşe ’Sadi Çağataylı ’Bitordo’

KEMAL  İBRAHİM ’Tozzi’  born 22.04.1949 married EMİNE GÜLFERİ ’Kâmilo’  born 18.10.1956

their children

1  Tozer Ediz Kemal ’Tozzi’ born 30.08.1975

GÜNER  İBRAHİM ’Tozzi’  married EMEL KAZIM from Anglisides

their children

1 Hülya Güner ’Tozzi’

2  Ayça Güner ’Tozzi’


their children

1  Ruhşen Yusuf Esmeroğlu

2  Ayşen Yusuf Esmeroğlu


their children 

1 İbrahim Yusuf ’Tozzi’

2 Ayşegül Yusuf Tozzi’

FERİDUN  İBRAHİM ’Fred/Tozzi’  married GÜLŞEN from Limnidi

their children

1 Ulviye Feridun ’Tozzi’

2 İbrahim Feridun Tozzi’

3 Ozan Feridun ’Tozzi’ (twin)

4  Ali Feridun ’Tozzi’ (twin 


their children

1 Barış İhsan ’Tozzi’

2 Deniz İhsan ’Tozzi’ (twin)

3 Doğa İhsan ’Tozzi’ (twin) 

RAZGELİ  YUSUF ’Tozzi’ married  SÜLEYMAN YUSUF  YİĞİT ’Gebe’ 1904-1984

their children

1  Yusuf  Süleyman Yiğit ’Gebe’ married  1938-2014 Şerife Hostra   children Arif,  Rezgül. Emine    

2  Emine Süleyman ’Gebe’ married   Hüseyin Osman  (Mani) 'Gatsura'. Children Rengül & Osman

3  Burhan Süleyman Yiğit ’Gebe’ married   Sevgi Süleyman Kafa  children Cengiz, Selman

4  Ergün Süleyman  Yiğit ’Gebe’ married   Şeniz   Tahircik    children Gülşah, Sema

5  Gülsafa Süleyman ’Gebe’  married   Kemal 'Fucelli' (Atakan)  children  Ruzen, Hakan, Ali

ŞERİFE YUSUF ’Tozzi’ 1922-1983 married  SÜLEYMAN  MEHMET ’Kafa’ 1913-2000

their children

1  Sevgi Süleyman ’Kafa’    married    Burhan Gebe  children Cengiz, Selman

2  Mehmet Süleyman Ekingen ’Kafa’  married  Şenay Hasan (Çıdık)  children  Hasan, Süleyman

3  Yusuf Süleyman Ekingen ’Kafa’   married  Nafia Bekiroğlu  children Muzaffer, Özge

4  Melek Süleyman  ’Kafa’   married  Kemal  Latif  Bladanlı  children Dilek , Özge

5  Nezife  Süleyman  ’Kafa’   married  Erol  Paşa  children Serhan  & Gökhan 

HANIM YUSUF ’Tozzi’ 1924-2002 married KEMAL İBRAHİM PARILDAK 'Yallitsi' 1924-2010

their children

1  İbrahim Kemal Parıldak ’Yallitsi’ married  Fatma Kemik  (from Bodamya village)  children  Hakan, Hale

2  Nazife  Kemal ’Yallitsi married  Mustafa Barbaros  'Mustakka' children Sultan

3  Yusuf   Kemal Parıldak ’Yallitsi’ married  Nazif  children  Kemal, Mustafa, Hale

4  Şerife  Kemal ’Yallitsi’  married  Osman Koççat children  Ayşe


MUSTAFA İBRAHİM ’Mustafuri/Garaoli’ [15] born 1845. [16] married ZİLİHA MUSTAFA ’Gadabello’ born 1856

their children

1  Yusuf Mustafa  'Mustafuri' born 1871 married Dudu İbrahim ’Öküz Mustafa’ born 1867

2  İbrahim  Mustafa  'Gargablumi/Mustafuri'  born 1877 married 

3  Mehmet  Mustafa 'Mustafuri'  born 1881.        

4  Halil  Mustafa   'Mustafuri'   born 1895        

5  Dudu   Mustafa  'Mustafuri'  married Hasan Mehmet 'Karaca'

6  Şerife   Mustafa   'Lalina/Mustafuri'   married Osman Yusuf 'Lala/Gafgari'

7  Rebyeli  Mustafa 'Gutsa Arifena/Mustafuri'  married Arif İbrahim  'Gutso Arifo/Psafya' born 1877

YUSUF MUSTAFA  'Yusufo/Mustafuri' born 1871 married DUDU İBRAHİM  ’Öküz Mustafa’ born 1871

their children

1  İbrahim Yusuf   'Yusufo/Mustafuri' born 1898   migrated to Turkey

2  Veli  Yusuf  'Yusufo/Mustafuri' born 1902  had no children  

3  Arife/Şerife 'Yusuf  'Yusufo/Mustafuri'  married Arif  Seid-Ali 'Kulaklı'

4  Zekiye Yusuf  'Yusufo/Mustafuri' died young while  engaged

İBRAHİM YUSUF  'Yusufo/Mustafuri'  born 1898 married İSMİ HÜSEYİN  moved to Turkey

their children

1 Faize İbrahim ’Yusufo’ moved to Minareli Köy/Neo Chorio

VELİ YUSUF 'Yusufo/Mustafuri' born 1902 married FATMA YUSUF 

no children

ARİFE YUSUF ’’Yusufo’ married ARİF SEİD ALİ ’Harmaci’ 

their children

1  Soner  Arif  Arifler ’Harmaci’ married ? their children  Doğu & Dizem

2  Melek  Arif ’Harmaci’ married Yusuf İbrahım 'Culli' ( now Denizer) migrated to the UK

3  Zekiye  Arif ’Harmaci’ married  Osman 'Verde'

4  Nevin  Arif ’Harmaci’  married  İsmail Yusuf  'Abeydo'

5  Şenay  Arif ’Harmaci’  married  Yılmaz  Adem 'Dalili'

6  Netice  Arif  ’Harmaci’

İBRAHİM MUSTAFA 'Gargablumi/Mustafuri'  born 1877 married EMİNE RAMADAN ’Gargablumena/Tsuro’ died in 1973

their children

1  Mustafa İbrahim ’Gargablumi’  married Nazire from Köfünye and moved to Köfünye village.

2  Yusuf  İbrahim ’Gakkindiri/Gargablumi’  1913-2006  married Dudu Yusuf ’Surfi’ 1922-2014

3  Rifat İbrahim ’Gargablumi’  1921-2015 married Müsteyde Kâmil ’Gafgari’ 1923-2004   

4  Ramadan İbrahim ’Gargablumi’ died young

5  Hüseyin İbrahim ’Çoşkun/Gargablumi’  a policeman married and moved to Peristerona village

MUSTAFA  İBRAHİM ’Gargablumi’ married Nazire from Köfünye

their children

1  İbrahim Mustafa  ’Gargablumi’ 

2  Ersel Mustafa ’Gargablumi’ 

3  Özdemir Mustafa ’Gargablumi’ 

4  Nejla Mustafa ’Gargablumi’ 

5  Özen Mustafa ’Gargablumi’ 

6  Tezcan Mustafa ’Gargablumi’ 

YUSUF İBRAHİM (AKANDERE) 'Gakkindiri/Gargablumi’  1913-2006 married  ? YUSUF ’Surfi’ 1922-2014

their children

1  Ramadan  Yusuf Akandere ’Güllü/Gakkindiri’ married Gonce Bekir ’Arkondi’

2  İbrahim-İsmail Yusuf  Akandere ’Gakkindiri’ married Servin Mehmet Aktuna ’Aza’

3  Emine   Yusuf ’Gakkindiri’ married  Kemal Mehmet Özsoydan Böyle

RAMADAN YUSUF AKANDERE ’Güllü/Gakkindiri’  married GONCE BEKİR’Arkondi’

their children

1  Bekir  Ramadan Akandere  ’Güllü’

2  Zeliş  Ramadan Akandere ’Güllü’


their children

1  Turan İsmail  Akandere ’Gakkindiri’ married Hasan Bahaettin Kamsel ’Şago’

2  Kadriye İsmail  Akandere ’Gakkindiri’


their children

1 Beren Hasan Kansel ’Şago’

2 Simay Hasan Kansel ’Şago’

EMİNE YUSUF ’Gakkindiri’ married KEMAL MEHMET ÖZSAYDAN ’Böyle’

their children

1 Mehmet Kemal Özsoydan Böyle

2 Turan  Kemal Özsoydan Böyle

RİFAT İBRAHİM 'Gargablumi’ 1921-2015 married MÜSTEYDE KÂMİL ’Gargablumi’ 1923-2004

their children

1  İbrahim Rifat  ’Gargablumi’ married Raziye İbrahim ’Mavromadi/Gavleş’

2  Ramadan  Rifat  ’Gargablumi’ Münüre Necip from Bladanisa village

3  Emine  Rifat  ’Gargablumi’ married Mustafa Bıyıklı  from Bodamya village

İBRAHİM RİFAT ’Gargablumi’ married RAZİYE İBRAHİM ’Mavromadi/Gavleş’

their children

1  Rifat  İbrahim ’Gargablumi’

2  Müsteyde  İbrahim ’Gargablumi’

3  Sultan  İbrahim ’Gargablumi’

RAMADAN RİFAT ’Gargablumi’ married

their children

1  Ahmet  Ramadan ’Gargablumi’

2  Rifat  Ramadan  ’Gargablumi’

3  Hüseyin  Ramadan ’Gargablumi’

4  Şerife  Ramadan ’Gargablumi’

EMİNE  RİFAT ’Gargablumi’ married  MUSTAFA BIYIKLI

no information on children

HÜSEYİN  İBRAHİM ’Coşkun’ a policeman married HACER MEHMET and moved to Peristerona 

his children

1  Deşen  Hüseyin ’Coşkun’

2  Fezile Hüseyin ’Coşkun’

3  Mine   Hüseyin ’Coşkun’   


MEHMET MUSTAFA 'Mustafuri'. born 1881-1969 (17). 1st marriage HACER MEHMET ’Bedi’. 2nd marriage REBYELİ MUSTAFA ’Pekri’ 1903-1991

children from 1st marriage

1  Mustafa-Sami Mehmet  Akıner 'Mustafuri'  

2  Yusuf   Mehmet  Akıner 'Dinarlı/Mustafuri' born 26.09.1924-2015 married Hatice Mustafa Emir-Ali 'Manna'  born 25.12.1925.    

3  İbrahim  Mehmet Akıner 'Mustafuri'  1929-1997 married 1st marriage Meserret İbrahim ‘Kara-ismail. 2nd marriage  Özay Abdurrahman.                 

4  Arzu  Mehmet   'Mustafuri' born 1917-1950 married Osman Halil 'Halil Aza/Efe'

children from 2nd marriage

5  Ramadan  Mehmet  Akıner  'Mustafuri' married Şükran Yusuf ’Cili’

6  Veli -Veleddin Mehmet  Akıner 'Mustafuri' married Chris/Canan Cocklin from the UK       

7  Süleyman Mehmet  Akıner  'Mustafuri'  married Ayten Mustafa ‘Dima-Bata’

8  Zalihe  Mehmet  'Mustafuri'  married  Ahmet Bayram  from  Mağusa

9  Mukaddez  Mehmet  'Mustafuri'  married  Erdoğan Rifat Rifatoğlu

MUSTAFA-SAMİ MEHMET  AKINER 'Mustafuri'  married FATMA ’Piroyadissa’

their children

1  Mehmet Mustafa-Sami Akıner ’Mustafuri'  married Safiye Aziz from Nicosia

2  Hacer   Mustafa ’Mustafuri'  married Hasan  İbrahim Oytam 

3  Şansel  Mustafa ’Mustafuri' born 1950 married Arif Muslu    

4  Hanife  Mustafa ’Mustafuri'  married Ahmet Özmert from  Meluşa village

MEHMET MUSTAFA -SAMİ AKINER ’Mustafuri'  married SAFİYE AZİZ from Nicosia

their children

1  Uğur Mehmet  (Akıner)

2  Feyza Mehmet  (Akıner)       


their children

1 Arzu Hasan Oytam

2 Yalçın Hasan Oytam

ŞANSEL MUSTAFA -SAMİ AKINER ’Mustafuri' born 1950 married  ARİF MUSLU ’Muslu’ 

their children

1 Fatoş Arif Muslu ’Muslu’

2 Yıldız  Arif Muslu ’Muslu’

3 Filiz  Arif Muslu ’Muslu’

4 Hatice  Arif Muslu ’Muslu’

5 Muslu  Arif Muslu ’Muslu’

HANİFE MUSTAFA -SAMİ AKINER ’Mustafuri'  married AHMET ÖZMERT from Meluşa

their children

1 Elif Ahmet Özmert 

2 Mustafa Ahmet Özmert

YUSUF MEHMET 'Dinarlı/Mustafuri' 26.09.1924 married HATİCE MUSTAFA EMİR-ALİ 'Manna' 25.12.1925. [18]

their  children

1  İbrahim  Yusuf 'Babutsaro'  born 1943 (from Hatice’s 1st marriage. This family is on the Süleyman Zabuni family tree)

children from 2nd marriage

2  Hacer  Yusuf  'Dinarlı/Mustafuri' born 1945 married Turgut Gezgin  from Istanbul, Turkey

3  Mehmet Yusuf Akıner 'Dinarlı/Mustafuri'  1946-7? married İsmet from Nicosia

4  Tüncay  Yusuf  ’Dinarlı/Mustafuri' (Tüncay Tülün) married Ahmet Tülün

5  Arif  Yusuf Akıner 'Dinalı/Mustafuri' married Havva  from Gönendere/Knodara

6  Arzu  Yusuf  'Dinarlı/Mustafuri' married Naim Öztürker from Turkey

[18] This family was completed by Tüncay Tülün via facebook message.

HACER YUSUF 'Mustafuri'  married  TURGUT GEZGİN from Istanbul, Turkey

their children

1 Mete Turgut Ezgin

2 Ece Turgut Ezgin

MEHMET YUSUF AKINER 'Mustafuri' married İSMET from Nicosia

their children

1  Azem Mehmet Akıner  'Mustafuri'  in Australia

2  Elvan Mehmet  Akıner  'Mustafuri' in Australia

TÜNCAY YUSUF 'Mustafuri' (Tüncay Tülün') married AHMET TÜLÜN 

their children

1 Cem Tüncay Tülün

2 Ayşe  Tüncay Tülün

ARİF YUSUF 'Mustafuri'  in Australia married married HAVVA from Gönendere/Knodara

their children

1 Taner Arif Akıner 'Mustafuri'   in Australia

2  Eren Arif Akıner  'Mustafuri'  in Australia

3  Sera Arif Akıner 'Mustafuri'  in Australia

ARZU YUSUF 'Mustafuri' married NAİM ÖZTÜRKER from Turkey 

their children

1 Ebru Naim Öztürker

2 Hatice Naim Öztürker

İBRAHİM MEHMET AKINER  'Mustafuri' born 1929-1997 1st marriage MESERRET İBRAHİM ’Kara-İsmail. 2nd marriage ÖZAY ABDURRAHMAN

children from 1st marriage

1  Gürsel  İbrahim Akıner 'Mustafuri' in the UK

2  Hansel  İbrahim 'Mustafuri' in the UK 

children from 2nd marriage

3 Emete İbrahim  'Mustafuri' 

4 Emel İbrahim ’Mustafuri’

HANSEL İBRAHİM ’Mustafuri’ married ALİ YUSUF KIRICI ’Gatsura’

their children

1 Yusuf Ali Kırıcı ’Gatsura'

2 Mesaret Ali Kırıcı ’Gatsura'

3 Şirin Ali Kırıcı ’Gatsura'

ARZU MEHMET ’Mustahuri’ 1917-1950 married OSMAL HALİL EĞMEZ ’Halil Aza’ 1904-1991

their children 

1 Halil Osman  Halilaza (Eğmez) 1938-1974 from Osman's, married Hatem H (Cefalali' daughter)

2 Hasan Osman 'Halilaza' (Eğmez) born 1943 married Gülten

3 Vedia Osman 'Halilaza' (Eğmez) born 1935 married Kemal Yusuf 'Gebe' (Lautacı)

4 Ayşe Osman 'Halilaza' (Eğmez) 1939-2017 married Kemal Murat 'Deliyo' (Akınlı)

RAMADAN MEHMET AKINER  'Mustafuri' married ŞÜKRAN YUSUF ’Cili’ 1935-2013

their children

1  Özbay Ramadan Akıner 'Mustafuri'

2  Özay Ramadan Akıner 'Mustafuri' born 1963 married Hasan Güneşlier from Pergama

ÖZAY RAMADAN AKINER  'Mustafuri' married Hasan GÜNEŞLİER from Pergamos/Beyarmudu

no information on children


their children

1  Mehmet Veli/Veleddin Akıner  'Mustafuri' married Aygün İbrahim Kaya ’Gayi’. Family in the UK

2  Jordan Veli/Veleddin Akıner  'Mustafuri'  in the UK

3  Eren Veli  Veli/Veleddin Akıner  'Mustafuri'  in the UK

4  Yeşim Veli/Veleddin Akıner  'Mustafuri'  in the UK


no information on children

SÜLEYMAN 'Turko' LEYMAN MEHMET 'Mustafuri' married AYTEN MUSTAFA ’Dima-Bata’

their children

1  Mehmet  Süleyman Akıner 'Mustafuri'  in the UK

2  Nilgün  Süleyman  Akıner 'Mustafuri' married Salih Rifat Rifatoğlu. in the UK

ZALİHE MEHMET ’Mustafuri’ married AHMET BAYRAM from Famagusta

their children

1 Ülkü Ahmet Bayram


their children

1 Yusuf Alican Özenci ’Kelle’

2 Narin Alican Özenci ’Kelle’


their children

1 Rifat Erdoğan Rifatoğlu 

2 Mehmet  Erdoğan Rifatoğlu 

3  Emine Erdoğan Rifatoğlu 

4 Rebia Erdoğan Rifatoğlu 

HALİL MUSTAFA 'Mustafuri' born 1895 1st marriage DUDU MUSTAFA ’Mustaga/Bata’. “2nd marriage REFİA MUSTAFA ’Efendi/Musko’

their children

1  Fatma   Halil  'Dumena Mustafuri' 1st wife of İbrahım Yusuf  Özturna 'Durno/Verde' 1924-1997 

2  Coşkun Halil 'Mustafuri' married Vedia Mehmet ’Gutsoveli’

3  Yusuf  Halil   'Mustafuri'  married  Gönül from Ankara, Turkey   

4  İbrahim  Halil  'Mustafuri' married Ruzen Mustafa Turgut ‘Bekiro’

5  Semra   Halil  'Mustafuri' married Ömer Öztuna from Dohni

6  Şansel  Halil  'Mustafuri' married Olgun  from Nicosia 

FATMA HALİL 'Dumena/Mustafuri' married İBRAHİM YUSUF ÖZTURNA  'Durno/Verde' 1924-1997

their children

1 Yusuf İbrahim Özturna ’Durno’ born 1961

2 Tezcan İbrahim Özturna ’Durno’

3 Duygu  İbrahim Özturna ’Durno’

4 Ülkü  İbrahim Özturna ’Durno’ born 1957

COŞKUN HALİL  'Mustafuri' married VEDİA MEHMET ’Gutsovel’

their children

1  Halil Coşkun 'Mustafuri' born 1963 married Ayşe-Gurbet from Famagusta

2  Mehmet Coşkun 'Mustafuri' married Şerife Osman  from Aya/Dilekkaya

3  Reyhan Coşkun 'Mustafuri' married Bekir Hüseyin ’Zurnacı/Bada/Berber born 1956

HALİL COŞKUN   'Mustafuri' married AYŞE -GURBET from Famagusta

their children

1  Dilber Halil Coşkun 'Mustafuri' 

2  Neslihan Halil Coşkun 'Mustafuri' 

3 Coşkun  Halil Coşkun  'Mustafuri' 

4 Vedia  Halil Coşkun  'Mustafuri' 

5  Atila  Halil Coşkun  'Mustafuri' 

MEHMET  COŞKUN  'Mustafuri' married ŞERİFE OSMAN from Aya/Dilekkaya

their children

1  Coşkun Mehmet Coşkun  'Mustafuri' 

2  Fatma Mehmet Coşkun 'Mustafuri' 

REYHAN COŞKUN  'Mustafuri' married BEKİR HÜSEYİN ’Zurnacı/Bada/Berber born 1956

their children

1 Ayşe Bekir Hüseyin ’Zurnacı/Bada/Berber born 1980

2 Vedia Bekir Hüseyin ’Zurnacı/Bada/Berber born 1981

YUSUF  HALİL 'Mustafuri' married GÖNÜL from Ankara, Turkey 

their children

1  Gamze Yusuf Halil ’Mustafuri’ in Turkey

2  Ebru Yusuf Halil ’Mustafuri’  in Turkey


their children

1  Erdinç  İbrahim  'Mustafuri' in the UK

2  Erdil  İbrahim  'Mustafuri'  in the UK

SEMRA HALİL 'Mustafuri' married ÖMER ÖZTUNA

their children

1 Rüyam Ömer Öztuna

2 Çagan  Ömer Öztuna

ŞANSEL HALİL 'Mustafuri' 1st marriage OLGUN from Nicosia. 2nd marriage EKREM ÖKTEN from Turkey


1 Serkan from 1st marriage


DUDU MUSTAFA ’Gutsokaralina/Mustafuri’ married HASAN MEHMET ’Karaca’

their children

1 Mehmet Hasan ’Meca/Karaca’ 1914-2006

2 Mustafa Hasan Şahin ’Şahin/Karaca’ 1915-2000

3 Zeliha Hasan ’Karaca’

ŞERİFE MUSTAFA ’Lalina/Mustafuri’ married OSMAN YUSUF 'Gafgari' born 1879   

his children

1  Yusuf Osman 'Lala' married Fatma Ramadan Yakula

2  Mustafa  Osman 'Lala'

3  Zalihe Osman 'Lala' 1911-1986 married Ramadan Mehmet  'Kullubi/Bedi' 1901-1988

4  Emine Osman 'Lala 1908-1985 married Arif Ramadan ‘Gitsi/Tsuro’ 1901-1998

REBYELİ MUSTAFA ’Mustafuri’ married ARİF İBRAHİM ’Gutso Arifo/Psafya’ born 1977

their children

1 İbrahım Arif 'Psafya' died in 1989 married Naciye Hüseyin ’Guşa’ 

2 Ziliha Arif 'Psafya' 1914-1984 married Hüseyin 'Halilo'


FATMA İBRAHİM ’Garaoli’ born 1850 married ARİF HÜSEYİN ’Tsuro/Sarı’  born 1846

their children

1  Hüseyin Arif Hüseyin ’Tsuro/Sarı’  1880-1890 died young

2  İbrahım  Arif Hüseyin ’Mulla Dayı/Tsuro/Sarı’  born 1886-1973 'Mulla'  had no children

3  Ayşe  Arif Hüseyin ’Tsuro/Sarı’  married Arif Süleyman 'Truko'

4  Dudu  Arif Hüseyin ’Tsuro/Sarı’  married Bekir 'Mustaka'

5  Razgeli  Arif  Hüseyin  ’Tsuro/Sarı’  married Yusuf 'Babutsaro'

6  Şerife  Arif Hüseyin ’Tsuro/Sarı’  married Ramadan 'Yakula'

HÜSEYİN YUSUF 'Öksüz Hüseyin/Karaoli' born 1822 married ?

their children

1  Mustafa  Hüseyin 'Öksüz Hüseyin’ 1852-1882

2  İbrahim Hüseyin 'Öksüz Hüseyin’ born 1854

MUSTAFA HÜSEYİN 'Öksüz Hüseyin’ 1852-1882 


1 Hüseyin Mustafa  'Askidi/Öksüz Hüseyin’ born 1870

2 Emine Mustafa  'Askidi/Öksüz Hüseyin’ 

HÜSEYİN MUSTAFA ’Askidi’  born 1870 married ZALİHE MUSTAFA  ’Zalihe Lelle/Munduko’ 

their children

1 Latif Hüseyin ’Askidi’ born and died as a child 1893-1895

2 Ayşe Hüseyin ’Askidi’ born 1900-1974

AYŞE HÜSEYİN ’Ayşe ‘Seferu/Lelle/Askidi 1900-1974 married RAİF MUSTAFA ’Sefer/ Gutso-Topal’ born 1894 

their children

1 Mustafa Raif ’Seferu’  

2 Veli Raif ’Seferu’ 1932-200

3 Ali Raif ’Seferu’ 

4 Osman Raif ’Seferu’ 

5 Dervişe Raif ’Seferu’ 

6 Emine Raif ’Seferu’ 

7 Zalihe Raif ’Seferu’ 1934-2004

EMİNE MUSTAFA  ’Öksüz Hüseyin’   MEHMET VELİ 'Kundi/Kelle'   born 1870

their children

1  Veli Mehmet ’Kundi’

2  Gülfidan Mehmet ’Kundi’

İBRAHİM HÜSEYİN 'Öksüz Hüseyin/Garaoli’ born 1854 married THEORA 

their children

1  Yusuf İbrahim Hüseyin 'İnglezo/Öksüz Hüseyin' born 1879 married 

2  Veli   İbrahim Hüseyin ’Theora/Öksüz Hüseyin' 1889-1972

3  Kadriye  İbrahim Hüseyin 'Gadina/Öksüz Hüseyin'  married İsmail  İbrahim 'Psafya'

4 Hüseyin  İbrahim Hüseyin ’Öksüz Hüseyin' 1878-1897

YUSUF İBRAHİM 'Englezzo/Öksüz Hüseyin' [19] born 1879 married HATİCE MUSTAFA ’Englezzu/Mustaga-Bata’ 1893-1973

their children

1  İbrahim Yusuf Ağdıran Mulla/Englezzo’ 1910-2006

2  Kemal  Yusuf  Ağdıran ’Englezzo’ married Müşerref from Istanbul

3  Mehmet Yusuf Ağdıran ’Gabro/Englezzo’ married Şerife Osman  ’Gabrena/Osman Avcı/Şiradi’ 1923-2010

4  Cemal  Yusuf Ağdıran  ’Englezzo’ married Fatma Sefer ’Lao’

5  Veli  Yusuf Ağdıran  ’Englezzo’ married Mediha Yusuf ’Yannitsaro/Şiradi’

6  Necat  Yusuf Ağdıran ’Englezzo’ married Şerife Mehmet ’Gonyelo

7  Nazemin Yusuf ’Englezzo’ married Ramadan Arif 'Muslu'

İBRAHİM YUSUF AĞDIRAN ’Mulla/Englezzo’ 1910-2006 married CEMALİYE YUSUF ’Gufo’ 1922-1997

their children

1  Yusuf   İbrahim  Ağdıran  ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1945 died before the age of one

2  Sezgin İbrahim ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1947 married Aziz Cafer Volkan from Karpaz

3  Sezan  İbrahim  ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1949 married Salih Çoban from Malya

4  Mehmet  İbrahim Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1951 married Fatma Hüseyin

5  Şengül  İbrahim  ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1953 married Osman Yusuf Vural Musko 1945-1997

6  Kemal   İbrahim Ağdıran  ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1956 married Şefika from Polemitya

7  Veli  İbrahim  Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1956 married Hansel Ömer ’Noço’

8 Yusuf  İbrahim  Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’  born 1958 married Kansev

9  Emine İbrahim Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’ 1963-2014 married Ali Küçük from İskeleLarnaca

10  Tijen İbrahim  Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1967 married  İzzet Yusuf ’Küfi’

SEZGİN  İBRAHİM  ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1947 married AZİZ CAFER VOLKAN

their children

1 Zafer Aziz Volkan

SEZAN   İBRAHİM  ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1949 married SALİH ÇOBAN from Malya

their children

1 Namık Salih Çoban

2 Ali Salih Çoban

MEHMET İBRAHİM AĞDIRAN ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1951 married FATMA HÜSEYİN

their children

1  Evren  Mehmet Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’  in Australia

2  Eylem  Mehmet Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’  in Australia

3  Deniz  Mehmet  Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’  in Australia

ŞENGÜL  İBRAHİM  ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1953 married OSMAN YUSUF VURAL ’Musko’ 1945-1997

their children

1 Yusuf Osman Vural ’Musko’

2 Kemal Osman Vural ’Musko’

KEMAL İBRAHİM AĞDIRAN  ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1956 married ŞEFİKA from Polemitya

their children

1  Osman Kemal  Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’  in Australia

2  Emine Kemal  Ağdıran  ’Mulla/Englezzo’  in Australia

3  Türkan Kemal  Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’   in Australia

VELİ  İBRAHİM  AĞDIRAN  ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1956 married HANSEL ÖMER 'Noço’

their children

1   İbrahim Veli  Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’  in  Australia

2   Ömer Veli  Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’  in Australia

3   Mehmet Veli  Ağdıran  ’Mulla/Englezzo’  in Australia

YUSUF  İBRAHİM AĞDIRAN ’Cosef/Mulla/Englezzo’  born 1958 married KANSEV 

their children

1  Kemaliye Yusuf  Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’  in Australia

2  Hüseyin Yusuf  Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’   in Australia

3  Hayriye Yusuf  Ağdıran ’Mulla/Englezzo’  in Australia

EMİNE  İBRAHİM AĞDIRAN  ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1963 married ALİ KÜÇÜK from Larnaca

their children

1 Salih Ali Küçük

2 Kayra Ali Küçük 

TİJEN  İBRAHİM AĞDIRAN  ’Mulla/Englezzo’ born 1967 married İZZET YUSUF ’Küfi’ 

their children

1 Yusuf İzzet ’Küfi’

2 Meral İzzet ’Küfi’

KEMAL  YUSUF  AĞDIRAN 'Englezzo’  married MÜŞERREF from İstanbul, Turkey

their children  

1   Leyla  Kemal  Ağdıran ’Englezzo’ in Turkey

2   Yusuf  Kemal  Ağdıran ’Englezzo’ in Turkey

3   Jale  Kemal  Ağdıran ’Englezzo’ in Turkey

4   Süheyla  Kemal  Ağdıran ’Englezzo’ in Turkey

MEHMET YUSUF AĞDIRAN 'Gabro/Englezzo' married ŞERİFE OSMAN ’Gabrena/Osman Avcı/Şiradi’ 1923-2010

their children

1  Yusuf Mehmet  Ağdıran 'Gabro' married Suzan Cafer

2  Osman  Mehmet  Ağdıran 'Gabro' 

3  İsmail  Mehmet Ağdıran 'Gabro' 

4  Şafak Mehmet Ağdıran  'Gabro' married Mehmet Ali 'Hoca' from Piroi village their children Nahide  & Şerife


their children

1 Şanel Yusuf Ağdıran ’Gabro’ in the UK

2 Mehmet Yusuf Ağdıran ’Gabro’ in the UK


their children

1  Mehmet Osman Ağdıran ’Gabro’ 1978-1998

2  Sadiye Osman  Ağdıran ’Gabro’

İSMAİL MEHMET AĞDIRAN 'Gabro’ married EMİNE VELİ ’Bandinelli’

their children

1  Veli İsmail  Ağdıran ’Gabro’


their children

1 Nahide Mehmet Hoca

2 Şerife Mehmet Hoca

CEMAL YUSUF  AĞDIRAN 'Englezzo’  married FATMA SEFER ’Lao’

their children

1  Veli  Cemal  Ağdıran  'Englezzo’  

2  Yusuf  Cemal  Ağdıran  'Englezzo’  

3  Sefer  Cemal  Ağdıran 'Englezzo’  

4  Sercan  Cemal  Ağdıran 'Englezzo’  

VELİ YUSUF  AĞDIRAN 'Englezzo’  married MEDİHA YUSUF ’Yannitsaro-Şiradi’ born 1931

their children

1   Hatice Veli Ağdıran 'Englezzo’  in the UK

2   Pervin Veli  Ağdıran  'Englezzo’  in the UK

3   Sonay Veli  Ağdıran  'Englezzo’  in the UK

4   Nazemin Veli  Ağdıran 'Englezzo’  in the UK

NECAT  YUSUF  AĞDIRAN 'Englezzo’  married ŞERİFE MEHMET ’Gonyelo’

their children

1  Mehmet  Necat Ağdıran ’Englezzo’  in the UK

2  Yusuf  Necat  Ağdıran ’Englezzo’  in the UK


their children

1 Özal Ramadan Muslu ’Muslu’

2 Eren Ramadan Muslu ’Muslu’

3 Özen Ramadan Muslu ’Muslu’


VELİ İBRAHİM 'Theora' 1889-1972 married DUDU İBRAHİM ’Karamidi’

their children

1  İbrahim Veli ’Turabi/Theora' married Fezile Hüseyin ’Bekler’

2  Mustafa-Kemal  Veli  'Theora' 1926-2012 married Fati Mehmet Veli ’Gutsovelo/Gaççari’

3  Yusuf   Veli  'Theora' married Emine İsmail ’İsmaileda’

4  Hüseyin  Veli  'Theora'   

5  Mehmet  Veli  'Dirri/Theora' 1st marriage Gülsen Osman ’Kanari’. 2nd marriage Rabia Sü children in either marriage 

6  Emine  Veli  'Theora' married İbrahim Ramadan  'Topal Bada'

İBRAHİM VELİ ’Turabi/Theora’ married FEZİLE HÜSEYİN ’Bekler’

their children

1   Kemal İbrahim ’Turabi’ married Chery.  in the UK

2   Hüseyin İbrahim  ’Turabi’  in the UK

3   Veli İbrahim  ’Turabi’ married Aysel Derviş.  in the UK

4   Ruzen İbrahım  ’Turabi’  in the UK

KEMAL İBRAHİM ’Turabi’ married CHERYL from the UK

their children

1 Ryan Kemal İbrahim ’Turabi’  

2 Emma  Kemal İbrahim ’Turabi’  

VELİ  İBRAHİM ’Turabi’ married AYSEL DERVİŞ ’Bili’. They live in the UK

their children

1 Suzan Veli İbrahim  ’Turabi’  married Kemal from Nicosia

2 Erol Veli İbrahim  ’Turabi’  

SUZAN VELİ  İBRAHİM ’Turabi’ married KEMAL from Nicosia

their children

1 Aydın Kemal

MUSTAFA-KEMAL VELİ ’Theora’ 1926-2012 married  FATİ MEHMET VELİ ’Gutsoveli/Gaççari’ 1933-2005

their children 

1  Safiye Kemal ’Theora’ born 1953 married Mustafa Yusuf ’Nafi’ born 1950

2  Veli Kemal ’Theora’ born 1963. 

3  Mehmet Kemal  ’Theora’ 

this family lives in the UK

YUSUF VELİ ’Theora married EMİNE İSMAİL ’İsmaileda’

their children

1  Veli Yusuf  Hüseyin married Seran Yusuf ’Yakula’ 

2  Yeşim Yusuf  Hüseyin

3  Sezgin Yusuf  Hüseyin married Yücel Hasan 

This family lives in the UK

VELİ YUSUF ’Theora married married SERAN YUSUF ’Yakula’

their children

1 Yusuf Veli ’Theora’

2 Kerin Veli ’Theora’

3 Eriz Veli ’Theora’


their children

1 Seyhan Yücel Hasan

2 Turhan Yücel Hasan

MEHMET VELİ ’Dirri/Theora’ 1st marriage GÜLSEN OSMAN ’Kanari’. 2nd marriage RABİA SÜLEYMAN ’Darbaz’

No children in either marriage

EMİNE VELİ ’Theora married İBRAHİM RAMADAN ’Topal Bada’

their children

1 Gültekin İbrahim Ramadan ’Topal Bada’

2 Gülcay İbrahim Ramadan ’Topal Bada’


KADRİYE  İBRAHIM ’Öksüz Hüseyin’ married İSMAIL İBRAHIM 'Psafya' born 1869

their children

1 İbrahım İsmail 1902 died young

2 Arif İsmail had no children born 02.04.1905-1989

3 Emine İsmail 2nd wife of Hüseyin 'Skuluga'

4 Razgeli İsmail 1910-1980 married Süleyman İbrahim 'Babutsaro' 

5 Melek İsmail 'Melekka' 1913-1996 married Murat Mustafa 'Yakula


YUSUF MEHMET  GAZİ 'Ağa' born 1803-1884 married EMİNE YUSUF born 1810 they married in 1829. [20]

their children

1  Mehmet Yusuf  Gazi 'Babiro'  born 1836

2  İbrahım Yusuf  Gazi   'Gerekko' born 1846 (Called Gerreko because he changed his name to Sotir Peteli)

3  Mustafa  Yusuf  Gazi ( Çavuş )  'Zavli' born 1843 married Raziye Hüseyin born 1846. They married in 1867 [21]. After her death Mustafa married Hanim Omer 'Birindi born 1861.

4  Şerife Yusuf Gazi  born 1839 married Osman Mustafa 'Mani/Birini'

5  Dudu/Emine Yusuf Gazi born 1839 married Mehmet Gubi


ŞERİFE YUSUF ’Garaoli’ married Hasan Yusuf ’Arabi/Şilioni’ born 1818-19 (22)

their children

1 Yusuf Hasan 'Treboyadi' born 1841 married Melek İsmail 'Tahuredi'

2 Osman Hasan 'Gunduro's du Hasan 'Arabi' born 1844 married Zalihe Hasan 'Kuvaros' 'Yumakcı' from Hasan's 1st wife


AYŞE YUSUF 'Karaoli' born 1813 YUSUF MEHMET AĞA  born 1799 

his children

1  Mehmet Yusuf  ‘Cannuri/Yusuf Ağa' 

2  Veli  Yusuf    'Kelle/Yusuf Ağa' born 1837 

3  Bekir   Yusuf    'Bekir Onbaşı/Yusuf Ağa'    born 1841. [23]

4  Yusuf   Yusuf 'Bedasi/ Yusuf Ağa'  born 1844

5  Hacer  Yusuf  ‘Yusuf Ağa' ‘  married Süleyman 'Truho'


[1] Hasan Yücelen 'Mudaho'  Akıncılar (Lurucina) Türkleri'nin Yüzyıllık Varoluş Mücadelesi, pages 27-28. Seval Osman 'Garaoli's recollection on his family origins.

[2] There is no written documentation to confirm this claim.

[3] It's my opinion that the age of İbrahım Mustafa the father was accidently written as 30 years old in the 1831 census, as his son's year of birth is given at 30 years of age. Its probably the reverse.  It does not make sense for his grandson to have been born in 1810. The other alternative is that Mustafa İbrahım is the father of  İbrahım Mustafa which gives us another generation on the list. Rather confusing to say the least. The 1831 census of The T.C Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri. Book TŞR.KB.d.00040.Pages 45 ve 46. Person No's; 1 & 3. For a description of Sipahi see the ''1831 census page'' .

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[14] Records of İbrahim Tahsildar, ''The Garaoli family'', pages 160-184. All the Tozzi, Gebe's Kafa's & Yallitsi families on this page were completed by Yusuf Toz via email and face book messages from his family records.

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[17] The Mustafuri/Akıner family details were completed during a personal interview with Veli & Arzu Cufoğlu. His year of birth was from The Milli arşiv ve araştırma dairesinde 67 numarada kayıt.  1889,1890,1893,1897,1906 kayıtlar. page 174, Family No;115

[18] This family was completed by Tüncay Tülün via facebook message.

[19] The records of İbrahım Tahsildar record’s all the original names ,but after 1974 when it became obligatory to acquire surnames it complicated the records. Fortunately friends  like Veli Cufoğlu, Hüssein Selim and Yusuf Toz (to name a few) who grew up in Lurucina knew the added surnames to many of the families. It was this cooperation and assistance that helped to advance this family tree in such a comprehensive manner.

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(23) Milli arşiv ve araştırma dairesinde 67 numarada kayıt.  1889,1890,1893,1897,1906 kayıtlar. Page 170, family No; 105.


The photos on this page have been kindly shared by the following persons.

Yusuf Toz

Feridun Toz (Fred Yusuf)

Tüncay Tülün 'Mustafuri'

Safiye Nafi.

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