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Muslu Abdullah 'Muslu's'

The Biali, Paşa, Psafya, Akai, Turella, Gudala, & Lefa form part of this family group.


The Biali, Paşa, Psafya, Akai, Turella, Gudala, & Lefa form part of this family group.



1 Muslu Abdullah

2 Yasemin Abdullah born 1790 married Hüseyin Mustafa 'Uşi' 


their children

1 Mustafa Muslu 'Akayi' 1796-1872

2 Muslu Muslu born 1801. [2]

3 Yusuf Muslu 'Magroz' (Uzun) born 1813 married in 1835. [3]

4 İsmail Muslu born 1816 died a bachelor

5 Ali Muslu 'Biali' born 1819 married Keziban Süleyman born 1829 they married in 1850. [4]

6 İbrahim Muslu 'Psafya' born 1825 married Emine Hüseyin born in 1840 they married in 1850.

7 Süleyman Muslu 'Ruso' born 1827

8 Razgeli Muslu born 1816 married Kara-Hasan

9 Dudu went to Timbu converted to the orthodox faith and married Bedoya

10 Şerife born 1796 married Girio

MUSTAFA MUSLU 'Akai'  1796-1872 wife ?

their children

1 Yusuf Mustafa 'Akai' 'Lefa' born 1834 married Hacer Bayram born 1844 they married in 1856

2 İsmail Mustafa 'Akai' 'Turella' born 1838 married Emine İbrahim 'Camuri' born 1848

3 Razgeli Mustafa 'Akai' born 1837 married Veli 'Karaganna'

4 Hatice Mustafa 'Akai' born 1846 married İbrahim Hasan 'Skullo/Hasanyo' 1844-1878. They married in 1859 (sadly both husband and wife were recorded as deceased in the 1879 Ottoman census. See footnote No; 7)

YUSUF MUSTAFA 'Lefa' born 1834 married Hacer Bayram born 1844 they married in 1856. [5]

their children

1 Fatma Yusuf 'Lefa' born 1860 moved to Tuzla (mother of 'Çakardo' in Tuzla)

2 Bairam Yusuf 'Lefa' 'Gudalla' born 1864

3 Şemseddin Yusuf 'Lefa/ Çerkezi’  born 1866 was serving a 5 year prison sentence when the census was in progress. [6]

4 Veli Yusuf 'Lefa' born 1869-70?

6 Rabia Yusuf 'Lefa' born 1867.

7 Hatice Yusuf 'Lefa' married Yusuf 'Paşo'

8 Emine Yusuf 'Lefa' married Arif 'Galliga' from Tuzla

9 Dudu Yusuf 'Lefa' 

10 Mustafa Yusuf ’Lefa’ born 1870

BAİRAM YUSUF 'Gudalla' born 1864 married AYNİ MUSTAFA ’Gadabello

their children

1 Zalihe Bairam 'Gudalla' married  Hüseyin Mustafa 'Zavli/Çavuş' born 1878

2 Yusuf Bairam ’Gudalla’ born 1895 died young.

3 Murat Bairam ’Gudalla’ born 1900

ZALİHE BAIRAM ’Gudalla’ married HÜSEYİN MUSTAFA  'Zavli/Çavuş' born 1878

they had no children

ŞEMSETTİN ÇERKEZ YUSUF 'Çerkezi' 'Lefa' born 1866 married GÜLSÜN

their children

1 Hacer Çerkez ’Lefa’ married Mehmet Mustafa 'Yakula'

HACER ŞEMSETTİN ÇERKEZ 'Çerkezi' 'Lefa' married MEHMET MUSTAFA 'Galliga/Yakula' 1906-1082

their children

1  Mustafa Mehmet 'Gitirimi'

2  Murat  Mehmet  ’Yakula/Galliga’

3  Recep  Mehmet ’Yakula/Galliga’

4  Emsal   Mehmet ’Yakula’Galliga’ 1926-1998

5  Gülsün  Mehmet ’Yakula/Galliga’ did not marry

6  Siddiga   Mehmet ’Yakula’Galliga’

7  Emine  Mehmet  ’Yakula/Galliga’

VELİ YUSUF 'Lefa/Velona’ born 1869-70 married DUDU EMİR ALİ ’Kuri’ born 1867 

their children

1 Yusuf Veli 'Lefa/Velona’ born 02.08.1890 married Zehra İbrahim ’Galliga/GutsoZehra’ 1900-1975

2 Emir-Ali Veli 'Lefa/Velona’  Bitaga' born 1891

3 Murat Veli 'Lefa/Velona’ born 05.03.1900 died young

4 Mustafa Veli 'Lefa'/Velona’ (Sgambili) born 1902

5 Hacer Veli ’Lefa/Velona’

YUSUF VELİ 'Lefa/Velona' born 02.08.1890 married ZEHRA İBRAHİM ’Galliga/GutsoZehra’ 1900-1975

their children

1 Meryem Yusuf 'Lefa' a female moved to Abohora

2 Emine Yusuf 'Lefa' 1939-1998 married Halil Elektrikci from 'Vuda'

HALİL İBRAHIM HÜSEYİN 'Elektrikçi' 1926-2007 married EMİNE YUSUF VELİ 'Lefa' 1939-1998

their children

1    Hüseyin Halil  (Düzgen)  'Elektrikçi'

2    Yusuf Halil  (Düzgen)  'Elektrikçi'

3    Zeka Halil  (Düzgen) 'Elektrikçi' born 26.1969 married Nuriye

4    Mahmut Halil  (Düzgen) 'Elektrikçi' born 1963

5    Ali Rifat Halil ( Düzgen)  'Elektrikçi'

6    Güneş Halil  (Düzgen)  'Elektrikçi' /twin born 1975 married Zekiye

7    Ecevit Halil  (Düzgen) 'Elektrikçi'ikiz/twin born 1975 married Yeliz

8    Hamiyet Halil  (Düzgen)  'Elektrikçi'

9    Hicran Halil  (Düzgen) 'Elektrikçi'

10  Yılşen Halil  (Düzgen) 'Elektrikçi'

11  Pembe Halil  (Düzgen) 'Elektrikçi' ikiz/twin  

12  Zehra Halil  (Düzgen) 'Elektrikçi' ikiz/twin married Ataman

13  Beraet Halil  (Düzgen) 'Elektrikçi'

EMİR-ALİ 'Velona' 'Bitaga' born 1891 married AYŞE VELİ ’Lao/Bitagena’

their children

1 İsmail Emir-Ali drowned in a tragic accident while swimming at sea

2 Çerkez Emir-Ali 'Çerkezi' killed in a motor bike accident

3 Şerife Emir-Ali married Ramadan 'Kerlo'

4 Hilmiye Emir-Ali 1933-2014 married Halil 'Munduko'

ARİFE EMİRALİ 'Bitaga'  married RAMADAN YUSUF 'Kerlo 

their children

1  Yusuf Ramadan 'Kerlo' married Behice İbrahım.  Their children Canev, Hicran, Ramadan

2  Behiç  Ramadan  'Kerlo'

3  Emir-Ali  Ramadan  'Kerlo'

4  Aysel  Ramadan  'Kerlo'  married  Raif İskit

HİLMİYE EMİRALİ ’Bitaga’ 1933-2014 married HALİL SÜLEYMAN ÖZMINDIK married

their children

1   İsmail Halil Özmındık   married Hatice

2   Süleyman Halil Özmındık

3   Çerkez Halil Özmındık   married Derya Mahmut Cannur  (no longer together)

4   Zekiye Halil Özmındık married  Abdurrahman Gülce from Turkey

5   Ayşe Halil Özmındık married  Mehmet Goççini (Kırmızı) from Sinde village


HACER VELİ ’Lefa/Velona’ married MUSTAFA YUSUF ’Taka/Onbaşı’ born 1891

their children 

1 İsmail Mustafa ’Taka/Sgambili’ 1917-2000

2 Yusuf Mustafa ’Taka/Sgambili’ 

FATMA YUSUF ’Lefa’ born 1960 husbands name not known, only his nickname Çakurdi who was from Tuzla/Larnaca

HATİCE YUSUF ’Lefa/Paşena’ YUSUF İSMAIL 'Paşo/Stuppommadis’ born 1866 married 

their children

1 Mehmet Yusuf 'Paşo' born 1892 moved to Limassol

2 Murat Yusuf 'Paşo' born 1897

3 Mustafa Yusuf 'Paşo/Gulli’ never married

4 İsmail Yusuf 'Paşo/Gutsullo’ 1907-2000 married Şerife İbrahim ’Gutsullu/Paşo’ 1916-2010

5 Mazlum Yusuf 'Paşo'

6 Razgeli Yusuf 'Paşo/Lordena 1903-1993 married Hasan Mustafa 'Lordo'

7 Hacer Yusuf 'Paşo/Gobella 1914-2000 married Murat Mehmet 'Usta' 'Bekiro'

EMİNE YUSUF ’Lefa/Gali’ 1st marriage ? 2nd marriage İBRAHİM ’Galliga’

child from 1st marriage

1 İbrahim ’Atto/Arnavut’

children from 2nd marriage

2 Zehra İbrahim ’Galliga/Gutsozehra’ 1900-1975

3 Mustafa İbrahim ’Galliga’

4 Hasan İbrahim ’Galliga’

ZEHRA İBRAHİM ’Galliga/Gutsozehra’ 1970-1975. 1st marriage YUSUF VELİ ’Velona/Lefa’ born 1890. 2nd marriage OSMAN MUSTAFA ’Ustalı’ born 1900

child from first marriage

1 Emine Yusuf ’Velona’ 1939-1998

children from 2nd marriage 

1 Meryem Yusuf 'Lefa' a female moved to Abohora

2 Emine Yusuf 'Lefa' 1939-1998 married Halil Elektrikci from 'Vuda'

MUSTAFA  İBRAHİM ’Galliga’ married DUDU from Nicosia

their children

1 Derviş Mustafa Soley ’Galliga’

2 Emine Mustafa Soley ’Galliga’

DERVİŞ MUSTAFA SOLEY ’Galliga’, 1st marriage RAUBE FEHİM. 2nd marriage AYŞE AŞKIN KEMAL 

children from 1st marriage 

1 Mustafa Soley ’Galliga’

2 Duygu Soley ’Galliga’

children from 2nd marriage

1 Ayder Soley ’Galliga’

2 Deray Soley ’Galliga’

DUDU YUSUF ’Lefa’ married MEHMET EMİR ALİ ’Bede/Kuri’  born 1880

their children

1 Emir Ali Mehmet ’Bede’ 1901-1970

2 Yusuf Mehmet ’Bede’


İSMAIL MUSTAFA 'Turella' born 1838 married  EMİNE İBRAHİM 'Camuri' born 1848

their children

1 Mustafa İsmail 'Turella' 'Barba' 1870-1892

2 Şerife İsmail 'Turella' Married Mehmet Hüseyin ’Kega/Zambara’ born 1869

3 Hatice İsmail 'Turella' married Hasan 'Mirmikko'

4 Keziban İsmail 'Turella' married Mehmet 'Keka'

5 Fatma İsmail 'Turella' a female moved to Vavatsinia changed her name to Sofia

ŞERİFE İSMAİL  ’Turella’ married MEHMET HÜSEYİN ’Kega/Zambara’ born 1869

no children

HATİCE İSMAİL ’Turella/Mirmikkena’ married HASAN MUSTAFA 'Mirmikko'  born 1872. 

their children

1  Mustafa Hasan 'Mirmikko' born 1894  died young had no children

2  Nasib   Hasan  'Mirmikko'   born 04.01.1900 married Şerife Hüseyin 'Fidiriko'

3  İbrahım  Hasan  'Mirmikko/Haranga'/ or 'Faranga'  born 1902  

4  Derviş Hasan 'Mirmikko'    'Başaran'   1923-2005 

5  Hüseyin   Hasan  'Mirmikko'   'Guseo'      

6  Mehmet   Hasan  'Mirmikko'   got killed in a car accident had no children

7  İsmail   Hasan  'Mirmikko'  born 1896 died 1897.

8  Ayşe   Hasan  'Mirmikko/Tayna’ 1909-1996  married Mustafa Karagözlu 'Mavromadi'

9  Raşit Hasan   'Mirmikko'    

KEZİBAN İSMAİL ’Turella’ married HÜSEYİN HASAN ’Kude/Arabi’ 

their children

1 Hasan Hüseyin 'Fidiriko'  born 1893 married Rahme 'Rahmeli'

2  Şerife Hüseyin  'Nasibu' Born 04.11.1909- 17.02. 2002 married  Nasib Hasan 'Mirmikko' born 1903


RAHME or RAZGELİ ? MUSTAFA born 1837 married VELİ Mustafa 'Karaganna' born 1829 They married in 1858. 

their children

1  Emine Veli   'Karaganna' born 1860

2  Hatice   Veli  'Karaganna'  born 1862 married Yusuf 'Malaga'

3  Fatma Veli   'Karaganna' born 1865

4  Dudu   Veli  'Karaganna'   married Seid-Ali 'Gurio' then Yusuf 'Çavus'

5  Ramadan Veli  'Karaganna' born 1872

6  Yusuf  Veli  'Karaganna' 'Skitsa'  born 1884. Moved to Celya where he got married

HATİCE MUSTAFA ’Akai’ born 1845 married İBRAHİM HASAN ’Hasanyo/Skullo’ 1844-1878. They married in 1859 (7)

their children

1 Dudu İbrahim ’Hasanyo/Skullo’ born 1864

2 Fatma İbrahim ’Hasanyo/Skullo’ born 1866

3 Arif İbrahim ’Hasanyo/Skullo’ born 1870

YUSUF MUSLU ’Magroz/Uzun’ born 1813 married in 1835 No record of his wife was registered 

their children

1 Şerife Yusuf Muslu ’Magroz/Uzun’ born 1844 married Arif Yusuf 'Gebe' 1839-1896. They married in 18662 Razgeli Yusuf Muslu ’Magroz/Uzun’ born 1848 married Süleyman 'Babutsaro'

3 Emine Yusuf Muslu ’Magroz/Uzun’ married Mehmet 'Götsa'

ŞERİFE YUSUF (or Emine Yusuf) ’Magroz/Uzun Yusuf’ born 1844 married ARİF YUSUF ’Gebe/Kavukko’ 1839-1896. They married in 1866 (8)

their children

1 Süleyman Arif ’Gebe’ born 1867

2 Yusuf Arif ’Gebe’ born 1880

3 Mehmet Arif ’Kafa/Gebe’ born 1884

RAZİYE YUSUF born 1848 married SÜLEYMAN İBRAHIM 'Çamuri/Babutsaro' born 1838 they married in 1868. [9]

his children

1  Yusuf   Süleyman   'Babutsaro'  born 1873

2  İbrahım  Süleyman 'Babutsaro' born 1874

3 Mehmet   Süleyman  'Babutsaro' (Rodi) born  1884, married Dudu Yusuf 'Gatsura'

4  Şerife  Süleyman  'Babutsaro' 1890-1972 married  İbrahim 'Yallitsi'

5  Melek  Süleyman   'Babutsaro'  1st wife of Arif 'Boyle'. (10)

EMİNE YUSUF ’Magros/uzun’ married MEHMET HÜSEYİN ’Götsa/Tsuro’ born 1830

they had no children

ALİ MUSLU 'Biali' born 1819 married Keziban Süleyman born 1829 they married in 1850

their children

1 Muslu Ali 'Biali' 'Menteş' born 1860.

2 Süleyman Ali 'Biali' 'Gameno' born 1862.

3 Hüseyin Ali 'Biali' 'Mulla' . born 1863

4 Yusuf Ali 'Biali' born 1858 died in 1881 after 2 years national service. He was recorded as being crippled and died as a result, whether he died during military service or not is not very clear. (11)

SÜLEYMAN ALİ 'Biali/Gameno' born 1862 married RAZGE YUSUF ’Kutsi/Topal’ 

their children

1 Ali Süleyman 'Biali/Gameno’ born 1890, a teacher, moved to Nicosia. Had no children

2 Yusuf Süleyman 'Biali/Bambero'. born 7. September or October 1894 Had no children

3 Keziban Süleyman died young

MUSLU ALİ 'Menteş/Biali' born 1860. married MELEK HÜSEYİN Guseuri/Babiri’  (13)

their children

1 İbrahım Muslu 'Biali'. born 1895 had no children

2 Dudu Muslu 'BialiMenteş/Farangu’, 1902-1978 married İbrahim Hasan 'Faranga/Mirmikko’, born 1902

3 Keziban Muslu 'Biali/Kezibanu’ married Yusuf

4 Ali Muslu 'Biali' born 1902-1904 .

DUDU  MUSLU 'Biali/Menteş/Farangu’, 1902-1978 married İBRAHİM HASAN ’Faranga/Mirmikko’ born 1902

their children

1 Hatice İbrahim ’Faranga’ born 1931

KEZİBAN MUSLU ’Menteş/Kezibanu married YUSUF 

their chidren

1 Rafet Yusuf 

HÜSEYİN ALİ 'Biali' (Mulla) born 1863 1st marriage AYŞE HÜSEYİN ’Guşi’ 2nd marriage HATİCE İBRAHİM 


children from 1st marriage

1 Keziban Mulla/Hüseyin/Badadina’

children from 2nd marriage

2 İbrahım Hüseyin Mulla 'Paşa' 15.01.1894-1983

3 Ali Hüseyin Mulla 'Sakulla' (Savva) moved to Larnaca and married a Greek lady name??

4 Yusuf Hüseyin Mulla 'Selim'

5 Emine Hüseyin Mulla 'Gosiena' 1901-1989 2nd wife of Osman Murat 'Usta' 

6 Dudu Hüseyin Mulla (Manniço) 1907-1972 married Osman Ömer 'Gigeo', Manniço'

7 Dervişe Hüseyin Mulla married Hüseyin 'Gufo' (Gikki) from Dali

KEZİBAN HÜSEYİN ALİ ’Mulla Hüseyin/Biali’ married İSMAİL MUSTAFA ’Kidioli/Badado’ born 1881

their children

1 Süleyman İsmail Hüseyin/Biali’ 

2 Riza İsmail Hüseyin/Biali’ 

İBRAHIM HÜSEYİN  ’Paşa/Mulla Hüseyin’ 1894-1983 married HANİFE MUSTAFA ’Yakula’ 1904-1996

their children

1 Hüseyin İbrahim 'Çavuş/Paşa' 

2 Süleyman İbrahim 'Paşa/Yorgancı 

3 Sittiga İbrahim 'Paşa' born 1927 married Yusuf Yusuf

4 Hatice İbrahim 'Paşa' married Rifat Cemal from Meluşa village

5 Mühterem İbrahım 'Paşa' married Tahir 'Fesa/Mudaho' born 1929

6 Meliha İbrahim 'Paşa' Married Ali Mehmet Önder 'Kunturacı'

HÜSEYİN İBRAHIM 'Çavuş/Paşa' married 1st wife LEMAN YUSUF 'Zaptieh' 2nd SOFİA LURO 3rd AYŞE.

their children

1 Kenan Hüseyin 'Çavuş/Paşa'. from his 1st wife Leman Yusuf 'Zabtiye'

2 Erol Hüseyin  'Çavuş/Paşa' born 1954 from his 2nd wife Sofia 'Luro'

3 Ali Hüseyin  'Çavuş/Paşa' from his 3rd wife Ayşe from Pentakomo

4 Aykut Hüseyin 'Çavuş/Paşa' from his 3rd wife Ayşe from Pentakomo

EROL HÜSEYİN 'Paşa' born 1954 married NAZİFE SÜLEYMAN ’Kafa’ 

their children

1 Serhan Erol Paşa ’Çavuş’

2 Gökan Erol Paşa ’Çavus’


their children

1 İbrahim Süleyman  Paşa ’Yorgancı’ in Paşaköy/village

2 Hasan Süleyman Paşa ’Yorgancı’ in Paşaköy/village

3 Serhat Süleyman Paşa ’Yorgancı’ in Paşaköy/village

4 Ayşe Süleyman Paşa ’Yorgancı’ in Paşaköy/village

İBRAHİM SÜLEYMAN PAŞA ’Yorgancı’ born 1963 married SEVGİ DÜŞMEZ from Melandra

their children

1 Derviş Paşa ’Yorgancı’

2 Süleyman Paşa ’Yorgancı’

HASAN SÜLEYMAN PAŞA ’Yorgancı’  married MERYEM RUSO from Yeşilköy

their children

1 Süleyman Paşa ’Yorgancı’

2 Emirali  Paşa ’Yorgancı’

SERHAT SÜLEYMAN PAŞA ’Yorgancı’ married EMRİYE KADIZADE from Serhat Koy

their children

1 Şaziye Paşa ’Yorgancı’

2 Menekşe  Paşa ’Yorgancı’


their children

1 Dilayla Deliceırmak

2 Dersu Deliceırmak

SİDDİGA İBRAHİM ’Pasa’ born 1927 married YUSUF YUSUF YUSUFLAR ’Yakula’ 1920-1988 (14)


1  Ali Ersan Yusuflar ’Yakula/Ku’ born 1955

2  Ertan Yusuflar ’Yakula/Ku’ born 1960

3  İbrahim Yusuflar ’Yakula/Ku’ born 1963

4  Aysan Yusuflar ’Yakula/Ku’ born 1948 married  Turhan Ahmet  'Sassetti' (Özakıncı)

5  Aygün Yusuflar ’Yakula/Ku’ born 1950 married   Sabri İsmail from Anoyra

6  Aydın Yusuflar ’Yakula/Ku’ 1953-2007 married  Mahmut Güzel  from Turkey

7  Ayşe Yusuflar ’Yakula/Ku’ born 1968 married  Cavit Mehmet 'İspirto' from Limniti village


their children

1 Eren Ertanın

2 Erdin Ertanın

3 Ergün  Ertanın

4 Erkan Ertanın

5 Mustafa Ertanın

EREN RİFAT ERTANIN married AYŞE from Pafos

their children

1 Özge Ertanın

2 Yüce Ertanın

ERDİN RİFAT ERTANIN married ESİN from Nicosia

their children

1 Hatice Ertanın

2 Şifa  Ertanın

3 Mine  Ertanın

ERGÜN RİFAT ERTANIN died in 2016 married TİJEN from Nicosia 

their children

1 Tigün Ertanın

2 Tanem  Ertanın


their children

1 Hatice  Ertanın

2 Rifat  Ertanın

MUSTAFA RİFAT ERTANIN 1st marriage ZÜLEYHA from Bulgaria. 2nd marriage name not known also a Bulgarian

children from 1st marriage

1 Nevgül  Ertanın

children from 2nd marriage

1 Emy Ertanın

2 Selin Ertanın

MUHTEREM İBRAHİM ’Paşa’ married TAHİR MUSTAFA ’Mudahu’ born 1929

their children

1 İlkay Tahir ’Mudahu’

2 Mustafa Tahir ’Mudahu’

MELİHA İBRAHİM ’Paşa’ married ALİ MEHMET ÖNDER ’Kunturacı’

their children

1 Hanife Ali Önder ’Kunturacı’

2 Nazime Ali Önder ’Kunturacı’

3 Egemen Ali Önder ’Kunturacı’

HANİFE ALİ ÖNDER ’Kunturacı’ married UĞUR KUYUCUOĞLU from Famagusta

their children

1 Uğfe Kuyucuoğlu

2 Meliha  Kuyucuoğlu

3 Beren  Kuyucuoğlu

NAZİME ALİ ÖNDER ’Kunturacı’ married  HASAN DEVECİOĞLU from Gönyeli

their children

1 Defne Devecioğlu

2 Mustafa Devecioğlu

EGEMEN ALİ ÖNDER ’Kunturacı’ married  TÜLAY from Turkey

their children

1 Ali Önder ’Kunturacı’

2 Naz Önder ’Kunturacı’

ALİ HÜSEYİN ’Sakulla’Mulla Hüseyin’ converted to Christianity and changed his name to Savva Married RUM BOLU? from Araddipou/Aradip

YUSUF HÜSEYİN ’Selim’ ’Sakulla’Mulla Hüseyin’ married ZALİHA MUSTAFA ’Manna/Selimu’ born 1916

their children

1 Hüseyin Yusuf ’Selim’

2 Hasan Yusuf ’Selim’

HÜSEYİN YUSUF  ’Selim’  married EMİNE HASAN MUSLU ’Astronomo’ born 1952

their children

1 Funda Hüseyin ’Selim’

2 Ceyhun Hüseyin ’Selim’

HASAN YUSUF ’Selim’  married AYSEL BEKİR ’Efe’

their children 

1 Selim Hasan ’Selim’

2 Bekir Hasan ’Selim’

3 Ersam Hasan ’Selim’

BEKİR HASAN ’Selim’ married Laura from the UK

no information on children

EMİNE  HÜSEYİN  ’Mulla Hüseyin’ born 1901-1989 1st marriage Hüseyin Tahir ’Gosienan/Gutsago’. 2nd marriage OSMAN MURAT ’Ebistat’ ’Osman Usta/Muratcik’ born 1896

children from 1st marriage

1 Tahir ’Gosienan’

children from 2 marriage

2 Şermin Osman Uçkan born 1943-1983?

3 Hatice Osman Uçkan born 1943-2013?

DUDU HÜSEYİN  ’Mulla Hüseyin’/Maniççu’ 1907-1972 married OSMAN ÖMER ’Maniçço’ ’Deli Ömer’ 1896-1976

their children

1 Emine Osman ’Maniçço’

DERVİŞE HÜSEYİN  ’Mulla Hüseyin’ married HÜSEYİN YUSUF ’Kuşi’

their children

1 Yusuf Hüseyin ’Kuşi’

2 Dudu Hüseyin ’Kuşi’

3 Hatice Hüseyin ’Kuşi’

4 Cemile Hüseyin ’Kuşi’

5 Emine Hüseyin ’Kuşi’

6 Sezgin Hüseyin ’Kuşi’


İBRAHIM MUSLU 'Psafya' was the 3rd son of MUSLU

İBRAHIM MUSLU 'Psafya' born1825 married EMİNE HÜSEYİN ’Tsuro’ born in 1840 they married in 1850

their children

1 Muslu İbrahim 'Psafya' born 1857 died in 1890.Never married

2 İsmail İbrahim 'Psafya' born 1869

3 Arif /Çolak İbrahim 'Psafya' born 1977 married Rebgeli Mustafa 'Mustafuri'

4 Raziye İbrahim 'Psafya' born 1856 (15)

5 Ziliha İbrahim 'Psafya' born 1860 married Veli 'Kasino'

6 Şerife Gezu İbrahim 'Psafya' married İsmail 'Topal'

7 Melek İbrahim 'Psafya' (Melekka) married Seid-Ali 'Harmaci'

8 Hüseyin  İbrahim 'Psafya' 1871-1874

İSMAIL İBRAHIM 'Psafya' born 1869 married KADRİYE  İBRAHIM ’Öksüz Hüseyin’

their children

1 İbrahim İsmail 1902 died young

2 Arif İsmail had no children born 02.04.1905-1989

3 Emine İsmail 2nd wife of Hüseyin 'Skuluga'

4 Razgeli İsmail 1910-1980 married Süleyman İbrahim 'Babutsaro' 

5 Melek İsmail 'Melekka' 1913-1996 married Murat Mustafa 'Yakula'

ARİF İSMAİL 'Psafya' 1906-1989-married MELEK HALİL  ’Halil Aza’ 1916-1999

no children

EMİNE İSMAİL 'Psafya' married HÜSEYİN İBRAHİM ’Skuluga’ 1890-1971

their children

1 İsmail Derviş Hüseyin Kurt ’Sguluga’ 

2 İbrahim Hüseyin Kurt ’Sguluga’ 

3 Yusuf Hüseyin Kurt ’Sguluga’ 

RAZGELİ İSMAİL 'Psafya' 1910-1980 married SÜLEYMAN İBRAHIM  'Babutsaro'. 1900-1997

His children

1  İsmail  Süleyman  'Babutsaro'

2  Hatem  Süleyman  'Babutsaro'  married Mustafa Kuşa 'Dalili'

3  Latife  Süleyman   'Babutsaro'  married Ramadan  'Birgo'

4  Jale     Süleyman  'Babutsaro'   married  Yusuf 'Zabit'

5  Katriye   Süleyman   'Babutsaro'  married  Enver Gingi

RAHME İSMAİL 'Psafya' 1913-1996 married MURAT MUSTAFA ’Deliyo’Yakula’ 1907-1982

their children

1 Kemal Murat Akınlı ’Deliyo’

2 Kadriye Murat ’Deliyo’

ARİF İBRAHİM ’Gutso Arifo’Psafya’ born 1877 married REBGELİ MUSTAFA 'Mustafuri' their children

1 İbrahım Arif 'Psafya' died in 1989 married Naciye Hüseyin ’Guşa’ 

2 Ziliha Arif 'Psafya' 1914-1984 married Hüseyin 'Halilo'


their children

1 Arif İbrahım  ’Gutso Arifo’Psafya’ married Cemile Hüseyin from Gorovya. in Australia 

2 Mehmet İbrahım  ’Gutso Arifo’Psafya’ married Aylan Yusuf 'Yannako'. in Australia

3 Selma İbrahım ’Gutso Arifo’Psafya’  married Osman Yeniçeri in Australia

4 Sezan İbrahım ’Gutso Arifo’Psafya’ married İbrahim 'Kutsullo' in Australia

ARİF İBRAHİM ’Gutso Arifo’ married CEMİLE HÜSEYİN from Gorovya. they live in Australia

their children

1 İbrahım Arif ’Gutso Arifo’Psafya’ 

2 Hüseyin Arif ’Gutso Arifo’Psafya’ 

3 Naciye Arif ’Gutso Arifo’Psafya’ 

HÜSEYİN ARİF ’Gutso Arifo’Psafya’ married NADINE an Australian

their children

1 Alexis Hüseyin Arif 

2 Olivia Hüseyin Arif 

3 Aiva Hüseyin Arif 

NACİYE ARİF ’Gutso Arifo’Psafya’  married JOHNNIE BOTOS an Australian 

their children

1 Aiden Botos

2 Markos Botos

MEHMET İBRAHİM ’Gutso Arifo’ married AYLAN YUSUF ’Yannako’

their children

1 Şerife Mehmet ’Gutso-Arifo’ married Peter King an Australian

2 Naciye Mehmet ’Gutso-Arifo’

3 İbrahim Mehmet ’Gutso-Arifo’ married Marilou from the Phillipines

4 Yusuf Mehmet ’Gutso-Arifo’

ŞERİFE MEHMET ’Gutso Arifo married PETER KING an Australian

their children

1 Samantha King

İBRAHİM MEHMET ’Gutso Arifo married MARILOU from the Phillipines

their children

1 Halya İbrahim Mehmet 

2 Zahli İbrahim Mehmet 

SELMA İBRAHİM ’Gutso Arifo’ married OSMAN YUSUF YENİÇERİ ’Yannitsaro/Şiradi’

their children

1 Yusuf Yeniçeri ’Yannitsaro/Şiradi’

2 Naciye Yeniçeri ’Yannitsaro/Şiradi’

3 Pembe Yeniçeri ’Yannitsaro/Şiradi’

SEZAN İBRAHİM ’Gutso Arifo’ married  İBRAHİM İSMAIL 'Paşo' 

their children

1 Naci İbrahim Gutsullo 1st marriage Jenny. 2nd marriage to Jessie both Australian

2 İsmail İbrahim Gutsullo

3 Şerife İbrahim Gutsullo married Çetin Surname is either (Ali or Hüseyin)?  in Australia

4 Çiler İbrahim Gutsullo married Anthony  in Australia 

ZİLİHA ARİF ’Gutso Arifo 1914-1984 married HÜSEYİN HALİL 'Halilo'  'Karpazlı'  born 1902-1976 

their children

1  Halil Hüseyin 'Halilo' 'Karpazlı' (Gurşan) married Nazife İbrahim ‘Tozzi’

2  Arif  Huseyin  'Halilo'  'Karpazlı'          

3  Vasif  Hüseyin  'Halilo'  'Karpazlı'        

4  Süleyman Hüseyin  'Halilo/Mehaneci'  'Karpazlı'  (Gurşan)  

5  Mesat  Hüseyin  'Halilo' 'Karpazlı'

6  İbrahim  Hüseyin  'Halilo' 'Karpazlı' (Çamlıbel)

7  Fikriye  Hüseyin  'Halilo' 'Karpazlı'  married  Ömer Mustafa 'Gugo' 'Gigeo'

8  Fatma  Hüseyin  'Halilo' 'Karpazlı' married Mehmet Uygur

RAZİYE İBRAHİM ’Psafya’ born 1856 married YUSUF MUSTAFA ’Itelli/Munduko’ (16)

their children

1 Mustafa Yusuf ’/Kiduri/İtelli’ 1894-1983

2 Ayşe Yusuf ’Gugu Ayse/İtelli

ZALİHE İBRAHİM ’Psafya’ born 1860  married VELİ YUSUF 'Gaseno' born 1858 married

their children

1 Yusuf Veli ’Matsa/Gaseno’ born 1890 

2 İbrahim Veli ’Aspro/Gaseno’ born 1896

3 Emine Veli ’Gaseno’

4 Razgeli Veli ’Gaseno’

5 Dudu Veli ’Gaseno’

ŞERİF İBRAHİM ’Psafya’ married İSMAIL YUSUF 'Kutso/İsmail' born 1866 married

their children

1 Mehmet Ülfet İsmaıl 'Öğretmen' born 10,09, 1892-1968  moved to Nicosia

2 Mustafa Şükrü İsmail 'Memur', born 16,11,1899.

3 Dudu İsmaıl married Ali 'Aligunni'

4 Emine İsmaıl married Mustafa 'Kudi'

5 Ayşe İsmail married Yusuf Rüstem 'Abeydo'

6 Razgeli İsmaıl 1901-1978 married Ramadan Veli 'Lao'

MELEK İBRAHIM 'Psafya' married  SEİDALİ HÜSEYİN 'Kulaklı' 1864-1947 (17)

Their family

1  Hüseyin Seid-Ali  'Kulaklı'  died as a child

2  İbrahım Seid Ali  'Sıtkı' ’Horolo/Tahsildar born 06,01,1893. 

3  Hüseyin  Seid-Ali  born 1896 moved to Nicosia

4  Arif  Seid-Ali  



SÜLEYMAN MUSLU ’Russo’ moved to Dali, his wife’s name has not been identified 

their children

1 Razgeli Süleyman ’Russo’ 1st wife of Ramadan İbrahim 'Şarvuti/Çamuri’ born 1863

2 Emine Süleyman ’Rusena/Russo’ 

3 Ayşe Süleyman ’Russo’ 

4 Hatice Süleyman ’Russo’ 

RAZGELİ SÜLEYMAN ’Russo’ married RAMADAN İBRAHİM Şarvuti/Çamuri’ born 1863 (18)

their children

1 İbrahim Ramadan 'Şarvuti’ born 1889

EMİNE SÜLEYMAN ’Russo’ married MURAT MUSTAFA 'Çıkırıkcı' marrie

their children

1 Mustafa Murat 'Golomustaho’ married Fatma Yusuf 'Viddini' (on the Uşi page)

2 Süleyman Murat 'Çarta' died 15.07.1973 married Şerife Mustafa 'Lurto/Çartu' died on 27.04.1973 

3 Dudu Murat 'Kufina ' married Yusuf 'Kufi'

4 Razgeli Murat 'Geli' born 1874 married Mehmet Karagözlu 'Mavromaddi' born 1872-1916. 

AYŞE SÜLEYMAN ’Russo’  married İSMAİL Zibidi’ from Dali

their children

1 Dudu İsmail ’Zibidi’

DUDU İSMAİL Zibidi’ 1st marriage to SÜLEYMAN YUSUF ’Gutrumbello’. 2nd marriage İBRAHİM 'Gulle’

children from 1st marriage

1 Süleyman Süleyman ’Gutrumbello’

2 Beyzade Süleyman Özerman ’Gutrumbello’ 

children from 2nd marriage

2 Hasan İbrahim ’Gulle’

3 Lütfiye İbrahim ’Gulle’

Note. It was custom to name a child’s first name after a deceased parent. It’s speculative however if this was the case in naming Süleyman after his father.


their children

1 Halide Hasan ’Gulle’ married Ali Emir Ali Güleroğlu ’Oloyelo

2 Hüsniye Hasan ’Gulle’ married  Mehmet İbrahim Karagözlü ’Gavleş/Mavromadi’

3 İbrahim   Hasan ’Gulle’ married 

4 Süleyman  Hasan ’Gulle’ married 

5 Emine Hasan ’Gulle’ married 


his children

1  Keziban  Ali Emir-Ali  married İbrahim Zeki 'Usta'. In the UK

2  Gülen  Ali   Emir-Ali.  In the UK

3  Kenan  Ali   Emir-Ali. In the UK      

4  Ayşe   Ali   Emir-Ali    married Ali Kama from Turkey. In the UK

5  Emine  Ali  Emir-Ali  married  Hakki Halil from Episcopi village. In the UK

HÜSNİYE HASAN ’Gulle’ married MEHMET İBRAHİM  KARAGÖLÜ 'Gavleş/Mavromadi’ born 1935 

their children

1 İbrahim Mehmet Karagözlü ’Gavleş/Mavromadi’

2 Hasan Mehmet Karagözlü ’Gavleş/Mavromadi’

EMİNE HASAN ’Gulle’ married RAMADAN RİFAT GÖKŞAN  ’Zurnacı/Bada’

their children

1 Keziban Gökşan ’Zurnacı/Bada’

LÜTFİYE İBRAHİM ’Gulle’ married  MEHMET YUSUF 'Sgurumuni/Gubi’

their children

1  Yusuf  Mehmet   married Ayşe Yusuf

2  İbrahım  Mehmet    married Havva

3  Keziban   Mehmet  married   Yüksel Bekir

4  Suzan  Mehmet    married   Dave Giddings

5  Sonay  Mehmet              

6  Selma  Mehmet  married   Ali Özkutaylı

HATİCE SÜLEYMAN ’Russo’ married MURAT HÜSEYİN ’Ağa’ from Dali

their children

1 Süleyman Murat  ’Sinek’ Murat Ağa’

2 Hüseyin  Murat  ’Sinek’ Murat Ağa’

3 Siddiga Murat  ’Sinek’ Murat Ağa’


RAZGELİ MUSLU  married HASAN MEHMET ’Kara Hasan’ 1805-1885 they married in 1935

their children

1  Muslu Hasan Kara-Hasan  born in 1848 married 1st marriage Greek lady, name ? (19) 2nd marriage  Havri Seid-Ali 'Ahha'

2  Mehmet Hasan Kara-Hasan 'Böyle' born 1843

3  Arif Hasan Kara-Hasan   1852-1878

4  Emine Hasan Kara-Hasan’Yannitsaru’ born 1846 married Osman 'Yanitsaro'

5  Rahme Hasan Kara-Hasan ’Cullina’  born 1860  married  Yusuf 'Culli' 

(1) Though recorded on the 1831 census as he was past military age his age was not listed.A good guess would be that he was over the age of 50-55. T.C Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri. Book TŞR.KB.d.00040. Pages 45 ve 46. Person No; 21.

(2) This person has not been found on any other record other than the 1831 records of the T.C Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri. Book TŞR.KB.d.00040. Pages 45 ve 46. Person No; 22. He may have died young.

(3) No name for Yusuf Muslu's wife was recorded. She may possibly have died long before the census. Ref No; 5356

(4) The dates for this family are listed in the. Ottoman census 1879. Doc No; 154-a-1 page 307. Persons Ref No’s 5358 & 5359

(5) This family is recorded on the Ottoman census of 1879. Doc 162-a-1 page 323(6) The Milli arşiv ve araştırma dairesinde 67 numarada kayıt.  1889,1890,1893,1897,1906 kayıtlar.  page 161 family No; 82.

(7) Ottoman census 1879. Doc 's 166-a-2 page  331,

(8) There is some discrepancy about this marriage as the Ottoman document states that it was Emine who married Arif. Other sources state Şerife. Ottoman census 1879, Doc No; 152-a-2 page 303

(9) Ottoman census 1879, Doc No;149-a-2 page 297

(10) Milli arşiv ve araştırma dairesinde 67 numarada kayıt.  1889,1890,1893,1897,1906 kayıtlar. . page 134 family No;5.

(11) Ottoman census 1879. Doc 154-a-1 page 307. Person Ref No; 5360. 

(12) Ottoman census 1879. Doc 154-a-1 page 307. Ref No; 5360.

(13) The Milli arşiv ve araştırma dairesinde 67 numarada kayıt.  1889,1890,1893,1897,1906 kayıtlar.  page 144 family No; 34

(14) Records of İbrahim Tahsildar. Mehmet Said family pages 135-158, and personal interview with Veli Cufoğlu

(15) Ottoman census 1879, page 156-a-3 page 311. Ref No; 5451.Raziye was recorded  as Kerimesi which in old Ottoman meant “Kız evlâd. Kendine ikram edilmiş kimse”.  It looks like she may have been raised by  İbrahım and Emine. She was missed out from İbrahım Tahsildar's records, probably as she was not considered to be a child of the family.

(16) see footnote 8

(17) Ottoman census 1879. Doc No; 149-a-3 page 297

(18)  Razgeli may have died soon after or given birth as her child İbrahım died as a child. Ramadan re-married and named his next son İbrahim also. Records of İbrahim Tahsildar. The Suleyman Zabuni family, page 13.

(19)  Though Mehmet Kara-Hasan's year of marriage is given, the name of his wife is not listed. Ottoman census 1879. Doc No; 164-a-2 page 327. Ref; 5722. There is a contradictory record of his age in the 1831 census which records him as being 30 years old. This would have meant he was born in 1801. T.C Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri. Book TŞR.KB.d.00040. Pages 45 ve 46. Person No; 20.

Ottoman census 1879. Doc No; 164-a-2 (327) also records some of Hasan’s children’s years of birth.

İbrahim Tahsildar records this family of Sari Mehmet Hurrem bey on pages 20-38

Sadly there no no photos of this family on our website. The following are general photos of Lurucina's way of life and scenes

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