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İbrahım Mustafa 'Garaoli' Part 2

The 'Yasumullos', Kulea's, Gingi's, Gunetti's, Verde's, Şubi's, Mudaho's & Turlumbi's

Continued from Page 1

The Mattaga, Mullata, Debreli, Yasumullo, Kulea, Gingi, Gunetti, Verde, Şubi, Mudaho & Turlumbi are part of this family tree.

MUSTAFA İBRAHİM was İBRAHİM 'Karaoli's 2nd son. 

MUSTAFA İBRAHİM 'Mattaga/Mattagoli' Sipahi. [24]

their children

1  İbrahim Mustafa 'Mattaga' 'Sipahi' born 1801. [25]

2  Hüseyin  Mustafa  'Kulea/Mattaga' born 1818-1884

3  Hasan  Mustafa ' Hasano/Mattaga'  'Gondolisi'  born 1806

İBRAHİM MUSTAFA 'Mattaga' 'Sipahi', born 1801 1st marriage EMİNE SÜLEYMAN ’Zabuni’. 2nd marriage RAHME İBRAHİM

their children

1  Mustafa  İbrahim 'Musti/Mattaga' born 1828 (from 1st marriage)

2  Süleyman  İbrahim  'Buzi' born 1827 (from 2nd marriage

MUSTAFA  İBRAHİM 'Musti/Mattaga'  born 1828 married HATİCE OSMAN ’Kuri’

their children

1  Hasan   Mustafa  'Gondolisi/Musti'/Mattaga’ 1854-1884 

2  İbrahim  Mustafa  'İbraimulli/Musti/Mattaga’ born 1854?

3  Osman  Mustafa  'Stoma/Musti' born 1856

4 Hüseyin  'Musti/Mattaga'  born 1861

5  Yusuf   Mustafa   'Musti/Mattaga' born 1866 married Hatice Veli ‘Kuru/Karaganna’ born 1862

6  Emir-Ali  Mustafa   'Sebo/Musti/Mattaga  moved to Limassol and changed his name to 'Sophokli'

7  Emine   Mustafa   'Musti/Mattaga born 1865 married Hasan 'Hasanilligo/Paça' born 1850

NOTE; Hasan was murdered at Sefer Hacaro's wedding in 1884 by Bekir Ramadan 'İkiz' from the Galaba family (The records state that the crime took place in a house. Most weddings during that period took place in homes). [26]

İBRAHİM MUSTAFA 'İbraimulli/Musti/Mattaga’ born 1854? married DUDU İSMAİL ’Tahuredi’ born 1857

their children

1  Mustafa İbrahim ''İbraimulli/Musti/Mattaga’ born 1883 married Dudu Hasan ’Şamdudu/Goftero’

2  Hatice  İbrahim   'İbraimulli/Guseyina'  married  Hüseyin Ali 'Mulla Hüseyin/ Biali'

MUSTAFA İBRAHİM  ‘Ibraimulli/Musti/Mattaga’ born 1883 married DUDU HASAN ’Şamdudu/Goftero’

their children

1  İbrahim  Mustafa 'Mullatta/Mattaga’ born 1903-1988 married Rebyeli Veli ’Hamili/Lao’

2  Hasan   Mustafa  ‘Debreli/Mattaga 1906-1993 married Ayşe İbrahim ’Deprelina/Hasanedi'

3  Yusuf  Mustafa 'Nafi/Mattaga’ 1913-1996

4  Emine   Mustafa  'Hocena/Mattaga'  married Osman Totora

5  Ayşe   Mustafa   'Topak Ayşe/Mattaga’  1922-1999 married Yusuf Ramadan 'Pekri'

İBRAHİM MUSTAFA ’Mullatta/Mattaga’ married REBYELİ VELİ ’Hamili/Lao’

their children

1  Kemal İbrahim Mullata' married married Şerife İsmail ’Karaganna’

2  Emin-Dudu  İbrahim 'Mullatta’' 1930-2004 married  Osman Mındık Özmındık ’Munduko’ 1927-2010

3  Meliha  İbrahim  'Mullatta' married Beha from Kırıkkale/Meluşa

4  Fatma  İbrahim  'Mullatta' married Orhan Yusuf Selkan ’Tsali’

5  Özkaniye  İbrahim  'Mullatta' born 12.12.1942 married İbrahim  Mustafa 'Bili' Born 17.02.1943 

KEMAL İBRAHİM  'Mullata' married ŞERİFE İSMAİL ’Karaganna’

their children

1  İsmail Kemal  'Mullatta'

2  İbrahim Kemal  'Mullatta'

EMİN-DUDU İBRAHİM  ’Mullatta’ married OSMAN SÜLEYMAN ÖZMINDIK ’Munduko’ 1927-2010

their children

1  Süleyman Osman Özmındık  'Munduko'  married Dudu Kadir 'Gatsura' (2nd wife)

2  Hüseyin Osman  Özmındık 'Munduko'  married Songül  'Gaşaoli

3  İbrahim   Osman Özmındık  'Munduko' married Şansel

MELİHA İBRAHİM  ’Mullatta’ married BEHA from Kırıkkale/Meluşa

their children

1 Caner Beha

2 Sibel Beha

3 İbrahim Beha

FATMA İBRAHİM  ’Mullatta’ married ORHAN YUSUF SELKAN ’Tsali’

their children

1 Çelik Orhan Selkan ’Tsali’

2 Çetin  Orhan Selkan ’Tsali’

3 Çamay  Orhan Selkan ’Tsali’ 1978-1998 died in a car accident.

ÖZKANİYE İBRAHİM ’Mullatta’ born 12.12.1942 (27)  İBRAHİM  MUSTAFA 'Bili' Born 17.02.1943 married 

their children

1  Mustafa İbrahim 'Bili' born 1963 married Gil in the UK

2  Reyhan Ibrahım 'Bili' born 1964 married Altan Maşera from Yeşilırmak/Limnitis in the UK

MUSTAFA İBRAHİM ’Bili’ born 1963  in the UK married GIL from the UK

their children

1 Meran Mustafa ’Bili’ married Gil

REYHAN İBRAHİM ’Bili’ born 1964 in the UK married ALTAN MAŞERA from Yeşilırmak/Limnitis in the UK

their children

1 Alarâ Altan Maşera. they have 2 children Narin and Hakan.

HASAN MUSTAFA   'Debreli/Mattaga 1906-1993 married  AYŞE İBRAHİM ’Deprelina/Hasanedi’ 1912-1996

their children

1  İbrahim Hasan 'Eray/Debreli' married Aydın

2  Mustafa   Hasan  'Londo/Debreli' born 1932-2006 in the UK 

3  Mehmet   Hasan    'Karabuba/Debreli' married Pricilla-Selma from the UK           

4  Elmaziye   Hasan   'Debreli' married Arif İsmail Ramadan ' Karaganna' in the UK

5  Emine   Hasan   'Debreli'  married Osman Yusuf 'Pire/Phsillo/Galaba’ born 10.11.1938. They married in 1961. [28]

İBRAHİM HASAN 'Eray/Debreli'  married AYDIN 

their children

1  Egemen  İbrahim  'Eray/Depreli'

2  Tijen  İbrahim  'Eray/Depreli'

3  İmce  İbrahim  'Eray/Depreli'

MUSTAFA HASAN 'Londo/Debreli' 1931-2006 1st marriage Faye a Jewish woman. 2nd wife Ingrid from Germany. [29]

children from 1st marriage

1   Meyrem Mustafa 'Londo/Depreli'

2   Hasan  Mustafa 'Londo/Depreli'  

children from 2nd marriage

3   Michael   Mustafa 'Londo/Depreli' 

4   Denell Mustafa 'Londo/Depreli'  

This family live in the UK

MEHMET HASAN  'Karabuba/Debreli' married PRİSCİLLA-SELMA from the UK

their children

1  Tanju  Mehmet 'Karabuba/Depreli'  in the UK

2  Funda  Mehmet 'Karabuba/Depreli'  in the UK

ELMAZİYE HASAN  'Debreli' married ARİF İSMAİL RAMADAN ’Karaganna’ in the UK

their children

1  Suzan İsmail ’Karaganna’ born in the UK married Muharrem Mahmut.

2  Raziye İsmail ’Karaganna’ born in the UK

3  İlken İsmail  ’Karaganna’ born in the UK

4  Ayşe İsmail ’Karaganna’ born in the  UK

EMİNE HASAN 'Debreli' married OSMAN YUSUF 'Pire/Phsillo/Galaba born 10.11.1938

their children

1   Yusuf Osman  'Pire'

2   Ayşe Osman  'Pire'  married Mustafa Bimici from Karpaz

3   Melek Osman  'Pire'   married  Hüseyin Naim

4   Sevda Osman  'Pire'

5   Handan Osman  'Pire'


YUSUF  MUSTAFA Nafi 'Mulli' 1913-1996 married SENİHE OSMAN ’Otangudi’ 1918-1996

their children

1  Mustafa  Yusuf  'Nafi' born 1950 married Safiye Kemal born 1953

2  Emine  Yusuf    'Nafi' married Hasan Cengiz from Dizdarköy/Nisu

3  Dudu  Yusuf   'Nafi'  married İsmail İsmail ’Kara İsmail’

4  Şengül  Yusuf  'Nafi' born 1946 married Eray Tansoy from Nicosia

5  Atiye Yusuf ’Nafi’ married İbrahim Hüseyin Küçük ’Guççuki’

MUSTAFA YUSUF 'Nafi' born 1950 married SAFİYE KEMAL born 1953

their children

1   Kenan Mustafa 'Nafi' married Özlem Özemre  from Yedidalga/Potamos

2   Senihe Mustafa 'Nafi' married İsmail Doğuş from Turkey

3   Fatoş Mustafa' Nafi' married Davut Dutal from Turkey

KENAN  MUSTAFA ’Nafi’ married ÖZLEM ÖZEMRE from Yedidalga/Potamos

their children

1 Yasemin Kenan Mustafa ’Nafi’

2 Oktay  Kenan Mustafa ’Nafi’

SENİHE MUSTAFA ’Nafi’ married İSMAİL DOĞUŞ from Turkey

their children

1 Yaman Doğuş 

FATOŞ MUSTAFA ’Nafi’ married DAVUT DUTAL from Turkey

their children

1 Ela Davut Dutal

2 Ceyla Davut Dutal

EMİNE YUSUF ’Nafi’ married HASAN CENGİZ from Dizdarköy/Nisu

their children

1 Tomris Hasan Cengiz

2 Seniha Hasan Cengiz

3 Nazire Hasan Cengiz

4 Alper Hasan Cengiz

5 Cengiz Hasan Cengiz

6 Ratip Hasan Cengiz

7 Nafi Hasan Cengiz

DUDU YUSUF ’Nafi’ married İSMAİL İSMAİL ’Kara İsmail’

their children

1 Yusuf İsmailoğlu ’Kara İsmail’

2 Filiz  İsmailoğlu ’Kara İsmail’

ŞENGÜL YUSUF ’Nafi’ born 1946 married ERAY TANSOY

their children

1 Tansel Eray Tansoy

2 Zeki Eray Tansoy

3 Çelen  Eray Tansoy

4 Çiler Eray Tansoy


their children

1 Nafi İbrahim Küçük ’Guççuki’  in the UK

2 Şermin İbrahim Küçük ’Guççuki’  in the UK

3 Emine İbrahim Küçük ’Guççuki’ in the UK


EMİNE MUSTAFA ’Mattaga/Musti/İbraimulli’ married OSMAN YUSUF ’Hoca/Onbaşı’ born 1895

no children


AYŞE MUSTAFA ’Topak Ayşe’ ’Mattaga/Musti/İbraimulli’ 1922-1999 married YUSUF RAMADAN AĞDAÇ ’Killo/Zardaganya’ 

their children

1 Fikriye Yusuf Ağdaç ’Buri/Killo’  married Murat Mehmet 'Yakula'

2 Mustafa Yusuf Ağdaç ’Buri/Killo’

3 Süleyman Yusuf Ağdaç 'Buri/Killo’

4 Erdinç Yusuf Ağdaç ’Buri/Killo’


HATİCE İBRAHİM ’Mullaguseyina’ ’Mattaga/İbraimulli’ born 1880?-1952 married HÜSEYİN ALİ 'Biali' (Mulla) born 1863 

their children

2 İbrahım Hüseyin Mulla 'Paşa' 15.01.1894-1983

3 Ali Hüseyin Mulla 'Sakulla' (Savva) moved to Larnaca and married a Greek lady name??

4 Yusuf Hüseyin Mulla 'Selim'

5 Emine Hüseyin Mulla 'Gosiena' 1901-1989 2nd wife of Osman Murat 'Usta' 

6 Dudu Hüseyin Mulla (Manniço) 1907-1972 married Osman Ömer 'Gigeo', Manniço'

7 Dervişe Hüseyin Mulla married Hüseyin 'Gufo' (Gikki) from Dali


OSMAN MUSTAFA ‘Stoma/Mattaga/Musti’  born 1856 married ?

their children

1 Mustafa Osman  ‘Stoma/Mattaga/Musti’ born 1879


YUSUF MUSTAFA 'Mattaga/Musti' born 1866 married married HATİCE VELİ ’Kuru/Karaganna’ born 1862

their children

1  Hasan Yusuf 'Stillo/Mattaga/Musti' 1893-1974 married Emine Mustafa ’Stillena/Pekri’ died 1980

2  Emine  Yusuf   'Mattaga/Musti'  1st wife of Arif Ramadan 'Hostra'

HASAN YUSUF 'Stillo/Mattaga/Musti' 1893-1974 married EMİNE MUSTAFA ’Stillena/Pekri’ 

died 1980

their children

1  Yusuf Hasan Özkılıç ’Gaşeri/Stillo’ 1924-2002 married Dudu Elir Ali ‘Bede’ 1929-2009

2  Kemal  Hasan  Özkılıç ’Stillo’

3  Osman  Hasan Özkılıç ’Stillo’

4  Emir-Ali  Hasan  'Özkılıç ’Stillo married Emine Mehmet ‘Galliga’

YUSUF HASAN ÖZKILIÇ 'Gaşeri/Stillo' 1924-2001  married DUDU EMİR-ALİ ’Bede’ 1929-2009

their children

1 Hasan Yusuf Died when only 2 years old during an accident

EMİRALİ HASAN ÖZKILIÇ 'Gaşeri/Stillo’ married EMİNE MEHMET ’Galliga’

their children

1  Osman Emirali Özkılıç ’Stillo’ married Selma Ahmet  from Elye/Doğancı

2  Mustafa Emirali Özkılıç ’Stillo’ married Civan Osman Ağdaç ’Grivas’

3  Özlem Emirali Özkılıç ’Stillo’ married Yusuf İsmail İsmailoğlu ’Kara İsmail’

4  Hacer Emirali Özkılıç ’Stillo’ married İsmail Derviş Erbolay ’Lauzarda’

OSMAN EMİRALİ  ÖZKILIÇ 'Stillo’ married  SELMA AHMET from Elye/Doğancı

their children

1 Emirali Osman Özkılıç ’Stillo’

2 Ahmet Osman Özkılıç ’Stillo’

3 Gülsün Osman Özkılıç ’Stillo’


their children

1 Emine  Mustafa Özkılıç ’Stillo’

2 Salime  Mustafa Özkılıç ’Stillo’


their children

1 Osman Yusuf İsmailoğlu ’Kara İsmail

2 Didem  Yusuf İsmailoğlu ’Kara İsmail


their children

1 Derviş İsmail Erbolay ’Lauzarda’

2 Emirali İsmail Erbolay ’Lauzarda’

3 Emine İsmail Erbolay ’Lauzarda’

EMİNE YUSUF ’Mattaga/Musti’ married ARİF RAMADAN ’Hostra/Ramadi’

their children

1 Rebyeli Arif Ramadan ’Hostra/Ramadi’


EMİNE MUSTAFA ’Mattaga/Musti’ born 1865 married HASAN MUSTAFA ’Hasanulligo/Paça’ born 1850

no children


SÜLEYMAN  İBRAHİM 'Mattaga' 'Buzi' born 1827 was the son of İBRAHİM MUSTAFA 'Mattaga'

SÜLEYMAN  İBRAHİM 'Mattaga' 'Buzi' married RAZGELİ MUSTAFA ’Kazmalevri’ born 1839. They married in 1954.

their children

1  İbrahim Süleyman 'Yasumullo/Buzi' born 1860 married Hatem Bairam ’Cidari/Yasumullina’

2  Tosun   Süleyman  'Buzi' born 1868

3  Ayşe  Süleyman 'Buzi' 1st wife of Arif Mehmet Kavaz 'Paşa' born 1856

4  Rahme   Süleyman 'Buzi' born 1856  married Yusuf Osman 'Gato' born 1856

5  Fatma Süleyman 'Buzi' born 1858

6  Dudu Süleyman 'Buzi' born  1862

İBRAHIM   SÜLEYMAN  Yasumullo'  married  HATEM BAİRAM  ’Cidari/Yasumullina’

their children

1  Süleyman  İbrahim 'Gingi/Yasumullo' born 1882

2  Ali  İbrahım     'Yasumullo'

3  Bairam  İbrahım  'Yasumullo'  born 1887 died in infancy

4  Osman  İbrahım  'Yasumullo'  1893-1897 died when only four

5  Yusuf   İbrahım   'Yasumullo' born 1895-1966  married Dudu İsmail born 1901.[30]

6  Zalihe  İbrahım  'Yasumullo' 1890-1972  married Osman 'Musko'

7  Razge  İbrahım  'Yasumullo' 1901-1982  married Mustafa Bitordo?? (one record shows Turlumbi, but it's doubtful)

8  Emine  İbrahım  'Yasumullo' 1st wife of Ali İsmail 'Tahuredi'. Born 1863. [31]

SÜLEYMAN İBRAHİM 'Gingi'. born 1882 [32] married EMİNE HÜSEYİN ’Gingu/Cangi’ 1887?-1989

their children

1  İbrahim Süleyman 'Gingi'  1912-2005 married Emine Seid Ali 'Şahallu'

2  Mustafa  Süleyman  'Gingi' 1930-2001 1st marriage Bahire İbrahim 'Skullo' 1937-2016. 2nd marriage Safiye from Kazafani/Ozanköy

3  Cafer  Süleyman  'Gingi'    married Neriman Mustafa 'Geleo'

4  Hatem  Süleyman  'Gingi'    married Ali İsmail Koca-İsmail

5  Rahme  Süleyman  'Gingi'    married Mehmet Osman 'Gatsura'

6  Şerife  Süleyman  'Gingi' 1915-2007    2nd wife of Hüseyin Ramadan  'Bekler/Topal Bada' 

7  Hatice  Süleyman  'Gingi'   married Arif 'Mudra/Babiro' (Gazi)

8  Beria  Süleyman  'Gingi'     married Sultan Süleyman 'Gato'

9  Vesime  Süleyman 'Gingi'   married Hasan İsmail 'Fesa' (Fesli)

İBRAHIM SÜLEYMAN 'Gingi' 1912-2005 1st marriage EMİNE SEİD ALİ 'Şahallu' 1919-1968. 2nd marriage to AYŞE İBRAHİM no children

their children

1  Süleyman İbrahim 'Gingi' married Mürüde Mehmet  from Erdemli/Tremeşe

2  Enver  İbrahim  'Gingi' 1940-2011 married Kadriye Süleyman ’Mavromustago’

3  Seval  İbrahim  'Gingi'  married Tuncay İbrahim Sakallı ’Şagalli’

4  Soner  Ibrahım  Özbilen  'Gingi' married Hatice Tahir Pekri ’Tahir Usta’

5  Süheyla  İbrahim  'Gingi' 1922-2003 married Ramadan İbrahim Karagözlü ’Pars/Mavromadi/Gavleş’

SÜLEYMAN  İBRAHİM   'Gingi' married MÜRÜDE MEHMET   from Erdemli/Tremeşe

their children

1  İbrahim  Süleyman  'Gingi'

2  Mehmet  Süleyman  'Gingi'

3  Ahmet  Süleyman  'Gingi'

4  Cemal  Süleyman  'Gingi'

ENVER  İBRAHİM  'Gingi' 1940-2011 married KADRİYE SÜLEYMAN ’Mavromustago’

their children

1  Sümrü Enver Gingi adopted from his sister Süheyla İbrahim 'Gingi'


their children

1   İbrahim Seval ’Gingi’ married Lütfiye Palu from Geçitkale/Lefkoniko

2   Neşe Seval ’Gingi’  married Evren Salim  Bedeoğlu ’Bede’

İBRAHİM SEVAL ’Gingi’ married LÜTFİYE PALU from Geçitkale/Lefkoniko

their children

1 Seval İbrahim ’Gingi’ married Evren Salim  Bedeoğlu ’Bede’ 

2 Dilan İbrahim ’Gingi’


their children

1 Canay Evren Bedeoğlu ’Bede’ 

2 Suay Evren Bedeoğlu ’Bede’ 

SONER   İBRAHIM ÖZBİLEN 'Gingi' married HATİCE TAHİR ’Tahir Usta/Pekri’

their children

1  Tahir Soner Özbilen ’Gingi’

2  Emin Soner Özbilen ’Gingi’

SÜHEYLA İBRAHİM ‘Gingi’ married RAMADAN İBRAHİM  KARAGÖZLÜ 'Pars/Mavromadi/Gavleş' born 1942 

their children

1 İbrahim Ramadan Karagözlü ‘Pars’

2 Müjde Ramadan Karagözlü ‘Pars’

3 Sumru Ramadan ‘Gingi’ was adopted by Enver 'Gingi'

MUSTAFA SÜLEYMAN 'Gingi' 1930-2001. 1st marriage BAHİRE İBRAHİM ’Skullo’ 1937-2016. 2nd marriage SAFİYE  from Kazafani/Ozanköy

children from 1st marriage

1  Emine Mustafa 'Gingi' in the UK

2  İbrahım  Mustafa 'Gingi' in the UK

children from 2nd marriage

3  Ali-Kader Mustafa 'Gingi' in the UK

4  Gülşen  Mustafa 'Gingi' in the UK


their children

1 Fatma Murat Paşo

2 Feryal Murat Paşo married Mustafa Seval Yücelen 'Bedasi'

3 İbrahim Murat Paşo married Ayça Bilal 'Deveci'


their children

1  Emine Cafer  'Gingi' in the UK

2  Şerife  Cafer  'Gingi' in the UK

ŞERİFE CAFER ’Gingi’ married İSMAİL YUSUF ’Üçokka’ born 1953-2022

their children

1 Serdar İsmail ’Üçokka’

HATEM SÜLEYMAN 'Gingi' married ALİ  İSMAİL 'Koca-Ismail' born 10,10,1901  

their children

1  İsmail Ali Koca İsmail died young.

2  Zekiye Ali  'Koca-İsmail'

3  Hidayet Ali  'Koca-İsmail'

4  Münevver Ali  'Koca-İsmail'

5  Nesrin Ali  'Koca-İsmail' 

RAHME SÜLEYMAN 'Gingi' died 1985 married  MEHMET OSMAN 'Gatsura' (Ertuğ) 1904-1982 

their children

1 Osman Mehmet 'Gatsura' (Ertuğ) 1938-2015 married Şükran Huseyin 'Bada'

2 Süleyman Mehmet 'Gatsura' (Ertuğ) (Karaca) 1944-2006

3 Oral Mehmet 'Gatsura' (Ertuğ)

4 Kemal Mehmet 'Gatsura' 'Yağci (Ertuğ) married Şermin Mehmet 'Böyle'

5 Erkan Mehmet 'Gatsura' (Ertuğ) 1960-2016 married the daughter of Adem 'Binyayo'

6 Ayşe Mehmet 'Gatsura'  married Oral 'Gugo'

7 Netice Mehmet 'Gatsura'  married Kerim Rüstem

8 Raziye Mehmet 'Gatsura'  married Mehmet 'Zimbriko'

9 Emine Mehmet 'Gatsura' married İbrahim İsmail Aktuna from Dali

ŞERİFE  SÜLEYMAN 'Gingi' 1915-2007 married HÜSEYİN RAMADAN 'Bekler/Topal Bada' 1904-1991

their children

1  Ramadan Hüseyin 'Bekler/Bada'

2  İsmet  Hüseyin  'Bekler/Bada'         

3  Nihat  Hüseyin  'Bekler/Bada'      

4  Süleyman  Hüseyin  'Bekler/Bada'  born 1950   

5  Şükran  Hüseyin   'Bekler/Bada' born 1944 married   Osman Ertuğ 

6  Emine  Hüseyin 'Bekler/Bada' born 1947 married   İbrahim Yusuf 'Babutsaro'   

7  Melek  Hüseyin   'Bekler/Bada' born 1952 married    Hüseyin Parıldak 'Yallitsi'  

8  Zehra  Hüseyin  'Bekler/Bada' born 1952  married  Fuat Mustafa

9  Fezile Hüseyin  'Bekler/Bada' married  İbrahim Veli Hüseyin

HATİCE SÜLEYMAN 'Gingi' married  ARİF MUSTAFA 'Mudra/Babiro' (Gazi)

his children

1  Yusuf Arif Gazi ’Mudra’

2  Cumhuriyet  Arif Gazi ’Mudra’

3  Melek  Arif Gazi ’Mudra’

4  Emine  Arif Gazi ’Mudra’

BERİA SÜLEYMAN 'Gingi' marriedSULTAN SÜLEYMAN 'Gato,Sultano' (Dündar)

their children (33)

1 Zeren Sultan married Yusuf 'Kücüki' their children, Derya & Hüssein.

2 Süleyman Sultan married Hansel İbrahim their children Şerife & Ersoy

3 Yusuf Sultan married Şengül Süleyman 'Misigigo' their children Selten, Serkan, Filiz & Mehmet

4 Fatih Sultan married Serap Hüseyin

5 Alkan sultan children Arife, Doğan & Erdem

6 Ümit Sultan married Keziban Bekir Demirci 'Gutsoveli' their children Beriya & Altan



their children

1 Suzan Hasan İsmail ’Fesa’ married İbrahim Mehmet

1 Süleyman Hasan İsmail ’Fesa’ Gurjit Kaur Clair


ALİ İBRAHİM 'Yasumullo' married RAZGELİ VELİ ’Kaseno’

 no children 

YUSUF İBRAHİM 'Yasumullo'. [34] born 1895-1966 married DUDU İSMAİL born 1901-1983

their children

1  Osman Yusuf 'Verde'   1921-2011 married Zekiye Arif 'Harmaci'

2  İbrahim   Yusuf  'Durno/Verde  born  1923-24?-1997 married Fatma Halil 'Mustafuri'

3  Leman Yusuf 'Verde'  born 1928  married Bekir Mehmet 'Bekircik' born 1921

4  İsmail  Yusuf 'Verde'   1931-2012 married Ruhsan Osman Bekir Kavaz

5  Suat  Yusuf  'Verde'    born 1935  married Ayşe Davut

OSMAN YUSUF 'Verde 1921-2011 married  married ZEKİYE ARİF 'Harmaci'

their children

1  Volkan Osman 'Verde'  married Nalan Mehmet 'Berber, Pekri'  

2  Arif Osman 'Verde'  married Günay.

VOLKAN OSMAN ’Verde’ married NALAN MEHMET ’Berber/Pekri’

their children

1 Gizem Volkan Osman ’Verde’

(Gizem was born a twin, sadly the other baby girl did not survive)

ARİF OSMAN ’Verde’ married GÜNAY DURMUŞ from Vretça/Vretsia

their children

1 İzlem Arif Osman ’Verde’

İBRAHIM YUSUF ÖZTURNA ’Durno’  1923-24? -1997 married FATMA HALİL 'Mustafuri'

their children

1  Yusuf  İbrahim  Özturna ’Durno’ born 1961 married Rahme Kemal Akınlı ’Deliyo’

2  Tezcan İbrahim  Özturna ’Durno’ married Seval Mehmet Şarman 'Şarmatta'

3  Duygu  İbrahim  Özturna ’Durno’ married İbrahim Gürşan

4  Ülkü  İbrahim   Özturna ’Durno’  born 1957 married  Süleyman Hüseyin Bekler ’Bekler’ born 1950

YUSUF İBRAHIM ÖZTURNA ’Durno’ born 1961 married RAHME KEMAL AKINLI ’Deliyo’

their children

1  İbrahım Yusuf  Özturna ’Durno’

2  Kemal Murat  Özturna ’Durno’

3  Duygu Nur Özturna Durno’


their children

1  Gülsar Seval  Şarman ’Şarmatta’

2  Serdar Seval  Şarman ’Şarmatta’

3  Haydar Seval  Şarman ’Şarmatta’


their children  

1  Fatma İbrahim Çamlıbel ’Halilo’

2  Hüseyin İbrahim Çamlıbel ’Halilo’ moved  to Mirtu village

ÜLKÜ İBRAHIM ÖZTURNA ’Durno’ born 1957 married SÜLEYMAN HÜSEYİN BEKLER ’Bekler’ born 1950

their children

1 Fatma Süleyman Bekler ’Bekler’

2 İsmet Süleyman Bekler ’Bekler’

İSMAIL YUSUF 'Verde' 1931- 2012 married RUHSAN OSMAN BEKİR KAVAZ born 1935 [35]

their children

1  Sezin İsmail  born 1953   married Sezar Turka their children Hasan, Ruhsan, Rocksy, Tiron

2  Narin  İsmail   born  1961  married Behic Osman. Their children, Timur.

3 Ayşhe Yusuf Brown  born 12.03.1962- 07.01.2011 married Nigel Brown  born 09.06. 1962. Children Cody Cruize, Çiçek, Michelle.

4  Osman  İsmail  born  1970  married ?  has one child named Kaya.

5  Serena  İsmail  born 1971  married Paul Dore. Their children, Şharna, Kenra, Alara.

SUAT YUSUF 'Verde'  born 1935 married AYŞE MUSTAFA DAVUT 'Kafa/Daudi'

their children

1  Serdar Suat Verdi 'Verde'

2  Sertaç  Suat  Verdi  'Verde'  

LEMAN YUSUF D.O.B 1928 married BEKİR MEHMET 'Bekircik'  born 1921

their children

1  Alper Mehmet ’Alp’ born 1948 became the 1st ethnic ambassador for the  UK [36]. married Eliane

2  Melek  Mehmet


ZALİHE İBRAHİM  ’Yasumullo’ 1890-1972 married OSMAN YUSUF VURAL ’Musko’ 1885-1969

their children

1 Yusuf Osman (Vural) 'Musko' 1921-2002

2 Ayşe Osman 'Musko' married Osman Bekir Kavaz

3 Hatem Osman 'Cemilu/Musko' married Cemil Yusuf  'Kufi'


MELEK or EMİNE İBRAHİM? ’Yasumullo’  married ALİ İSMAİL ’Tahuredi’ born 1863

their children

1 İsmail Ali 'Gicco' 1892- 1965 married Fatma Gadina 'Gitsuli, Giççu' early 1890s - January 1976

ZALİHE İBRAHİM  ’Yasumullo’ 1890-1972 married OSMAN YUSUF VURAL ’Musko’ 1885-1969

their children

1 Yusuf Osman (Vural) 'Musko' 1921-2002

2 Ayşe Osman 'Musko' married Osman Bekir Kavaz

3 Hatem Osman 'Cemilu/Musko' married Cemil Yusuf  'Kufi'

AYŞE SÜLEYMAN ’Buzzi’ married ARİF MEHMET KAVAZ  'Arif Paşa' born 1856  

his children

1  Mehmet Arif 'Kaplan' born 1877  1st marriage Ayşe Gül -Ali G 'Halilu' 2nd marriage Ayşe Mehmet M 'Jufa' 

2  Yusuf Arif  born 1881 May have died young as no record of his family  has been found

RAHME SÜLEYMAN ’Buzzi’ married YUSUF OSMAN 'Buttari/Gato born 1856 

their children

1 Osman Yusuf 'Gato' born 1887  married Hatice Ali Mustafa 'Öküz'. (1st wife)

2 Süleyman Yusuf 'Gato' 1894-1975 Kadriye Mustafa ‘Lurto’ birth date not known died in 1968.

3 Hatice Yusuf 'Gato/'Şarvutina  married Ramadan İbrahim ’Şarvuti’ born 1863 

4 Razgeli Yusuf 'Gato' married Ömer İbrahim 'Bodiri' born 1887


HÜSEYİN   MUSTAFA ' Kulea/Mattaga' 1818-1884 married RAHME VELİ

their children

1  Mustafa Hüseyin 'Mudaho' born 1836 married Dudu Hüseyin ’Vosko’ born 1844 they married in 1858

2  Tahir  Hüseyin  'Kulea'born 1843

3  Zalihe   Hüseyin born 1846 married İbrahim 'Buzi'

4  Emine  Hüseyin   married  İsmail  Mehmet Kavaz ' İsmailo'

MUSTAFA HÜSEYİN  ’Mudaho/Kulea’  born 1836 married married DUDU HÜSEYİN ’Vosko born 1844. They married in 1858

their children

1  Veli  Mustafa  'Şubi/Mudaho/Kulea’  born 1862. married Emine Mehmet ’Karaca’

2  Hasan Mustafa 'Turlumbi/Mudaho/Kulea’  born 1863  married Hatice

3  Bilal  Mustafa  'Mudaho/Kulea’  born 1866

4  Hüseyin  Mustafa 'Gunnetti/Mudaho/Kulea’  born 1882

5  Raziye/Razge Mustafa ’Razgua/Mudaho/Kulea’ born 1864  married  Mahmut 'Cannuri'

VELİ MUSTAFA 'Şubi'. [37] born 1862 married EMİNE MEHMET 'Karaca'. born 1866

their children

1  Mustafa Veli 'Şubi' born 1892 

2  Hasan  Veli  'Şubi' born 08.04.1900  died while he was engaged

3  Dudu  Veli   'Şubi' (Şahallu )  married Seid-Ali Kamil

4  Ibrahım Veli  'Şubi' born 1891 died young

5  Mehmet Veli  'Şubi' born 28. 10.1892-1893 died before the age of one.

6  Mehmet Veli  'Şubi'  born 04.02.1893  died when a child

7  Mehmet Veli  'Şubi'  born 07.10.1893 died when a child

MUSTAFA VELİ 'Şubi' 'Tuna'  born 1892 1st marriage EMİNE SEİD-ALİ  'Gafgari'. 2nd marriage EMİNE MUSTAFA ’Şubina/Golomustafo’

all the children from 2nd marriage

1  Hasan Mustafa Tuna  'Şubi/Tuna' married Beraet İbrahim ’Aspri’

2  Hulusi  Mustafa Tuna 'Şubi/Tuna'  married Fatma Mehmet from Esenköy    

3  Veleddin  Mustafa Tuna 'Şubi/Tuna' 1941-2017  married Gülen Faik ’Yakulla/Sistilli’

4  Fatma  Mustafa  'Şubi/Tuna'  married Yusuf 'Kiduri'


their children

1 Ayda Hasan ’Tuna’

2 Emine Hasan ’Tuna’

3 Mustafa Hasan ’Tuna’

HULUSİ  MUSTAFA 'Tuna/Şubi' married FATMA MEHMET from Esenköy

their children

1  Mustafa  Hulusi Tuna 'Tuna'

2  Akın  Hulusi Tuna 'Tuna'

3  Emine  Hulusi Tuna 'Tuna'

4  Aydın   Hulusi  Tuna 'Tuna'

VELEDDİN MUSTAFA TUNA  'Tuna/Şubi'  married  GÜLEN FAİK. [38]

their children

1  Mustafa Veleddin Tuna married Buket 

2  Faik Veleddin Tuna 1972-2012 married Gülsen from Duzova village. their children  Veli, Kemal &  Defne

3  Emine Veleddin Tuna  married Mustafa Halil 'Bili' (Öztem) their children İzel & İzbel

MUSTAFA VELEDDİN TUNA  'Tuna’ married BUKET from Çatalköy

their children

1 Gülen Mustafa Tuna ’Tuna’


their children

1 Veli Faik Tuna ’Tuna’

2 Kemal Faik Tuna ’Tuna’

3 Defne Faik Tuna ’Tuna’


their children

1 İzel Mustafa Öztem ’Bili’

2 İzbel Mustafa Öztem ’Bili’

FATMA MUSTAFA ‘Tuna’  married YUSUF MUSTAFA 'Kiduri' 1935-1996  

their children

1 Mustafa Yusuf 'Kiduri'

2 Emine Yusuf 'Kiduri'

3 Hatem Yusuf 'Kiduri' married Akan Rüstem 

4 Radiye Yusuf 'Kiduri' married Osman Mustafa Özer ‘Dima/Bata’


DUDU VELİ Şahalu/Şubi’ married SEİD-ALİ KÂMİL 'Şahalli/Kâmilos’ born 1880 

their children

1  Kâmil Seid-Ali  'Kâmilcik/Kâmilo'1908-1993 married Melek Tahir 'Meleku du Gutsagu' 1912-1994

2  Veli Seid-Ali  'Hamidi/Kâmilo' 1911-1990

3  Ahmed Seid-Ali  'Sasetti/Kâmilo' 1913-1990

4  Melek Seid-Ali  'Melukka/Şahali/Kâmilo' married Osman 'Aligunni'

5  Emine Seid-Ali  'Şahali/Kâmilo' 1919-1968 married İbrahim 'Gingi’


HASAN MUSTAFA ’Turlumbi/Kulea/Mudaho’ born 1865 married HATİCE YUSUF 'Tsalina/Dirimo'

their children

1  Dudu Hasan 'Mannina/Bitordo' 1895-1977 married Mustafa 'Manna' 1890-1958-9?

2  Mustafa Hasan 'Bitordo/Turlumbi'  born early 1890’s?-1973 married Razgeli

3  Yusuf Hasan 'Tsali' (step brother-üvey kardeş) married Ayşe 'Malaga'

DUDU HASAN 'Mannina' 1895-1977 married MUSTAFA  EMİR-ALİ 'Manna' 1885 -1958-9?  [39]

Their children

1 Zalihe Mustafa Emir Ali 'Selimu/Manna’, born 1916-2002 (Biali) married Yusuf Selim born 1910-11? - 1999

2 Ali  Mustafa Emir-Ali 'Manna'  born 1918-1987-88   married  Sadiye Ömer 'Bodiri'

3 Hasan Mustafa  Emir-Ali 'Masari/Manna' born 1920-21- 2001  married Hatice Emir-Ali  'Oloylo'    

4 Hatice Mustafa Emir-Ali 'Hatigu/Manna' born 25.12.1925 married Yusuf 'Mustafuri' born 26.09.1924

5 Hüseyin  Mustafa   Emir-Ali 'Seyi/Manna'  born 1927-2011  married Razge Mehmet 'Mehmetca' 'Gatsura'            

6 Mehmet   Mustafa  Emir-Ali  'Medo' born 1932  married Veysiye Veli 'Binyao' 

MUSTAFA HASAN 'Bitordo/Turlumbi' early 1890’s? -1973 married RAZGELİ İBRAHİM ’Bitordena/Yasumullo’ 1901-1982

their children

1  Gazi Mustafa Çağataylı  'Bitordo/Turlumbi'  married Keziban Hasan ’Fidiriko’

2  Hasan  Mustafa Çağataylı 'Bitordo/Turlumbi' married Emine Veli ’Binyao’   

3  Münevver   Mustafa  Çağataylı   'Bitordo/Turlumbi' married Hüseyin Mehmet 'Birgo'    

4  Sadi Mustafa Çağataylı 'Bitordo/Turlumbi'  married Şükran İbarim ’Tozzi’

GAZİ MUSTAFA ÇAĞATAYLI ’Bitordo/Turlumbi’  married KEZİBAN HASAN 'Fidiriko' 

their children

1 Şeniz Gazi  Çağataylı ’Bitordo’

2 Ruzin Gazi  Çağataylı ’Bitordo’

HASAN MUSTAFA ÇAĞATAYLI ’Bitordo/Turlumbi’  married EMİNE VELİ ’Binyao’

their children

1 Mustafa  Çağataylı ’Bitordo’

2 Engin Hasan  Çağataylı ’Bitordo’

MÜNEVVER  MUSTAFA  'Turlumbi'   married HÜSEYİN MEHMET 'Birgo'

their children  

1 Ayşe Hüseyin ’Birgo’ married Mehmet Yusuf

2 Raziye Hüseyin ’Birgo’ married Emir Ali Salahi Birini


their children

1  Mustafa Sadi Çağataylı ’Bitordo’

2  Ayşen Sadi Çağataylı ’Bitordo’


BİLAL MUSTAFA 'Kulea/Mudaho' born 1866  married EMİN DUDU MUSTAFA ’Kavaz’ from Dali’

their children

1  Mustafa/Muzaffer Bilal 'Mustaho/Kulea/Mudaho’' born 01.05.1900.-1982 married Pembe İbrahim ’Babutsaro’

2  Ayşe   Bilal   'Sasettina/Kulea/Mudaho' 1913-1990  married  Ahmet ’Sasetti’

3  Hatem  Bilal   'Kulea/Mudaho'  married Şik Salih  'polis'

4  Zalihe   Bilal    'Gombena/Kulea/Mudaho'  married Yusuf 'Gombo'

5  Radiye  Bilal   'Kidurina/Kulea/Mudaho' died 2004  married Mustafa Yusuf  'Kiduri/İtelli' 1894-1983

6  Pembe  Bilal   ''Kulea/Mudaho' married İbrahim Hüseyin 'Ağustos' from Vuda village

7  Raziye  Bilal  'Kulea/Mudaho'  1915-1965 2nd wife of Hüseyin Ali  'Eşeyo'

MUSTAFA BİLAL 'Mustaho/Mudaho' married PEMBE İBRAHİM 'Babutsaro' 

their children

1  Celal  Mustafa Bilal born August 1938 married Vedia Vurur  from Aletirke/Alethriko

2  Ayten  Mustafa Bilal  (Ayten Özkolaci) born 1942 married İbrahim Yusuf  from Dali

3  İbrahim  Mustafa Bilal ‘Mustaho’ Born 25.03.1944 married Nursel from Vuda

CELAL  MUSTAFA BİLAL 'Mustaho/Mudaho' born August 1938 married VEDİA VURUR from Aletirke/Alethriko

their children

1  Mustafa  Celal  Bilal married Safiye Vurur

2  Pembe  Celal  Bilal  married  İzzet Halil from Glavya

3  Ümmü  Celal  Bilal  married  Ramadan Osman Ağdaç ‘Grivas’


their children

1 Vedia Mustafa Celal’ ’Mustaho’

2 Celal Mustafa Celal’ ’Mustaho’

3 Fatma Mustafa Celal’ ’Mustaho’

PEMBE CELAL ’Mustaho’ married İZZET HALİL from Glavya

their children

1 Vedia İzzet Halil 

2 Afet  İzzet Halil 

3 Ceylan  İzzet Halil 

4 Halil  İzzet Halil 

ÜMMÜ CELAL ’Mustaho’ married RAMADAN OSMAN AĞDAÇ ’Grivas’

their children

1 Vedia Ramadan Ağdaç ’Grivas’

2 Celal Ramadan Ağdaç ’Grivas’

AYTEN MUSTAFA BİLAL (Özkolacı) born 1942 married İBRAHIM YUSUF ÖZKOLACI 1931-2012 [40]

their children

1  Pembe Özkolacı  married Duran Zafer from Turkey

2  Yusuf Özkolacı  

3  Lale Özkolacı

4  Mustafa Özkolacı

5  Raziye Özkolacı

6  Celal  Özkolacı

7  Sonuc Özkolacı

İBRAHİM  MUSTAFA BİLAL 'Mudaho'  born 25.03.1944 married NURSEL HASAN from Vuda. [41]

their children

1  Pembe İbrahim Bilal ’Mustaho’ born 11.08.1966 (Pembe Mustafa Halil) 1st marriage Mehmet Yusuf Moreket ’Bohurlu Halil Celal from Balalan, Famagusta.

2  Pelin İbrahim  Bilal ’Mustaho’ married Destegül Bakkaloğlu from Galatya

PEMBE İBRAHİM BILAL ’Mustaho’ (Pembe Mustafa Halil) born 11.08.1966 1st marriage MEHMET YUSUF MOREKET  ’Bohurlu’. “nd marriage HALİL CELAL

their children

1  Yusuf Ediz Cannur born 24.01.1988 from 1st marriage 

2  İbrahim Halil born 14.06.199

3  Hülya Halil born 19.01.2000


their children

1 Selçuk Destegül Bakkaloğlu 

2 Ediz Destegül Bakkaloğlu 

3 Nursel Destegül Bakkaloğlu 

RADİYE BİLAL ’Kidurina/Mudaho’ 1901-2004 married MUSTAFA YUSUF 'Kiduri/Itelli 1894-1983 [42] 

their children

1 Celal Mustafa 'Kiduri' born 1938 married  Fatma Mehmet 'Gatsura'

2 Yusuf Mustafa 'Kiduri' 1935-1996 married Fatma Mustafa ‘Tuna’

3 Mürüde Mustafa 'Kiduri 1924-2001 married İsmail Mustafa

4 Vasfiye Mustafa 'Kiduri' born 1930 married Yusuf İbrahım 'Kile'

5 Emin-Dudu Mustafa 'Kiduri 1929-1997 married Mustafa Osman 'Musti'

6 Ayşe Mustafa 'Kiduri' married Yusuf Osman Tari' 'Bizzimbi'

PEMBE BİLAL ’Kidurina/Mudaho’ married İBRAHİM HÜSEYİN ’Ağustos’

their children

1 Halil İbrahim Düzgen ’Elektrikçi/Ağustos’ 1926-2007. 1st marriage İsmet Ahmet from Vuda. 2nd marriage Emine Yusuf ’Lefa’ 1939-1998

2 Sallahi  İbrahim Düzgen ’Ağustos’

3 Netice  İbrahim Düzgen ’Ağustos’

4 Ayşe  İbrahim Düzgen ’Ağustos’

HALİL İBRAHİM  DÜZGEN 'Elektrikçi' 1926-2007. 1st marriage İSMET AHMET from Vuda. 2nd marriage EMİNE YUSUF VELİ 'Elektrikçi/Lefa' 1939-1998 (43)

children from  1st marriage 

1    Hüseyin Halil Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' married Nalan Kemal from Nicosia

2    Hamiyet Halil Düzgen 'Elektrikçi' married Hüseyin Sefer

3    Hicran Halil Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' married Ali Erdem from Adapazarı

children from 2nd marriage

4    Yusuf Halil  Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' married Nazif from Pendagomi

5    Mahmut Halil  Düzgen 'Elektrikçi' born 1963 married Ülkü Mesut ’Kız Mehmet’

6   Zeka Halil  Düzgen 'Elektrikçi' born 1969 married Nuriye from Adana

7    Ali Rifat Halil Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' born 1974 married Canan from Boğazköy

8    Güneş Halil  Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' /twin born 1975 married Ursula Churulska from Poland

9    Ecevit Halil  Düzgen 'Elektrikçi'ikiz/twin born 1975 married Yeliz from Adana

10  Yılşen Halil  Düzgen 'Elektrikçi' married Yüksel Etçioğlu 1955-2013 from Zonguldak

11  Pembe Halil  Düzgen 'Elektrikçi' ikiz/twin married Ataman Gürler from Erenköy/Kokkina

12  Zehra Halil (Düzgen 'Elektrikçi' ikiz/twin married Mustafa Yalınkkaya from Göçeri/Pileri

13  Beraet Halil  Düzgen 'Elektrikçi' married 

HÜSEYİN HALİL DÜZGEN  'Elektrikçi' married NALAN KEMAL from Nicosia

their children

1  Kemal Hüseyin Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' 

2  Eda Hüseyin Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' 

3  Koray Hüseyin Düzgen 'Elektrikçi' 


their children

1 Fatih Hüseyin Sefer

2 Funda Hüseyin Sefer

3 Ferhat Hüseyin Sefer

HİCRAN HALİL DÜZGEN 'Elektrikçi' married ALİ ERDEM from Adapazarı

their children 

1 Mehmet Ali Erdem

2 Mehtap Ali Erdem

3 Metin Ali Erdem

YUSUF HALİL DÜZGEN 'Elektrikçi' married NAZİF from Arslanköy/Angastina

their children

1  Hasan Yusuf Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' 

2  Mine Yusuf Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' 

MAHMUT  HALİL DÜZGEN 'Elektrikçi' born 1963 married ÜLKÜ MESUT ’Kız Mehmet’

their children

1  Ayşe Mahmut Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' 

2  Halil Mahmut Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' 

ZEKA  HALİL DÜZGEN 'Elektrikçi' born 1969  married NURİYE from Adana

their children

1 Zennur Zeka Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' born  1997

ALİ RIFAT HALİL  DÜZGEN 'Elektrikçi' born 1974 married CANAN from Boğazköy/Boğazi

their children

1  Mine Ali Rifat Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' 

2  Öztan Ali Rifat Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' 

TURAN/GÜNEŞ HALİL  DÜZGEN 'Elektrikçi' born 1975  married URSULA from Poland

their children

1  Victoria Güneş Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' born 2005 

2  Dilan Güneş Düzgen 'Elektrikçi' born 2007

3  Yağmur Güneş Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' born 2014

ECEVİT HALİL  DÜZGEN 'Elektrikçi' born 1975 married YELİZ from Adana

their children

1 Senyel  Ecevit Düzgen 'Elektrikçi' 

YILŞEN HALİL  DÜZGEN 'Elektrikçi' married YÜKSEL ETÇİOĞLU 1955-2013

their children 

1 Elif Yüksel Etçioğlu 1st marriage Caner Akgün 2nd marriage Adnan Deveci both from Turkey

2 Emre  Yüksel Etçioğlu married Hüseyin Demirel from Sinde

3 Ercan Yüksel Etçioğlu 

ELİF YÜKSEL ETÇİOĞLU 1st marriage CANER AKGÜN from Turkey. 2nd marriage ADNAN DEVECİ from Turkey

their children

1 Yaşarcan Caner Akgün

2 Melis Adnan Deveci


their children

1 Ecem Hale Demirel

PEMBE HALİL  DÜZGEN 'Elektrikçi' married ATAMAN GÜRLER from Erenköy/Kokkina

their children 

1 Nurcan Ataman Gürler

ZEHRA HALİL  DÜZGEN 'Elektrikçi' married MUSTAFA  YALINKKAYA from Göçeri/Pileri

their children

1 Seyide Mustafa Yalınkkaya

BERAYET HALİL  DÜZGEN 'Elektrikçi' married ?

their children ?


ZALİHE BİLAL ’Gombena/Kulea/Mudaho’ married YUSUF KÂMİL  'Gombo/Kâmilo' married 

their children

1  Gülsen Yusuf  Kâmil 'Gombo'  married  İbrahim Mustafa ’Heybetto/Bata born 1930

2  Kâmran Yusuf Kâmil 'Gombo' married Kâmil Dervişoğulları from Alaminyo


HATEM  BİLAL ’Gombena/Kulea/Mudaho’ married SALİH HİLMİ ’Şık Salih’ from Limassol 

their children

1 Sevilay Salih Hilmi ’Şık Salih’ marreid Veli İsmail  Özalemdar ’İtelli’

children from Salih’s 1st marriage

2 Bahire Salih Hilmi ’Şık Salih’ married Hüseyin Mehmet Kubilay ’Bohurlu’

3 Mehmet Salih Hilmi ’Şık Salih’ married Müşerref Ali Zaptiye from Kalavasos

4 Ahmet Salih Hilmi ’Şık Salih’ 

5 Jale Salih Hilmi ’Şık Salih’ 

6 Himi Salih Hilmi ’Şık Salih’ married Servet from Civisil


their children

1 Salper Veli Özalemdar ’İtelli’

2 Derhan Veli  Özalemdar ’İtelli’


their children

1  Öncel Hüseyin Kubilây

2  Mehmet Hüseyin Kubilây

3  Aysel Hüseyin Kubilây  married Muhittin Şimşek

4  Özdal Hüseyin Kubilây married Mustafa  Eminağa from Kyrenia

5  Çiğdem Hüseyin Kubilây

6  Yeşim Hüseyin Kubilây 1st marriage Kürşat Özdaloğlu 2nd marriage. Alican


their children

1 Selma Mehmet Hilmi ’Şık Salih’  married Osman İbrahim  ’İskit/Skitsa’

SELMA MEHMET  HİLMİ ’Şık Salih’  married OSMAN İBRAHİM ’İskit/Skitsa’

their children 

1 Elif Osman  ’İskit/Skitsa’ 

2 İmral Osman  ’İskit/Skitsa’ 

HİLMİ SALİH HİLMİ ’Şık Salih’  married  SERVET from Civisil

their children

1 Ali Hilmi  ’Şık Salih’  married  Ajda Taner 

ALİ HİLMİ ’Şık Salih’  married  AJDA TANER

no information on children


AYŞE  BİLAL ’Gombena/Kulea/Mudaho’ 1913-1990 married AHMET SAİD ALİ ÖZAKINCI ’Sasetti/Şahali’ 1913-1990

their children

2  Turhan Ahmet Özakıncı born 1947 'Sassetti' married Aysan Yusuflar  

3  Seval Ahmet Özakıncı ’Sasetti’ married Rahme Yusuf Tari ’Bizzimbi’

4  Hasan Ahmet Özakıncı ’Hasan Satır/Sasetti’ married Radiye Celal ’Kiduri’


RAZİYE  BİLAL ’Gombena/Kulea/Mudaho’ 1915-1965 married HÜSEYİN ALİ ’Cefalali/Eşeo’ 1908-1986

no children


HÜSEYİN  MUSTAFA  'Gunetti/Kulea/Mudaho’ born 1882' married EMİNE MEHMET ’Böyle’ 

their children (44)

1  Mehmet Hüseyin  (Özsoydan) 'Böyle/Gunetti' 1913-1998 married Remziye Mustafa ’Kara Mustafa’ 1923-2010

2  Hasan   Hüseyin 'Gunetti   married Ayşe Hasan Efe (Aysheli)

3  Razgeli   Hüseyin 'Gunetti'  1907-1985 married Yusuf 'Gato'

4  Dudu  Hüseyin 'Monina/Gunetti' 1906-1972 married Mehmet Seid-Ali 'Seido, Mono' 1901-1993.

5  Ayşe  Hüseyin 'Taymina/Gunetti' 1911-1988 married Yusuf  Tayma 'Lao'

6  Naile Hüseyin 'Gunetti'  married Cemal  İbrahim ‘Cemali/Musko

MEHMET HÜSEYİN ÖZSOYDAN 'Böyle/Gunetti’ married REMZİYE MUSTAFA ’Kara Mustafa’ 1923-2010

their children

1  Kemal Mehmet Özsoydan ’Böyle’ married Emine Yusuf ’Gakkindiri’

2  Emine Mehmet ’Böyle’  married Münür İsmail Zabidi?

3  Şermin Mehmet  ’Böyle’  married Kemal Mehmet 'Yağcı'


their children

1  Mehmet Kemal Özsoydan ’Böyle’ 

2  Turan Kemal  Özsoydan ’Böyle’ 


their children

1 İsmail Münür Zebedo married Gözde Ertan Özerginli ’Gato’


no information on children

ŞERMİN MEHMET ’Böyle’ married KEMAL MEHMET ERTUĞ ’Yaci/Gatsura’

their children

1 Mehmet Kemal Ertuğ ’Yaci/Gatsura’

2 Remzi Kemal Ertuğ ’Yaci/Gatsura’

HASAN  HÜSEYİN 'Gunetti' married AYŞE YUSUF 'Ayşeli/Efe’

their children

1  Emel  Hasan born 1952 ’Gunetti’ married Mehmet Ali Yusuf Rodioğlu ’Rodi’

2  Yusuf  Hasan born 1956  ’Gunetti’ married Nermin Bektaş from Platani/Çınarlı

3  İlay Hasan ’Gunetti’ married Abdullah Reyman (old surname is Osman) from Aytotoro

EMEL HASAN ’Gunetti’ born 1952 married MEHMET ALİ YUSUF RODİOĞLU ’Rodi’

their children

1 Nadia Mehmet  Rodioğlu ’Rodi’

2 Alan  Mehmet  Rodioğlu ’Rodi’

YUSUF HASAN ’Gunetti’ born 1956 married NERMİN BEKTAŞ from Platani/Çınarlı

their children

1 Ayşen Yusuf ’Gunetti’

2 Funda Yusuf ’Gunetti’


their children

1 Altan Abdullah Reymen 

2 Erhan Abdullah Reymen 


RAZGELİ  HÜSEYİN 'Gunetti' married YUSUF SÜLEYMAN ’Gatto’ 

no children


DUDU  HÜSEYİN 'Gunetti' 1906-1972 married  MEHMET SEYİT-ALİ KAVAZ 'Mono '1901-1993  [45].

their children

1  Seyit-ali Mehmet Kavaz  1931  married Hava

2  Celal Mehmet Kavaz 1934  married  Saidy        

3  Hüseyin Mehmet Kavaz 1941  married Fatma    

4  Tuncer Mehmet Kavaz 1944 -2010 married Ayşe 'Shemmeduri' 1950-2004.

 2nd marriage Sam Jolly.

5  Gülsen Mehmet Kavaz married 1 Kyashif  Hüseyin  2 James Larkin

6  Fatma Mehmet Kavaz married Arif 


AYŞE  HÜSEYİN 'Gunetti' 1911-1988 married YUSUF VELİ 'Tayma/Lao' 1911-1985

their children

1 Veli Yusuf Veli 'Tayma/Lao' moved to the UK

2 Osman Yusuf 'Tayma/Lao married Zalihe Cafer 'Kavaz' born 1940 from Büyükkonuk/ Komi Kebir. moved to the UK

3 Emine Yusuf 'Tayma/Lao' married Hasan Mehmet Ali from Dohni moved to the UK

4 Zehra Yusuf 'Tayma/Lao' moved to the UK

5 Destine (Pervin) Yusuf  'Tayma/Lao' born 1947 married Hasan Rüstem Yücelen


NAİLE  HÜSEYİN 'Gunetti' married CEMAL İBRAHİM ’Cemali/Musko’

no children


RAZİYE MUSTAFA ’Razgua/Kulea/Mudaho born 1864 MAHMUT MEHMET  ’Cannuri’

his children

1  Mehmet Mahmut  ’Abohorlu/Cannuri 

2  Mustafa  Mahmut ’Karanfil/Cannuri  1892-1972

3  Yusuf  Mahmut ’Cili/Cannuri 1898-1979

4  Dudu Mahmut  Cannuri  married Arif 'Habi'

5  Hacer  Mahmut  Cannuri 20.10.1899-23.11.1972 married  Hasan Hüseyin 'Cangi'  1898-1980 

6  Şerife  Mahmut Cannuri   married İsmail' Bodiri'

TAHİR HÜSEYİN 'Kulea' married PEMBE HÜSEYİN from Larnaca

their children

1  İbrahim Tahir 'Siye/Kulea’

2  Hüseyin  Tahir 'Kulea'      

3  Dudu Tahir ’Kulea’ 1st wife of  Mehmet İsmail 'Fesli/Fesa' born 1859

4  Hatem Tahir ’Kulea’    married İbrahim 'Babutsaro'

5  Emine Tahir ’Karahasanu/Kulea’  married Kara-Hasan

6  Melek Tahir ’Kulea’    married Yusuf 'Yakula'

İBRAHİM TAHİR 'Siye/Kulea' born 1870 married FATMA ALİ ’Palutya/Kel Ali’

their children

1 Tahir İbrahim born 1886-1891

1  Ali İbrahım  'Siye/Kulea' had no children

2  Hüseyin  İbrahim   'Siye/Kulea'

3  Emine  İbrahim  'Siye/Kulea' . 1st wife of İsmail  Mustafa 'Aza/Mustaka-Bata’ 1895-1975

4  Pembe  İbrahım 1907-1981  'Siye/Kulea'  married Yusuf Mustafa 'Yannitsaro'

HÜSEYİN İBRAHİM TAHİR  'Siye/Kulea' married RAHME AHMET ’Hacali’

their children

1  İbrahim Hüseyin ’Siye’  married  in the UK

2 Ahmet  Hüseyin ’Siye’   in the UK

3  Özden  Hüseyin  ’Siye’ married Zeki Mehmet from Meriç/Mora. in the UK

4  Fatma /Çelen Hüseyin ’Siye’  Mustafa İbrahım Hüseyin Denizer 'Culli'   in the UK

ÖZDEN  HÜSEYİN ’Siye’  married ZEKİ MEHMET from Meriç/Mora

their children

1 Refiye Zeki Mehmet

2 ?


their children  (they also have 2 grandchildren) (46)

1  İbrahim İbrahim  10.05.1962  in the UK

2  Hüssein İbrahim  15.06.1964  in Holland

3  Rahme İbrahim  05.05.1970  in the UK

EMİNE İBRAHİM ’Siye’  married İSMAİL MUSTAFA ’Aza/Mustaka-Bata’ 1895-1975

no children


PEMBE ‘Siye’ 1907-1981 married YUSUF MUSTAFA Yannitsaro/Yeniçeri 1899-1977  [47]

their children

1  Kemal Yusuf  'Yeniçeri' died young

2  Ali  Yusuf  'Yeniçeri' 1935  married Ayten Hasan 'Yeniçeri'

3  Osman Yusuf  'Yeniçeri'  married Selma  İbrahim 'Psafka'

4  Fatma  Yusuf  'Gorovyalina/Yeniçeri'  1928-2012  married  İbrahim Veli 'Gorovyali' (Çuffo)

5  Dudu  Yusuf  'Yeniçeri'   1929-2000  married İsmail Hüseyin Kara-İsmail 'Şöfer'

6  Mediha  Yusuf  'Yeniçeri' born 1931  married Veli Ağdıran 'Englezzo’Ingiliz’'

7  Emine  Yusuf  'Yeniçeri' born 1937 married Ratip Ali Riza from Paphos

8  Şerife  Yusuf  'Yeniçeri' 1945  married Süleyman Kaçak from Turkey


HÜSEYİN TAHİR ’Germendi/Kulea’ born 1886. 1st marriage EMİNE HÜSEYİN ’Götsa’. 2nd marriage HATİCE VELİ ’Gutsoveli’. 3rd marriage NAİLE ’Miksi’ from Tuzla’

children from 1st marriage

1 Tahir Hüseyin ’Yorgancı/Germendi’

2 Pembe Hüseyin ’Germendi’

children from 2nd marriage. Hatice sadly died giving birth. The baby was was named after her mother but sadly died soon after

3 Hatice Hüseyin 

children from 3rd marriage

4 Dervişe Hüseyin ’Germendi’

5 Sabriye Hüseyin ’Germendi’

TAHİR HÜSEYİN ’Yorgancı/Germendi’ wife name not known

their children

1 Erdinç Tahir ’Yorgancı’

ERDİNÇ TAHİR ’Yorgancı’ married ŞERİFE ESAT ’Horolo’

their children

1 Yıldıran Erdinç ’Yorgancı (adopted)


DUDU TAHİR ’Kulea’ married MEHMET İSMAIL FESA born 1859

their children

1 İsmail Mehmet 'Fesa' born 20,08,1893 married Dudu Mustafa 'Lurto'

2 Mustafa Mehmet 'Fesa' born 25,12,1899.

3 Tahir Mehmet 'Fesa', born 1896.

4 Hüseyin Mehmet 'Fesa' born 1903.

5 Şerife Mehmet 'Fesa' married Hüseyin Ramadan 'Sari'

6 Pembe Mehmet 'Fesa' married Mustafa Sakallı

7 Veli Mehmet 'Fesa', born 20,07, 1905. [48] 


HATEM TAHİR ’Kulea’ married  İBRAHIM SÜLEYMAN 'Babutsaro' born 1874

their children

1  Süleyman  İbrahim  'Mavro Mustago/Babutsaro' born 1900-1997

2  Tahir   İbrahim  'Babutsaro' 1904-1984       

3  Yusuf  İbrahim  'Babutsaro' 

4  Mustafa İbrahim  ’Coni/Babutsaro' migrated to the UK

5  Pembe  İbrahim'  Babutsaro' 1st wife of  Mustafa Bilal

6  Emine  İbrahim  'Guççuku/Babutsaro' married Hüseyin Ramadan Yakula Guççuki

EMİNE TAHİR ’Karahasanu/Kulea’ married  HASAN OSMAN ’Kara Hasan’ born 1874 

their children

1  Osman Hasan ’Kara-Hasan’ born 1903 married Emete Ömer 1909-1968 from Bahçalar/Perivolia

2  Razge  Hasan ’Kara-Hasan’ 1st wife of Mehmet Yusuf 'Çemberli’

3  Pembe Hasan ’Kara-Hasan’ 1915-2017  2nd  wife of Mehmet Yusuf 'Çemberli’ born 1899 

MELEK TAHİR ’Kulea’ married  YUSUF MEHMET YAKULA born 1885 -1922 

their children

1 Mehmet Yusuf ’Yakula/Sistilli’ had no children

2 İbrahim Yusuf ’Yakula/Sistilli’  had no children

3 Faik Yusuf ’Yakula/Sistilli’  1912-1987 married Rahme Arif ’Habi’ 1914-1993

4 Emine Yusuf ’Yakula/Sistilli’ married Süleyman İsmail 'Badado'


ZALİHE HÜSEYİN ’Kulea’ born 1846  married İBRAHİM MURAT ’Buzi/Cidari’ , they married in 1867.

their children

1 Tahir İbrahim 'Buzi' born 1875 married Siddiga Yusuf ’Bindi’

2 Melek 'Melekka' İbrahim 'Buzi' born 1868 married Yusuf 'Mavri'

3 Dudu İbrahim 'Buzi/Furnaru’ married Hüseyin 'Verde'

4 Hüseyin İbrahim 'Buzi' 1879-1892

EMİNE HÜSEYİN ’Kulea’ married İSMAIL MEHMET  'Ismailo/Kavaz' born 1844 [49] 

their children

1  Mehmet İsmail  'İsmailo/Gannu/Kavaz' 1878-1951

2  Melek İsmail 'Melukka/Yasena/İsmailo’' married Yusuf Kali 'Yasi' born around early to mid 1870s

3  Şerife İsmail ’İsmailo’ had no children

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