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Mustafa İbrahım 'Öküz'

The Öküz, Dima, Kile & Batta form part of this family group.


Mustafa İbrahim 'Öküz'  

The Öküz, Dima, Kile & Batta form part of this family group.

The family tree of  MUSTAFA  İBRAHİM ÖKÜZ. [1] &  DUDU ALİ

MUSTAFA  İBRAHIM 'Öküz' born 1800 married DUDU ALİ born 1813. [2]

their children

1  İbrahım Mustafa Öküz born 1835 married Heybetullah İsmail born 1839 they married in 1858

2  Ali  Mustafa  Öküz born 1839 married Dudu İbrahim born 1849. They married in 1863

3  Fatma  Mustafa    Öküz  married  Bekir İsmail 'Gaçari' born 1827 they married in 1854

4  Hatice  Mustafa  Öküz  born 1839 Yusuf 'Turko' ???. [3]

5  Dudu  Mustafa Öküz born 1839 married Mustafa  'Gangrello'

NOTE; Ali & Hatice are recorded as being born in the same year. The conclusion is that either they were twins or one born very early and the other very late in the same year

İBRAHİM MUSTAFA ÖKÜZ born 1835 married HEYBETULLAH İSMAİL born 1839 they married in 1858.[4]

their children

1  İsmail  İbrahim 'Öküz'  born 1863

2  Mustafa İbrahim 'Öküz'  'Batta' born 1865

3  Dudu  Ibrahim 'Öküz' born 1867   married Yusuf Dayı then Yusuf Mustafa

4  Fatma  İbrahım 'Öküz'   married Kara İsmail


MUSTAFA İBRAHIM ÖKÜZ  'Batta' born 1865 married

their children

1  İbrahim Mustafa 'Batta' from 1st wife Athanasia daughter of Kyriaco.

2  Heybetti  Mustafa  'Batta'  married Hasan  Arif  'Hostra'.


their children

1  Mustafa İbrahim 'Batta'

2  Nekbal İbrahim 'Batta'

MUSTAFA İBRAHİM  'Batta'  married

their children

1  İbrahim Mustafa Batar

2  Kemal Mustafa Batar


2nd son of MUSTAFA İBRAHIM 'Öküz' & DUDU ALİ

ALİ  MUSTAFA  ÖKÜZ born 1839 married DUDU İBRAHIM born 1849.They married in 1863. [5]

their children

1  İbrahım  Ali  Mustafa   Öküz/Dima born 1877

2  Veli Ali   Mustafa   Öküz born 1874  marital status not known, had no children  

3  Ayşe  Ali  Mustafa 'Ayşeli/Seferu/Öküz born’ 1865 married Sefer 'Hacaro' and then Mustafa 'Götsa' born 1859-1891. 2nd husband Mustafa Yusuf ‘Bata/Kutsi’

4  Hatice Ali    Mustafa  Öküz  1st wife of Osman Yusuf  'Gato' born 1887

5  Fatma  Ali   Mustafa  Öküz/Tokala 1878-1966  2nd wife of  Yusuf 'Muya'

6  Zehra Ali   Mustafa   Öküz  married   Veli Ramadan 'Lao'

7  Mustafa Ali  Mustafa  Öküz 1875-1886

İBRAHİM ALİ  MUSTAFA ÖZER(Öküz/Dima) 1877  married HANIM İBRAHIM Bodiri/Dimina’ 1882-1977

their children

1  Mustafa İbrahim  Özer 'Dima' 1910-1991 married Naside Veli ‘Mandayi’

2  Yusuf İbrahim Özer 'Dima' married Vasfiye Mustafa ‘Kiduri’ born 1930

3  Mehmet İbrahim Mustafa Özer  'Dima' married İlkşen Hüseyin ’Karaganna’     

4  Ayşe İbrahim Özer  'Dima' 1909-1997  Osman Veli ‘Mandayi 1896-1958    

MUSTAFA İBRAHİM ( Özer)  'Dima' 1910-1991 married NASİDE VELİ ‘Gutsoveli’

their children

1  Pelin İbrahim Özer  'Dima'.  in the UK married Arif Mehmet Özlevent ‘Levendi’

2  Peri İbrahim Özer  'Dima'    in the UK married Özer Hasan ‘Barbaros’

3  Gülin İbrahim Özer  'Dima'   in the UK married Ersoy Osman Özyanak ‘Gada’


their children

1 Naşide Özlevent ’Levendi’

2 Mehmet Özlevent ’Levendi’

3 Sıdıka Özlevent ’Levendi’


their children

1 Meliz Barbaros


their children

1 İbrahim Özyanak ’Gada’


their children

1  Filiz Osman Özer ‘Dima/Bata’ in the UK

2  Mustafa Osman Özer ‘Dima/Bata’ in the UK


their children

1 Selda Mehmet Özer ‘Dima/Bata’

2 Tijen Mehmet Özer.’Dima/Bata’


their children 

1 Mehmet Akıner ’Mustafuri’

2 Nilgün Akıner ’Mustafuri’

SEVGİ MUSTAFA ÖZER ’Dima/Bata’ married FERAMUZ YILMAZ 1953-2013 from Yozgat

their children

1 Veysel Yılmaz

2 Mustafa Yılmaz

3 Ferah Yılmaz

YUSUF İBRAHIM 'Kile'  married VASFİYE MUSTAFA ’Kiduri’ born 1930

their children

1  Perihan Yusuf  'Kile'

2  Persil Yusuf  'Kile'

PERİHAN YUSUF ’Kile’ married KEMAL ALİ’Manna’

their children 

1 Alkın Ali ’Manna’ 

2 Yıltan Ali ’Manna’


their children

1 İrsan Özalemdar ’Itelli’

AYŞE İBRAHIM ’Dima/Mandayina’ 1909-1997 married OSMAN VELİ ’Mandayi’ 1896-1956?

their children

1 Emin Dudu Osman ’Mandayi’ born 1928

2 Mustafa Osman ’Mandayi’ 1930

3 Hatice Osman ’Mandayi’ 1933

4 Veli Osman ’Mandayi’ 1935

5 Hüriye Osman ’Mandayi’ 1937

6 Fatma Osman ’Mandayi’ 1938-1952

7 Melek Osman ’Mandayi’ 1939

8 Beyhan Osman ’Mandayi’ 1941

9 Günay Osman ’Mandayi’ 1944

AYŞE ALİ MUSTAFA ’Ayşeli/Seferu/Öküz’ married SEFER OSMAN ’Hacaro’ 1859-1891

their children

1 Osman Sefer ’Hacaro’ born 1888

2 Emine Sefer ’Hacaro’

3 Naile Sefer ’Hacaro’

2nd husband MUSTAFA YUSUF ’Bata/Kutsi’ 1870-1900

their children

1 Raif Mustafa born 1894

2 Dudu Mustafa ’Zardaganyina’ 1898-1971


their children

1 Rahme Osman ‘Gato/Rahmeli 

FATMA ALİ MUSTAFA ’Öküz/Tokola’ 1878-1966 married YUSUF SÜLEYMAN ’Muya/Truko’ born 1870 

children from Yusuf’s 1st marriage

1 Osman Yusuf ’Ganari/Muya’ 1903-1981

2 Ayşe Yusuf ’Muya’ committed suicide. (6)

3 Süleyman Yusuf ’Muya’ died young

children from 2nd marriage

4  Süleyman   Yusuf   'Muya' 1910-1994

5  Ali  Yusuf   was murdered  in 1936 by persons unknown. (7)

6  Mehmet  Yusuf  'Muya'  1920-2005 migrated to  the UK

7  Veli  Yusuf  'Muya' 1924-2018 migrated to  Australia

8  Hacer   Yusuf  married  Mehmet Ramadan 'Gaşaoli

ZEHRA  ALİ  MUSTAFA  'Öküz'  married VELİ RAMADAN 'Lao/Zorno’

their children

1  Ramadan Veli 'Lao' (Cambulat)

2  Sefer Veli 'Lao' 1900-1976

3  Yusuf  Veli 'Lao' (Tayma) 1911-1985

4  Rebgeli  Veli 'Lao'  married İbrahim Mustafa 'Mulatta'

5  Ayşe Veli 'Lao' married  Emir-Ali  Veli 'Velona'

6  Dudu  Veli 'Lao' 1910-1984  married Veli 'Kundi's' 2nd wife

FATMA İBRAHIM MUSTAFA ’Öküz’ married İSMAIL  HÜSEYİN 'Karpazli' born 1866

their children

1  Hüseyin Kara-İsmail  born 1895-1987

2  İbrahım Kara-İsmail  'Topal

3  Sultan  Kara-İsmail  'Sultanu'  married İbrahım Mehmet from Dali

4  Dudu  Kara-İsmail 1898-1983  married Yusuf 'Verde'

5  Heybetti  Kara-İsmail  1908-1992 married Ali Yusuf 'Efe'

6  Rebia  Kara-İsmail  1906-1988 married Mustafa 'Semani'

7  İsmail Kara-İsmail  was born after the death of his father and was given his father's name. (8)

FATMA MUSTAFA ‘Öküz/Turçena’ married YUSUF İBRAHIM 'Turko' born 1840. [9]  

their children

1  İbrahım Yusuf 'Turko' born 1872. [10]

2  Şerife Yusuf  'Turko'   married İbrahım  'Sari'(Tsuro)

3  Hatice Yusuf  'Turko' 1880-1978  married Yusuf 'Gebe'

4  Dudu  Yusuf 'Turko'    married Mustafa 'Yanitsaro'

HATİCE MUSTAFA Öküzborn 1839 married BEKİR İSMAİL 'Gaççari' born 1827 [11] they married in 1854

his children

1  İsmail Bekir 'Gaççari' ( İsmaileda) born 1855

2  Mustafa  Bekir 'Gaççari' (Mustaka) born 1856 (Was disabled/lame/topal)

3  Veli  Bekir 'Gaççari' (Topal Velo/lame Veli) born 1866

4  Mehmet Bekir 'Gaççari' born 1860

5  Fatma Bekir 'Gaççari' born 1858

6  Dudu Bekir 'Gaççari' born 1868

DUDU MUSTAFA ’Öküz’ married  MUSTAFA HASAN 'Gangrello'  born 1829-30 married

their children

1  Hüseyin Mustafa 'Cangi' born 1870

2  Hasan  Mustafa  'Mirmikko' born 1872

3  Rezan Mustafa  born 1876          

4  Melek  Mustafa  'Melekka'    3rd??  wife of Ramadan Sari 'Tsuro'

5  Dudu  Mustafa born 1865  married Ömer 'Gigeo'


[1] How and when the name  'Öküz' (literally the Bull) was given to Mustafa is not certain. In an interview with Soner Karagözlü 'Mavromaddi' he claimed that Mustafa was so strong he used to carry large calf's on his shoulders. How he came across the information is not clear and no sources were given for his assumption. What is certain is that he is listed in the Ottoman census of 1879 as Öküz, which may indicate that his nickname may have some basis of truth in his strength. This family is one of the oldest in Lurucina. Doc No;149-a-1 page 297 Ref; 5184.

[2] Ottoman census. Doc;149-a-1  page 297.

[3] Records Of İbrahim Tahsildar are not too clear on this name. the Mustafa 'Öküz' family pages 202-203.

[4] Ottoman census. Doc;149-a-1  page 297

[5] Ottoman census 1879, Doc No; 149-a-1  page 297, Persons Ref No's, 5181 & 5182

[6] The murder and suicide of 2 persons in one family would have no doubt caused immense trauma in the family. Sadly no other information is available to explain this tragic set of circumstances.

[7]  İbrahim Tahsildar simply states that he was murdered.(same family as footnote 6)the family. Sadly no other information is available to explain this tragic set of circumstances.

(8) Records of İsmail Tahsildar. Family of İsmail Hüseyin Karpazlı. page 203

 [9] Ottoman census 1879, Doc 155-a-3 page 309. Ref No; 5419

[10] Ottoman census 1879, Doc 155-b-3 page 310. Ref No; 5419 . The children were normally referenced under their parents' numbers. Though born in 1872 , İbrahım was not registered until 1873, hence the difference in the year on pages 309 & 310. It was common for many births not to be registered until an official visited the village which was often some years later.

(11) Ottoman census 1879 Doc No 166-a-2. Page 331

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