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Maps of Lurucina village


Special thanks to Osman Bekir 'Bihigo' and his friend Ekrem Cavit Öztürkler who works at the Tapu dairesi (Lands registry office) in Nicosia, and also Yusuf Toz for their support in helping to aquire the copies of the Street maps of Lurucina on this page which are dated 1916. Their help and support is testament to the support this site has from people who have direct or indirect connections to Lurucina.

The aim of these maps is to eventually list the families and determine where each family lived. Any person who can identify their family homes please write to The plot numbers and the family nickname/lakab should be stated. If the exact plot number cannot be identified, the area would be sufficient for us to learn the area in which the families lived.

No doubt this is a long term project, but with patience and determination I feel certain that the younger generations can gain some results by questioning the elders of their families.

Ismail Veli 'Kirlapo'


Unfortunately some parts of the maps are in poor quality, watermarked and have worn away. I have painstakingly drawn over many of the faded outlines and numbers of the plots in pencil so as to highlight the borders more clearly. Some numbers were difficult to read, I therefore decided to leave them as they are so as not to make a mistake. Considering that the originals are almost a hundred years old then perhaps its fortunate that most parts are still visible and in a reasonable condition. I hope their condition doe's not effect the pleasure of browsing through them.

A big debt of gratitude to VELI ÇUFOĞLU in preparing this list. He worked weeks in identifying and listing the names of the families place of residence. 166 plot numbers on this list make up the vast majority of the homes in Lurucina in 1916. The census of Lurucina registered 1,237 inhabitants. Unfortunately as the Christian inhabitants which amounted to 158 had left in the 1950s identifying their names has become difficult. In addition VELI has identified the schools, old hospital, water wells, shops etc. For many younger people interested in their ancestral family homes this valuable source of information is priceless in searching where their grandparents and great grandparents were born and lived. Without the massive effort of people like VELI the street maps of Lurucina would not have been possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE. as the maps are originally 100 years old, some of the recent inhabitants names rather then those of 1916 are given. It is generally accepted that the present or recent homeowners are descendants of the same family.

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