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Mehmet Katri. Part 1

The Galaba, Pekri, Fesa, Lao, Cambulat and Şufta are part of this family group.

The Mehmet Katri (Katriniyes/Katrini) family were the earliest known descendants of the Galaba, Pekri, Fesa, Bedasi, Kasino, Gaçari and the Kavaz families. A calculated guess would give us a rough date of early or mid 1700's for the Birth of Mehmet Katri It seems this family were established in Luricina at least from the mid 1700's, There are some notes from old timers records that suggest this family may have come from Manisa the Aegean, region of Turkey. [1] When they came is not conclusive, but subsequent information since the setting up of this site has come to light which seem reliable on the origins of this family. An interesting discovery was that Mehmet Katri's 4th son İSMAIL MEHMET 'Gaçari' was also the father of MEHMET KAVAZ . Mehmet was in fact the 1st person to acquire the name Kavaz which has been carried to the present day. Simply put, MEHMET KATRİ is one of the oldest ancestors on record. Who would have guessed that the KAVAZ and GALABA'S were originally one and the same family. Katri was not the surname but many people who belonged to the Katri order used it as part of their recognition of the order they belonged to.

The name Katri originates from Qadiriyyah. The Qadiri Order is one of the oldest Sufi Orders. It derives its name from Abdul-Qadir Gilani (1077-1166), a native of the Iranian province of Mazandaran. [2] The order is one of the most widespread of the Sufi orders in the Islamic world, and spread to Central Asia, Turkey, Cyprus, Balkans and much of East and West Africa. The Qadiriyyah have not developed any distinctive doctrines or teachings outside of mainstream Islam. They believe in the fundamental principles of Islam, but interpreted through mystical experience. This name was normally given to certain individuals who followed the order of the Qadiriyyah. What this implies for our ancestor Mehmet Katri/Kadri is not clear. What is clear however is that during the Ottoman period it was normal to use the name of the order one belonged to. Many Yeniçeri's / Janissaries also followed the Kadri order

The Zorno, Kullo, Pekri, Galaba, Lao, Garabina, İkiz, Fesa and Şufta are part of this family tree.


His children

1 Kara-Mustafa Mehmet 'Hrisafi' born 1789-91. [4]

2 Yusuf Mehmet Katri 'Ağa' born 1799 [5] married Ayşe Yusuf Karaoli

3 Veli Mehmet 'Kâmilos'

4 İsmail Mehmet 'Gaççari' born 1789-91. [6]


his children

1 İsmail Kara Mustafa 'Kullo' born 1829 married Dudu Yusuf born 1839 they married in 1853

2 Ramadan Kara-Mustafa 'Zorno' born 1828. [7] married Rabia Osman born 1842. They married in 1855

3 Şerife Kara Mustafa married İbrahim 'Çamuri'

4 Ayşe Kara Mustafa engaged to Hasan-İligo when she died

İSMAİL KARA-MUSTAFA (Kullo) born 1829 married DUDU YUSUF born 1839 they married in 1853. [8]

their children

1 Mehmet İsmail 'Fesa' born 1859 married. [9]

2 Yusuf İsmail 'Şufta' born 1867 died when still a baby

3  Yusuf İsmail ’Kullo’ ’Şufta/Kullo’ born 1868

4 Şerife İsmail ‘Kullo’ born 1856 married Halil Mustafa 'Şettari' 1844-1882

5 Emine İsmail born 1872 married Ramadan Veli 'Garaganna' born 1872

MEHMET İSMAİL FESA born 1859 married DUDU TAHİR ’Kulea’

their children

1 İsmail Mehmet 'Fesa' born 20,08,1893 married Dudu Mustafa 'Lurto'

2 Mustafa Mehmet 'Mudaho/Fesa' born 25,12,1899-1968

3 Tahir Mehmet 'Fesa', born 1896.

4 Hüseyin Mehmet 'Fesa' born 1903.

5 Şerife Mehmet 'Fesa' married Hüseyin Ramadan 'Sari'

6 Pembe Mehmet 'Fesa' married Mustafa Sakallı

7 Veli Mehmet 'Fesa', born 20,07, 1905. [10]

İSMAIL MEHMET 'Fesa'  born 20,08,1893 1st marriage MUKADDES ÖMER ’Çerkezi/Deli Ömer’. “2nd marriage EMİNE YUSUF. 3rd marriage DUDU MUSTAFA 'Lurto'.1902-1978  [11]

their children

1 Emine İsmail ’Ganaru/Fesa’ born 1918-21?-1995 married Osman Yusuf ’Ganari’

2 Mehmet İsmail Fesa 20.02.1924-1989 married Ayşe Mehmet Osman 'Gatsura'. 29.11.1929 -11.08 2017 [12]

3 Kemal İsmail Fesa married Emine Veci

4 Tahir İsmail Fesa married Fatma 'Mavri'

5 Hasan İsmail Fesa married Vesime 'Gingi'

6 Necat İsmail Fesa married Türkan

7 Veli Ismaıl Fesa (Tümerkan) married Salime

8 Belma İsmail Fesa 1945-2002 married Yusuf 'Yasli'

EMİNE İSMAİL ’Ganaru/Fesa’ born 1918-21?-1995 OSMAN YUSUF 'Ganari/Muya’ 1903-1981

their children

1  Şerife Osman  'Ganari' married Süleyman 'Babi'

2  Gülşen   Osman 'Ganari'   married  Mehmet Veli İbrahim

3  Sonay  Osman  'Ganari'  married Alper Hoca

4  Seval   Osman    'Ganari'

5  İlkay Osman Yusuf 'Ganari' married Osman Kemal Şah


their children

1 Müjgan İsmail Mehmet married Vedat

2 Duygu İsmail Mehmet married Mehmet Şahin

3 Osman İsmail Mehmet lives with Laura

4 İsmail İsmail Mehmet married Pelin

5 Canan İsmail Mehmet married Mehmet Kartal

MÜJGAN İSMAİL MEHMET ’Fesa’  married VEDAT from Esentepe

their children

1 Alev 

2 Filiz 

MÜJGAN İSMAİL MEHMET ’Fesa’  married VEDAT from Esentepe

their children

1 Alev 

2 Filiz 

DUYGU İSMAİL MEHMET ’Fesa’  married MEHMET ŞAHİN from Nicosia

their children

1 Leyla Mehmet Şahin

2 Vedia Mehmet Şahin


their children 

1 Mehmet Osman İsmail ’Fesa’



İSMAİL İSMAİL MEHMET ’Fesa’  married PELİN from Anglisides

their children

1 Ayşe İsmail Mehmet ’Fesa’

2 Hatice İsmail Mehmet ’Fesa’


their children

1 Mehmet Kartal

2 Kaya Kartal

3 Kaan Kartal

KEMAL İSMAIL 'fesa' married married EMİNE RAMADAN ’Veci’


1 İsmail İsmail married Serap Cemil Gürsel 

2 Ramadan İsmail married Esin Hasan Eğmez 'Halilaza' (divorced) 

İSMAİL KEMAL ’Fesa’ 1st marriage JULIE from the UK. 2nd marriage SERAP CEMİL GÜRSEL from Nicosia

children with Julie

1 Kemal İsmail ’Fesa’

2 Adem  İsmail ’Fesa’

3 Meryem  İsmail ’Fesa’

children with Serap

4 Yasemin  İsmail ’Fesa’

RAMADAN  KEMAL ’Fesa’  married ESİN HASAN EĞMEZ ’Halilaza’ (divorced)

their children

1 Mustafa Ramadan Kemal ’Fesa’

2 Ayşegül  Ramadan Kemal ’Fesa’

3 Arın  Ramadan Kemal ’Fesa’



1 Duygu married to İlkay 

2 Erdal married Gülseren 

3 Rengin married Erdin 

4 Erkan married ?

5 Nilgün married Yusuf Salih 


their children

1 Halil

2 Ceyda

ERDAL TAHİR İSMAİL ’Fesa' married GÜLSEREN divorced

their children

1 Derya 

2 Dilek

3 Şeniz (from 2nd relationship


their children

1 Ayla

ERKAN TAHİR İSMAİL ’Fesa' married?

their children



their children

1 Tahir Yusuf Salih

2 Tarık Yusuf Salih

HASAN İSMAİL 'Fesa' married VESİME 'Gingi'


1 Suzan married İbrahim Mehmet 

2 Mehmet married Amanda 


their children

1 Duygu İbrahim Yapıcı ’Misigigo married Stuart Flood

2 Mehmet  İbrahim Yapıcı ’Misigigo married Amanda

3 Vesin  İbrahim Yapıcı ’Misigigo


their children

1 Şeniz Flood

2 Mehmet Flood


their children

1 Vesin Mehmet İsmail ’Fesa’

NECAT İSMAİL 'Fesa' married TÜRKAN MEHMET ’Balligari’


1 Berkan Necat 'Fesa'

2 Emine Necat 'Fesa'

3 Duysal Necat 'Fesa'


their children

1 Mete Tümerkan born 1964 married Nilgün from Famagusta 

2 Mehtap Tümerkan married Ahmet Talat Ermetal 

METE VELİ  TÜMERKAN 'Fesa'  born 1964 married NİLGÜN from Famagusta

their children

1 Mert Tümerkan ’Fesa’

2 Berk Tümerkan ’Fesa’


their children

1 Burcu Ahmet Ermetal

2 Burçe Ahmet Ermetal

BELMA İSMAİL 'Fesa' 1945-2002 married YUSUF MEHMET GAZİ 'Yasli/Mudra' 1935-2017

their children

1 Mehmet Yusuf Gazi ’Yasli’

1 Sultan-Meltem Gazi ’Yasli’ married Cengiz Topal from Vadili

2 Rengül Gazi ’Yasli’ married Çelik Orhan Selkan 'Tsali'


their children

1 Hasan Cengiz Topel born 1988

2 Yusuf Cengiz Topel born 1993


their children

1 Belma Çelik Orhan

2 Orhan Çelik Orhan

MUSTAFA MEHMET 'Mudaho/Fesa' 1901-1968 married EMİNE SÜLEYMAN ’Mudahu/Çarta’ 1910-1974

their children

1 Tahir Mustafa born 1929 married Muhterem İbrahim ’Paşa’

2 Şerife Mustafa married Hüseyin Ramadan’Tsuro’ 

3 Gülay Mustafa married Derviş Dülger Olgunay from Köfünye 

TAHİR MUSTAFA ’Fesa/Mudaho’ born 1929 MUHTEREM İBRAHİM ’Paşa’ 

their children

1 İlkay Tahir ’Mudahu’

2 Mustafa Tahir ’Mudahu’ born 1963

ŞERİFE  MUSTAFA ’Fesa/Mudahu’ married HÜSEYİN RAMADAN ’Tsuro’

their children

1 Emel  Hüseyin Ramadan ’Tsuro’

2 Serpil  Hüseyin Ramadan ’Tsuro’

GÜLAY MUSTAFA ’Fesa/Mudahu’ married DERVİŞ-DÜLGER OLGUNAY from Köfünye

their children 

1 Ülviye Derviş Olgunay married Mehmet Kemal Şah ’Mehmetça’

2 Mustafa Derviş Olgunay married Gönül from Meluşa

3 Emin Derviş Olgunay 


their children

1 Kemal Mehmet Şah ’Mehmetça’

2 Seda  Şah ’Mehmetça’


their children

1 Zarif  Mustafa Olgunay

2 Derviş Mustafa Olgunay


TAHİR MEHMET ’Fesa’ born 1896 married HEYBETİ İSMAİL ’Kara İsmail’ 1908-1992

no children

ŞERİFE MEHMET ’Fesa’ married HÜSEYİN RAMADAN 'Tsuro/Sarı' born 1882

their children

1  Mehmet  Hüseyin   moved to Köfünye

2  Ramadan  Hüseyin  moved to Köfünye

3  İbrahim  Hüseyin   moved to Köfünye

4  Cihan  Hüseyin  married Veli Ramadan 'Kelle'.


PEMBE MEHMET ’Fesa’ married MUSTAFA İBRAHIM 'Şagalli/İbraimulli/ Kazmalavri' born 1882 

their children

1 İbrahim Mustafa 'Şagalli' married Hatice Yusuf 'Ado' born 1928 

2 Ramadan Mustafa 'Şagalli/Bardiçço’ 1928-2015 married Neriman Mustafa 'Gayi'

3 Melek Mustafa 'Şagalli' married İsmail Ramadan Kelleş


YUSUF İSMAİL KARA-MUSTAFA 'Şufta/Kullo' born 1867 married KEZİBAN VELİ ’Kerlo’

their children

1 İsmail Yusuf 'Şufta' born 6,11,1899 married Emine Osman ’Otangudi 

2 Emine Yusuf 'Kina/Şufta' 1895-1988 married Mehmet from Glavya village

3 Şerife Yusuf 'Sartanaka/Şufta'

4 Zalihe Yusuf 'Şufta' married  Hüseyin Ahmet Erdemirci ’Mağrubi’ moved to Bodamya village

5 Hatice Yusuf 'Şufta' 1910-1985 married Ali Yusuf 1911-1987 from Dali

6 Hüsniye Yusuf 'Şufta' married Mehmet Nuri ‘Kız Mehmet’ from Koççat

7 Ayşe Yusuf 'Tsendina/Şufta'  married Mehmet Osman ‘Tsende/Gudalaridi’ 

İSMAİL YUSUF  'Şufta' born 6,11,1899 married EMİNE OSMAN ’Otangudi’

no children

EMİNE YUSUF ’Kina/Şufta’ 1895-1988 married MEHMET İSMAIL 'Ki'. 1886- 

their children

1 Ayşe Mehmet 'Ki' married İsmail Bekir 'İkiz' 'Bili'

2 Dudu Mehmet 'Ki' 1917-2009 married Mustafa Necip

3 Nazemin Mehmet Ki married Osman 'Yorgancı'

ŞERİFE YUSUF ’Sartanaka/Şufta’ married İSMAIL İBRAHIM Bodiri Born 05.05.1892. -1972

children from 1st marriage

1  Ayşe İsmail ’Bodiri

2 Emine İsmail ’Bodiri’


ZALİHE YUSUF ’Şufta’ married HÜSEYİN AHMET ERDEMİRCİ ’Mağrubi’ from Bodamya

their children

1 Yusuf Hüseyin Erdemirci ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’ Mağrubi’

2 Ahmet Hüseyin Erdemirci ’Mağrubi’

3 İsmail  Hüseyin  ’Mağrubi’

4 Fikriye  Hüseyin ’Mağrubi’

YUSUF HÜSEYİN ERDEMİRCİ  ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’  married SALİME ALİ

their children

1 Dilek Yusuf Erdemirci ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’ married Tuğrul Bekir ’Üçokka’

2 Adil  Yusuf Erdemirci ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’ married Tanju Bekir ’Üçokka’

3 Özdil  Yusuf Erdemirci ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’ married Emine Mülayim ’Çangar’

4 Elsin  Yusuf Erdemirci ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’

5 Erbil Yusuf Erdemirci ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’ married Suzan  from Geçitkale/Lefkoniko’

6 Ayşe  Yusuf Erdemirci ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’ married Necati Karaduman from Göçmenköy

DİLEK YUSUF ERDEMİRCİ  ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’ married TUĞRUL  BEKİR 'Üçokka’ 

their children

1 Dilem Tuğrul  'Üçokka’ 

2 Özlem  Tuğrul  'Üçokka’ 

ADİL YUSUF ERDEMİRCİ  ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’ married TANJU  BEKİR 'Üçokka’ 

their children

1 Bahar Yusuf Erdemirci ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’

ÖZDİL YUSUF ERDEMİRCİ  ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’ married EMİNE MÜLAYİM ’Çangar’

their children

1 Salime Özdil Erdemirci ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’

2 Fatma Özdil Erdemirci ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’

3 Tomris Özdil Erdemirci ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’

ERBİL  YUSUF ERDEMİRCİ  ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’ married SUZAN from Geçitkale/Lefkoniko’

their children

1 Yusuf Erbil  Erdemirci ’Negrohafti/Tekniker’


their children

1 Dilek Karaduman

2 Sevil Karaduman

HATİCE YUSUF ’Şufta’ 1910-1985 married ALİ YUSUF 1911-1987 from Dali

their children

1 Yusuf Ali 1930-1994

2 Keziban Ali ’Salyanu’

3 Remziye Ali

4 Salime Ali

HÜSNİYE YUSUF ’Şufta’ married MEHMET NURİ ’Kız Mehmet’ from Koççat

their children

1 Mesut Mehmet ’Kız Mehmet’ married Ayşe Mustafa Behaettin

2 Belma Mehmet ’Kız Mehmet’

3 Belsel Mehmet ’Kız Mehmet’


their children

1 Ülkü Mesut ’Kız Mehmet’ married Mahmut Halil Düzgen ’Elekrikçi’ born 1963

2 Mecbure Mesut ’Kız Mehmet’

3 Hüsniye Mesut ’Kız Mehmet’

4 Murat Mesut ’Kız Mehmet’

ÜLKÜ MESUT ’Kız Mehmet’ married MAHMUT  HALİL DÜZGEN 'Elektrikçi' born 1963 

their children

1  Ayşe Mahmut Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' 

2  Halil Mahmut Düzgen  'Elektrikçi' 

AYŞE YUSUF ’Tsendina/Şufta’ married MEHMET OSMAN ’Tsende/Gudalaridi’ born 1902


ŞERİFE İSMAİL ’Kullo’ born 1856 married HALİL İSMAİL MUSTAFA 'Karaganna/Şettari’ born 1844-1882

their children

1  İsmail Halil 'Şettari' born 1881 married Hanım Mustafa ’Çavuş/Zavli’

2  Dudu Halil  'Şettari' married Kadir/Abdulkadir Mehmet 'Gatsura' born 1872


EMİNE  İSMAİL ’Kullo’ RAMADAN VELİ 'Karaganna'  born 1872 

their children

1  İsmail Ramadan Veli  'Karaganna'  married Raziye Arif 'Habi'

2  Dudu   Ramadan Veli  'Karaganna' married Murat Emir-Ali 'Porto' born 1892

3  Razgeli  Ramadan Veli 'Karaganna' 1901-1986  married Ahmet 'Minnoş' 1903-1995

4  Hatice  Ramadan Veli  'Karaganna/Kuru'   married Ramadan Yusuf 'Mavri'

5  Hüseyin Ramadan Veli  'Karaganna'  born 1894 died young

6  Meryem Ramadan Veli  'Karaganna' married Veli, they moved to Celya


RAMADAN KARA-MUSTAFA 'Zorno' born 1828 married RABİA OSMAN born 1842. They married in 1855. [13]

his children

1 Mustafa Ramadan 'Pekri/Zorno' born 1859 married Hatem Mustafa ’Pekrina/Munduko’

2 İsmail Ramadan 'Galaba/Zorno' 1862 married Emine Mustafa 'Badudi'

3 Veli Ramadan 'Lao/Zorno' married Zehra Ali Mustafa Öküz

4 Bekir Ramadan 'Bekir İkiz/Zorno' born 1865

5 Osman Ramadan 'Osman/İkiz/Zorno' ( twin) born 1865

6 Mehmet Ramadan 'Kazmalevri/Zorno' born 1864

7 Yusuf Ramadan 'Mavri/Zorno' born 1877.

8 Hatem Ramadan married Hamidi from Bodamya

9 Ayşe Ramadan 'Ayşeli' born 1868 married Kirkaya from Bodamya

10 Emine Ramadan born 1867 married Ali İsmail 'Tahuredi'

MUSTAFA RAMADAN 'Pekri' born 1859 married HATEM MUSTAFA ’Pekrina’

his children

1 Ramadan Mustafa 'Zardaganya/Pekri' 1886-1976 married Dudu Mustafa ’Zardaginyina/Bata’ 1898-1971

2 Veli Mustafa 'Pekri' 1890-1975

3 Süleyman Mustafa 'Pekri' died young

4 Emine Mustafa 'Stillena/Pekri'  died in 1980 married Hasan Yusuf 'Mattaga'

5 Ayşe Mustafa 'Pekri' 1897-1970 married Bekir Veli 'Kelle'

6 Rebyeli Mustafa 'Pekri' 1903-1991 married  Mehmet Mustafa's 'Mustafuri' (2nd Wife)

7 Zalihe Mustafa 'Ginezzu/Pekri' married Hüseyin Karayan 'Ginezzo'

8 Naile Mustaf 'Pekri' married Hüseyin Deveci and moved to Mennoya village

RAMADAN MUSTAFA 'Zardaganya/Pekri’ 1886-1976 married DUDU MUSTAFA ’Zardaganyina/Bata’ 1890’s-1971

their children

1 Mustafa Ramadan Aşkun ’Mustambeşi/Zardaganya’ 1910-1982 married Vasfiye Yusuf ‘Susulli’ 1918-2008

2 Yusuf Ramadan Ağdaç 'Gillo'

3 Mehmet Ramadan Ağdaç 'Küsler/Zardaganya’ 1917-1989

4 Osman Ramadan Ağdaç  'Grivas/Zardaganya’ 1931-2008

5 Süleyman Ramadan died young

6 Hatem Ramadan 'Mişarina/Zardaganya’ 1922-2005 married Murat Hasan Özdoğaç 'Mişaro'

7 Ayşe Ramadan 'Zardaganya’ 1929- 2016 married Mehmet 'Mancali/Papgen'

8 Naile Ramadan Zardaganya’ 1921-1991 was disabled

9 Cemaliye Ramadan Zardaganya’ married Bekir Bekir Hoşezer

MUSTAFA RAMADAN AŞKUN ’Mustambeşi’ 1910-1982 married VASFİYE YUSUF ’Susulli’ 1918-2008

his children

1 Süleyman Mustafa Aşkun ’Mustambeşi’ born 1939 married Latife Ramadan ’Ramadan Onbaşı’ 

2 Ayşe Mustafa Aşkun ’Mustambeşi’ born 1937 married Mehmet Veli 'Berber/Pekri’

3 Aysel Mustafa ’Mustambeşi’ born 1947 married Selahettin İzzet Özgün (Commander of Lurucina 1966-67). [14] moved to Tuzla -Larnaca, and later Samsun in Turkey.

SÜLEYMAN MUSTAFA  AŞKUN ’Mustambeşi’ born 1939 married LATİFE RAMADAN ÖZYALÇIN ’Ramadan Onbaşı’ born 1941

their children

1 Fatma Süleyman Aşkun ’Mustambeşi’ married Süleyman Hasan 'Yücelen'

2 Soley Süleyman Aşkun  ’Mustambeşi’ married Mehmet Kemal Lord ’Lordo’ born 1963


their children

1 Hasan Mustafa Yücelen

SOLEY SÜLEYMAN AŞKUN 'Mustambeşi' married MEHMET KEMAL LORD ‘Lordo’ born 1963 

their children

1 Letife Mehmet Lord ‘Lordo’

2 Şerife Mehmet Lord ‘Lordo’

AYŞE MUSTAFA  'Mustambeşi' born 1937 married  MEHMET VELİ ’Berber/Pekri’ 1930-1972

their children

1 Hakan Mehmet 'Pekri'

2 Nalan Mehmet 'Pekri' married Volkan Verdi their daughter is Gizem Verdi

3 Seran Mehmet 'Pekri' married Yusuf 'Toz'

AYSEL  MUSTAFA  'Mustambeşi' born 1947 married SELAHETTİN ÖZGÜN from Samsun, Turkey

1 Akın Özgün

2 Berna Özgün


YUSUF RAMADAN AĞDAÇ ’Killo’Zardaganya’ married married AYŞE MUSTAFA ’Topak Ayşe’ Mattaga/İbraimulli’

their children

1 Mustafa Yusuf Ağdaç ’Buri/Killo’ married Şerife Hüseyin Karaböcek ’Gutsugudi’

2 Süleyman Yusuf Ağdaç ’Buri/Killo’

3 Erdinç Yusuf Ağdaç ’Buri/Killo’

4 Fikriye Yusuf  ’Buri/Killo’ married Murat Mehmet 'Yakula'

MUSTAFA YUSUF AĞDAÇ ’Buri’ married ŞERİFE HÜSEYİN KARABÖCEK ’Gutsugudi’ born 1955) 

their children

1 Ayşe Mustafa Ağdaç ’Buri’ married İsmail İbrahim Paça ’Aftulla’

2 Hüseyin Mustafa Ağdaç ’Buri’ married Fatoş from Nicosia


their children

1 İbrahim İsmail Paça ’Aftulla’

HÜSEYİN  MUSTAFA  AĞDAÇ ’Buri’ married FATOŞ from Nicosia

their children

1 Doruk Hüseyin Ağdaç ’Buri’ 


their children

1 Yusuf Süleyman Ağdaç  'Buri’

2 Serdar Süleyman Ağdaç  'Buri’


their children

1 Yılmaz Erdinç Ağdaç ’Buri’ married Malhun Kemal Gazi ’Mudra’


their children

1 Nefes

FİKRİYE YUSUF ’Killo’ married MURAT MEHMET ’Hafta/Galliga’

no children

MEHMET RAMADAN AĞDAÇ ’Küsler’ 1917-1989 married HATEM OSMAN ’Gitimiri’ 1921-1991

Their children

1 Süheyla Mehmet  Ağdaç ’Küsler’ 1st wife of Kemal Hasan Gazi ’Mudra’ 1940-2013

2 Süleyman Mehmet  Ağdaç ’Küsler’ married Netice Yusuf Cili’

3 Osman Mehmet  Ağdaç ’Küsler’ married Aysel Derviş from Pirga

4 Işıl Mehmet  Ağdaç ’Küsler’  2nd wife of Kemal Hasan Gazi ’Mudra’ 1940-2013

5 Berin Mehmet  Ağdaç ’Küsler’ married Nevzat Mustafa Yıldırım 'polis' from Kavaklı/Ayios Georgios

SÜHEYLA MEHMET ’Küsler’ married KEMAL HASAN GAZİ ’Mudra’ 1940-2013

their children

1 Süriz Kemal Gazi ’Mudra’

2 Hasan Kemal Gazi ’Mudra’


their children

1 Umay Süleyman Ağdaç ’Küsler’

2 Hale Süleyman Ağdaç ’Küsler’

3 Ayça Süleyman Ağdaç ’Küsler’

OSMAN  MEHMET  AĞDAÇ ’Küsler’ married AYSEL DERVİŞ from Pirga

their children

1 Mehmet Osman Ağdaç ’Küsler’

2 Münevver Osman Ağdaç ’Küsler’

IŞIL MEHMET ’Küsler’ married KEMAL HASAN GAZİ ’Mudra’ 1940-2013 (2nd marriage)

their children

1 Katun Kemal Gazi ’Mudra’

2 Malhun Kemal Gazi ’Mudra’

3 Dervişe Kemal Gazi ’Mudra’

BERİN  MEHMET ’Küsler’ married  NEVZAT MUSTAFA YILDIRIM 'polis' from Kavaklı/Ayios Georgios

their children

1 Gülhün Nevzat Yıldırım  married Ramadan Nazım Kurtarıcıoğulları

2 Eygü Nevzat Yıldırım


their childre

1 Nevzat Ramadan Kurtarıcıoğulları


their children

1 Hasan Ziya Aykol ’Muraçi


OSMAN RAMADAN AĞDAÇ 'Grivas/Zardaganya/ 'Grivas' (Pekri) 1931-2008  married SALİME YUSUF ‘Gada’ 

their children

1 Yusuf Osman Ağdaç ’Grivas’ married Emine Erol from Pafos

2 Ramadan Osman Ağdaç ’Grivas’ 1st marriage Ümmü Celal ’Mustaho’. 2nd marriage Yıldız  from Turkey

3 Emcet Osman Ağdaç ’Grivas’ married Nilgün Nihat Bekler

4 Öner Osman Ağdaç ’Grivas’ married Pervin Raif Özlüoğlu from Stavrogonno

5 Civan Osman Ağdaç ’Grivas’ married Mustafa Emirali Özkılıç ’Stillo’

6 Cavidan Osman Ağdaç' ’Grivas’ Taner Canselen  from Karaağaç

7 Canan Osman Ağdaç ’Grivas’ married  Şevket Aktunç from Meluşa

8 Cihan Osman Ağdaç ’Grivas’ Married Cengiz Korkmazhan from Meluşa

9 Derya Osman Ağdaç ’Grivas’ married Türkeş Bumbaroğlu from Pafos 

10 Duyal Osman Ağdaç ’Grivas’ married Ali Dinçol from Civiya/Pano Kivides


their children

1 Osman Yusuf Ağdaç ’Grivas’

2 Erol  Yusuf Ağdaç ’Grivas’

RAMADAN OSMAN  AĞDAÇ 'Grivas’ 1st marriage ÜMMÜ CELAL ’Mustaho’. 2nd marriage YILDIZ from Turkey

children from 1st marriage

1 Vedia Ramadan Ağdaç ’Grivas’

2 Celal  Ramadan Ağdaç ’Grivas’

children from 2nd marriage

3 Onuralp  Ramadan Ağdaç ’Grivas’


their children

1 Süheyla Emcet  Ağdaç ’Grivas’

2 Nihat Emcet  Ağdaç ’Grivas’

ÖNER OSMAN  AĞDAÇ 'Grivas’ married  PERVİN RAİF ÖZLÜOĞLU from Stavrogonno

their children

1 Doğuş Öner  Ağdaç ’Grivas’

2 Ramadan  Ağdaç ’Grivas’


their children

1 Emine Mustafa Özkılıç ’Stillo’

2 Salime  Mustafa Özkılıç ’Stillo’

CAVİDAN OSMAN  AĞDAÇ 'Grivas’ married TANER CANSELEN from Karaagaç

their children

1 Öner Taner Canselen

CANAN OSMAN  AĞDAÇ 'Grivas’ married ŞEVKET AKTUNÇ from Meluşa

their children

1 İrfan Şevket Aktunç

2 Salime  Şevket Aktunç

CİHAN OSMAN  AĞDAÇ 'Grivas’ married CENGİZ KORMAZHAN from Meluşa

their children

1 Fırat Cengiz Korkmazhan

2 Feral Cengiz Korkmazhan

3 Celal Cengiz Korkmazhan from Meluşa


their children

1 Salih Türkeş Bumbaroğlu

2 Osman  Türkeş Bumbaroğlu

DUYAL  OSMAN  AĞDAÇ 'Grivas’ married ALİ DİNÇOL  from Civiya/Pano Kivides

their children

1 Tomris Ali Dinçol

2 Enver Ali Dinçol


HATEM RAMADAN HATEM RAMADAN ’Mişarina/Zardaganya’ 1922-2005 married MURAT HASAN ÖZDOĞAÇ 'Mişaro/Kertenkele' 1923-2009  

their children

1  Selma  Murat Özdoğaç  ’Mişaro’ married  Ali Hüseyin Öksüz ’Aligunni’

2  Hasan  Murat   Özdoğaç Mişaro’ married Sezgin from Nicosia

3  Dolun   Murat   Özdoğaç Mişaro’ married  Hasan Murat Kırmızı

4  Ramadan  Murat  Özdoğaç ’Fiuri/Mişaro’ married Rengül Hüseyin Güvensoylu ’Musko. born 1961

5  Süleyman  Murat  Özdoğaç Mişaro’ married Gülgün Mehmet Özlevent ’Levendi’

6  Gürsel Murat  Özdoğaç Mişaro’ married Vildan Mehmet 

7  Tomris Murat Özdoğaç Mişaro’ married Aysın Muhtaroğlu  

8  Yusuf  Murat   Özdoğaç Mişaro’

 AYŞE RAMADAN 'Zardaganya' 1929-2016 married MEHMET YUSUF SEMAİ 'Mancali' (Papgen) 1930-1997 

their children

1 Yusuf Mehmet Semai 'Pabgen/Mancali' married Ülgen Necmi

2 Melek Mehmet Semai  'Pabgen/Mancali' married Behçet Zeki Usta

3 Meral Mehmet Semai 'Pabgen/Mancali' married Mehmet Ali from Turunçlu village

4 Duygu Mehmet Semai  'Pabgen/Mancali'

CEMALİYE RAMADAN 'Zardaganya' married BEKİR HASAN ’Bekir Bekir’ 1933-1995

their children

1 Duysal Bekir Hasan ’Bekir Bekir’

2 Mine  Bekir Hasan ’Bekir Bekir’


VELİ MUSTAFA ’Pekri 1890-1975 married  EMİNE TAHİR ’Şamela/Gutsago’ 1895-1978 

1 Kemal Veli 'Kemal Usta/Pekri'

2 Tahir Veli 'Tahir Usta/Pekri' 1924-2007

3 Yusuf Veli 'Sudi/Pekri'

4 Mehmet Veli 'Berber/Pekri'  1930-1972

KEMAL VELİ 'Pekri/Kemal Usta' married DUDU RAİF  'Muraci'  

their children

1 Emine Pekri ’Pekri/ Kemal Usta’

2 Zalihe Kemal 'Pekri' married Özkan Ali-Şan

ZELİHA KEMAL PEKRİ ’Kemal Usta’  married ÖZKAN ALİŞAN from İpsillat

their children

1 Gamze Özkan Alişan

2 Kemal  Özkan Alişan

TAHIR VELİ PEKRİ  'Tahir Usta/Pekri' 1924-2007 married RAHME HALİL 1936-1989

their children

1 Hatice Tahir Pekri ’Tahir Usta’ married Soner Özbilen

2 Nilgün Tahir Pekri ’Tahir Usta’ married Mustafa from Pergama

3 Emine Tahir Pekri  ’Tahir Usta’ never married

HATİCE TAHİR  PEKRİ  'Tahir Usta/Pekri' married SONER İBRAHİM ÖZBİLEN ’Gingi’ 

their children

1 Tahir Soner Özbilen ’Gingi’

2 Emin  Soner Özbilen ’Gingi’

NİLGÜN TAHİR  PEKRİ  'Tahir Usta/Pekri' MUSTAFA BEGİTER  from Pergama

no information on children


Their children

1 Emine Yusuf Pekri ’Sudi’ married  Mustafa Hüseuin from Bladanisya, moved to London

2 Duyal Yusuf Pekri ’Sudi’ married Mehmet Süleyman moved to London

3 Eral Yusuf Pekri ’Sudi’ married Mustafa Mısırlı from Aysimyo/Avtepe moved to London

EMİNE YUSUF PEKRİ ’Sudi’ married MUSTAFA HÜSEYİN from Bladanisya

their children

1 Hüseyin Mustafa Hüseyin

2 Yusuf Mustafa Hüseyin

3 Aşkın Mustafa Hüseyin


their children

1 Tijen Mehmet Süleyman married Miguel Perez from Spain

2 Fatoş Mehmet Süleyman married ?

3 Dilek Mehmet Süleyman


their children

1 Ariana Miguel Perez-Süleyman

2 Amara  Miguel Perez-Süleyman

3 Ayda  Miguel Perez-Süleyman


their children

1 Kuzey 

ERAL YUSUF PEKRİ ’Sudi’ married MUSTAFA MISIRLI from Aysimyo/Avtepe

their children

1 Ebru Mustafa Mısırlı 

2 Cenk Mustafa Mısırlı

MEHMET VELİ 'Pekri' 1930-1972 married AYŞE MUSTAFA 'Mustambeşi’ born 1937 [15]

Their children

1 Hakan Mehmet Pekri ’Berber’ married Fatoş Mehmet Kaplan ’Kaplan’

2 Nalan Mehmet Pekri  ’Berber’ married Volkan Osman Verdi ’Verde’

3 Seran Mehmet Pekri  ’Berber’ married Yusuf İbrahim 'Tozzi'

HAKAN MEHMET 'Pekri' married FATOŞ MEHMET 'Kaplan'

their children

1 Mehmet Hakan 'Pekri'

2 Ayşe Hakan 'Pekri'


their children

1 Gizem Volkan Verdi ’Verde’


their children 

1 İbrahim Yusuf ’Tozzi’

2 Ayşegül Yusuf Tozzi’


EMİNE MUSTAFA ’Stillena/Pekri’ died 1980 married HASAN YUSUF 'Stillo/Mattaga/Musti' 1893-1974 

their children

1  Yusuf Hasan Özkılıç ’Gaşeri/Stillo’ 1924-2002 married Dudu Elir Ali ‘Bede’ 1929-2009

2  Kemal  Hasan  Özkılıç ’Stillo’

3  Osman  Hasan Özkılıç ’Stillo’

4  Emir-Ali  Hasan  'Özkılıç ’Stillo married Emine Mehmet ‘Galliga’


AYŞE MUSTAFA  ’Pekri’ married BEKİR VELİ  'Kelle'

1  Yusuf Bekir Özenci ’Kelle’ 1907-1999

2  Emine Bekir ’Kelle’ married  Rifat İsmail  Hüdaverdi from Pirga

3  Gülfidan Bekir ’Kelle’ 1911-1993 married Ali Osman 'Gudalaridi'

4  Hatem Bekir ’Kelle’ 1914-2001 married İsmail Yusuf  'İtelli'

5  Fatma Bekir ’Kelle’ married İbrahim 'Gatto'

6  Kerime Bekir ’Kelle’ married Derviş İsmaıl 'Lauzarida'


REBYELİ MUSTAFA ’Pekri’ 1903-1991 married MEHMET MUSTAFA 'Mustafuri'. born 1881-1969 (16). This was Mehmet’s 2nd marriage, he had 4 other children from his 1st marriage

their children

5  Ramadan  Mehmet  Akıner  'Mustafuri' married Şükran Yusuf ’Cili’

6  Veli -Veleddin Mehmet  Akıner 'Mustafuri' married Chris/Canan Cocklin from the UK       

7  Süleyman Mehmet  Akıner  'Mustafuri'  married Ayten Mustafa ‘Dima-Bata’

8  Zalihe  Mehmet  'Mustafuri'  married  Ahmet Bayram  from  Mağusa

9  Mukaddez  Mehmet  'Mustafuri'  married  Erdoğan Rifat Rifatoğlu


ZELİHA MUSTAFA ’Ginezzu/Pekri’  married HÜSEYİN İSMAIL 'Karayi' 

their children

1 Mustafa Hüseyin 'Karayi' in the UK

2 Şerife Hüseyin 'Karayi' married İsmail Hasan 'Gunduro' in the UK

3 İsmail Hüseyin 'Karayi' in the UK

4 Emine Hüseyin 'Karayi' in the UK married Mesut Mustafa ‘’Tari’

5 Sabahat Hüseyin 'Karayi' 1st marriage Arife İbrahim ’ Bambulos’. 2nd marriage Nevber Hüseyin from Limassol


NAİLE MUSTAFA ’Pekri’ married HÜSEYİN DEVECİ from Mennoya

their children

1 Ruzen Hüseyin Deveci married Ali Osman ’Aligunni’

2 Zeki Hüseyin Deveci married Emine Mustafa from Tuzla

3 Nazen Hüseyin Deveci married Reşat Cemali Çıdam from Pafos

4 Mustafa Hüseyin Deveci ’Çakır’ married Müzeyyen Mustafa 


no children


their children

1 Mustafa Zeki Deveci

2 Ali Zeki Deveci


their children

1 Yeşim Reşat Çıdam

2 Yelda Reşat Çıdam

3 Ali Reşat Çıdam


their children

1 Ruzen Yusuf Avezer ’Avezer’ married Mert Taluğ from Yeni Tashkent

2 Nazen Yusuf Avezer ’Avezer’


their children

1 Hüseyin  Mustafa Çakır

2 Fatma Mustafa Çakır

3 Doğan Mustafa Çakır

4 Erkut Mustafa Çakır


İSMAİL RAMADAN 'Galaba' born 1862 married EMİNE MUSTAFA 'Badudi' born 1864 [17]

their children

1 Ramadan İsmail 'Galaba' married Keziban Bekir 'Guri-yua

2 Bekir İsmail 'Galaba' Had no children

3 Mustafa İsmail Galaba had no children

4 Yusuf İsmail 'Galaba' 1903-4- 23.04.1970 (Phsillo) married Melek İsmail 'Phsillu' 1908- 14.12.1988 [12]


their children

1 İsmail Ramadan 'Kelleş/Galaba' 1915 -1975 married Melek Mustafa ’Şagalli’

2 İbrahim Ramadan 'Bay/Galaba' married Ayse Osman moved to Australia

3 Mustafa Ramadan 'Garabina/Galaba' 1923-1975 moved to London

4 Osman Ramadan 'Yorgancı/Galaba' married Nazemin Mehmet moved to London

5 Hüseyin Ramadan 'Gıral/Galaba' married Dervişe from Tuzla,  moved to London

6 Aliye Ramadan 'Galaba' married and moved to the Gaza strip in Palestine

7 Şerife Ramadan 'Galaba' moved to London

8 Emine Ramadan 'Garabina' moved to Australia. Married Hifzi Velisha from Albania.

İSMAİL RAMADAN ’Kelleş/Galaba’ 1915-1975 married MELEK MUSTAFA ’Şagalli’

their children

1 Keziban İsmail ’Kelleş/Galaba’

2 Ramadan İsmail ’Kelleş/Galaba’

3 Pembe İsmail ’Kelleş/Galaba’

4 Sezgin İsmail ’Kelleş/Galaba’

5 Emine İsmail ’Kelleş/Galaba’ married Remzi from Limassol

6 Aliye İsmail ’Kelleş/Galaba’

7 Özel İsmail ’Kelleş/Galaba’

8 İbrahim İsmail ’Kelleş/Galaba’

EMİNE İSMAİL ’Kelleş’ married REMZİ from Limassol

their children

1 Timur Remzi

2 Filiz Remzi married Cafer Naim Volkan 


their children

1 İzel  Volkan

2 Tayfan Cafer Volkan


İBRAHİM RAMADAN ’Bay/Galaba’ married AYŞE OSMAN ’Gitimiri’

their children

1 Aliye İbrahim ’Bay/Galaba’ married İrfan Ahmet   

2 Rabia ( Rubby) İbrahim  ’Bay/Galaba’ 

3 Vicdan (Vera) İbrahim  ’Bay/Galaba’ 

ALİYE İBRAHİM ’Bay/Galaba’ married İRFAN AHMET all live in Werribee, Victoria, Melbourne (13)

their children

1 İbrahim (Brian) İrfan Ahmet

2 Hilmi İrfan Ahmet 

RUBİYE İBRAHİM married HÜSEYİN MEHMET all live in Melbourne Australia

their children

1 Fisun Hüseyin Mehmet

2 Filiz Hüseyin Mehmet

3 Osman Hüseyin Mehmet

VİJDAN (VERA) İBRAHİM married KENNETH JAMES PONTON all live in Gisborne Victoria, Australia

their children

1 Natalie Ponton

2 Deana Ponton

3 Darren Ponton

MUSTAFA RAMADAN 'Garabina' married FATMA OSMAN MEZZO (daughter of Hasan Mezzo and Ayşe Semani from Lurucina) all live in London, England

their children

1 Tünay Mustafa ’Garabina’ Married to Naim Cafer Volkan 

2 Ayşe Mustafa ’Garabina’ Married to ?

3 Şerif Mustafa ’Garabina’ Married to İzzet

4 Osman Mustafa ’Garabina Married ?

This family all live in the UK


their children

1 Mustafa Naim Volkan

2 Cafer Naim Volkan married Filiz Remzi

3 Arzu Naim Volkan 


their children

1 İzel  Volkan

2 Tayfan Cafer Volkan

Note; same family as a few families above

OSMAN RAMADAN ’Yorgancı/Galaba’ married Nazemin Mehmet ’Ki’

their children

1 Mehmet Osman ’Yorgancı/Galaba’ 

2 İbrahım Osman ’Yorgancı/Galaba’ 

3 İsmail Osman ’Yorgancı/Galaba’ 

4 Ramadan Osman  ’Yorgancı/Galaba’ 

5 Emine Osman ’Yorgancı/Galaba’ 

HÜSEYİN RAMADAN ’Giral/Galaba’ married DERVİŞE from Tuzla

their children

1 Mustafa Hüseyin Ramadan ’Giral/Galaba’ 

2 Ramadan Hüseyin Ramadan  ’Giral/Galaba’ 

3 Süleyman Hüseyin Ramadan  ’Giral/Galaba’ 

4 Erdal Hüseyin Ramadan ’Giral/Galaba’ 

ŞERİFE RAMADAN ’Galaba’ married NECAT  from Tuzla

their children

1 Selma Necat

2  Keziban Necat

3 Osman Necat 

EMİNE RAMADAN 'Garabina' married HIFZI VELİSHA from Albania. Settled in Melbourne Australia early 1950s

All live in Werribee, Victoria ,Australia

their children

1 Esat (Harry) Velisha married Emine Hassan 2 children. names ??

2 Ayşe Velisha Married Ahmet ( from Albania) Destan, Hatice and a 3rd name unknown

3 Keziban (Jeanet) Velisha married Ralph. no children [18]

YUSUF İSMAİL 'Galaba, Phsillo' 1903-4- 23.04.1970 married Melek İsmail 'Phsillu' 1908-14.12.1988. [19]

their children

1 Ayşe Yusuf January 1930 married Yusuf Ali ' Üçokka' Children, Ayla, İsmail, Bekir, Tangör

2 Fatma Yusuf 03.02.1935 married Mehmet Veli 'Kirlapo' 12.08.1929, children Şermin, Melek, İsmail. [20]

3 Osman Yusuf 'Pire' 10.11.1938 married Emine 'Debrelina'

4 Emine Yusuf 23.4.1945 married Halil Buba 'Pirilli' no children

5 Ziliha Yusuf married Torgut Musa children, Fatma, Melek, Tarık

AYŞE YUSUF 'Galaba' born January 09,01,1930 married YUSUF ALI 'Üçokka' 1924-1998 married their children

1 Ayla Yusuf 'Üçokka' born 1949 married Mehmet-Emin from Bodamya

2 İsmail Yusuf ’Üçokka' born 1953-2022 2nd marriage Şerife Cafer ’Gingi’

3 Bekir Yusuf 'Üçokka' born 1955 1st marriage Maria from Limbya. 2nd marriage Özen Mehmet ’Surfi’

4 Tangör Yusuf 'Üçokka' born 1960 married Konce Süleyman from Aydoğan

FATMA YUSUF 'Phsilo' 03 .02 .1935 married MEHMET VELİ 'Bedi/Kirlapo' 12.08.1929 

Their children

1 Şermin Veli 09.05.1952 married Oğuz Mehmet Paşa 16.10.1949 from Antroliku

2 Melek Veli 29.04.1954 married Bilây Kubilay then Ian Howell 22.08.1956

3 İsmail Mehmet Veli ‘Kirlapo’ 05.02.1956 married Cavidan Ali 17.09.1958 

Note;  İsmail is the researcher of this family tree.

OSMAN YUSUF 'Pire' 10.11.1938 (Galaba) & EMİNE HASAN 'Debrelina'

his children

1 Ayşe Osman 'Pire' married Mustafa Bimici from Karpaz

2 Melek Osman 'Pire' married Hüseyin Naim Naimoğlu

3 Yusuf Osman 'Pire' not married

4 Sevda Osman 'Pire' married Osman Kaymakam their children, Emine & Hüseyin

5 Handan Osman 'Pire' not married

AYŞE OSMAN 'Pire' married Mustafa Bimici

their children

1 Emine Bimici born 23.05.1990

2 Arzu Bimici born 14 May 



1 İnanç Naimoğlu

2 Osman Naimoğlu


their children

1 Emine Kaymakam

2 Hüseyin Kaymakam

ZİLİHA YUSUF born 1941 married TURGUT MUSA from Poli, Paphos.

her children

1 Fatma Turgut born 1967 married Halil

2 Melek Turgut born 1968 married Cengiz they have a daughter named Meliz

3 Tarık Turgut born 1973

EMİNE YUSUF born 23.04.1944-2022  married HALİL BUBA 'Pirilli'

no children

VELİ RAMADAN 'Lao/Zorno’ married ZEHRA ALİ MUSTAFA 'Öküz Mustafa'

their children

1 Ramadan Veli 'Lao' (Cambulat) married Razgeli İsmail ’Topal İsmail’

2 Sefer Veli 'Tayma/Lao' 1900-1976

3 Yusuf Veli 'Lao' (Tayma) 1911-1985

4 Rebgeli Veli 'Hamili/Lao' married İbrahim Mustafa 'Mulatta'

5 Ayşe Veli 'Bitacena/Lao' married Emir-Ali Veli 'Velona'

6 Dudu Veli 'Kundina/Lao' married Veli 'Kundi's' 2nd wife

RAMADAN VELI 'Lao' (Cambulat) married RAZGELİ İSMAİL ’Topal İsmail’ 1901-1978

his children

1 Veli Ramadan 'Cambulat/Lao' Zeliha Hasan 'Gunduro/Gutsugudi' 1924-2015

2 İsmail Ramadan 'Lao’ migrated to the UK married Rene from Ireland

VELİ RAMADAN 'Cambulat' married ZELİHA HASAN 'Gunduro/Gutsugudi' 1924-2015

their children

1 Ramadan Veli 'Cambulat' no children

2 Hasan Veli 'Cambulat'

3 Raziye Veli 'Cambulat' married Necat Koca-İsmail

İSMAİL RAMADAN 'Cambulat’ ’Lao’ married RENE from Ireland

their children

1 Ramadan İsmail 'Cambulat' moved to the UK

2 Ulus İsmail 'Cambulat' moved to the UK

VELİ RAMADAN 'Cambulat' married ZELİHA HASAN 'Gunduro/Gutsugudi' 1924-2015

their children

1 Ramadan Veli 'Cambulat' no children

2 Hasan Veli 'Cambulat' married Tezin Rıza Kozanoğlu Kidioli/Badado’

3 Raziye Veli 'Cambulat' married Necat Hüseyin   ’Koca-İsmail’

HASAN VELİ 'Cambulat' married  TEZİN RIZA KOZANOĞLU ’Kidioli/Badado’

their children

1 Dilem Hasan 'Cambulat'

2 Veli Hasan 'Cambulat'

 RAZİYE VELİ 'Cambulat' married  NECAT HÜSEYİN ’Koca İsmail’

their children

1 Korman Necat Hüseyin  ’Koca İsmail’

2 Hüseyin Necat Hüseyin  ’Koca İsmail’

3 Veli Necat Hüseyin  ’Koca İsmail’


SEFER VELİ 'Lao' 1900-1976 married AYŞE YUSUF ’İtelli/Gugu Ayşe’ 

his children

1 Derviş Sefer 'Lao/Cambulat' moved to the UK

2 Fatma Sefer 'Lao/Cambulat married Cemal Yusuf 'İngiliz'

3 Sevinç Sefer '’Lao/Cambulat' married Gwen 

FATMA  SEFER ’Lao’ married CEMAL YUSUF  AĞDIRAN 'Englezzo’  

their children

1  Veli  Cemal  Ağdıran  'Englezzo’  

2  Yusuf  Cemal  Ağdıran  'Englezzo’  

3  Sefer  Cemal  Ağdıran 'Englezzo’  

4  Sercan  Cemal  Ağdıran 'Englezzo’  

SEVİNÇ SEFER ’Lao’ married GWEN 

their children

1 Ayşe Sevinç Sefer ’Lao’

2 Natasha  Sevinç Sefer ’Lao’

3 Sancar  Sevinç Sefer ’Lao’

YUSUF VELİ 'Tayma/Lao' 1911-1985 married AYŞE YUSUF 'Taymina/Gunneti' 1911-1988

his children

1 Veli Yusuf Veli 'Tunni/Lao' moved to the UK

2 Osman Yusuf 'Tayma/Lao’ moved to the UK

3 Emine Yusuf 'Tayma/Lao' married Hasan Mehmet Ali from Dohni moved to the UK

4 Zehra Yusuf 'Tayma/Lao' moved to the UK

5 Destine (Pervin) Yusuf 'Tayma/Lao' married Hasan Rüstem Yücelen

VELİ YUSUF ’Tunni/Lao’ married VEDİA from Karpaz

their children

1 Yusuf Veli ’Tunni’

2 Fatma Veli ’Tunni’

OSMAN YUSUF 'Tayma/Lao' married ZALİHE CAFER 'Kavaz' born 1940 from Büyükkonuk/ Komi Kebir.

their children

1 Mehmet Yusuf ‘Tayma’ born 1965 married Penny Moore born 1959. Married in 1991.

2 Arzu Yusuf  ‘Tayma  born 1966

3 Ayse Yusuf  ‘Tayma’ born 1969

4 Perihan Yusuf  ‘Tayma’ born 1972

MEHMET YUSUF born 1965 married PENNY MOORE born 1959 

their children

1 Jafer David Yusuf  born 1991

2 Kenan Mehmet Yusuf born 1995

EMİNE YUSUF ’Tayma’  married HASAN MEHMETALİ from Dohni/Taşkent

their children

1 Özay Hasan Mehmetali

2 Ayse Hasan Mehmetali

3 Perihan Hasan Mehmetali

ZEHRA YUSUF ’Tayma’ married MEHMET AHMET FİLİNTA from Dohni/Taşkent

their children

1 İlkay Mehmet Filinta

2 Ayşe Mehmet Filinta

3 Meryem Mehmet Filinta


their children

1  Emine Hasan Yücelen  married  Şensoy Mevlit Korkmazel  from Stavrogonno village. 

2  Ayşe Hasan Yücelen married Levent Özduru from Gondeya/Türkmenköy they have one male child

REBYELİ VELİ ’Hamili/Lao’ married İBRAHİM MUSTAFA ’Mullatta/Mattaga’  

their children

1  Kemal İbrahim Mullata' married married Şerife İsmail ’Karaganna’

2  Emin-Dudu  İbrahim 'Mullatta’' 1930-2004 married  Osman Mındık Özmındık ’Munduko’ 1927-2010

3  Meliha  İbrahim  'Mullatta' married Beha from Kırıkkale/Meluşa

4  Fatma  İbrahim  'Mullatta' married Orhan Yusuf Selkan ’Tsali’

5  Özkaniye  İbrahim  'Mullatta' born 12.12.1942 married İbrahim  Mustafa 'Bili' Born 17.02.1943  (21)

AYŞE VELİ ’Lao/Bitagena’ married EMİR-ALİ 'Bitaga/Velona' born 1891 

their children

1 İsmail Emir-Ali ’Lili/Bitaga’ drowned in a tragic accident while swimming at sea

2 Çerkez Emir-Ali 'Çerkezi/Bitaga' killed in a motor bike accident

3 Şerife Emir-Ali  ’Bitaga’ married Ramadan 'Kerlo'

4 Hilmiye Emir-Ali ’Bitaga’  1933-2014 married Halil 'Munduko'

DUDU VELİ ’Kundina/Lao’ married VELİ MEHMET 'Kundi'  

their children

1  Mehmet Veli 'Kundi born 1940 - 23.12.1963 (was sadly murdered in hospital by EOKA while working as a male nurse in 1963). [22]

2  Mahmut Veli  'Kundi' married Nadire Hasan Damdelen (BBC)

3  Emine Veli 'Kundi'  married Kemal İbrahım 'Lagyobi'

4 Nejla Veli 'Kundi'  married Abdullah Arap

5  Aysel Veli 'Kundi'  married Mustafa Naim


BEKİR RAMADAN 'Zorno' 'İkiz' (twin) born 1865 married ŞERİFE SAİD ALİ ’Guria/Gurio’

their children

1 Ramadan Bekir 'Bekir İkiz' 1908-1975 married Zalihe Mustafa ’Zalihurda/Tari’ moved to Australia

2 İsmail Bekir 'Bili/Bekir İkiz'

3 Hatice Bekir 'Hahuma/ Bekir İkiz' 1909-1979 married Ali Yusuf ' Üçokka'

4 Emine Bekir 'Bide /Bekir/İkiz'

RAMADAN BEKİR 'Bekir İkiz' 1908-1975 married  ZALİHE MUSTAFA  ’Zalihurda/Tari’ 

their children

1 Salim Ramadan  'Bekir İkiz' married Emine Hüseyin  ’Asker Hüseyin’ from Tuzla

SALİM RAMADAN ’Bekir İkiz’ married EMİNE HÜSEYİN ’Asker Hüseyin’ from Tuzla

their children

1 İlhan Salim Ramadan ’Bekir İkiz’ 

İSMAİL BEKİR  'Bili/Bekir İkiz' married AYŞE MEHMET Mehmet 'Ki'

their children

1 Bekir İsmail 'Bili' moved to Australia

2 Aliye İsmail 'Bili' married Kubilay moved to the UK

3 Şerife İsmail 'Bili' married Abbas Velisha an Albanian moved to Australia

ALİYE İSMAİL ’Bili’ married KUBİLAY HASAN?  (23)

their children

1 Bilay-Kâmil Kubilay (Doğacan) born 14.04.1953  1st marriage Melek Mehmet Veli. 2nd marriage Halide Yusuf ’Gondo’

2 Hasan Kubilay born 1955 married Linda

3 İsmail Kubilay ’Esma’ born 1957-2010 married Rengin (divorced)

4 Şenay Kubilay born 1959 married Ahmet

5 Tuncay Kubilay 1961 born married Hüsniye

6 Kürşat Kubilay born 1963 married Rose 

7 Arif Kubilay born 1966 married Mürüde

8 Ersoy Kubilay born 1969 married Betül (divorced)

9 Nursel Kubilay born 

BİLAY/KAMİL KUBİLAY (DOĞACAN) born  14.04.1953 1st marriage MELEK MEHMET. 2nd marriage HALİDE HASAN.

children from 1st marriage 

1  Oya Kubilay born 15.11.1970, married Reşat Sermet (divorced) their children, Selin, D.O.B 31.08.1994 (Selin has a girl named Azaria, born March 2024). Melis D.O.B 17.02.1999

2nd marriage İbrahim Kurtuldu from Turkey, their children Alara D.O.B 29.08.2009

children from 2nd marriage

1 Pınar Kubilay born 06.10.1980 married Bruce Willis their children Ayla and Leyla

2 Adem Kubilay Doğacan born  06.06.1982 

From Bilay/Kamil’s other relationship

3 Esra Kubilay born 11.10.1982 from a third relationship. Esra’s children Sky and Kye

HASAN KUBİLAY born 1955 married Linda from the UK

their children

1 Shenay  

2 Sheniz 

3 Shengül 

4 Bilay 

İSMAİL KUBILAY ’Esma’ 1957-2010 married RENGİN (divorced)

their children

1 Tarık 

2 Ceyda 

3 Filiz

ŞENAY KUBİLAY born 1959 married AHMET

their children

1 Mustafa

2 Aliye

3 İsmet 

TUNCAY KUBİLAY born 1961 married HÜSNİYE

their children

1 Ayşegül

2 Kubilay

KÜRŞAT KUBİLAY born 1963 1st relationship DIANE. 2nd marriage ROSE

their children

1 Kerim

2 Marley

3 Esen  children Eray & Elarose

4 İpek children Kaya & Kayahan

ARİF  KUBİLAY born 1966 1st marriage ?. 2nd marriage MÜRÜDE HASAN from Sinde

children from 1st marriage

1 Seline born 07/02/87 

2 Şenay born  13/09/89

3 Özcan born 15/11/94 

4 Sinem born 29/04/98 

ERSOY KUBİLAY born 1969 married BETÜL (divorced)

their children

1 Furkan

2 Erkan


their children

1 Yeliz

2 İjlal

3 Yıldı


their children

1 Mehmet Velisha

2 Veli Velisha

3 Suphi Velisha

4 Aysel Velisha

HATİCE BEKİR ’Bekir İkiz’ 1909-1979 married ALİ YUSUF 'Tabak-Ali' 'Üçokka' born 20,11,1900-1974.

their children

1 Yusuf Ali 'Üçokka/Tabak-Ali’ 1924-1998 married Ayse Yusuf 'Galaba/Phsillo wife born 09,01,1930. [24]

2 Bekir Ali 'Bekiro' 'Üçokka/Tabak-Ali’ married Remziye Ali from Dali

3 Sıtkı Ali 'Üçokka/Tabak-Ali’ a policeman was killed on duty on born 1936- 29.10.1956. [25]

4 Osman Ali 'Üçokka/Tabak-Ali’  born 05.02.1941 married Kutlu

5 İsmail Ali 'Üçokka/Tabak-Ali’ married Francis from the UK

6 Siddiga Ali 'Üçokka/Tabak-Ali’ married Mehmet ’Gulumbri’ from Goşşi

7 Emine Ali  'Üçokka/Tabak-Ali’ born 10.04.1934  twin married Hüsnü Cemal  from Aya villageborn 28.12.1928

8 Nuriye Ali 'Üçokka/Tabak-Ali’ born 10.04.1934  twin married Orhan Rüzgar from Pafos

9 Şerife Ali 'Üçokka/Tabak-Ali’ 1939-2000 married 1. Kemal from İpsillat. 2 İsmail 'Topal' (Şoför)

EMİNE BEKİR ’Bide/Bekir İkiz’ married OSMAN ’Bullici’ from Tuzla

their children

1 Hatice Osman ’Bullici’

2 Hasan  Osman ’Bullici’

3 Mustafa 

 Osman ’Bullici’


OSMAN RAMADAN 'Osman İkiz' born 1865 married HATİCE MUSTAFA ’Tayatu/Kidioli/Badado’

their children

1 Mehmet Osman ''Osman İkiz' mental disability

2 Bekir Osman 'Salihi/Osman İkiz' married Dudu Osman ’Salihu/Otangudi’

3 Osman Osman 'Tayatu/Osman İkiz' had no children

4 Şerife Osman 'Layippu/Osman İkiz' 1903-1975 married İbrahim Yusuf 'Laippi'/'Üçokka ' born 1887.

5 Dudu Osman 'Susullena/Osman İkiz' 1891-1985 married Yusuf İsmail from Glavya

BEKİR OSMAN 'Salihi/Osman İkiz' married DUDU OSMAN ’Otangudi/Salihu’ 1901-1994

their children

1 Sadiye Bekir 'Salihi/Osman İkiz'  born 1923–2015 married İsmail Ali  'Aligunni' 1917-1972

2 Ayşe Bekir ’EbeSalihi//Osman İkiz'  born 1929-1994 married Yusuf Ali from Dali 1930-1994

3 Vedia Bekir ’Salihi/Osman İkiz'  born 1931-1985 ' married Yusuf-Ziya Hasan Aykol ’Muraçi 1924-1982

SADİYE BEKİR ’Salihi’ 1923-2015 married İSMAİL ALİ 'Aligunni' 1917-1972 

their children

1  Gülsafa İsmail 'Aligunni' 1st wife of Halil 'Pirilli'

2  Ali  Ismail   Serdenageçti 'Kenedi/Aligunni'  married Feride from Solya

3  Bekir İsmail Alın  'Aligunni'  1945-1989 married Jülide Derviş Yorgancı

4  Osman  İsmail Serdenageçti 'Aligunni'          

5  Gülcan  İsmail   'Aligunni'  married   Osman 'Gavleş'

6  Güler   İsmail   'Aligunni'  married Osman Ağdıran

7  Hüseyin İsmail Aligunni

AYŞE BEKİR ’Ebe/Salihi’ 1929-1994 married YUSUF ALİ 1930-1994

no children 

SADİYE BEKİR ’Salihi’ 1923-2015 married İSMAİL ALİ 'Aligunni' 1917-1972 

their children

1  Gülsafa İsmail 'Aligunni' 1st wife of Halil Ali Dede 'Pirilli'

2  Ali  Ismail   Serdengeçti 'Kenedi/Aligunni'  married Feride from Solya

3  Bekir İsmail Alın  'Aligunni'  1945-1989 married Jülide Derviş Yorgancı

4  Osman  İsmail Serdengeçti 'Aligunni'  married Fato Bekir 'Demirci'

5  Gülcan  İsmail   'Aligunni'  married   Osman Mehmet Kaya 'Gavleş'

6  Güler   İsmail   'Aligunni'  married Osman Mehmet Ağdıran 'Gabro'

7  Hüseyin İsmail Aligunni Serdenageçti married Çiğdem Kemal from Nicosia

 VEDİA BEKİR ‘Salihi’ 1931-1985 married YUSUF ZİYA HASAN AYKOL 'Muraçi' 1924-1882 

their children

1 Hasan Ziya Hasan Aykol 'Muraçi' 1957-2003 married Dudu Fuat Azaerler

2 Salih Ziya Hasan Ayko l'Muraçi' 1960-2007 married  İlgin from Sinde

3 Erdal Ziya Hasan Aykol 'Muraçi' married Aydan Zeki Ernaz  ‘Gudalaridi/Zeki usta’

4 Mehmet Ziya Hasan Aykol 'Muraçi'  married Çınar Süleyman ’Paşi’

5 Murat Ziya Hasan Aykol 'Muraçi'

6 Şermin Ziya Hasan Aykol 'Muraçi' married Arif Yusuf 'Türk/Yusufigo'

OSMAN OSMAN ’Tayatu’ married NAİLE OSMAN ’Gitimiri’ 1910-1981

no children

ŞERIFE OSMAN ’Layippu/Osman İkiz’ born 1903-1975 married İBRAHİM YUSUF 'Laippi/Amca/Ücokka' born 1887. 

their children

1 Kemal İbrahim ’'Laippi/Amca1927-2008 married Emine Veli ’Kundi’ 1936-2003

2 Ali İbrahım 'Laippi/Amca (changed his name to Alleko) married to Haridu who was born in 1956 and converted to the Orthodox faith.(26) in the UK

3 İsmail İbrahim 'Laippi/Amca married Bergüz from Pafos. Moved to the UK

4 Sittiga İbrahim 'Laippi/Amca married an Arab and moved to Palestine

5 Cemaliye İbrahim 'Laippi/Amca 1st marriage Yusuf from Lefke. 2nd husband Ali from Larnaca

6 Hatice İbrahim 'Laippi/Amcamarried Şakir from Nicosia

7 Münevver İbrahim 'Laippi/Amca married Ali from Larnaca

DUDU OSMAN ‘İkiz’ 1906-1993 married YUSUF İSMAIL 'Sussulli' 'Glavyalı’ born 1889-1985 

their children

1 Vasfiye 1918-2008 married Mustafa Ramadan (Aşkun) ‘Pekri/Mustambeşi 1910-1982


MEHMET RAMADAN 'Gazmalevri' born 1864 was well known for his constant words to the lady he loved "Dora dora di helo" meaning "now now what do I want''. [27]

As a result of her rejection he sadly never married. The information given was that the woman was Melek Hüseyin ’Babiru/Guseuri who went on to marry Muslu Biali 

YUSUF RAMADAN 'Mavri/Zorno' married RAHME/MELEK İBRAHİM ’Buzzi’ born 1868

their children

1 Ramadan Yusuf Larba/ Nalbant/Mavri’ married Hatice Yusuf ’Buppa/Larbina/Karaganna’

RAMADAN YUSUF 'Mavri/Zorno' married HATİCE YUSUF ’Buppa/Larbina/Karaganna’

their children

1 Melek Yusuf 

AYŞE/AYŞELİ RAMADAN ’Hamedina/Zorno’ born 1868 married AHMET HAMEDİ from Bodamya

their children

1 Emine Ahmet Hamedi married Süleyman ’Sağır Süleyman’

2 Ramadan Ahmet Hamedi

3 İsmail Ahmet Hamedi

4 İbrahim Ahmet Hamedi

5 Bekir Ahmet Hamedi

EMİNE AHMET HAMEDİ married SÜLEYMAN ’Sağır Süleyman’

their children

1 Mehmet Emin Süleyman ’Karabardak/ ’Sağır Süleyman’ married Ayşe from Bodamya

2 Ahmet Süleyman ’Gazmalevri/ ’Sağır Süleyman’ married Sultan from Bodamya

3 Kadriye Süleyman ’Sağır Süleyman’ 1916-1998 married Mehmet İbrahim Aktuna ’Aza’  1912-2011

4 Ayşeli Süleyman ’Gabrina/Sağır Süleyman’

MEHMET EMİN SÜLEYMAN ’Karabardak/Sağır Süleyman’ married AYŞE from Bodamya

their children

1 Hilmi Mehmet Emin ’Karabardak’ married Şadan Yusuf ’Rodi’

HİLMİ MEHMET EMİN  ’Karabardak’ married ŞADAN YUSUF ’Rodi’

their children

1 Ogün Hilmi ’Karabardak’ married Raziye İbrahim Özkolacı ’Kolacı’

OGÜN HİLMİ  ’Karabardak’ married RAZİYE İBRAHİM ÖZKOLACI ’Kolacı’

their children

1 Ayten Ogün Erge ’Karabardak’

AHMET SÜLEYMAN ’Gazmalevri/Sağır Süleyman’ married SULTAN from Bodamya

their children

1 Süleyman Ahmet ’Gazmalevri’

2 Mahan Ahmet ’Gazmalevri’

3 Hasan Ahmet ’Gazmalevri’ 1947-1974 

HASAN AHMET ’Gazmalevri’ 1947-1974 married PEMBE HÜSEYİN ’Guççuki’

no children

KADRİYE SÜLEYMAN ’Sağır Süleyman’ 1916-1998 married MEHMET İBRAHİM AKTUNA ’Aza’ 1912-2011

their children

1 İbrahim Mehmet Aktuna ’Aza’

2 Süleyman Mehmet Aktuna ’Aza’

3 Zeki Mehmet Aktuna ’Aza’

4 Servin Mehmet Aktuna ’Aza’

RAMADAN AHMET  HAMEDİ married EMİNE SÜLEYMAN  ’Kirkambar’ from Bodamya

their children

1 Mülayim-Dülger Ramadan 


HATİCE RAMADAN ’Zorno/Puffa’ married ALİ İSMAİL 'Tahuredi' born 1863 

their children

2 Mustafa Ali ’Gurgulli/Tahuredi’ born 1893 moved to Tuzla (from 2nd marriage)

3 Ayşe Ali 'Gutuba/Tahuredi’' married Yusuf 'Yakula' then Emir-Ali Murat 'Oloylo'

4 Süleyman Ali 'Ganulli/Tahuredi’ born 1895. married Melek ‘Ganullena’

5 Rebyeli Ali ’Tahuredi’ married Yusuf ’Şufta'

6 Hatem Ali ’Aspru/Tahuredi’  married İbrahim Arif 'Skullo'

7 Ramadan Veci Ali ’Tahuredi’ married Dudu Mustafa ’Çıkrıkçı’


ŞERİFE MUSTAFA born 1815 they married in 1839 İBRAHIM SÜLEYMAN 'Çamuri' born 1806-1879. they married in 1839 [28]

their children

1 Hüseyin İbrahim 'Çamuri' born 1830  died young. [29]

2  Süleyman İbrahim 'Çamuri' ('Babutsaro') born 1838 married Raziye Yusuf born 1848 they married in 1868 [30]

3  Yusuf  İbrahim  'Çamuri' ( 'Culli') born 1854

4  Ramadan  İbrahım    'Çamuri' born 1863

5 Fatma  İbrahım  'Çamuri'   married Mehmet 'Babiro'

6  Emine  İbrahım   'Çamuri'   married  İsmail 'Turelli

7  Rahme   İbrahım   'Çamuri'  

8  Ayşe    İbrahım  'Çamuri' born 1852  married  'Zambari'

9  Keziban  İbrahım  'Çamuri' born 1861 married Gutrumbello and  went to Dali

10 Dudu  İbrahım  'Çamuri'  born 1849


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In addition to the personal collection of Ismail Veli, the photos on this page have kindly been shared by the following persons

Gizem Verdi.

Hüseyin Koca-İsmail

Yusuf Toz

Raziye Kocaismail

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