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Old maps of Cyprus and census documents of Lurucina.


This page deals with archive documents relating directly or indirectly to Lurucina. The aim is to expand this particular section in order to help us all understand our past in a more constructive manner. As Lurucina was not a particularly important village in history, finding documents relating to it can be pretty tedious and laborious. However thanks to the dedication and love for their village, enough information has been preserved to help us piece together what is turning out to be one of the most extensive researches on Lurucina ever undertaken. Given time and more effort this project will reach new heights that many of us believed almost impossible.

If the people of Lurucina can lead by example then hopefully other villages across Cyprus will attempt to emulate our success in searching our roots and local history.

Maps can, and often do tell us a lot about our history. While the local legend of the founding of Lorenzia/Lurucina/Akincilar has persisted for centuries, the only oldest mapped reference we can find for Lurucina is Lorthina on a map drawn by Jacomo Franco & copied by Abraham Ortelius, in 1573. But what about the surrounding villages like S. Zorsi, Damalia and Mallura that no longer exist?. What happened to them? Why did Lorthina not share the same fate. Together with some remnants of nearby Latin communities of Athienou/Kiraci Koy, who apparently acquired its Turkish name "Khiraji/Kiraci", as a direct result of the survivors of a few Latin families who turned to "Muleteering" (Kiraci) in order to earn a living. While others converted to Islam in order to escape the persecution from the Ottomans and Greek Orthodox Church.

In Lurucina the Latin's seemed to survive, at least until new generations came to Lurucina at the end of the 1700s and early 1800s. Sadly no remnants of any Latin families seem to have survived in Lurucina or Athienou and in the case of some villages have completely disappeared altogether. This website is not a comprehensive history of Lurucina, neither can I claim to be qualified in that department. But in the absence of other historians lack of interest on our village, then whatever small bits of information is added to the site will in my opinion help to raise awareness of our past. This page has maps of the area dating from 1573-1730. In addition, information relating to the Bairam brothers hanged for the murder of the priest in 1924 can also be seen. I hope everyone enjoys the maps and documents as much as I have in trying to analyse them. Any comments would be welcome.

Bütün Lurucina/Akıncılar köylülerime sağlık, muhhabet ve selamlar dilerim.

Ismail Veli 'Kirlapo'

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