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Hasan Yusuf 'Arap' (Şiliono) part 1.

The Lurto's, Kirlapo, Çarta, Fesa & Tari are part of this family tree

Hasan Yusuf 'Arab' was the son of Yusuf Mustafa 'Şiliono'. He had eleven children. Osman 'Gunduro' and Yusuf 'Treboyadi' were from his first wife Şerife. Sadly she died soon after having her second child. The reasons are unknown. Any number of reasons could have been the cause. At a time of little medical facilities giving birth itself could turn out to be a dangerous, and infections a common occurrence. All that could be found about her was that she was the second daughter of Yusuf Ibrahim 'Garaoli'.

Hasan 'Arab' went on to marry a lady by the same name as his first wife Şerife, and had 9 other children together amongst them Mustafa Lurto' my paternal great grandfather. This page deals with Mustafa 'Lurto' The second page will be of Osman 'Gunduro' and Yusuf 'Treboyadi'. Page's 3,4 and 5 will be dedicated to the remaining eight of his children.

Yusuf Mustafa 'Şiliono' came to the village of Lurucina from Pirga. Though the old-timers all swear to the fact that the Şiliono were of Arab/ Egyptian descent, finding conclusive proof became difficult to find. We do not know when Yusuf Mustafa came to live in Lurucina, only that his children were registered in Lurucina and that they were born between 1796-1819. The oldest son Mustafa's year of birth was finally found in the 1831 Ottoman census. The 1879 census recorded Hasan Yusuf as an Arab. details were found in the Ottoman census of 1879, on Doc No : 158-a-2 (315)  person No; 5513

Each group of families can be found on different pages titled under the name of each child of Hasan Yusuf 'Arab'.

The Lurto, Fesa, Tari and Kirlapo's are part of this family tree.

YUSUF MUSTAFA 'Kırlangıç' 'Şiliono'

His children.

1 Mustafa Yusuf 'Şiliono' born 1796 Sipahi [1]

2 Hasan Yusuf 'Arab' born 1800. (or 1818-19) (2) 1st wife Şerife Yusuf Garaoli they married in 1839 (daughter of Yusuf İbrahım 'Garaoli). 2nd Şerife İbrahım 'Paça' born 1829 they married in 1845 [2].

3 Seid Ali Yusuf 'Ahha' born 1810 married Dudu Osman born 1819 [3].

4 Osman Yusuf 'Damba' born 1798 married Hanim Mustafa born in 1800. They married in 1820 [4].

5 Ayşe Yusuf 'Şilioni' born 1819 married Mehmet Kavaz born 1810-1821(2 different ages were given in the 1831 and 1879 Ottoman census documents) they married in 1839 [5].

6 Şerife Yusuf 'Şilioni' married Ramadan Musurda 'Yakula' 

HASAN YUSUF 'Arabi' born 1818-19.1st wife married in 1839. ŞERİFE YUSUF ’Garaoli ’. 2nd wife ŞERİFE İBRAHIM ’Paça’ born 1829 married in 1845

Their children

1 Yusuf Hasan 'Treboyadi' born 1841 married Melek İsmail 'Tahuredi'

2 Osman Hasan 'Gunduro's du Hasan 'Arabi' born 1844 married Zalihe Hasan 'Kuvaros' 'Yumakcı' from Hasan's 1st wife

3 Rüstem Hasan born 1853 married Pembe Mehmet 'Gatsura'

4 Seyid Ali Hasan ‘Gurio’ born in 1858

5 Mehmet Hasan 'Gubi' born 1864

6 Hüseyin Hasan 'Fidiriko' born 1867-68

7 Mustafa Hasan 'Lurto' born 1867 [6] married Emine Kavaz 'Lurtena'

8 Necip Hasan born 1875 married Pembe Mustafa

9 Rahme ?(Cemaliye) Hasan 'Rahmeli' born 1854 married İsmail Hasan 'İsmailo'

10 Emine Hasan born 1857 married İbrahim Yusuf 'Gerekko/Gazi' born 1846

11 Hatice Hasan married Hüseyin 'Cangi'

Mustafa Hasan 'Lurto' 1867-8 married Emine 'Kavaz' 'Lurtena' from Dali

Their children

1 Şerife Mustafa ' Çartena' 1894? died in 1973 married Süleyman Murat 'Çarta' died 1973

2 Hasan Mustafa 'Lordo' born 1896 married Razgeli 'Paşo'  1903-1993

3 Kadriye Mustafa 'Gattena' married Sultan Süleyman 'Gato'

4 Veli Mustafa 'Kirlapo' 1901-1970 married Şerife Mehmet 'Kavaz' 01.10.1905?-02.10.1985 [7].

5 Dudu Mustafa 'Fesa' 1902-1978 married İsmail 'Fesa' born 20,08.1893

6 Rahme Mustafa 'Rahmeli' 1907-2016 married Osman Mustafa 'Tari' 1907-1980 


ŞERİFE MUSTAFA 'Çartena/Lurto' born 1894? died on 27.04.1973 married SÜLEYMAN MURAT ’Çarta' died 15.07.1973

their children

1 Emine Süleyman 'Mudahu/Çarta' 1919-2002 married Mustafa 'Mudahu'

2 Naciye Süleyman 'Garibu/Çarta ’ 1914-2004 married İbrahim 'Garip'

3 Murat Süleyman 'Çarta' 10,02,1919- 27.03.2002 married Hatice Mehmet 'Mehmetça’

4 Mustafa Süleyman Çarta married Emine Yusuf 'Bodiri.

EMİNE SÜLEYMAN 'Mudahu' 1910-1974 married Mustafa Mehmet ‘Fesa/Mudahu' 25,12,1899-1968

1 Şerife Mustafa born 16.09 1953

2 Süleyman Mustafa born 17.04.1955 children Emma born in 1984

3 Yusuf Mustafa born 15.04.1957

4 Murat Mustafa born 03.09.1958

5 Dudu Mustafa born 12.05.1963 children Aydın (2004) & Aimee (2008)

NACİYE SÜLEYMAN 'Garip' 1914-2004 married İBRAHIM 'Garip' 1904-2000

their children

1 Melek İbrahim 'Garip' children Kemal, İbrahim, Naci

2 Mustafa İbrahım 'Garip' children Naciye, Hatem, İbrahim

3 Süleyman İbrahim 'Aksippa/Garip'1938-2015 children Aynur, İbrahim

4 Şerife İbrahım 'Garip' children Yasin

5 Sevgi İbrahım 'Garip' children Evren, Gülseven

6 Sevilay İbrahım 'Garip' married Mehmet Murat 'Çarta'

MURAT SÜLEYMAN 10.02.1919 married HATİCE born 29.11.1923. [8] 

their children

1 Mehmet Murat (Çarman) 'Çarta' born 12.12.1950 married Sevilay İbrahim 'Garip' children Murat & Şebnem

2 Şerife Murat 'Çarta' born 22.01.1953 married Hasan Yusuf born 10.07.1950

Yusuf born 19.05.1982 & Tijen born 26.07.1986

3 Dervişe Murat 'Çarta' born 16.04.1954 married Ahmet Mehmet. Their children Mehmet & Tarıq

4 Süleyman Murat 'Çarta' born 12 05.1960 had a child named Emma


1 Şerife Mustafa born 16.09 1953

2 Süleyman Mustafa born 17.04.1955 children Emma born in 1984

3 Yusuf Mustafa born 15.04.1957

4 Murat Mustafa born 03.09.1958

5 Dudu Mustafa born 12.05.1963 children Aydın (2004) & Aimee (2008)


HASAN MUSTAFA 'Lordo/Lurto born 1896 married RAZGELİ 'Paşo' 1903-1993

their children

1 Kemal Hasan Lord  'Lordo' married Şerife Mehmet 'Çemberli'

2 Emine Hasan Lordo 1925-2005 married Hüseyin Osman 'Gatsura'

3 Cemaliye Hasan Lordo married Murat Mehmet 'Geli' (Karagözlü)

4 Hatice Hasan Lordo 1937-2016 married Hasan Huseyin Kara İsmail 'Askidi'

KEMAL HASAN 'Lordo' married married ŞERİFE MEHMET 'Çemberli'

their children

1 Mehmet Kemal Lord ‘Lordo’ born 1963 married Soley Süleyman Aşkun 'Mustambeşi'

2 Pembe Kemal Lord ‘Lordo’ married Arif Kemal Akınlı

MEHMET KEMAL LORD ‘Lordo’ born 1963 married SOLEY SÜLEYMAN 'Aşkun' (Pekri) 'Mustambeşi'

their children

1 Letife Mehmet Lord ‘Lordo’

2 Şerife Mehmet Lord ‘Lordo’


their children

1 Şerife Kemal Akınlı ’Deliyo’

2 Ayşe Kemal Akınlı ‘Deliyo’

EMİNE HASAN 'Lordo' 1925-2005 married HÜSEYİN OSMAN 'Gatsura'

their children

1 Raziye Hüseyin 'Gatsura' born 1944 married İbrahım 'Yallitsi' (Parıldak)

2 Osman Hüseyin 'Gatsura' born 1946 Göksen Muslu

3 Sevgi Hüseyin 'Gatsura' born 1950 married Necdet from Pile village

4 Hasan Hüseyin 'Gatsura' (disabled) born 1952 

5 Sevilay Hüseyin 'Gatsura' born 1954 married Seval Osman 'Ganari'

6 Netice Hüseyin 'Gatsura' born 1956 married

7 Serap Hüseyin 'Gatsura' born 1960 married Fatih Hüseyin

CEMALİYE HASAN 'Lordo' born 1927-28? married MURAT MEHMET KARAGÖZLÜ 'Geli' born 


their children

1 Mehmet Murat Karagözlü ‘Geli’ 04.11.1952 - 03.07.2022 married Anne from Ireland

2 Hasan Murat Karagözlü ‘Geli’

3 İbrahim Murat Karagözlü  'Geli/Jimmy' 1st marriage Theresa from the UK. 2nd marriage ? from the village of Mora

MEHMET MURAT KARAGÖZLÜ ‘Geli’ 04.11.1952 - 03.07.2022 married ANNE from Ireland

his children

1 Cemaliye Mehmet Karagözlü

2 Leyla Mehmet Karagözlü

3 Murat Mehmet Karagözlü


his children

1 Murat Hasan Karagözlü ‘Geli’

2 Ceylan Hasan Karagözlü Geli’

3 Cemaliye Hasan Karagözlü Geli’

4 Ayşe Hasan Karagözlü Geli’ 

İBRAHİM MURAT KARAGÖZLÜ ‘Geli’ 1st marriage Theresa from the UK. 2nd marriage? from the village of Mora

their children

1 Cemaliye İbrahim Karagözlü ’Geli’

2 Ayşe İbrahim Karagözlü ’Geli’

3 Murat İbrahim Karagözlü Geli’

children from 2nd marriage

4 Ceykan İbrahim Karagözlü Geli’

5 Şanel İbrahim Karagözlü Geli’


their children

1 Duygu Hasan Karaöz married Seval Yücelen 'Mudaho'

2 Raziye Hasan Karaöz married Behahettin 'Şago' (Gatsura)

3 Ilgin Hasan Karaöz married Reşat from Afanya

4 Seray Hasan Karaöz married İsmail Erdoğan Selkan

5 Kemal Hasan Karaöz married Sahar from Pasakoy village

6 Hüseyin Hasan Karaöz married Yeliz Hasan 'Lefkeli'.Their children Hatice & Hasan


KADRİYE MUSTAFA 'Lurto/Gattena' born between 1897-99 died in 1968 married SÜLEYMAN YUSUF 'Gato' 1919-2002

their children

1 Yusuf Süleyman 'Gato/Kasap 1904-1974 married Razgeli Hüseyin 'Riala'

2 Sultan Süleyman 'Gato/Sultano  (Dündar)

3 Emine Süleyman 'Gato'’/Baligaru 1920-1985 married Mehmet 'Otangudi'

All in the UK

YUSUF SÜLEYMAN ’Gato/Kedi year of birth 1904 died in 1974. 1st marriage to REFİDE HÜSEYİN ’Riala’

2nd Marriage to RAZGELİ HÜSEYİN ’Gunetti’ 1907-1985

SULTAN SÜLEYMAN 'Gato,Sultano' (Dündar) married BERİA SÜLEYMAN 'Gingi' 

their children (10)

1 Zeren Sultan married Yusuf 'Kücüki' their children, Derya & Hüssein.

2 Süleyman Sultan married Hansel İbrahim their children Şerife & Ersoy

3 Yusuf Sultan married Şengül Süleyman 'Misigigo' their children Selten, Serkan, Filiz & Mehmet

4 Fatih Sultan married Serap Hüseyin

5 Alkan sultan children Arife, Doğan & Erdem

6 Ümit Sultan married Keziban Bekir Demirci 'Gutsoveli' their children Beriya & Altan

EMİNE SÜLEYMAN 'Gato/Baligaru 1920-1985 married MEHMET  OSMAN 'Balligari/Otangudi'

their children

1 Osman Mehmet ’Balligari’ (surname is now Pehlivan) born 1944-2013

2 Sultan Mehmet ’Balligari’ (surname is now Pehlivan) born 1953- 1970

3 Türkan Mehmet ’Balligari’ (surname is now Pehlivan)

4 Melek Mehmet ’Balligari’ (surname is now Pehlivan)

5 Kadriye Mehmet ’Balligari’ (surname is now Pehlivan) 


VELİ MUSTAFA 'Kirlapo' born 14 July 1901 married ŞERİFE MEHMET 'Kavaz' 01.10.1904-5? - 02.10.1985

Their children

1 Mustafa Died when 3 years old. estimated birth date 1924/25

2 Mustafa Veli born Mehmet, (10.02.1927-Feb 1996) renamed after death of 1st born married Sadiye Osman 'Gato'

3 Mehmet Veli 12.08.1929-06-08-2020 married Fatma Yusuf 'Phsilo' 03.02.1935

4 Emine Veli 22.03.1932-June 1969 married Ibrahim Mustafa 'Giji'

5 Hatice Veli married Ramadan Şekerali from Matyat village and then Mehmet Yusuf 'Skordo' 'Kerlo'

6 Rahme Veli 05.11.1936 - 28.12,2012 married Cahit Cemal from Dohni 1933-34? -20.07.1958

7 Sabriye Veli 16. 12. 1938 - 24.3.2007 married Mehmet Salih Ali from Dohni 01.03.1928 - 10.07.2000

8 Eyüb Veli died as an infant. 6-8 months old?

9 Kâmil Veli 01.01.1944 - 10.09.1974 married Sabiha Ibrahim born 16.11.1944

10 Kâmuran Veli married Ali from Larnaca

11 Katriye/Dudu Veli born 1950 married Halil from Dali

MUSTAFA VELİ 'Kirlapo' 10.02.1927- 06.02.1996 & SADİYE OSMAN 'Gato

their children

1 Emine Mustafa 'Minu' married Mick, their children Derviş, Mustafa, Timur, Suzan

2 Şermin Mustafa married Kemal Hüseyin from Nicosia adopted one girl

3 Veli Mustafa 22.05.1954 -11.11,1985 married Sheila one son named Richard

MEHMET VELİ 'Bedi' 'Kirlapo' 12.08.1929 married FATMA YUSUF 'Phsilo' 03 .02 .1935

Their children

1 Şermin Veli 09.05.1952 married Oğuz Mehmet Paşa 16.10.1949 from Antroliku

2 Melek Veli 29.04.1954 married Bilây Kubilay then Ian Howell 22.08.1956

3 İsmail Mehmet Veli ‘Kirlapo’ 05.02.1956 married Cavidan Ali 17.09.1958

ŞERMİN MEHMET  VELİ 09.05.1952 married OĞUZ PAŞA 16.10.1949 from Antroliku they married in 05,03,1973

their children

1 Ciğdem Paşa D.O.B 25.08.1974 married Hüseyin Hanalp (divorced) 

2 Mehmet Paşa D.O.B 11.03.1980 married Nazlı Yaşar Bekir ’Raci Hoca born 14.02.1980, 

ÇİĞDEM PAŞA D.O.B 25.08.1974 married HÜSEYİN HANALP (now divorced)

their children

1 Lale-Nermin Hanalp born 24,12,2004

2 İlayda Şermin Hanalp  08,03, 2008

MEHMET PAŞA  D.O.B 11.03.1980 married NAZLI YAŞAR  BEKİR 'Raci Hoca' born 14.02. 1980

their children

1 Oğuz Ali Paşa born 14.07.2012.

2 Esin Tomris Paşa born 20.06.2018

MELEK MEHMET VELİ 9.04.1954 1st marriage BİLAY KUBİLAY. 2nd marriage IAN ALFRED HOWELL 22.08.1956

their children

1 Oya Kubilay D.O.B 15.11.1970, married Reşat Sermet their children, Selin, D.O.B 31.08.1994 Melis D.O.B 17.02.1999

then married İbrahim Kurtuldu from Turkey, their children Alara D.O.B 29.08.2009

2 Yasmin Howell D.O.B 27.10 1980 lives with John Hood. their children Scarlett Amelia Hood D.O.B 17.04.2012 & Amber Hood 07.12.2017

İSMAİL MEHMET VELİ ‘Kirlapo’ 05.02.1956 married CAVIDAN ALİ 17.09.1958. They married on 5,02,1977.

Their children

1 Mehmet Ismail Veli 27.04.1981 married Tracy Yee Mun Tse 16.01.1978. They married 17.08.2013 no no children at time of research

2 Turan Ismail Veli 18.06.1983 married Sadiya born 04,03,1983. They married 24.04.2005.

TURAN MEHMET VELİ 18.06.1983 married SADİYA born 1982

Their children

1 Haydar Turan Veli 13.10.2006

2 Jüneyit Turan Veli 24.11.2011

3 Eesa TuranVeli 12.05.2023

EMİNE VELİ 'Kirlapo' 22.03.1932- June 1969 married İBRAHIM MUSTAFA 'Gici'

their children

1 Sabiha İbrahim (from 'Cigi's first marriage to Şerife Mehmet 'Kaplan' 'Şerinya') married Kamil Veli 'Kirlapo born 1945 their children Şerife & Emine

2 Şermin İbrahim 04.04.1948-27.09.1999 married Soner Karagözlu 'Tai'. their children Ayşe & Emine.

3 Mustafa İbrahim 'Musti' married Ayten their  children İbrahım & Emine

4 Suzan Ibrahım born 1958 married Özdemir, died in a car crash in 1977-78 children Tolga Tarkan & Timur

HATİCE VELİ 'Kirlapo' died in 2022 1st marriage RAMADAN ŞEKERALİ, Matyatli. 2nd marriage  MEHMET YUSUF 'Skordo, Kerlo' 1924-2002

their children

1 Veli Şekerali born 1953-1974 accidently shot and killed while on guard duty. married Aydın one girl Hicran born 1974

2 Şengül Mehmet born 1957 married Süleyman their children Hatice, Serkan, Yusuf.

3 Yusuf Mehmet 'Durzi born 22.3.1959 married ? their children Mehmet, Hatice, Veli, Manolya

4 Emine Mehmet married Hüseyin Ahmet their children, Fatma, Ahmet & Mehmet

RAHME VELI 'Kirlapo' 05.11.1936-28.12.2012 married CAHİT CEMAL 'Dohnili 1933-34? -20.07.1958

their children

1 Şermin Cahit  born 21.08.1954 married Mehmet Koreli

2 Şengül Cahit born 08.05.1956 married Mick Giff,

3  Yüksel Cahit Born 11.11.1957 married Lorraine Beaumont 07.06.1961

ŞERMİN CAHIT born 21.08.1954 married MEHMET KORELİ born 06.06.1950-13.02.2113. 2nd marriage Hali Horozoglu


1 Fatma Koreli ( now Fatos) born 15.07.1972 (Fatma has one child named Tişan, born 20.05.2004)

2 Pınar Cahit (from 2nd marriage)

ŞENGÜL CAHİT born 08.05.1956 married 1st marriage RON MAGEN (deceased) 2nd marriage MICK GIFF

their children

1 Jasmin Magen partner Matthew Shepard, children Ethan

2 Janev Giff

3 Janan Giff

YÜKSEL CAHİT Born 11.11.1957 married LORRAINE BEAUMONT 07.06.1961

their children

1 Denny Cahit (now Denny King)

2 Perry Cahit

SABRİYE VELİ 'Kirlapo' 16.12.1938-25.03.2007 & MEHMET-SALİH ALİ 01.03.1928-10.07.2000

their children

1 Cavidan Ali born 17.09.1958 married İsmail Veli 'Kirlapo' born 05.02.1956 (married 05,02,1976)

2 Ceylan Ali born 28.10.1961 married Taksim Cemal Eratlı,12,09,1958,

their children 

1 Orçun 25,05,1988 with Jessica De'Belen 12,10,1988 from the Philippines 

2 Özden 31,08,1994

3 Şeran Ali born 24.11.1966 married Halit Aslan. children Sabriye Louisa Ali 'Sabi' 12,07,1998,(fathers name Ömer Nazlıvatan) & Jacob İsa Salih Ali, 29,07,2004 (fathers name Hüseyin Mevlana)

4 Canan Ali born 11.05.1969 & Jeremy Hand have one son Joshua Hand 04,11,1992

KAMİL VELİ 'Kirlapo' 01.01.1944-10.09.1974 married SABİHA İBRAHİM born 16.11.1944

Their children

1 Şerife Kamil born 1963

2 Emine Kamil born 09.03.1970

KÂMİL VELİ 'Kirlapo' 01.01.1944-10.09.1974 married SABİHA İBRAHİM born 16,11.,1944-13,01,2024

Their children

1 Şerife Kâmil Veli born 1963

2 Emine Kâmil Veli born 09.03.1970

ŞERİFE KâMİL 1st marriage MUSTAFA from Turkey. 2nd marriage SALİH from Turkey

their children

1 Zeynep (Mustafa’s child)

2 Şaziye married? has a son named Salih

EMİNE KÂMİL VELİ married NURİ from Turkey 

thrir children

1 Kâmil Alp

2 Mehmet Emin (2nd marriage)

KAMURAN VELİ 'Kirlapo' & Ali from Larnaca

their children

1 Nafia Ali (Cagakanli) born 21.09.1970

2 Veli Ali

KATRİYE/DUDU VELİ 'Kirlapo,  born 1950 married HALİL from Dali

their children

1 Hasret Ali married Mustafa. Their children Halil


İSMAIL MEHMET 'Fesa' (Fesli) born 20,08,1893 married DUDU MUSTAFA 'Lurto'.

their children

1 Mehmet İsmaıl Fesa married Ayşe 'Gatsura'.

2 Kemal İsmaıl Fesa married Emine Veci

3 Tahir İsmaıl Fesa married Fatma 'Mavri'

4 Hasan İsmaıl Fesa married Vesime 'Gingi'

5 Nejat İsmaıl Fesa married Türkan

6 Veli İsmaıl Fesa (Tümerkan) married Salime

7 Belma İsmaıl Fesa married Yusuf 'Yasli'

8 Emine İsmaıl Fesa married Osman 'Kanari'

DUDU MUSTAFA 'Lordo & İSMAIL MEHMET 'Fesa's family (11).

MEHMET İSMAİL 'Fesa' married AYŞE 'Gatsura'


1 Mujgan İsmail married Vedat children.... Alev............Filiz

2 Duygu İsmail married Mehmet Şahin children.... Leyla..........Vediya

3 Osman İsmail lives with Laura's. Their children.... Mehmet...... male...........male

4 İsmail İsmail married Pelin children.....Ayşe..........Hatice

5 Janan İsmail married Mehmet children......Kartal.........Kaya...........Kaan

KEMAL İSMAIL 'Fesa' married married EMİNE VECİ


1 İsmail İsmail married Serap Gürsel children.....Kemal......Adem.......Meryem..........Yasemin

2 Ramadan İsmail married Esin Hasan Halilaza (now divorced) children.....Mustafa...Ayşegül....Arın

TAHİR İSMAIL Fesa' born 1930 married FATMA 'Mavri'


1 Duygu married to İlkay children.....Halil.........Ceyda

2 Erdal married Gülseren (divorced) children.....Derya.......Dilek... Şeniz (from 2nd relationship)

3 Rengin married Erdin (divorced) children.....Ayla

4 Erkan children..... male

5 Nilgün married Yusuf Salih children.....Tahir.........Tariq

HASAN İSMAIL 'Fesa' married VESİME 'Gingi'

their children

1 Suzan Hasan İsmail ’Fesa’ married İbrahim Mehmet children...Duygu married to Stuart Flood,

2 Süleyman Hasan Ismail ’Fesa’ married Gurjit Kaur Claire. 


their children

1 Duygu İbrahim married Stuart Flood, children, Erol, Shenel, Ayla.

2 Mehmet İbrahim married  Amanda  children, Renee & Dahlia

3 Vesin Ibrahim married Deniz Osman children ,Jeda & Eren



1 Emil Süleyman İsmail

2 Aiden Süleyman İsmail

3 Emre Süleyman İsmail



1 Duygu

2 Emine

3 Burhan has a son Jonathan 


1 Mete Tümerkan married Nilgün children...Mert...Berk

2 Mehtap Tümerkan married Ahmet Ermetal children....Burcu...Burce

BELMA İSMAIL 'Fesa' married YUSUF GAZI 'Yassi'

1 Meltem Yusuf married Cengiz Topal from Vadili village children...Hasan.....Yusuf

2 Rengül Yusuf married Çelik Orhan Selkan 'Tsali' children....Belma.....Orhan Gazi

3 Mehmet Yusuf 'Yasli' not married


RAHME MUSTAFA 'Lurto/Rahmeli'.1907-1980 married OSMAN MUSTAFA 'Tari' 1904-1975  (12)

their children

1  Mustafa Osman 'Musti' 'Tari'  married Emine 'Kiduri' (Emin-Dudu)

2  Yusuf Osman 'Bizzimbi' married Ayse 'Kiduri'.

3  Emin-Dudu Osman born 1933 married Mehmet Ali 'Kali'

MUSTAFA OSMAN 'Musti' married Emine (Emin-Dudu) ’Kiduri’ 1929-1997

their children

1  Osman  Mustafa 'Tari/Ozzie’/Musti’ married Alsev Nasib ’Mirmikko’ born 1949 in the UK

2  Leyla Mustafa 'Tari' in the UK

OSMAN YUSUF TARİ 'Ozzie'  married ALSEV NASİB. ’Mirmikko’ born 1949 (13)

their children

1   Yusuf Osman Tari 

2   Mustafa Osman Tari his children Osman & Leyla

3   Emine  Tari

MUSTAFA OSMAN ’Büyük/Ozzie/Tari’ married JAVEN from the UK

their children 

1 Osman Tari ’Büyük/Ozzie’ 

2 Leyla Tari ’Büyük/Ozzie’ 

3 Yusuf Tari ’Büyük/Ozzie’ 

YUSUF OSMAN TARİ ’Büyük/Ozzie’ 1st marriage to Claire from the UK. 2nd marriage NICOLA from the UK

children from 1st Marriage

1 Alsev Yusuf Tari ’Büyük/Ozzie’ 

from 2nd marriage

2 Osman Yusuf Tari ’Büyük/Ozzie’ 

3 Ela Yusuf Tari ’Büyük/Ozzie’ 

4 Coşkun Yusuf Tari ’Büyük/Ozzie’ 

ALSEV YUSUF TARİ ’Büyük/Ozzie’  married HÜSEYİN from Alayköy

their children

1 Taylan Hüseyin 

EMİNE OSMAN TARİ ’Büyük/Ozzie’ married MEHMET SALİH from Famagusta

their children

1 Mustafa Mehmet Salih

2 Yasemin Mehmet Salih

YUSUF OSMAN TARİ 'Bizzimbi' married AYŞE  MUSTAFA  'Kiduri'. (14)

Their children

1  Rahme Yusuf Tari married  Seval Ahmet Seydali 'Sasseti'  

2  Osman Yusuf  ’Tari’ 'Küçuk/Ozzie'

RAHME YUSUF 'Bizzimbi' married SEVAL AHMET  SEYDALİ 'Sasseti'

their children

1 Ayşe Ahmet (now Özkolacı) ’Sasseti’ her children a boy Ediz & daughter Beliz

2 Satir Ahmet ’Sasseti’

OSMAN YUSUF TARİ ’Bizzimbi /Küçük Ozzie’ married SUZAN MARGARET TURGUT ’Bekiro’

their children

1 Yusuf Tari’ Bizzimbi /Küçük Ozzie’ 

2 Mustafa Tari’ Bizzimbi /Küçük Ozzie’ 

3 Ayşe Mine Tari’ Bizzimbi /Küçük Ozzie’ 

EMİN DUDU OSMAN 'Rahmeli' born 1933 married MEHMET ALİ 'Kali' 1924-2002 OSMAN 'Rahmeli' born 1933

their children

1 Sevgen Mehmet Ali Kali 1950 married Yasemin Orhan from Ankara, Turkey

2 Sözer Mehmet Ali Kali born 1955 married Şengül İsmail Asılkanlı ’Mirmikko’

3 Serpil Mehmet Ali Kali married Soner Ramadan Onbaşı 'Şefko' (Özyalçın) 1945-2006

ZALİHE MEHMET ’Zalihurda/Tari’. 1st marriage ALİ ALİ 'Kali' 1884-1967 2nd marriage 

HÜSEYİN SAİD ALİ born 1891. 3rd marriage ARİF MEHMET. 4th marriage RAMADAN BEKİR ’Bekir/İkiz’


From 1st marriage

1 Yusuf Ali 'Kali' from Ali's 1st wife 1906-1979

From 2nd marriage

2 Hüseyin Hüseyin ’Seido/Hellimci’

3rd  marriage  

no children

4th marriage

4 Salim Ramadan ’Bekir İkiz

HAYRİYE MUSTAFA ’Tari’ married İBRAHIM YUSUF 'Azgın/Mulli'

their children

1  Osman İbrahim Azgın ’Çakko/Mulli’    migrated to the UK

2  Yusuf   İbrahim Azgın 'Tomas/Mulli’    migrated to the UK          

3  Mustafa  İbrahim  Azgın ’Mulli’  migrated to the UK

4  Emir-Ali   İbrahim  Azgın ’Mulli’ migrated to the UK

5  Fatma  İbrahim  Azgın ’Mulli’ married Tosun Hudaverdi

6  Keziban  İbrahim  1923-2004  Azgın ’Mulli’Yusuf İbrahım 'Musgo'

7  Cemaliye  İbrahim  Azgın ’Mulli’ 1930-2009 married Neşet  İbrahim 'Musgo'

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(2) There is an incredible difference in the age recorded of Hasan in 1831 which records him as 13 years of age. This meant he was born in 1818. The T.C Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri. Book TŞR.KB.d.00040. Pages 45 ve 46. Person No; 40. The census of 1879 however records him as being born in 1800 Ottoman census 1879. Doc No : 158-a-2 (315). As the 1831 records are closer to the period I'm of the opinion that it is a more accurate record of his age.

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