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Hüseyin Mustafa 'Uşi'.

The 'Uşi'. The Viddini, Horos & Gutsullo are part of this family

Hüseyin Mustafa 'Gutsullo' born 1858 completed a two year national service of the Ottoman army in 1878-79. With the control of Cyprus handed to the British in the same year he joined the British army in 1879-1881. [1] Unfortunately for reasons not known he died at a young age in the 1890s. It seems his wife Emine Seid 'Kilinciri' also died just before or after him leaving an only child, [2] Fatma 'Gutsulli' - better known as Giççu nene by the whole village.

As an orphaned child she was hired to work in Nicosia. When she was in her teens she came back to Luricina around 1904-5? where she married İsmail Ali 'Tahuredi' (Giçço) They opened the first sweet shop in the village and even today are both remembered with affection by all the older people of our village. Giççu nene passed away in February of 1976 at the age of 85-86?

The 'Uşi'. The Viddini, Horos & Gutsullo are part of this family

HÜSEYİN MUSTAFA 'Uşi' married YASEMİN ABDULLAH born 1790. [3]

their children

1 Mustafa Hüseyin 'Uşi' born 1826 died young. [4]

2 Mustafa Hüseyin 'Uşi' born 1834 first married in 1853 (Name of his first wife unknown) and then married Fatma Mustafa in 1858 (Fatma was born in 1839). [5]

3 İsmail Hüseyin 'Horos'? (Hohos) born 1829

4 Emine Hüseyin 'Gatta'

5 Veli Hüseyin Uşi/Velos

6 Dudu Hüseyin 'Uşi'

MUSTAFA HÜSEYİN 'Uşi' born 1834 first married in 1853 and then married FATMA MUSTAFA in 1858 (Fatma was born in 1839)

their children

1 Yusuf Mustafa 'Viddini' born 1862

2 Hüseyin Mustafa 'Gutsullo' born 1858 married Emine Seid-Ali 'Kilinciri'

3 Emine Mustafa 'Uşi' married Süleyman 'Yalluri'

4 Kadriye Mustafa 'Gadina/'Uşi' born 1867 1st wife of Bekir Mehmet Kavaz 'Bekiro born 1859

In addition to the above a Yasemi / Yasumi born in 1866 is registered as a member of the family. There is a bit of confusion about this as she is registered as a sister (Kerimesi) rather than a daughter. [6]

YUSUF MUSTAFA 'Viddini' born in 1862 married DUDU

their children

1 Hüseyin Yusuf 'Vidinni' 1887-1976 married Dudu Murat ‘Muraci’ 1894-1984

2 Fatma Yusuf 'Vidinni' married Mustafa Murat 'Golomustaho' (Çıkırıkçı )

3 Emine Yusuf 'Şeker/Vidinni' birth unknown died in 1936 married İbrahım 'Aspro' then Osman 'Kondoz

4 Hayriye Yusuf 'Vidinni' 1898-1988 married Yusuf 'Gudalaridi'

HÜSEYİN YUSUF 'Viddini' 1887-1976 married  DUDU MURAT ‘Muraci’ 1894-1984

their children

1 Yusuf Hüseyin 'Yusufçuk' 'Vidinni' married Ayşe Ali ‘Kali’

2 Raziye/Rabia Hüseyin married Ömer İbrahım Musko 'Usta'. 1914-2005 was murdered in Larnaca. [7]


their children

1 Emine Yusuf 'Yusufçuki' 'Vidinni' married Ali Mehmet ‘Gaşaoli’

2 Jale Yusuf 'Yusufçuki' 'Vidinni' 1940-1995 married Hasan Arif Kaplan

3 Hüseyin Yusuf 'Yusufçuki' 'Vidinni' married Şerife Mustafa ‘İtelli’

4 Ali Yusuf 'Yusufçuki' 'Vidinni'

5 Halit Yusuf 'Yusufçuki' 'Vidinni'

HÜSEYİN YUSUF 'Viddini/Yusufcuki’ married ŞERİFE MUSTAFA ‘İtelli’

their children

1 Yusuf Hüseyin ‘Vidinni/Yusufcuki’

2 Derşen Hüseyin ‘Vidinni/Yusufcuki’

3 Ayşen Hüseyin ‘Vidinni/Yusufcuki’

EMİNE YUSUF 'Viddini/Yusufcuki’ married ALİ MEHMET ’Gaşaoli’ 

their children

1 Mehmet Ali ’Gaşaoli’

2 Hacer Ali ’Gaşaoli’

3 Ayşe Ali ’Gaşaoli’

JALE YUSUF 'Viddini/Yusufcuki’ 1940-1995 married HASAN ARİF ’Kaplan’

their children

1 Yusuf Hasan ’Kaplan’

2 Resmiye Hasan ’Kaplan’

RAZİYE/RABİA HÜSEYİN ’Viddini/Yusufcuki’  ÖMER İBRAHİM ’Musko 1914-2005 (surname changed to Güvensoylu)

their children

1 Hüseyin Ömer ’Musko’ (Güvensoylu) 1937-2011

2 İbrahim  Ömer ’Musko’ (Güvensoylu)

3 Özer Ömer ’Musko’ (Güvensoylu)


FATMA YUSUF 'Viddini married MUSTAFA MURAT ’Golomustaho/Çıkırıkcı

their children

1 Dudu Mustafa ’Golomustaho’Vecina’ married Ramadan Ali 'Veci' (Tahuredi)

2 Emine Mustafa 1910-1977. 2nd wife of Mustafa 'Şubi'

3 Murat Mustafa 18.03/1924 married Nermin Mehmet 'Bondigo' in Dizdar 'village 14.01.1924

4 Yusuf Mustafa 'Nihda' 1918-1977 married Emine Nasib 'Nasibu'

EMİNE YUSUF 'Şeker/Viddini 1st marriage to İBRAHİM VELİ 2nd marriage to OSMAN YUSUF ’Gondozi/Üçokka’ 25,05,1893. [8]

their children

1 Yusuf Osman 'Gondoz' 1923-1994 married Zalihe Mehmet ’Mehmetça’

2 Ahmet Osman migrated to the UK

3 Kemal Osman 'Gondoz' born 1928 married Fikriye Bekir 'Barbaros'.migrated to the UK

4 Behice Osman 'Gondoz' migrated to the UK

5 Fatma Osman 'Gondoz' migrated to the UK

HAYRİYE YUSUF 'Viddini 1898-1988 married  YUSUF OSMAN ’Gudalaridi’ born 1892

their children

1 Osman Yusuf (surname changed to Özyanak) 

2 Nazlı Yusuf 1928-2000

3 Salime  Yusuf 

HÜSEYİN MUSTAFA 'Gutsullo' born 1858 married EMİNE SEİD-ALİ 'Kilinciri'. Born 1867 [9]

their children

1 Fatma Hüseyin 'Gadina' (Giççu nene) 1890?-1976 married İsmail Ali 'Tahuredi' ( Giçço dede) 1892-1965

FATMA HÜSEYİN 'Gadina' 'Giççu' married İsmail Ali Tahuredi (Gicco) 1892-1965

Their children

1 Rahme-Melek Ismail 'Phsilu' 1908- 14.12.1988 married Yusuf İsmail 'Galaba' (Phsillo)

2 Emine İsmail 'Sartu' married 1. Arif 'Sartu'. 2. Mehmet 'Şago'

İSMAIL HÜSEYİN 'Horos' (Hoho's?) married

their children

1 a female died young. [10]


KADRİYE MUSTAFA ’Uşi’ born 1867 married BEKİR MEHMET KAVAZ born 1859

their children

1 Mehmet Bekir Kavaz ’Bekiro’ 1885-1960

2 İsmail Bekir Kavaz ’Bekiro/Ögretmen

3 Mustafa Bekir Kavaz  born 1888 died as a child

4 İbrahim Bekir Kavaz 1889 died as a child [11]

[1] Ottoman census 1879, Doc No, 151-a-3 page 301

[2] Rahme-Melek Ismail 'Phsilu' passed the information on to the family (The daughter of Fatma Hüseyin)

[3] Ottoman census 1879 Doc No; 152-a-2 ref no; 5311, page 303.

[4] The dates of Mustafa & İsmail are from, The 1831 T.C Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri. Book TŞR.KB.d.00040. Pages 45 ve 46. Person No's; 48 &49. Their fathers Huseyin year of birth was not recorded.

[5] Ottoman census 1879, Doc No; 151-a-3 page 301. Ref 5278.

[6] Ottoman Doc No; 151-a-3 (301)

[7] Records of Ibrahım Tahsildar, page 189

[8] The Gondozi family were part of Ibrahım Tahsildars records but most names have been added with the kind assistance of Ayshe Fadel via facebook messages.

[9] Ottoman census 1879, Doc No, 151-a-3 page 301

[10] Records of İbrahım Tahsildar did not give the name of this individual. page 189.

[11]  Mustafa & İbrahim have not been found on any other record apart from the Milli arşiv  ve araştırma dairesinde 67 numarada kayıt.  1889,1890,1893,1897,1906 kayıtlar. page 160 family number 74. Though none were shown as deceased in the records, they have no families in existence. My conclusion is that all three died as children.

Photos on this page are from the personal archives of Ismail Veli. 'Kirlapo'

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