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Veli Yusuf 'Kerlo'


YUSUF VELİ 'Kerlo' came  from Dali; his sister EMİNE KAVAZ 'Lurtena'  (wife of Mustafa Hasan 'Lurto' ) was his sister. As they originated from Dali tracing their roots further then the late 1800s is difficult. They were also related to the Kavaz family in Dali and Lurucina. [1]

VELİ ‘Kerlo’ married ? from Dali


1 Yusuf Veli ‘Kerlo’ married Ayşe Ramadan ‘Tikku’

2 Hüsniye Veli ’Kerlo’

3 Emine Veli ’Kerlo/Lurtena’ Mustafa Hasan ’Lurto’Arap’ born 1867

4 Keziban Veli ‘Kerlo’

YUSUF VELİ 'Kerlo' married  AYŞE RAMADAN 'Tikku/Tsuro'.[2]

their children.

1  Veli Yusuf  'Kerlo' born 10.05.1910 - 01.12.2000 married  Emine Hüseyin 'Riala'

2  Ramadan  Yusuf 'Kerlo'

3  İbrahım  Yusuf  'Kerlo' 16.02.1915  -  12.08.2005

4  Mehmet  Yusuf 'Kerlo, Skordo' 1924-2002 married Hatice Veli 'Kirlapo' 

5  Dervişe Yusuf (stayed in Dali)

VELİ YUSUF 'Kerlo born 10.05.1910-01.12.2000 married EMİNE HÜSEYİN 'Riala'

their children

1  Soner Veli Yusuf 'Kerlo'

2  Layka  Veli  Yusuf  'Kerlo'        

3  Aycan  Veli  Yusuf   'Kerlo'  

AYCAN VELİ ’Kerlo’ married CEMAL from Minareli Köy

their children 

1 Tijen Cemal

RAMADAN YUSUF ’Kerlo/Tai’ married  ARİFE EMİRALİ ‘Bitaga’

1  Yusuf Ramadan 'Kerlo/Tai' married Behice İbrahim. 

2  Behic  Ramadan  'Kerlo/Tai' died in  2008 

3  Emir-Ali  Ramadan  'Kerlo/Tai'

4  Aysel  Ramadan  'Kerlo/Tai'  married Raif İskit

YUSUF RAMADAN ’Kerlo/Tai’ married BEHİCE İBRAHIM ‘Dilsiz’

their children

1 Ramadan Yusuf ’Kerlo/Tai’

2 Hicran Yusuf ’Kerlo/Tai’

3 Canev Yusuf ‘Kerlo/Tai’

RAMADAN YUSUF ’Kerlo’ married EMEL YUSUF ’Kurt/Sguluga’

their children

1 Yusuf Ramadan ’Kerlo/Tai’

2 Selen Ramadan ’Kerlo/Tai’


their children

1 Ramadan Salihcan ’Kerlo/Tai’

2 Meryem Salihcan ’Kerlo/Tai’

3 ? 

EMİR-ALİ RAMADAN ’Kerlo/Tai’ married MELEK

their children 

1 Turuhsan Emir-Ali ’Kerlo/tai’

2 Nilhan Emir-Ali ’Kerlo/tai’

3 Ayfer Emir-Ali ’Kerlo/tai’

AYSEL RAMADAN ’Kerlo/Tai’ married RAİF İBRAHİM ’İskit’

their children

1 İbrahim Raif ’Iskit’

2 Osman Raif ’Iskit’

3 Hasret Raif ’Iskit’

İBRAHİM YUSUF ’Sglinigo/Kerlo’ married DUDU MEHMET ’Gannu’ 1914-1989

their children

1 Yusuf İbrahim ’Sglinigo’ married Hatice from Kaleburnu

2 Soner İbrahim ’Sglinigo’ married Meryem from Famagusta

3 Behice İbrahim ’Sglinigo’ born 01.09.1938  married Kemal Yusuf Ado, Bududa' 01.11.1939-09.06.2020.

YUSUF  İBRAHİM ’Sglinigo’ married HATİCE from Kaleburnu village

their children

1 İbrahim Yusuf ’Sglinigo’

2 İlkay Yusuf ’Sglinigo’

3 Emine Yusuf ’Sglinigo’

SONER İBRAHIM ’Sglinigo’ married MERYEM from Famagusta

their children

1 Cem Soner ’Sglinigo’

2 İbrahim Soner ’Sglinigo’

BEHİCE  İBRAHİM ’Sglinigo born 1938 married KEMAL YUSUF KARTAL ’Ado/Bududa’ 01.11.1939- 09.06.2020. (3)

Their children

1 Ercan Kemal Kartal ’Bududa/Ado’

2 Dudu Kemal Kartal ’Bududa/Ado’

3 Emine Kemal Kartal  ’Bududa/Ado’ 17.02.1972 - 03.09.1999

MEHMET YUSUF ’Kerlo/Skordo’ 1924-2002 married HATİCE VELİ ’Kirlapo’ (4)

their children

1 Veli Şekerali 1953 - 20.10.1974 married to Aydın Karaöz (5)

2 Şengül Mehmet ’Skordo’ born 11.9.1957 married Süleyman Yusuf 'Gondo' .divorced

3 Yusuf  Mehmet ’Durzi/Skordo’ born 22.3.1959. married Emine Latif from Sinde

4 Emine Mehmet ’Skordo’ married Hüseyin Ahmet from Yeni İskele / Trikomo

(Veli was from Hatice’s 1st marriage to Ramadan Şeker-Ali. Veli was tragically shot by mistake while on military sentry duty by a fellow villager just after the 1974 Cyprus conflict) 

VELİ ŞEKER-ALİ 1953 - 20.10.1974 married to AYDIN KARAÖZ 

their children

1 Hicran Veli Şeker-Ali born 1974 has a son named Can

ŞENGÜL MEHMET ’Skordo’ 11.9.1957 married SÜLEYMAN YUSUF ’Gondo’. divorced.

their children

1 Serkan Süleyman ’Gondo’ (surname now Kisa)

2 Hatice Süleyman ’Gondo’ 

3 Yusuf Süleyman ’Gondo’ (surname now Kisa)

YUSUF MEHMET  ’Durzi/Skordo’ born 22.3.1959 married EMİNE LATİF from Sinde

their children

1 Mehmet Yusuf ’Durzi’ (surname now Furkan)2 sons, Muhammed Furkan & Timucin Furkan 

2 Hatice Yusuf ’Durzi’ (surname now Furkan)

3 Manolya Yusuf ’Durzi’ (surname now Furkan)

4 Veli  Yusuf ’Durzi’ (surname now Furkan)

EMİNE MEHMET ’Skordo/Kerlo’ married HÜSEYİN AHMET from  Yeni-İskele/Trikomo

their children  

1  Ahmet Hüseyin Aytül

2  Mehmet Hüseyin Aytül

3  Fatoş (Fatma) Hüseyin Aytül 

HÜSNİYE VELİ ’Kerlo’ married İBRAHIM YUSUF ’Gutrumbello/Çamuri’ 

their children

1 Keziban İbrahim ’Çamuri’

2 Yusuf İbrahim ’Çamuri’

3 Veli İbrahim ’Velo/Çamuri’

4 Dudu İbrahim ’Camuri’

5 Emine İbrahim ’Çamuri’

EMİNE VELİ ’Kerlo/Lurtena’ from Dali married MUSTAFA HASAN ’Lurto’Arap’ born 1867

their children

1 Hasan Mustafa ’Lordo/Lurto’ born 1896

2 Veli Mustafa ’Kirlapo/Lurto born 1900 - 1970 married Şerife Mehmet Kavaz 01.10.1905 - 02.10.1985

3 Şerife Mustafa ’Çartena/Lurto birth year ? died in 1973 married Süleyman Murat ’Çarta’

4 Kadriye  Mustafa ’Lurto’ birth year ? died in 1968 married Sultan Süleyman ’Gato’

5 Dudu Mustafa ’Lurto’ born 1902  died 1978 married İsmail Mehmet ’Fesa’

6 Rahme Mustafa ’Rahmeli/Lurto’  born 1907 died 1980 married Osman Mustafa ’Tari’ 

KEZİBAN VELİ ’Kerlo’ married YUSUF İSMAIL ’Şufta born 1872

their children

1 Emine Yusuf ’Şufta’/Kina’1895 -1988

2 İsmail Yusuf ’Şufta’ born 1899

3 Şerife Yusuf ’Şufta’ 

4 Zalihe Yusuf ’Şufta’

5 Hatice Yusuf ’Şufta’ born 1910-1985

6 Hüsniye Yusuf ’Şufta’

7 Ayşe Yusuf ’Şufta/Tsendina’


(1) Information from Emine 'Lurtena's' grandson Mehmet Veli 'Kirlapo'

(2) Information from their granddaughter Şengül  Mehmet

(3) Information from an İnterview with Behice İbrahım & Kemal Yusuf 'Ado'.

(4) Information from Şengül  Mehmet

(5) 1st cousin to the researcher of this family 

The photos on this page are from the personal collection of Ismail Veli 'Kirlapo'

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